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Thread: HALLOWEEN 6 TV promo

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    HALLOWEEN 6 TV promo

    Check it...

    It will destroy you too, one day, this rage, which drives you, you think if you kill them all it will go away, it wont. you have to fight it in the place where its strongest, where it all began.
    But the leaders were not so easily lulled into a false sense of peace. They waited, watching, for the fury of samhain to be released

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    Yeah I saw that one a while ago.

    It makes the T-Cut look way cooler than it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilOnTwoLegs View Post music dictates the look of a film. Gotcha. No debate here. Makes perfect sense.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go stare at my record collection.
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    I agree Citan. That was a pretty cool promo

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    I have this promo on a VHS tape. It was when it aired on UPN in the late 90's

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    I like that one as well as the ones with And Fools Shine On playing in the background.

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