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    Johnny Depp is the real standout in Public Enemies. As a longtime enthusiast regarding Dillinger and that era of American outlawry, I was initially very skeptical about his casting (just as I was about Will Smith's casting as Muhammad Ali), but he really won me over. I'd recommend seeing Heat as well, if you haven't, as Public Enemies feels very much like a companion piece to Heat (and indeed, Heat was made while Public Enemies was in the midst of its decades-long development, seemingly as a sort of modern update of the premise). It's also arguably Mann's best film.
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    I don't like Manhunter, regardless of cut. It's really about the only Michael Mann film I don't like. So I'm the wrong person to ask on that front. As for Ali, I do like the Director's Cut, but a lot of people don't like the film, and I'm sure they'd prefer the shorter version. haha If you haven't already seen them, Heat is definitely one to check out, as well as Thief. Great heist movies. The Insider and Collateral are also excellent. And I like Public Enemies a lot more than most people did, seemingly.
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    Hopefully, that'll work. Honestly, I hadn't even thought of letting my membership expire and getting the introductory coupons again.
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    They told me the same thing about email coupons once when I inquired because I wasn't getting them. They said, email coupons were "randomly selected" for members...even though everyone I know who gets them, always gets them simultaneously. I think that's just some line of bullshit they're told to recite. haha
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    Yeah, I don't know. It seems like every once in a while, things go wonky with their it their email coupons (which I've had trouble with on two separate occasions) or their snail-mail coupons. I don't really have any good advice beyond "Keep Trying." They rarely manage to fix any problem on the first go, and sometimes, won't even acknowledge a problem. It's the nature of Customer Service, which can be a lot like Russian roulette. You just have to keep inquiring until you find someone who can help you. Good luck, man.
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    Hey Hey How are you?
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    Yeah, I love Fantastic Mr. Fox. In a way, it's the ideal mix of the quirky sensibilities of both Anderson and Roald Dahl, who was simply a fantastic writer...both in his children's books and his mystery/suspense stories, which always had a sense of humor. In fact, I think the fact that Anderson "gets" Dahl's humor, along with the wonderful stop-motion and voice work, is really what makes Fantastic Mr. Fox such a delightful film, and easily my favorite from Anderson.
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    Adaptation is very much in the same vein as Being John Malkovich...but in an even more "meta-reality" sense. Charlie Kaufman is a brilliant writer, and Jonze does great things with his scripts.

    Her looks great. Even just from the trailer, it looks like an incredible film. The premise is fresh and intriguing and totally relevant to our dependence, as a race, on technology...and with the cast being as good as it is, and Jonze at the helm, I'm expecting a lot from it.
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    I love Take the Money and Run. I'm still waiting for it to get a BD release. I've heard extremely vague rumblings that MAYBE Criterion might release it...which would be great, but I ain't getting my hopes up. haha

    And I love all of Spike Jonze's movies. If you like Being John Malkovich, be sure to check out Adaptation (his other collaboration with Charlie Kaufman), as well. Her looks pretty amazing, as well. Looking forward to seeing it.
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    Sorry to get back to you so late...I haven't been on the net much lately. I wouldn't worry about it, either way. There's certainly inspiration from the stated sources, but not direct plot influence, really. The Coens get IDEAS from various sources, but they're very broad ideas, which they use to their own ends. Watching Miller's Crossing won't adversely effect your later enjoyment of Yojimbo or Fistful, for while Fistful is pretty much a scene-for-scene remake of Yojimbo, Miller's Crossing has its own story, very much inspired by Hammett (a possible inspiration for Yojimbo) and in style, an homage to the '30s WB gangster films. Same goes for Barton Fink. There are surely ideas and perhaps visuals borrowed from Kubrick and Polanski, but Barton Fink is by no means imitative of their plots or tones.

    Sorry again for the lateness of my reply, and I hope this helps.
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