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    Reconstructed. Definitely. Welles had objections to the pre-release cut, and sent the studio a 58-page memo, with strict guidelines for editing the picture. These were ignored, and the final product was edited even further from Welles's original intent before it made its way to theatrical release. The theatrical cut makes an interesting counterpoint to the reconstruction, but the reconstruction is as close as we can get to Welles's original vision, as it's based on the instructions laid out in the 58-page memo. And kudos to Universal for including the memo, in booklet form, with their BD release. And for really stepping up their game in the transfer department. Double Indemnity and Touch of Evil were the first indications that Universal was turning over a new leaf, with regard to their back catalog.
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    Your inbox is full.
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    I'm in the process of playing it now & I'm torn about it. There's no denying that the gameplay is phenomenal, like the graphics. It's a huge game & I'm hours and hours into it but there's barely a story to be had, which is odd. The repetitive side missions get tiring after a while as well. I also don't care for the credit intro to every mission as it not only ruins the surprise of who is in that mission & what it entails, but it just sees unnecessary. The open world concept is cool in theory, but the world is empty and I hate those damn mountains in Afghanistan, haha. Idk, I'm not to the end yet, but I do feel that Konami forced this out cause they didn't want another delay & Kojima spent so much time on the mechanics that the story hadn't been fully implemented yet. Either that or this is the direct result of all the "non-fans" bitching about the cutscenes from MGS4. Something doesn't sit right with this whole thing. I love it, cause it's Metal Gear, but I'm a bit disappointed in it.
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    I should be seeing it by the end of the week. Had a party on Friday, went to see TSO on Saturday, and chilled on Sunday. So my weekend was booked.

    And thanks, but my birthday was back in September dude. haha
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    Going back to Simon & Garfunkel and Silent Hill, I always thought that the songs "April Come She Will" and Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" (another overused song) fit perfectly for SILENT HILL 2. If not tonally, then symbolically, especially, "Don't Think Twice Alright." It's sad, it's haunting, it's about a man who is searching for a purpose for living / or a man who's wife is gone, it's all the places explored in the game. "April Come She Will" maybe not so much, but the lyrics always remind me of Mary.
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    If not PT/Silent Hills, I do hope we get a new Silent Hill game of sorts. I kind of want to see a game in the series, or an anime.
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    Apparently, somebody created this cover of Simon & Garfunkel's song "The Sound of Silence" for the cancelled Silent Hills game.
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    You're a Silent Hill fan, right?
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    I hated the twist dude. haha Like a lot. I just sat there thinking "Wow. That was...pointless. Totally pointless." Why would I want to play an entire game about NOT Big Boss? Fan fiction is a great description, but I don't even think that describes how useless the story is. At least fan fiction it designed to cause progression or fix things that fans hate about a franchise. Phantom Pain just sort of exists. The only hole it fills in is how Mantis and Liquid met one another. Aside from that aspect of the story, I could have never played this game and my understanding or interest of the series would be exactly the same.
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    For sure. The trailer for the game had me sold. And Kojima has never really disappointed me in the past. So the disappointment was unexpected.

    What did you think of the twist?
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