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    Thanks for the add Thorni52!
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    Cool. My set arrived a few days ago, but I haven't had a chance to dive in yet.
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    The ugly beauty is what makes FWWM a masterpiece, as well as all the layers. And there are tons of layers. The opening is actually great, in my opinion...and the stuff with Harry Dean Stanton is especially important, particularly with regard to the Lodge Spirits, and the inner workings of the Lodge. Which are also touched upon in the scenes with Bowie, and MIKE, and the scene where Leland is in the Red Room. So much to dissect. You'll need a few more viewings, I'd say, then you can REALLY start to theorize. FWWM actually reveals more about the Lodge Spirits than the series ever did.
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    Yeah...I just remembered the killer kid subplot too. haha Another WTF development.

    Be prepared...FWWM is emotionally devastating. Incredibly tragic. If Rob Zombie was emulating Twin Peaks in the tone of RZH2, he was emulating FWWM. It's a surreal and disturbing masterpiece...and it will give you a LOT to think about with regard to the Lodge Spirits.
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    Yeah, Windom Earle was a letdown. The way everyone spoke of him in hushed tones, I expected a real, menacing that...not a campy pantomime villain. Still, the payoff in the Lodge is great. And at least Earle gets to kill off Ted Raimi. haha


    There are great things even in the lull...but all that Evelyn Marsh, Ben's Civil War crap is just ludicrous and pointless. Had the episodes immediately following the Laura Palmer wrap-up been stronger, ratings might not have fallen off, and we might have gotten a third season, at least.
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    FWWM definitely builds on the Lodge Spirits...though in typical obscure Lynchian fashion. There's a lot to consider once you've seen it. And for as bad as the Season 2 lull gets, at least David Duchovny shows up in the midst of it all to relieve the monotony. haha Overall, it's one of my all-time favorite series, and I can't wait to marathon the shit out of it (again) when my BD set arrives.
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    Also true. Zombie has taken a lot of cues, stylistically, from Lynch...and in particular, from Twin Peaks.
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    Yes, the white horse vision is a harbinger of death in Twin Peaks. When I saw it in RZH2, I made the connection instantly. Ronette Pulaski's dream at the end of the Season 2 premiere also seems to have had an influence on least I think so. Zombie is unquestionably a fan of Lynch...which I first noticed in the infamous motel scene from TDR, which has striking similarities to a scene in Wild at Heart.
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    Encountered any sync issues on the set? My fingers are crossed. Also, how long did it take to get your order from the date it was shipped?
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    By the end of the series and FWWM, you'll know more about BOB...but it's Lynch, so don't expect it to be spelled out. And there's another dimension to the BOB/Leland thing. There's the supernatural aspect of it, but there's also a psychological aspect. One could argue that the supernatural aspect is not only metaphysical, but metaphorical. I always got the feeling that BOB was a joint creation of Leland and Laura. Neither could accept the reality of the situation. Leland being "possessed" by BOB as a child can be interpreted as a metaphor for someone molesting Leland, and the "seed" of abuse being planted in his psyche. Research indicates that a high percentage of abusers were formerly victims of abuse. Ultimately, I feel there's an inference that Leland had to kill Laura when she recognized him as himself. Anyway, that's my personal take on it. Though the Lodge mythology is fascinating, as well. One great thing about Peaks (and Lynch in general) is that it's so open to interpretation.
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