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    haha Man, I totally got my Ridley Scott all mixed in with my Terence Malick. Might be because they're two of the only directors whose entire filmographies I'm trying to own on BD.

    Oddly enough, I did see ONE Criterion release at Wal-Mart recently. For whatever reason, they're carrying A Hard Day's Night.

    But yeah, Days of Heaven...that makes a lot more sense now that my brain is turned on. haha Great film. Comparable to Badlands in many respects.
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    Seriously, do. The Happinet BD looks really good. When I first watched NOTLD, I thought it was shot on 16mm, simply because the quality of the transfer I was seeing was so poor. It may have even been sourced from a 16mm reduction, who knows? You never can tell with NOTLD. haha And maybe it's just because I've seen so many shitty transfers over the years, but I find the BD presentation amazing. Plus, the black BD case is badass. haha And at the current price, it's a steal. Like I said, when you put your 300 points toward it, it should come to less than $15, including shipping. I think I paid $15 and change, and the price was higher back then.

    Kingdom of Heaven is great, and I think I saw it at Wal-Mart the other day for like $10. The new Ultimate Edition, that is. Definitely pick it up. The New World is wonderful, too, though I wish someone would put out the theatrical cut on BD. Fingers crossed that Criterion might some day.
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    All Quiet and Paths of Glory are pretty much the quintessential anti-war films. And as a bonus for horror fans, there are a lot of nice parallels between Paths of Glory and the TFTC episode Yellow. haha

    And in regard to Thin Red Line, I'd say that there's no pleasing some people. If what Malick does is a "problem," then a movie like Platoon has the opposite "problem." Stone whittled a multi-view narrative down to a singular focus on the Charlie Sheen character, pushing most of the other characters into the background. Thin Red Line isn't about character development in a traditional sense, anyway...nor is it about narrative, particularly. It's about the situation of war.

    Oh, and you seriously need to create a CDJapan account and import NOTLD.
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    Yeah, Platoon is pretty solid. And the BD is great. Miles above the drab DVD that I grudgingly owned for years. It does suffer from some of those pitfalls, though.

    Thin Red Line, for me, if up there with All Quiet on the Western Front and Paths of Glory, when it comes to anti-war films. As for the original cut, I'm glad we at least got the 15 minutes or so of deleted scenes. Shame so many great actors, from Gary Oldman to Martin Sheen, to Mickey Rourke, to Billy Bob Thornton, got left on the cutting room floor. Same thing happened with Platoon, to a certain extent. I always kinda forget that Johnny Depp is in that movie, since his role was reduced to a bit part in editing. Like with Thin Red Line...Adrien Brody felt he had a significant role while they were shooting, then saw the film and realized he only had about five minutes of screentime. That said, the cut we have is Malick's final cut, so I trust it's the film he ultimately wanted to make. Just wish we had more deleted scenes.
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    I think The Thin Red Line is one of the best truly anti-war films ever made. I recommend James Jones's semi-autobiographical novel, as well. Which is one of the great anti-war books.

    It's very hard to do an anti-war film, because most that try still make war seem more exciting than horrific or hollow. And it's especially hard to make anti-war films about the "Good War" that was WWII. It's much easier to expose the insanity of a conflict like Vietnam than one that the general population still thinks of rather fondly.
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    Born on the Fourth of July is a good one, as well, though it doesn't focus specifically on PTSD, but on how war can scar both the body and mind. The instances where we see signs of PTSD are handled very well, though...such as Ron's reactions to the sounds of fireworks or a baby crying.

    The War at Home is very underrated. It was a fairly low-budget studio film ($3M). Disney/Touchstone put no real advertising muscle behind it, and ended giving it nothing more than an extremely limited theatrical release. It only made about $45,000 at the box office, and after a barebones DVD, Disney pretty much washed their hands of it. Thankfully, they licensed it to Mill Creek, who put it out on BD. You can get it on Amazon for $4.99...or save a buck and get a used copy from the Amazon Marketplace for $0.01, plus $3.99 shipping. Either way, great drama worth having. Estevez does well both as director and star, and his interplay with Martin Sheen is very intense.
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    In terms of post-war PTSD films, I forgot to mention The War at Home, directed by Emilio Estevez...which may be the most realistic, un-Hollywoodized depiction of post-Vietnam PTSD that I've seen.
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    War films and films dealing with PTSD are (or can be) two separate things. And I think The Master is a very good example of the latter. As is Taxi Driver. Easily one of the most harrowing looks at an individual suffering severe PTSD, without ever explicitly stating it.

    Jacob's Ladder presents itself as a film dealing with PTSD, but obviously the ending negates that. I think it's pretty clear that Willard in Apocalypse Now is suffering from it to some degree...he obviously can't function unless he's "in the shit." Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket doesn't even make it out of basic before his PTSD hurls him off the deep end. Harsh Times is another good one. The Rambo films, obviously, though they tend to deal with the issue rather cartoonishly.

    And, of course, the entire Batman franchise.
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    No problemo. I figured I better let you know quickly, because the price was likely to change. And it's already back up to $15, which still seems like a fair price for a Blu Ray disc.
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    Did you buy The Counselor yet? It's only $5 on Amazon right now.
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