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:Cold Marx:
06-18-2006, 08:51 AM
how much this is worth? i happend to be at wherehouse music(well i go there all the time) and they got this in and it was in the used section(well it was the recent used ones they had gotten in) and i saw it and i was like man i havent seen this in any stores at all, and i thought but i know ive seen it online, and i knew that it was out of print. so it was market 29.99 and i said a little pricey, but o what the hell i need it for the collection, so i bought it and got it home and it awesome, but havent got a chance to view this thx version i have all the others. curious to know how much its worth, and if i got ripped of i could care less, i needed this version. also how many copies were made of this? and did it only come with one post card or more? thanks


06-19-2006, 08:47 AM
Don't knoqw what it's worth, and it's a high number my copy is 31,268, as in quantity, but availability and people willing to part w/theirs, that's the trouble. As for the extras inside, my copy had 2 of the same postcard, Carpenter talking to Soles and the guy who played Bob b4 a scene. I was able to score 2 more postcards, Laurie on her stomach on the ground and Pleasence and Stephens in the car. There are 4 in all, but I forget the 4th one (I asked it on an old post ages ago).

My first copy also came w/2 placard track listings for some reason. I think either I got another for a friend or score the cards off eBay, but they are tough and expensive. Like I learned over the weekend looking for a hotel to stay in, if people know you need it, they'll ask any price expecting you to take it. Not so.....

06-19-2006, 09:34 AM
I really liked Wherehouse Music when it was around here. I got a lot of great deals there. I got my sealed halloween 3 soundtrack from them for $11.99 but that was when it was still available. Luckly, I never opened it and was lucky enough to find a used copy for $3 at a used CD store. Ok, sorry to get off subject.
That is a highly saught after DVD for many Hallowene fans because it has both the TV cut and the remastered edition. It is true that you could buy the regualr DVD out now and the tV cut DVD and have the same thing but it's a needed adition to a lot of people's collections. A few years ago it was extremely popular and went for $35 or more on eBay. I would assume that it's still as popular. Either way, it's a great find. A lot of people do not have that DVD.