View Full Version : Bub, Aliens, LCD...Oh My! (new scores!)

06-16-2006, 10:22 AM
Yay! Got a few new scores here. Unfortunatly, the follow any sort of....theme or order. It just a few things that I've picked up within the last week.

First off is this signed picture from Howard Sherman who played Bub in Day of the Dead. Very nice piece:


Next up is the Mini Alien Queen Bust from Palislades Toys. This seems to be a pretty rare peice because this is #11 of only 102 that were made. *sigh* I love Aliens:

Now, these next peices arn't new, as I already posted this score last week. But now I just thought I'd show them displayed on the wall in my bedroom. I think the blue wall really looks good with the boxes, wouldn't you agree?:


And lastly, this is what a chunk (but not that big of chunk) of my graduation money was spent on. This new, Viewsonic VX922 2ms LCD. I can't wait to get this baby out of the box and playing some games!


And that is it for now! Yahoo! :ohmy: