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09-27-2004, 12:41 PM
Anyone out there own one of these?? They have been on e-bay lately and I nabbed one for a little over $100. Looked to be a good mask as far as the photo could tell me, but what does it look like in front of you? Was it a thick pour? Was it big or small? Really would like to hear some comments on it.

Oh yeah, 1st post on the board. Use to be a member awhile back, but I've been busy....:D

09-27-2004, 12:44 PM
What's it look like? Post a pic when you get it :)

and welcome :D

09-27-2004, 01:56 PM
Thanks for the welcome!!

Go here:


It's the top one.

09-27-2004, 01:56 PM
didn't work.

09-27-2004, 02:04 PM
Alright, try this.


Go to "gallery". Page 8. The one at the top.

09-27-2004, 02:26 PM
Eh, its an alright mask. It's probably one of the better Myers masks you'll find for around $100. Other than that, it's nothing special.

09-27-2004, 03:32 PM
nice, but i like the 1 on page 14 at the bottom, saw a nicer 1 for 50 , might get it

09-27-2004, 04:44 PM
You talkin' about Whitey? I'm thinking about Nemisis next.

09-28-2004, 08:18 AM
The kx mask ok but the pic look better then the real mask

09-28-2004, 08:51 AM
Come on man, talk to me... how bad is it? Tell me all about it.

09-28-2004, 09:47 AM
Originally posted by slasherx
Come on man, talk to me... how bad is it? Tell me all about it.

Just read the user comments on the page yourself...I have never physically seen the mask in person, but from the pics it doesnt look like the greatest.

From: Haddonwood @ (Sun Nov 30 14:47:13 2003)
overall this mask is pretty mediocre. In terms of screen accuracy, it doesn't look much like the original at all. The eyes are way off for starters.

From: secondly @ (Sun Nov 30 14:48:09 2003)
the eyebrows don't even come close.

From: the shape @ (Sat Jan 24 22:59:38 2004)
im sorry but i got this mask and it didnt look nufin like the mask in this pic.dont you hate sites that sell good looking myers masks as main pic and when you get the mask it a lump of crap painted shit

From: killah @ (Sat Feb 28 11:26:53 2004)
look guys...i know nothing bout this mask but look at the shatner 75 masks and then look at the converted ones this mask is close to the kirk mask 75(i think)

From: Truth @ (Sun Mar 7 21:06:47 2004)
Not TOO bad.

From: Piecey @ (Fri Apr 16 20:16:58 2004)
this mask is nearly identical to the 75kirk. next time kreationx puts one up on ebay, look at the pic at the bottom, or maybe its somewhere on this site. its half a kirk mask and then the other half of the pic is this mask. they make a perfect match.

From: nightmare @ (Wed Sep 22 07:05:06 2004)
id say that mask is dead on the first, its so hard to get an exact h1 mask,
dont be so picky

i went on this site kreationx.com iv got a feelin that mask is from there

From: nightmare @ (Tue Sep 28 06:53:43 2004)
realy "the shape"? oh ok, i was gona go and buy one of these, but now after herein that i wont bother,.

at least i know now. fuewwww

From: Insomniac_Malik @ (Mon Sep 20 05:33:03 2004)
isn't this mask like a hundred bucks or a little over a hundred? I think it's a good Myers for that price.

From: halloweenfan1990@comcast.net @ (Sun Oct 26 22:26:42 2003)
Do you also collect Jason masks cause I can see some of them off to the side?

From: Andrew @ (Tue May 11 01:08:07 2004)
I'm pretty sure hes not collecting in these pics, I think he's making.

From: Piecey @ (Tue May 11 16:18:00 2004)
kreationx doesnt produce jason masks. check out their site. currently, the only masks they offer are 1. the myers mask pictured above 2. dr. someone or other (i forget the name) and a leatherface mask. so its either a jason mask is in the works for them or he is indeed collecting them

From: Scott @ (Mon Feb 9 20:43:38 2004)
Maybe he showed 5 in the pic because it shows that he doesnt spend ALL of his time on just ONE mask, it means he can probly make a lot at a time, and they can still look great. So dfrank@rogers.com, why dont you make a mask, or 5 at that matter, and compare it to this guys. No who is the fuckin dildo, asshole.

From: michaelmyers1031@msn.com @ (Sat Feb 14 23:03:19 2004)
dude if you look at the mask real good exept for the hair it is realy accurate.......

From: scott @ (Mon Feb 16 16:56:32 2004)
Yeah, I know what you mean, but the hair still looks great. dfrank@rogers.com doesnt know what hes talkin about.

From: MM @ (Sat Apr 3 19:53:24 2004)
even do i hate dino but i have to agree with him the left cheek look like someone fell asleep while sculpting

10-02-2004, 10:52 PM
I for one own this mask. I love it. I think it looks really close to the original. I don't think it is a shit mask. All my sentences start with "I".

Anyway, in my avatar...that is the Myers mask from Kreation X. My only complaints are that the eyebrows are not painted and the hair doesn't look close to the original. However, I'm not paying mucho money on a mask. I would rather buy a high-class hooker.

10-02-2004, 10:56 PM
I think that mask is pretty cool looking in the pic, but i've never seen it in person. So i'm not going to say one way or another.

10-03-2004, 10:12 AM
where can i find halloween posters

10-04-2004, 06:09 AM
Well guys and girls, this post has a very happy ending. I got the mask and it looks really good. I don't understand some of the complaints that chomp_ pasted for this post (others, not his... I read those before I created this post and after I paid for the mask, DOH!).

The mask is a nice fit and pretty thick. The hair is on very good so the homemade quality is THERE! I made some slight modifications. I trimed the neck down a bit and put some velcro strips on the back slit for a custom fit. I had to cut out little holes for the nose and ears, the mouth remains closed (made me think that this mask was intended more for display maybe). I teased the hair up good and it looks just like the real deal. Finally, I gave the whole thing a wash in some thinned down black and brown acryllic paint and whipped off the wash (more-so in places I wanted high-lighted; like the forehead, cheeks, chin, etc.). This is a great trick as it brings out the texture in the mask, makeing the whole thing look nice and ruddy looking. I kinda added some of the wash back to the eyebrows, lips and the bottom of the nose. While increaseing the over all definition, it totally eliminated the "eyebrow problem".

This mask looks sweet. I can't stop looking at it and it freaks me out everytime. I've compared it to movie stills and other masks out there. It holds up quite well. I've had two other Myers masks before this one (one cheap, one expensive) and this one is definately the more accurate of the two (it looks dead-on I tell ya!!!). I'm happy with my buy, and some folks are definately gonna get one good scare come Halloween.:D

10-04-2004, 08:24 AM
Any chance you could post pics of your modification?

10-04-2004, 08:50 AM
Maybe sometime this week when I have access to a digital camera.

10-04-2004, 05:21 PM
dude, Let me know what Mods you did to the mask. Again I have the same mask...but I don't want to mess up anything.

10-05-2004, 05:21 AM
I posted 'em my man. If there's something specific you what to know, please elaborate. But you can't really go wrong if you use acryllics, or any thing WATER based. How do you know if the paint is water based? Look on the back. If it says clean up with soup and water, your good to go, if it says clean up with mineral spirits, no no NO!! It will eat your mask, well not overnight. Always start with a thinned down layer of wash, and add more paint as needed. I did my wash out of an old coffee cup. Just play around with it until you feel like you have achieved the desired effect. If worse comes to worse, you can get almost all of the wash off with a wet towel (I used one of these to buff mine up through the whole process). What is left is only a very slightly grungey looking mask, whick is really not a bad thing.:D

It's Neal
10-05-2004, 10:51 AM
You say you got it for 100? Im looking to get a mask, but dont know where. I was just gonna visit a halloween store.

I dont know where to get Halloween posters. I got Halloween 1 from Suncoast video, but have seen anymore anywhere else. Yeah so if any of you know where drop me a line

10-05-2004, 11:18 AM
All I know is, if your looking for a good Myers mask, you could do alot worse if you went with KreationX;)

Cereal Killer
10-06-2004, 08:11 PM
It looks ok in some images, but this picture from the KreationX website looks horrid.


It reminds me of "Whitey" in a way, but "Whitey" seemed to have the proportions tuned a little better. The hair is kind of screwy too.

I dunno. Better mold than I could ever make, but the hair could use an overhaul. Not a bad mask for $100.

10-07-2004, 09:32 AM
The hair is easy to style actually. And alot of the neck had to go. Once I put velco stripts on the back, the mask conformed well to the shape of my head, kinda evened the whole thing out nicely. Yeah, not too bad for $100. Shitty picture though, augh.