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12-21-2004, 03:15 AM
It's come out in the States and I'm sure people will be talking about. Put all opinions and questions in here for the DVD itself. If you have questions about the movie, I'm sure someone can answer that as well. My review won't be too long.

I've seen the movie before, so I knew what to expect. I have to say that I laughed quite a bit more this time. Could be the fact that I actually understood what was said. Damn Brits. ;) The bar setting reminded me in a bit of The Dawn of the Dead. The characters were all hilarious. Ed was great and probably stole the movie for me.

I watched the outtakes and can see some of the humor, but otherwise found it to be needless. There were also a few extras about loopholes. Where did Shaun lead the zombies? What did Dianne do after she left the Winchester? How did Ed get to the tool shed? All will be answered quite creatively on this DVD.

So, bring your reviews and questions here. I'm sure that everyone will have something witty to say about the movie.

12-22-2004, 01:04 PM
I just bought the DVD last night right after I left from work. I watched the film twice during the night hours. And what I can't fathom to understand is how in the hell anybody who is the LEAST bit a fan of the zombie genre would think this was an "OK" flick. This movie isn't "OK". This movie is the best goddamn horror film I have seen all year! Compared to some of the more funny zombie films, Shaun of the Dead looks like Casa-fucken-blanca. It's better than Return of the Living Dead, its better than 28 Days Later, and its better than the Dawn of the Dead Remake. SOTD is destined to be a cult classic beyond the praise of ANY of those movies combined...not only because its a comedic/horror masterpiece, but also because the movie is made by Brits, and there's is very little the Brits can't do to make someone laugh. That's a fact.

I have said this many times, but I will say it again. The reason this film works so well, is because of the way the creators used horror and comedy together so well. It's an equation that only the select few have the answer to. Even though this was a spoof of the zombie movies we all love today, it still stayed true to the rules that those predacesors layed out before them. The stars were in alignment when this SOTD was made. The acting was great, the gore was great, the emotion was great, the horror were great, the zombies were great, the soundtrack was great, the comedy was great...EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. There was very little (if any) things wrong with the film (from a horror movie standpoint).

I haven't watched any of the extras as of yet, but I am planning to catch them tonight, along with movie itself with the commentary turned on. I can't wait to hear what Simon has to say about the movie.

As for the movie presentation itself. It was a failry good picture and damn good sound, but isnt this true for all recent DVD releases? I loved the packaging artwork...but the only quam I had with the packaging, is the recent lack of Chapter title inserts. What the fuck is with this? The Goodfellas SE DVD didnt have one, the Dawn of the Dead Remake DVD didn't have one, and the SOTD DVD didnt have one either. Instead we get some shitty advertisment for other DVD's that have or will be released. Not having those Capter Title inserts are getting me angry. Ah well.

12-22-2004, 01:23 PM
I've had this DVD for some time now... the perks of living in the UK.

I love this film. I first thought it was slow at the start but better at the end, but when rewatching it on DVD, I realised the flow of the movie was perfect. I loved the setting, the characters and the god damn humour.

Who doesn't like this film? It doesn't matter anyway, your opinion doesn't count. Did your Region 1 DVD get the TV Bits, with the Trisha talkshow bits. "I married a monster" or something like that as the topic of debate. I wouldn't be surprised if that became a reality soon... ;)

12-23-2004, 01:30 PM
Yea, the Trisha talkshow is on the Region 1 DVD also. I own both the Region 1 & 2 DVDs. Both are very similar, but the Region 2 DVD is still a bit different. Like instead of "Trailer" it says "Trails of the Dead" in the extras menu, whereas on the Region 1 there's only a US Theatrical Trailer. Secondly on the Region 2, along with a Simon's Cam, there is also a Lucy's Cam. And on the TV Bits, there is a Z-Day Rememberence Special that isnt on the Region 1. And the biggest difference is the commentaries. The Region 2 has 3 different cast and crew commentaries, plus there is commentary done by "The Zombies".

12-25-2004, 09:41 PM
The movie is pretty good or at least the first half was. The 2nd half wasn't as good. It tends to trail off towards the middle of the movie. I watched it today after I got it for Christmas.

12-27-2004, 02:32 PM
This movie was great.

12-27-2004, 08:34 PM
Just finished the movie and it was great. I liked the bit about Z-day and Zombaid, those were funny. The extra with coldplay on T4 was funny too. I liked the humor, british humor is always funny to me. I liked the ending as well. Just like old times with Ed and Shaun. Two thumbs up and an A- . :)

12-29-2004, 03:46 PM
Wow, this movie gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it. I got most of the accents and all because I was working in a brit-farse comedy for my school, and I was using all that bloody british accent stuff. Still, it was funnier when I watched it again, and then again. I am still a sucker for the "Peeete.....Peeeeeeete" "Oy, PRICK!".

As for the bonus features, I've only checked out a few deleted scenes, the outtake reel, and one commentary (with the director/Simon Pegg). I'll probably try to watch it again sometime this week. Even though when I first saw the DVD menu, I was a little worried about the worth of the special features, but it is a respectable one disc DVD release. Anyone find any easter eggs? I haven't gone on a hunt yet..

Movie Score: A
DVD Score: B+

One of my Top 5 movies for '04..

12-29-2004, 04:26 PM
That is out on DVD already?! It seems like just yesterday that I saw it at Universal Orlando :). Thanx for the reviews!