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02-10-2012, 08:37 AM
I'm sick and tired of hearing ignorant critics and fans, and really just the general public say things like, "Rob Zombie destroyed the franchise. All his movie is, is sex and gore. It's torture porn." Well, I watched this film 2 nights ago, and I really want to address this issue.

Rob Zombie's Halloween and John Carpenter's Halloween aren't very different.
Let's compare and contrast.

In Halloween (1978) Judith and her boyfriend go upstairs to have the quickest sex in cinematic history. We don't see the sex take place, but we see the "aftermath". In RZH (2007), Judith and her boyfriend have sex as well, the only difference is we see the event take place. Rob's scene was not created to add more nudity, it was already written way back in 1978. He just showed it happen.

In the D-Cut we have the breakout scene with nudity, but this is about the theatrical. What the critics and general public saw in the theatres.

Then we come to Lynda and Bob. Nothing different from 1978, except it's a little more wordy. In Halloween (1978) Lynda and Bob have sex and we witness it happen. Same in (2007), except more words are exchanged during the act.

As for Annie and Paul, well, they were gonna fuck if they would've met up in the original film. Come on, she wanted it :)
So Rob just expanded on that and was like, "Fuck it, it will be an added scene to expand the second half of the film".

So as for all the nudity, it's really not much of a change from the original film. Plus, nowadays in horror movies, the selling points are nudity and blood. Let's face it, many directors don't have true passion for their projects, but Rob does. He had both of those elements, added with a great story and great acting.

As for the blood and gore, well it wouldn't be realistic to not have violence with the new Michael that Rob created and the time period we live in now. And, I personally don't think the violence was over the top. The point is, Rob did what he had to do to make it realistic, and he did.

My main point is, John Carpenter's approach was "what you don't see will terrify you". Rob Zombie's approach was "What you do see will disturb you".

This is why I never took this film as a "remake". It's a reboot. A fresh take on an old story. A re-imagining of the legendary Michael Myers' story. Rob took a different approach completely, that's why the elements in his film are opposite to Carpenter's core elements. It doesn't make this movie bad, it makes it original. It's not the same old same old.

So, stop hating on this movie. You have no reason to. Say you don't like it, but don't bash the hell out of it and say Rob Zombie is a terrible director who has a sick mind (I'm looking at you Martin ;)). He isn't, he's just original and the ignorant people who think those things are probably just "fans" who just hate the idea of a remake of a classic film. GET OVER IT! It was going to happen eventually. Nobody wants to remake a shitty film. They want to remake a movie that has a good following so they can make some money. It's Hollywood. Stop living in the past and accept that this movie was made, and it's pretty fucking good.

Rob didn't destroy the franchise, he just gave us a different story. Accept it. This movie isn't some satanic movie, who's sole purpose is to ruin our morals. We don't have morals anymore.

What are your thoughts?

02-10-2012, 08:57 AM
I used to hate this movie because I thought Zombie changed to much about Myers... Now I just think that he didn't take it as far as he should have.

I'm not a zombie hater at all, RZH2 is my 3rd favorite film in the series but Imo RZH is probably one of the worst along with Resurrection.

Zombie just should have ignored Carpenter's completely. The whole 3rd act of the film sucks (except for the pool scene I thought that was well done) Rob felt pressure from studio and fans to be loyal to the original, but that is the downfall of this movie imo.

He should have shot it on 16mm(It looks way to glossy and Hollywood like for an RZ film) and he should have flipped the entire 3rd act on it's head. Then maybe I would like the film a bit more.

And RZH wasn't disturbing at all. RZH2 had it's moments though (Opening nurse getting stabbed repeatedly)

Black Sunshine
02-10-2012, 09:01 AM
Im locking this thread up,

Copy your post and put it in the RZH Review Thread.

And try to refrain from calling people who dont agree with you as Ignorant, everyone is entitled to opinion and taste.