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08-30-2007, 06:26 PM
I've asked this already and have gotten 2 posts that evidently haven't read this one. So, here it is again: Don't post here unless you're posting a review! That's it. Anything else gets a warning.

One post in this thread per person!

Ladies and gents! Boys and girls! Children of all ages! The dawn of Rob Zombie's Halloween is upon us and we're going to keep things pretty well organized. You won't see a thread by Joe Snuffy giving his opinion on the movie stay around too long since we're consolidating all reviews to this thread and this thread only.

Here's what I'd like to see: a good sized review. Please keep them that way so we know what you liked and what you disliked. We just don't want to see this: "It rox!!!" You'll get your own post deleted and probably a good head shaking from me.

Spoilers are more than welcome. :)

Please keep comments out of this thread. We'd like it to be a review thread and a review thread only. If you have questions of a member, please PM that member. If you have questions about the movie itself, please post it in the Halloween Discussion. All off topic posts will be deleted and the appropriate action taken. That's your only warning.

Last but not least, negative or positive, we want your review. Bash it to bits or be a self-professed Zombie lover. We don't care either way. Give us honesty and we'll give you the respect you deserve!

So, pump out those reviews.

08-30-2007, 06:38 PM
Last but not least, negative or positive, we want your review. Bash it to bits or be a self-professed Zombie lover. We don't care either way. Give us honesty and we'll give you the respect you deserve!

Exactly!! Good or bad, you loved it or hated it. You can post your feelings but be prepared to back them up. Saying Malcolm sucked as Loomis without giving reasons isn't what this thread is about.

The Dark Shape
08-30-2007, 06:45 PM
It's too long and the white trash stuff really hurts the opening, but they've nicely fleshed out the 'present day' section and there are a few good scares to be had.


08-30-2007, 07:14 PM
Okay...here goes. Note, I took the spolier warning to heart when I did this...so if its hard to read I'm sorry. I looked at it on the board and was like "shit...I spent a while typing this and now its now longer legible. Lol...can't say I ruined anything though...

'Halloween' is my favorite film of all time. John Carpenter's 'Halloween' this isn't. But...it IS Rob Zombie's 'Halloween'. Make no mistakes, Rob Zombie takes his vision of the CHARACTER Michael Myers, and runs with it in ways I really never expected. After a year of going back and forth on the mere existence of this film- first hearing of it, "WHAT THE HELL?" followed by news of Rob Zombie's involvement turning that into "WE'LL SEE". Then the clips and trailers and TV Spots all rolled out at once..."WOW, this looks absolutely amazing." I bought the shirts, the poster, the soundtrack...I gave nearly $100 of my hard earned money to this before I even saw it. Now do I regret it? Absolutely...not.

We all know by now, the film is half prequel and half remake. That's true, except even the remake material is mostly fresh. This is truly, and utterly a whole new vision not on the movie 'Halloween' but on the character of Michael Myers. The film starts off with young Michael killing his pet rat, getting in a fight, and we meet Loomis in the Haddonfield school principal office. Malcolm McDowell's Loomis is a totally new creation. No longer "just" a weary, deeply frightened and knowing doctor with no past. I say "just" because we all know Loomis from the past and love him, but I'll continue. There is obviously a life behind him in this film...not just a man bent on keeping Michael locked up...but someone who comes to realize just what Michael is much later on in the game. Maybe too late?

The opening sequence in the original is brilliant, but with the new build-up (including a nicely brutal bit where Michael kills a school bully in the woods, right after the first nostalgic bit of the classic score) to the death of Judith, and in this one, a few others I came to find it very easy to forget that brilliant sequence and immeaditely began to accept Zombie's more brutal vision. The murders are jarring and Michael wearing of the classic mask is just pitch perfect CREEPY. And the stalking music while he goes after Judith is superb. When his mother returns from her job at the Rabbit in Red strip club, and more of that classic score plays softly on the soundtrack...I was flipping in my seat. Man, Rob PULLED THIS OFF!!!!!

Then we flash to several months later in the sanitarium. Some nice comedic lines sprinkled through the scenes of Loomis with Michael are welcome. After all, this is certainly a brutal and very HARSH film...and not quite one I'd recommend to older fans of the original that aren't used to violence, bloodshed and extreme dialogue. Michael's escape is wild, and has some surprises. During his escape, when killing the Danny Trejo character, we fully see how Michael is pure evil...something many fans have worried about in humanizing Michael. Trust me, we can tell early on that there is more behind Michael's madness than just a "bad upbringing"- the way he seems to switch on and off is eerie and brilliantly executed by Daeg.

Then after nearly an hour of completely new material...we hit "remake" portion time. This is where the film will meet its detractors. Some will love it, like myself, and take the ultra faced paced recounting of events for what its worth- which is certainly for shocks. I've seen HALLOWEEN a dozen times, but when Lynda gets killed when she does...so early in the film...I have to say the film had me by the balls. There is still a ton of entirely different material here. Yeah, Laurie still sees Michael during the day watching her. But it done so differently that it just can't be compared to the original (in my eyes, that is...many will feel differently I'm sure of it). Actually, where the chop-chop pacing of the remake portion really sways is its depiction of Annie and Lynda. They weren't characters with MAJOR arcs in the original, but here there really are just fodder. I enjoy the actresses and immeaditely feel something when I see women in peril that just doesn't sit right, so yeah...I still cared about them.

As with Laurie's portion, you know...its just played out so differently...you really have to see it for yourself. Just know that this is not going to be what you expect...The final piece with Laurie screaming is REALLY affective...props to you Rob for the ending. The acting from everyone is top notch, Scout is EXCELLENT as the new, spicier Laurie- and I liked the spice. Danielle is also very good in her few scenes as Annie. She doesn't die this time!?!?!?!?!?! Wow...I really liked that bit. Kristina is given so little to do as Lynda she barely registered a blip on the radar, seriously. I liked her in the role, and enjoyed the edgier version...just wanted more, I guess. Malcolm McDowell is superb as Loomis. This is a totally different character from Donald Pleasence that the two just CANNOT be compared. Donald is one thing, Malcolm is another. Sheri Moon Zombie delivers very solid work, the heavily toted "alarm" sequence deserves the praise...its excellent. And a heartbreaking sequence where she kills herself while watching old home movies of Michael is just fantastic. The constant cameos by genre faves and Zombie regulars did get a little distracting...but I'm sure it was all in good fun. The only cameo I really had a problem with was Clint Howard's...he just can't be taken seriously by me...he CAN'T. I'm sorry if anyone disagrees on that bit. Lol.

What more can I say? The film is what it is. It is a whole new take on a story of Michael Myers. It's never particularily scary...but I didn't really expect it to be. One sequence which I wouldn't even ruin with a spoiler tag REALLY got me good. It involved the Strodes...wow This is Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN...and all I can say is that I loved it. It was different, it was FRESH and unique in every way. It truly is a reboot to the franchise...its totally different from anything in any Halloween film in the whole series. It is a whole new beast. Love it or hate it, it's here...and mark my vote down for 'Love it'.

08-30-2007, 07:42 PM
Dekkard, I totally appreciate your opinion on the film and thanks for being spoiler friendly. Although, anyone snooping around in the "review" thread is simply looking for spoilers anyway...but that is besides the point.

I was lucky enough to get into one of the advance showing tonight. I'm going again to the midnight showing in a couple hours, but here are my thoughts as they stand.

First off, this is Zombie's best film. I will give him that. I did not care for his other films, but I will tell you now, that is not a bias for me, not anymore, because I saw true quality in the film.

I'm going to start with my dislikes, as they are the things bothering me most.

The worst part is that during the very ending, there was a glitch in the film and these stupid movie trivia questions came up over the movie!!!! OH I was so pissed!!! If I wasn't going again tonight, it would've been really bad!

So Dekkard, I must ask you a question?

Does Loomis die? I couldn't tell what was going on at the end. They fixed the problem and then Loomis was lying on the floor. But I didn't see blood, was he unconscious or dead? Because if I find out in my repeat viewing tonight that Zombie decided to kill Loomis, I'm going to have major problems with that!

Showing Michael as a boy wasn't bad. The actor portraying him did fine, and I like seeing the "backstory" if you will.

But seeing Michael coming from a white trash family and the animal mutilations, I don't know, it really wasn't necessary.

In fact, my largest complaint is that Zombie relied more on blood and gore than on thrills, or creepiness.

What made Carpenter's Halloween scary is what we DON'T see. We see so much of Michael in this film, he doesn't really scare you after awhile. It's disturbing yeah, but Halloween is supposed to be scary, and frankly, I was never really that scared.

I do like the fact that Annie lived. However, I didn't like Brackett all that much in this installment. He almost seemed like a stoner or something.

The ending was quick. At first it made me angry. I think its starting to grow on me. But I wonder with rumors of sequels, what will happen? I thought I read somewhere that Mcdowell was coming back for two sequels? That's why I'm not sure if he was dead or not. Personally, that might make or break the movie for me, but of course, the damn film had to screw up....

Certainly the film wasn't garbage. It had its moments, and I do like it. The shear brutality of it was frightening. But I miss the sequences of the shape really watching Laurie. Hiding behind the bush was one of my favorite parts in the original and it was gone. I don't know, some of the best parts seemed really rushed. I totally understand taking it another direction, and trying new things, you know, Zombies vision, but again, to much relied on blood. The film would've been scarier with more mystery and more of Michael in the background. Again, we see so much of him, he stops frightening after awhile.

The music was well done. I'm glad they got that right. Hats off to Tyler Bates. I hope they release a full score. I like the current CD, but I want all the movie music to, not just the main themes and songs.

Overall, so far, I will post again after the midnight showing, one that hopefully won't glitch...because if it happened again I MIGHT go Michael Myers on someone's ass, but I will post my final thoughts then, and my FULL review. So far, in light of the original, I'd say Zombie created a unique vision based on the original, but one that didn't scare me the way I'd hoped it would...

08-30-2007, 08:51 PM
Do not reply to or discuss other people's reviews in this thread. Any discussion can go to the appropriate discussion thread.

Remember, only post once in this thread! That's all.

If you have to add to your review after multiple viewings, add it to the original post.

08-30-2007, 11:05 PM
From the opening frame of this movie, what I feared about it was realized in an instant.

The film is flooded with ridiculously over the top trashy, raunchy, vulgarity. Zombie doesn't show an ounce of anything remotely resembling subtlety and feels the need to beat the audience over the head with the fact that certain characters are assholes to the point where it's unintentionally comical.

The film is way too fast paced with almost no time to get attached to anyone before they're strangled, stabbed, bluggoned, etc...

Much like it felt very strange listening to Scream cues in H20, I got a simialar feeling from listening to Devil's Rejects cues slightly remixed in this one. Bates take on the classic themes were good, but too much of the score felt like a Devil's Rejects rehash (as did half of Sheri Moon's performance where she slips back into the Baby role).

I did really like the idea of what Zombie was trying to do. Giving us a slasher icon backstory presented in the way of a real life serial killer is a great idea, Zombie's presentation of it is just oscenely over the top in almost every way.

The few sections of dialogue that I really liked were Loomis' speech about black being the absense of any color and how it pertains to Michael, and the Strode family felt down to earth and likeable during the brief time that we see them.
The contrasts between the home and overall lifestyle Michael grows up in and the one Laurie did have a good loss of innocence vs. the preservation of it theme. I did really like the few very human, emotional moments (ie. Deborah joking around about what jerk Ronny is acting like and kissing Michael on the head, Michael's connection to his baby sister, Judith resenting her boyfriend referring to Ronny as her father and saying "my daddy is in Heaven," Lynda telling Laurie that she doesn't care what Annie thinks, but she does care what Laurie thinks...) mixed in with all the vulgarity that show that there is another side to alot of those people that unforunately gets buried under their decedant lifestyle.

The performances were good, the cinematography captures the darkness to light contrasts in tone, and I love brutal, gritty horror, but Zombie's building of suspense is limited to little more than a few jolting jump scares.

Not a terrible film, but definitely a disappointing one. As for where it fits into the series, I'd say it's behind the original, Halloween, 2, Halloween 4, and Halloween 6.

08-30-2007, 11:25 PM
Don't post very often, but I got to preview the movie tonight.Actually, come to think of it, I don't remember choosing this username. Oh well, on to the review.

I'll start out with the negative parts:

First, what sticks in my mind most about what I just didn't like about the movie was the excessive violence. I don't mean gore, because there really wasn't much that could be considered gore, but seeing Michael bash a guy's head into a wall ten or fifteen times to more than one person is just a bit ridiculous. I guess what I mean is, the killings seemed to be too drawn out for my tastes. And I'm going to throw the kill count in here too. I didn't think to actually take count during the movie, but thinking back on it, it seems there were more kills in this one than any other Halloween film. Which, I guess sort of goes with the trend of horror movies, but still...

In addition, some of the kills just seemed unnecessary, such as Laurie's parents. Perhaps I just missed what Zombie was trying to show us. He grabbed Laurie's photo and showed it to her mother, as if maybe he was trying to find out where she was? But then how would he know for sure she was his sister? A bit confusing, so it seems that it was a bit ridiculous for Michael to go and kill them. Especially when he saw Laurie leave not five minutes earlier, and could have just followed her.

I wasn't a big fan of the very beginning. Seeing Michael come from a family like that just doesn't make him scary any more. Explaining the origins of his homicidal tendencies just ruins the mystery, and makes him no different than any other serial killer.

Speaking of scary, very few moments of the movie were actually scary. Zombie relied on shocks rather than moments of suspense. In my opinion, watching a movie and saying to myself, "Oh look, he just jumped through another wall again." sort of gets old, and you start to expect it. So after about the third time Michael jumped out from somewhere, the effect really wore off, and what you are left with is simply a movie with a really big guy killing people incredibly violently. The only thing scary about that is actually seeing a human being (appear to be) murdered, which in the context of a film is fairly easy to stomach, sad to say.

Also, I absolutely could not stand the actress that played Laurie. I can't think of her name at the moment, but she really got on my nerves. And some of her more serious lines were laughable, due to her delivery, especially the infamous "Was that the boogeyman?" line. Everyone watching with me (about 5 other people) just cracked up when she said it.

And, I'm not sure if I dislike it yet or not, but having Loomis apparently killed by Michael doesn't seem to sit well with me. Of course, if they make a sequel, it would be very easy to just say "Surprise! I didn't really die!", but as for now, we can all assume he was murdered. I guess what bothers me is that in the original series we never actually see Dr. Loomis die, and here we finally do.

I felt much of the dialogue was poorly written as well. There was a lot of vulgarity, which I don't really mind, they are just words after all, but it got to the point where it seemed over-the-top and ridiculous.

The length was a bit much. Towards the end I started getting bored, and was just wishing either Michael would kill Laurie and get it over with, or that maybe Laurie and Michael would just hug and call it a day.

However, on the positive side:

I really enjoyed the scenes of Michael in the sanitarium, especially as an adult. In fact, I felt adult Michael in the asylum with the homemade masks and the robe was creepier than traditional Michael in coveralls and the white mask. Very effective.

The mask did look really great. And Tyler Mane was very intimidating as Michael, even more than I thought he would be.

Tyler Bates' score was well done. A nice minimalistic approach, and I look forward to the CD release, even though a lot of his music was recycled, which isn't a surprise coming from him. It seems he either steals or recycles his music; I just wish he would come up with something completely new and original soon.

MacDowell's performance was pretty good. Better than I thought it would be, even with some of Zombie's ridiculous writing. I even laughed at a couple of his "jokes", although that wig in the beginning was a bit... hilarious.

Daeg did a wonderful job in his role. Normally child actors annoy me in these sorts of films, but he did an outstanding performance.

In conclusion, for me, the good aspects of the film were too few to warrant liking the movie very much. The lack of suspense and lackluster story just makes for an overall boring 100+ minutes, and that's really where the problem is: no character development and too much of Michael bursting through walls to "scare" you. He just wasn't scary. People keep saying that those of us who hated the film just wanted a modernized remake of Carpenter's film, or are just comparing it too much to the original. Not true. Even if the original Halloween were never created, this movie would still be what it is: a mediocre (at best) horror film best forgotten about. I believe a different director and writer could do a better job. I give it a 2/5.

08-30-2007, 11:58 PM
I have to say, I just got home from seeing it at the drive in (it was 1 out of 3 places in my state to play it at 12) and it just blew me away.

For starters, I loved how we got to know all the family better, we never got to really know Debrah Myers or Michaels "father" or Judith in the original, The one thing that pissed me off though was...

Lauries damn screaming as a baby, something just pissed me off about hearing that baby scream so much when Ronnie & Debrah were fighting...

That's really the ONLY complaint I have besides...
Weither or not Loomis is dead (I couldn't tell it was so dark I didn't know if loomis had passed out or what, and the fact that I am HOPING that Michael will end up in coma with the bullet wound to the head just so he can have a reasonable dormet stage for the next installment to come about

I really loved the music that Rob uses during the pole dancing sequence for Debrah, I do have to say that another tiny thing that bothered me was, even though not bad at all just weird in my book was how Bob & Steve both had long hair, I get Steve's hair because it's 1990, but Bob; c'mon it's 2007, get a haircut. I did like Bob's glasses however, nice homage to the original.

I enjoyed the "walking home scene" with the girls, it felt very much like the same scene as the original but more updated except that there wasn't the infamous Michael behind the bush scene, I mean c'mon he wasnt even trying to hide he was by a tree right in front of them lol but still a good scene.

I loved the Smith Groves scenes, I loved how the Janitor was friendly to Michael and told him to look past the wall, it really helped Michael into going inside his own head and no longer speaking, although I actually felt bad for the janitor later on that michael killed him with the damn tv, he had 3 months till retirement lol

I also love how it explains about laurie that Debrah Shoots herself which was a great scene IMO, and how Sherrif Bracket took Laurie to a hospital without even putting her in the police report to get adopted and how he was upset when Masion told him he was adopting Laurie.

I loved the scene with Lynda and Bob even though it was earlier on in the movie then I would of expected, and that they pay homage to the original with the Bob Ghost Scene, it was great IMO.

Danielle Harris's Return to the Series was great, She took the Character as Annie and made it her own for the short time we saw her, and I really just let go of the Idea of her as Jamie from 4 & 5, Although I was very surprised she lived, but then again very excited that she could be back in the 2nd installment, the only thing that weirded me out about her Father/Daughter scene when Brackett finds her is his hands are like all over her when shes all sliced up and bare breasted...just weird but it's his daughter and I'm sure he wasn't worried about her breasts lol

I like that we actually see Paul in this one, and that we get a mention of Mr. Bennett Tramer, Maybe we'll see him in Halloween 2?

I love that we actually meet Lauries adoptive parents and we see the Mom/Dad/Daughter together nice feel from them, in the first & second one we just got Lauries Dad having her off to the house where her brother killed her sister without any care of her with that house and knowing Laurie was related to the crazy b-stard, and Lauries mothers rude comment in the 2nd Halloween about how "I told you, I'm not your real mother", but in this one Laurie is completely unaware that shes adopted, and the fact that Cynthia grabs the picture of Laurie from Michael and says "stay away from my baby" and he just breaks her neck inspite of her saying that, just shook me, I love that by the end of the film, Laurie doesn't even know that Michael went to her house, and Killed her Parents, She will now be parent-less for the 2nd time.

I really have no complaints for this movie, The feel was fresh, the Music was great, the Actors gave great performences, and the new portrayl of Michael was great, as well as the portayl of Laurie, Annie, AND Loomis, great to know he got the best actors he could find for the Job.

Let's hope they can do a few more, I'd really like to see it Go to number 3 if possible, Just so I can finally hear people not complain about the 3rd Halloween installment, but yes I recommend this movie 9/10 stars...GO SEE IT! It was worth waiting for...IMO:nodsmile:

btw I hope I did the spoiler tags well enough, if not...just lemme know and I'll edit them up :roflmao:

08-31-2007, 12:34 AM
Man oh man, what can I say? I fucking loved this movie. Before I write this review, let me just say that I love the original Halloween. It's one of my all time favorite movies. And I'd also like to say that I have NOT seen House of 1000 Corpses or The Devil's Rejects. So this is my first Rob Zombie film.

Everything I'll be saying is positive. I have no complaints whatsoever. The whole film is just so fresh. It's something very new and different. And I love how they did that. They didn't just go and "remake" the first one. When they said it was going to be a "reimagining", they weren't kidding. This one is so different, but it just works for me.

Tyler Bate's score was amazing. I got chills up and down my spine the whole movie, but even more so when I heard the score. It's so perfect. I want, no I need the score soundtrack. Phew.

As far as the cast goes, they did an amazing job. Scout Taylor-Compton was a great new, different Laurie Strode. She didn't just rehash what Jamie Lee Curtis did. Same goes for Malcolm McDowell in his portrayal as Dr. Loomis. It's all fresh. It's all fucking fresh and new. I love the shit out of it.

Kristina Klebe was good as Lynda, but she really wasn't in that much of the movie. I thought it was cool how her and Bob went to the Myer's house to have their Halloween fun, so it was new but there was a bunch of stuff from the original scene in there that I thought were great little ways to omage the original. I also like how Lynda had a couple "totally" lines. Nice.

It was great to see Danielle Harris in another Halloween movie. Even though she was playing a different character. Which doesn't even matter because she is terrific as Annie.

And the only thing I can really muster up about Tyler Mane is: DAMN. This is flat out, to me, the scariest Michael Myers ever. I don't even want to go to sleep, because I'm terrified. He's so big and so scary. And the young Michael was good too. I liked how you could connect with him more.

Anyways, all in all, if I have to rank it in the series, it's definitely the best since the original in my book. Maybe even better than the original for me. I know I'll probably get hated on alot for that comment, but that's my opinion. Definitely a 10/10. Two thumbs up. Four stars. Whatever your rating scale is. I flat out loved this movie.


Melanie Mullen
08-31-2007, 01:36 AM
So I just got back from the midnight showing. I really don't know what to say as my feelings are mixed, and I am feeling a bit sad. I wasn't completely dissappointed, but I am not feeling pleased. In itself, it was a decent horror movie. Well, I thought it was quite scary, but the story was just a little too off. Of course, I wanted some originality in it, but it just wasn't a Halloween movie. It wasn't the Halloween that I know and love. Like I said, as just a horror movie, it was pretty good, but there really just wasn't any need for it and I wish it would have never been made. I feel like something has been taken away from me.

08-31-2007, 01:52 AM
I thought the beginning of the film showing Michael's home life was horrible. I personally know there are some families like that, but I think it was way too vulgar and outragous to the point of disbelief. The acts of violence were a nice touch with Michael's youth in this particular story. The animal killings as well as the murders of the school bully, Ronnie, Steve and Judith. Personally I prefer the Michael in the original that seemed to come from a lilly white family but for some reason went bad. The discussions and situations in Smith's Grove were good with young Michael and quite believable. I enjoyed Loomis' and Michael's relationship during this time of the film. At the end of Act 1 I was disappointed. I didn't care for Deborah killing herself. It was very predictable and adds to the outragousness of the Myers family. I feel something else should have been done reguarding her.

Now on to Act 2. I liked the idea of Tyler Mane playing Michael Myers. He is a big and intimidating man. But after seeing the film, he tends to be way too big for the role. I think it was more believable and scary having a man that was just above the average height of most men as in the original film. I did enjoy the escape scene. It was very brutal! I didn't care for him killing Danny's character though. Sure he's pure evil, but why not kill your little sister from the get go if that was the case too. The stalking was okay, but the girls were too over the top in what they say and their actions. It just wasn't very believable and became bothersome. I couldn't feel for these girls as I would have hoped would have changed from the original. Same as Brackett's character. You just never feel like you care for these characters at all throughout the film. Laurie in this film was not as entertaining as the original Laurie. She wasn't the handy girl-scout that I hoped I would have caught a glimpse of in this film. It never happened. The Strodes were believable as parents and I enjoyed their part in the film. I really enjoy their death scene. I think it was the best death sequence in the film. As for Lynda, she was an alright update to the character. Again, way too vulgar. Lynda and Bob's death was nice to have been pushed up front not allowing you to expect what was next. For Annie, she was a nice change, but didn't come off as the hard-ass that I liked from the original film. I loved that she survives but hoped that she would have put up a better fight. That was a good sequence though. Tommy and Lindsay were good characters in this. Not much of a change from the original, but not horrible either.

Act 3. This takes forever! It was way too drug out. It got to the point to where it was rediculous. As far as Michael's crazy knowledge of shit he shouldn't know in this film, how did he know that Laurie was who she was. He had no updated picture to go from or any knowledge of Laurie's adoption by the Strodes after Brackett had just revealed to Loomis his secret of secretly taking Laurie out of town to be adopted elsewhere. That made the film very unbelievable with that single scene. As for Loomis, McDowell was excellent. I was very pleased with his performance. It appears that he died, but with the knowledge that he is signed to do two more films tells me that he must not have been killed. I really didn't care to know so much about Michael Myers. And to see so much of his human side took away from the scary part of his existence for me. I never thought I would say this being as I wanted reasoning for his killings and not being just mindless murder before it was explained in H6. Hell, now I would prefer the reason of Thorn. I was very unhappy with this ending. It just drug on forever. And when it finally ended, it didn't deliver what so ever. Sad but true, I was happy when it was over because then I could go home.

I was very dissappointed in this film and am quite concerned for the future of this franchise. I'm sure the openning weekend will be good, but the overall thought of this film is horrible. I thought Rob Zombie doing this film was going to be a good thing as I entered this with an open mind in breathing new life into my favorite horror icon. I was very wrong. This isn't much better than any other remake of recent horror films. Now, I would have preferred another sequel. And I hate most of the sequels!!!

08-31-2007, 02:09 AM
I loved it!

To me it was the 3rd best Halloween behind H1 &H2. Nothing will top those due to the amount of time that has passed. At this point they're more than movies. They're time capsules. A snapshot of a time in my life. That's why you can't compare this to those. It's not fair.

Michael was definitely more brutal and intimidating in this one. One of the differences with this one compared to the original was they showed Michael ALOT. That's probably why the reviews were saying it lacked some suspense because you always knew where he was most of the time. But that's ok. I WANTED to see him! Michael was menacing and intimidating. I thought Tyler did a GREAT job as Michael. The mask also looked great. There's so many scenes where I thought it looked just like the original mask.

The girls were great together. Loomis was ok. I prefer the original Loomis. But Malcolm did a good job.

I can see how the reviews were complaining about the lack of suspense due to knowing where Michael was alot of the times but keep in mind. Nobody knew about this horror icon when the original came out. After all these years everyone knows Michael. So I think it was a shrewd move by Zombie to stick Michael in your face alot. He was definitely intimidating and scary and was absolutely brutal. He showed no remorse and was just relentless. I think this made him more scary instead of the approach of not showing him enough. Believe me, as fans, we want to see Michael do damage. We already know what he does and how he does it. If Zombie tried to "hide" him in the movie then it wouldn't work today. We all know Michael too well!

I wish all the rappers from the last couple of sequels were in this. It would've been great to see Michael rip those fuckers into pieces.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing it again.

08-31-2007, 02:54 AM
Saw it at a midnight showing and wow this movie was terrible.

Prequel: It started off well, Daeg was a great little Michael. He and Sherri are the only reasons to watch this movie. You feel really bad for Michael all the way through the movie, even when he goes after Laurie. Never a good sign, especially when we are supposed to fear him. Malcolm was cast perfectly, the problem comes with the role, he was on, and then he would go off. The performance was never bad, it was just that I never knew how I was supposed to feel about him. The scenes in Smith's Grove were good, but it really amounted to nothing.

Meeting the 3 ladies turned out to be so boring. None of the stalking scenes worked for me. Oh my god there is Michael, and Laurie just acts like, "So what?" What was the point of Laurie's parents? They are here and gone in less than 5 minutes. When Lynda and Annie get their own scenes it is like the Strodes, what is the point? There is nothing for them. They have sex and then it is done and over with.

Tommy and Lindsey were actually good characters. They didn't have a lot to do, but they were actually interesting.

The violence and blood were not bad in this movie. I know people were worried, but it is really nothing to go crazy about.

The ending was good, I was happy to see it end.

I feel I need to say this, Scout was the worst casting choice for this movie. I never felt anything for her. Her acting was poor. Skyler Gisondo stole all the scenes he had with her, and he is still a little kid.

Overall the movie failed for me. Rob needs to get help writing his movies. They look very good, but the dialogue was ok one minute to "did they really say that?" Once you get used to a character, they will say something so out there that you don't know the character at all. One thing I read was how rushed the scenes were, mainly at the end, and it is so true. It was like introducing so and so, the next second Michael kills them. The movie is sorely lacking character development.

Like I said there is some good, the Daeg and Sheri scenes are the best things about this movie. I would have preferred a movie with them.


08-31-2007, 03:29 AM
For my review I start by saying that I walked into this one with no expectation. I just wanted to see some of my favorite characters re-created but, as the film wore on I realized that I indeed had so many expectations that I left the cinema feeling…empty. I shall start with the first half of the film.

Young Michael.

This was brilliant. Showing how he came from a dysfunctional family, and abusive step parent in the house, an older sister that truly cared nothing for him, and a mother with an occupation that makes most normal people blush, this set the story up to be something truly unique. I felt that this was all building up to something, something that I myself have wanted to know about the series since I first watched Halloween about 18 or so years ago; WHY he became what he is. I was pretty disappointed in the fact that the “Masks” origin is nothing more than an aide in the sister’s boyfriend’s journey to enjoy his sexual experience. I found it to be disrespectful to the series. His love for “Boo” his baby sister was a link to Michael’s humanity and a sign of hope, but, as we all know the story…

The events that happened at Smiths grove were seriously refreshing, and original. We see Michael as a child, one who has weaknesses and gives an air that he can be saved. That what took place on Halloween could have been something that he could have rehabilitated and recovered from. My only problem with this portion of the film is that I felt a little cheated. It just was not given enough time and attention to showing how he became the monster. Rob simply rushed through this aspect that was the entire reasoning behind this film. It wasn’t about just re-making the first Legendary Halloween; it was a re-envisioning but came off more like a carbon copy in more areas than one.

As I stated earlier I had no expectations when I started to watch this movie but soon found that I had many. The draw that this film had going for it (And I do believe most die-hard fans of the series will agree) was the creation story. The segments of Young Michael’s metamorphosis into a true monster were wonderful! It was too short, but it was the best part of the film. Young Michael creeped me out FAR MORE Than adult Michael. I just wish that Rob let the story of the time at Smith’s grove last longer.
Adult Michael.

Where to begin? His escape from Smith’s grove was a so-so experience. It was not shocking or even exciting at all. It didn’t even FEEL like Michael Myers was breaking out of Smith’s grove, just some big over-grown ape. A real pity was that we were not treated to any of his adult stay in the sanitarium. Sure, he was silent for 15 years but there was still so much that we could have learned about the enigmatic Adult Michael. He escapes and makes his way to a truck stop which looked like it was miles away. The scene with Big Joe Grizzly was PRICELESS! But it left me feeling flat. This “New” Michael taking so much time and force to kill one person? I don’t care how big Mr. Grizzly is, Myers is in most ways super-human in strength. I must add that it was a bit much that he had to smash big Joe into the stall wall about 20 times before he could get the knife from him. He makes his way to Haddonfield and starts his mission to what feels a reunion with his baby sister. Laurie strode to me came off as lackluster. She gave a decent performance but ultimately just didn’t do it for this Halloween fan. Linda was as forgettable as Dr. Koplenson. Annie, played by the wonderful Danielle Harris was so-so but nowhere near the impact of her roles in H4 and H5. It felt like the two girls were just there temporarily and knew exactly what was going to happen to them. It felt so…cheap.

The three girls just didn’t really share a connection. Maybe it was due to the fact that their screen time was limited to sex jokes, and vulgarities (Nowhere even as funny as Ronnie’s) or maybe it was because their acting just did not suit them.

To sum it all up:

Michael makes grunts and sounds. COME ON! He is the freakin’ boogeyman! He is death on two legs! He shows know emotion, or humanity. He kills and cannot be stopped. NOW all of a sudden he makes noises, grunts, and can’t get up from a shot to the face? What a laugh.

Laurie strode sucked. Her screaming was commendable at the end when she blasted on Mikey.

Sam Loomis was a joke. He acted almost oblivious to the threat of Michael and almost seemed afraid of him. The REAL Loomis knew what was up. He never gave up on Michael. He spent years trying to reach him and then even more trying to keep him locked up because he KNEW what Michael was. This Loomis (Ashamed to even call him that) gave up, went on to write a book and pretend that the evil didn’t exist anymore. In the end he was treated to a face rake from hell and supposedly died. I hope he did.

Linda died, and Annie looked like she survived. I wish both had more screen time so that they could develop into characters that I cared about. At least in the original Annie had her annoying “My Paul” song, and Linda had “Totally” added to every sentence giving them some substance.

Tommy Doyle was annoying and too persistent in his boogeyman questions. I think I like the original Tommy a heck of a lot more mainly because of the pumpkin scene at school. Other than that it was 50-50.

Lindsay Wallace was awesome. “No you didn’t!” line was priceless. The kid proved to be funny and a lot more likeable to the original Lindsay who just sat in front of the tube, mindless.

Sheriff Brackett was ok. Once again, a character who did not have enough screen time to develop into someone we either like or dislike.

What I did like:

Michael’s mask was the best design since H2. When it developed its “Rot” look it dropped down to fifth place. 1st is the original. 2nd is the H2 mask. 3rd is the pre-rot mask. 4th is the H4 mask.
Big Joe Grizzly was hilarious. Wish it was more than just a chance meeting in the men’s room.
Ronnie was hilarious. All of his lines were solid gold.
The young Michael deserves MAJOR props for being one creepy little bastard and also for showing acting ability beyond his years. He was the brightest point of the movie.
The time spent at Smith’s Grove as a child. That for me was the movie.

And last but not least

Danielle Harris sans t-shirt.

I give the film 2 out of 5.

08-31-2007, 09:14 AM
Hi. I registered just so I could review this piece of crap. And my conscience is clear.

I used to frequent what was once this site way back in the day, back in the tough 90s when we were desperate for any Halloween after Halloween 5, and then any good Halloween after H6. I don't remember if I posted on what were the rudimentary message boards but I certainly remember lurking. I remember how much we hoped for a better future for the series. But no matter how desperate I got, I would never have supported Rob Zombie taking over the franchise. This movie is why.

I supported Zombie when I heard he was becoming a director; I defended his pursuit to release House of 1000 Corpses, and then I saw it and thought it was incoherent, pointless drivel. I supported The Devil's Rejects because friends told me he had really improved, and then I saw that and thought that too was mostly incoherent drivel. And his Halloween is the same, except it's worse, because it pretends to be Halloween.

All Rob Zombie knows how to do is the same cheap tricks over and over: A redneck pop pastiche of the same cliches and actors. A cheap grindhouse imitation that comes off fake, desperate, and self-conscious. Every character in his films is one dimensional, but he seems to think that's not a problem as long as your dialogue and acting is as loud, broad, and hardboiled in terms of language as possible. It reads and plays like a seventh grader who just saw "Pulp Fiction" or "Assault on Precinct 13" for the first time trying to act "hard" wrote his films. It's the same thing here. In his Halloween, there is no unsettling banality in the suburbia, because there is no real suburbia - instead, the Myers family is overexposed story-wise, and they are - surprise! - more violent, hardboiled rednecks. No one can tell me the first six minutes of this film are not already embarrassing to watch. So much for the mystique of Michael coming from a normal family, of just being wrong.

Every female character is a joke, just like all of Zombie's films. They all act and talk like hyperactive sex-crazed little bunnies for Rob to pinch and tickle and watch them giggle, even Laurie. Every scene is an excuse for them to leap on each other and dry hump while tee-heeing. Even the older women get in the act, just like in The Devil's Rejects. And the men are jokes, mostly excuses to show old cult horror actors like Ken Foree or William Forsythe in roles. These are all fine genre favorites but their roles have no point and they all stick out like sore thumbs. Zombie keeps shoving these actors into his films like he wants a treat and props just for using them, but they serve no purpose. Brad Dourif was especially out of place.

Malcolm McDowell's performance as Loomis was hysterically awful, and I love Malcolm McDowell. Virtually every line and every reading of every line was pure camp. I can't even go further on that.

This was not how I wanted to see Danielle Harris return to the franchise, and Annie's survival was a pointless scene, other than giving Rob a chance to once again show women half-naked, bleeding, and suffering for his camera. Not that it mattered since we barely knew Annie or Lynda or any of the characters when they were butchered. When the film wasn't hilariously funny, it was downright sadistic, with more and more scenes of violence that seemed to have no purpose other than Zombie trying to outdo the original Hills Have Eyes or Last House On The Left. And while I love those films, that's not Halloween. At all.

The biggest problem is Michael himself. He's not the Shape, he's just Michael, Rob Zombie's usual quasi-sympathetic redneck avenger that he loves so much. Someone else on another board said Halloween was always about people reacting to the Shape, not about his own inner life, and that's absolutely correct. The Shape kept some class and mystique long after Freddy and Jason became just plain fun because he was tall, thin, white-faced and silent, and unknowable; he came from a place just like you but he could not be defined or categorized. Instead, he was simply a blank space in the world, a "Shape." That's what John Carpenter intended, and that's what he was, and that's why he scared people. Zombie's film destroys all that, and wants us to get inside and understand his "Michael." Tyler Mane is a hulking beast and completely uncompelling. I am so tired of hearing Rob Zombie blather on about his deep interest in real life serial killers and how they came together and blah blah blah. That has no connection to what this franchise or this cinematic monster is about.

All in all, I will be surprised if this remake has not destroyed the series. The biggest reason is, in the case of horror remakes today, studios generally follow onto them only with sequels to the bad remakes. And this is not a Halloween franchise I want to see continue. Sure, 5, 6, and Resurrection were horrible films but that doesn't excuse this pile of crap, which has done us all new damage by wiping out the previous continuity and replacing it with...this. What offends me is the idea that this was supposed to be our only hope for the future of the series, that this was supposed to be a unique take. It was never unique, because nothing Rob Zombie has ever done on film is fresh or unique, just an overripe and vapid copy of someone else. It was furtive and brutish and stupid and I don't want to see the series die like this. I love Halloween, I love the franchise but I will never defend this or Rob Zombie. I knew this would happen, I tried to be optimistic, but now here we are and I am just disgusted.

0 out of 5.

08-31-2007, 09:25 AM
i gotta say, i know what i hate, and i didnt hate this movie. as a halloween fan for 29 years, i was hoping for greatness, but ill have to settle for it being my third favorite of the series, after H1 and 2. did it have problems? sure, alot of them. i hated the white trash family element. i hated no pumpkin at the beginning. i hated the fact that michael knew exactly who his sister was. why have her be his sister in the first place? the third act with michael stalking the girls was too short.RZ should have employed much more steady cam and much less hand held. how did michael get from smiths grove to haddonfield?ect. but i enjoyed the music, the third act had some great parts, although they were more brutal than tension filled. the ending i enjoyed. little dougy as michael was creepy. showing more of michael as a young guy is alright, but i still would have preferred a kid with an ideal upbringing and family life go nuts one day and kill his sister and others.im going to see this movie again saturday night and mabye get a clearer perspective. ill compare the workprint only after ive seen the theater version 3 times. i dont download to cheat people out of their theater reciepts, ever.

08-31-2007, 09:49 AM
I saw the movie and all I can say is "No matter what Rob Zombie tried to achieve, he will never even come close to the original John's C. Halloween. It's impossible, period. I don't blame Rob for anything it's just that we're living in another modern world, 21st. century and not in the 70's and 80's anymore. This new Halloween doesn't scare me one bit even with all the killings, the whole Michael Myers on steroids acting out of control, I'm a grown up but guess what after I saw this one...I put my original Halloween VHS tape and watched it just to compare the two. First of all in the original Michael Myers looks like just a pure human which happens to be psychopath evil. This new one reminds me of Jason X where he gets new everything. Original Halloween gives you chills even without bloody scenes just simple "stalking" will make your heart beat, this one doesn't. I know its kind of stupid to say this because its a re-make but I was hoping to find more about the thorn and all that cult ...remember Michael Myers saw man in black who told him to kill his family, in this movie seems like Mikey was just too mad that his entire family was a wreck. I don't think this re-make idea was the best one...they should of just continued with the hospital scene where burned MM opened his eyes...

C- my grade, 1 out of 10 I'll give it 4 and I'm the biggest Halloween fan.

08-31-2007, 11:14 AM
I saw it last night at midnight and really enjoyed it. It was definately not as good as the original, but had more of it's atmosphere than any of the sequels after 2 (or if you count 3). I would give it a 8/10.

PG Soul
08-31-2007, 11:25 AM
Ronin Ro' usually has his finger on the pulse, his industry track record in terms of articles and books speaks for itself. I'll be buying his book on the whole Halloween franchise when it's released in the mean time here is his review:-

Okay... saw the very final version and have to say...

It isn't bad.

I was harsh before but only because I thoughtt some punk-a-- was gonna come along and at his whim destroy something that meant a hell of a lot not just to me, and to fans, but to the late Moustapha Akkad, to the original Michaels, to the core audience and to the late Donald Pleasence.

I went at Dimension too because they've been f--kng up and RONIN RO'S HALLOWEEN is going to tell you, and them, exactly how.

But sitting in the theater, I saw a few changes. Rob got his s--t together finally. He trimmed a lot of his personal b-llshit and re-shot scenes so that Myers acts like Myers and not one of his Devil's Rejects.

This long chase to find out Laurie's history is also history. And the cameos have been trimmed back. So has the stupid Scream-like subplot of a corrupt Loomis. Thanks to edits, McDowell is VERY Pleasence-like (so don't believe that b-lls--t he's been saying publicly about doing his own thing; he's right to imitate the late great Donald Pleasence, because without Loomis--as RONIN RO'S HALLOWEEN will show--this series went right to Hell).

Another great cut was Danielle Harris doing this stupid head-move while speaking (as if she were some Jerry Springer guest). There was also less stripping; less low-class family dialogue; fewer meandering scenes; and new inserts for his murder of Judith that make him look more like Myers... The kid is also less passive...And with a few scenes shuffled the original Halloween pace is there. And the beginning's changed too. Somebody rightly decided to cut out the stupid "Monster Mash" song and throw in some of that dopey "trash rock" Zombie's core audience--the Wal-Mart Crowd--feels is so original.

Instead of some artsy fartsy surprise appearance of the title, it appears right at the beginning in the font we all know and love...

So somebody put the fire to Zombie's a-- (probably himself) and he made the cuts we all knew he'd have to; and delivered a worthy Halloween movie that leaves the door WIDE OPEN for a sequel. So Zombie: you almost played yourself and lost your career, in my opinion. But you came through and I apologize for coming at you so hard. But if you know anything about me, and what I do for a living, you know it was unavoidable. Still, good movie.

08-31-2007, 12:46 PM
I just saw it.
I said that if it sucked, I'd be the first to admit it.
Fortunately, I don't have to do that.
This movies works on many levels.
Yes, it has flaws as well.
Some of the dialogue is more than a little hokey and there are some plot holes, but the same could be said of the original.
I didn't care for the shakey cam business, either.
And yes, some of the language was a bit excessive.
But anyone who says the movie lacks suspense just didn't see the same thing I did. It's a different kind of suspense, but so what?
This is, as RZ always said it would be, a new take on Myers.
Anyone who goes in expecting to see nothing more than a modernized version of the original will indeed be disappointed.
The final segment will seem rushed to some if they think too much about the original while viewing it. I tried to keep as open a mind as possible, so the final sequence didn't seem like I was rocketed through it.
One thing I didn't care for was the Christmas scene. Yes, it was brief, but It was a buzz kill.
Michaels initial rampage was indeed creepy, as were some of his actions while in Smiths Grove as a child.
I know some people won't like the "white trash" family we see at the start, but you know what?
Families like that do exist. Michaels stepfather, or whatever he was, was a foul mouthed, abusive alcoholic and his sister was a real bitch to him at times, but I don't see why that would be a bad thing for this movie. Not all people are middle class or born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Loomis says during the movie that Michael was created by the perfect combination of internal and external events, so it's not as if RZ was trying to say that Michaels family background was what caused him to be the way he is. I'm not even sure Loomis knew what was behind Michaels madness.
The Halloween atmosphere was pretty good, though a little something seemed to be missing.
Tyler Mane, however, was awesome. He was one of the best Michaels ever. I liked how when he escaped from Smiths Grove, the one guy who had actually been good to him ended up having the hardest death, all the while saying, "Michael, I was good to you". I'm curious as to why Michael basically tortured this guy for several minutes before ending it.
Well, I'll edit my post as I think of more things to say.

I give this movie three stars out of four.
Oh yea, am I the only one who noticed a homage to a certain scene from E.T?

08-31-2007, 12:55 PM
After Seeing this piece of crap all I can say is that I was severely dissapointed with the way it was protrayed. yes it is a remake but this film just comes to show that it belongs with all the other crap remakes. There was hardly ANY character development and the way the film was drawn out, too much michael and not enough of the other important characters. I enjoyed Halloween Resurrection more than this. Yes it is a rob zombie film but beyond that all it is is a gore/nudity fest....the way michaels mother was protrayed at the strip club and dating that old geezer and all was just pointless. the whole movie pointless. The only good thing? great acting from ken foree, Malcom McDowell and Danielle Harris and others. Besides that? The series has gone down the tube already....again. And about remaking this film? I'll quote Rob on this..."Whats the point?"

2/10 stars


08-31-2007, 01:25 PM
Why can't you people understand this: ONE POST PER PERSON. NO DISCUSSION.

Ahem. Now where was I?

Just got back from an early afternoon showing.

Where do I start.

Rob Zombie's Halloween is a mixed bag. But it's a mixed bag that I liked. Yes there were quite a few cons, but I feel the positives outweigh them substantially. You've all heard the negatives, and yes some of them are very much founded in truth. The dialogue in this movie is far from stellar. It ranges from bad to mediocre in most spots with a number of really bright spots shining through. Some people will have a problem with the excessive foul language, even though it's mostly only present during the family scenes (just like when I grew up! ;)).

Yes the pacing is off. Yes they tried to fit too much into the movie. Yes it's kinda long for a modern horror movie. I knew all this stuff the first time I layed eyes on the leaked script. Even though a ton from the script was changed it was evident the basic framework would survive, and it did. This, like the dialogue, was something I expected going in. So it didn't surprise me in the least bit.

The film is shot amazingly well. I was actually surprised at how well it was shot. I rank it easily ahead of any of the sequels, only behind the original in terms of cinematography. Likewise with the score. It was absolutely amazing. Every cue sounded just right. Tyler wasn't lying when he said he was going to do some things that sounded like 'lost tracks' from the JC score. Really good stuff all around.

The acting was generally good in the movie. There were a few times I got annoyed but overall they did good work with some low grade dialogue at times. The standout performance was a really close one between Daeg, Malcolm, and in a limited capacity Tyler Mane. But I'd have to give the edge to Daeg. He was the biggest surprise for me in the movie. Not being familiar with Daeg I was surprised to find how easily he seemed to slip into the role. And how he managed to flip the switch between happy kid, angry kid, and emotionless kid.

Tyler Mane as Michael is a Michael you've never seen before. A Michael you've never imagined. A Michael that is as brutal as brutal gets. Tyler has a presence that is absolutely menacing in every scene he's in.

The violence in this movie is not as over the top as many feared. In fact, I'd say it's a bit more subdued than I thought it would be. Was it bloody? Yes. Very much so. But in a realistic way. Nothing over the top here. I didn't feel it was gratuitous either.

Anyway. I'm not getting too in depth with this review. I'll have to see it again before I really get into specifics. I'll be doing that soon.

I'd rate this movie about a 7/10 probably.

08-31-2007, 02:47 PM
I went to the first showing they had here with my brother, which was at 2:05 this afternoon. When I first walked into the theatre there was 4 people in the theatre and they all were of the older generation and all had white hair. I asked my brother if we had the right theatre. I went back out to make sure...I did not want to sit down to watch and find out I was in the wrong one. It was the right one. A few more people trickled in. There were about 12 people total to see the movie. The people behind us needed to shut up though. To many " oh my gods" & "I'm gonna be scared". The guy telling the girl that there were already 6 or 7 previous Halloween's and that this was a remake. She did not know that and acted like she had never seen the original. What really got me was when in the movie when Myers was punching through the walls looking for Laurie, she said to her boyfriend(?) she thought she remembered that from the first one. uumm....what???? I thought she had never seen it???? I was excited to see this movie, but from the opening shot to the first words spoken I was disapointed. There was waaaay to much vulgar language. The entire movie was riddled with it. From the parents, to the teenagers. From the cops to the trucker(s). There was no need for it. It took away from the film and was disrtacting. A few words here and there would have been fine, but to jam it down our throats was unnecessary. I thought the story was good, but why so much emphasis on the "white trash" lifestyle of the Myers? I did like the nods to the original Halloween. I think I noticed the original Strode house, in the background behind Myers, when the girls were in school(?) or was it the library? Bob's death was a nice nod to the original....right down to his twitching feet. The whole Lynda/Bob scene was another nice nod. I don't know if Annie lived or died. It never really showed us if she did indeed die. Did loomis die? Who knows. I really did not like the fact that those 2 chareacters were never shown a final "death" scene. I felt there was no need to kill the Strodes. That was just not needed to advance the story. The Halloween atsmophere was there and made it feel like Halloween. The leaves blowing in the wind, the trick or treaters, the decorations. All in all I did like the movie, but it was not as good as I thought/wanted/hoped it would be. Nothing beats the original. The next time I see this will be when I buy it on dvd.

I give it 3 :hallow: :hallow: :hallow: out of 5.

08-31-2007, 02:47 PM
How do cliches become cliches? Because they're true. I'm sure that there are many families out there like this one.

The whole first act rested on Daeg, I figured going in. And man, he sold it to me. I find him to be adorable, yet definitely has a glint of something off about him. Perfect for this role.

I saw the potential of what I thought this remake could be, almost fully realized. Showing what creates REAL evil in this world, what actually are the causes behind people turning out as bad as they can often become.

Watching Daeg slip deeper and deeper was a heartbreaker. And I thought filled with horror and suspense.

By the end of the first part I was blown away. THIS is what people are laughing at? THIS is what critics are trashing? In my head there was no doubt that this movie was going to eventually become a classic on its own, much like Carpenter's Thing. I couldn't believe how hard I wanted to defend this film against all its attackers.

And then the second part of the movie started.

The asylum scenes were decent enough, but here is where everything began losing steam. I was amazed at how much I was invested in the new Slipknot-esque Michael Myers, fully accepting his new look with no qualms.

Then he turned into the Hulk and things got ridiculous.

The third act was abysmal. No logic, no suspense, a gigantic clusterfuck. A horrific Carpenter retread that paled in comparison.

I didn't WANT to make that comparison, mind you. But when the same scenes are reshot, only worse... how can you NOT compare them? If they were well done in their own right I would not have any problem.

Attrocious pacing and editing, too quick. Yet the ending dragged on for freaking forever. I could not believe at how little I cared.

I didn't find the dialogue to be all that attrocious. I hated Rejects's. But I knew going in this would be a filthfest. For the most part the lines all sounded like things a poor effed up family/teenagers would say. Maybe not the ONLY things they'd say, but not out of character.

The dialog was so real for the teenagers in fact, I couldn't stand them.

This was probably the biggest letdown of a movie I've ever seen. Maybe that's because of the full year of hype that got me anxious-- if so, why did I fall in love with the first hour?

It's the great things about the first part that makes the second part all that more painful. And so, so, so sad. In a completely different way.

Miss Informed
08-31-2007, 02:57 PM
I decided several months ago that I wanted to go to the first showing. So I went to the 12:10 show.

I was getting antsy sitting in the theater waiting for it to start. SO OF COURSE it had to break. We had to look at the sign "PLEASE TURN OFF YOU CELL PHONES WE WILL BEGIN YOUR FEATURE IN A FEW MOMENTS" for a good long time.

Finally, it starts. YAY

I loved every piece of it. I actually think Zombie could have made 3 movies out of this. I would not have been bored.

The kid was creepy. At first I didn't buy it but as it went on I loved it.

I refuse to compare the two movies because there isn't any comparison.

I was sad to see the first Chapter closed. Then begain the 2nd one. Again, I could have watched a whole movie on his life at the sanitarium. BOY WAS HE HUGE.....Good stuff. Danny Trejo was great.

Finally, when it came time for Laurie and them I still was excited. I didn't care for the Linda segment. She was boring to me. I did like Annie and the way he handled her.

I thought it was a tad bit cheesy w/ the photograph and how he handed to Laurie.

Decent movie. It was a good day!!!


08-31-2007, 03:47 PM
Loved it.

08-31-2007, 04:19 PM
Just got back from the cinema. For the first five minutes of the movie, the projector was screwed up, so the little caption at the beginning and the conversation scene at the beginning was a little screwey. The guy in fromt of me left and in a couple minutes the screen was adjusted. All I can say is what a fucking masterpiece. That's right- masterpiece. Rob Zombie made the characters of Halloween much more real and the audience could really connect to the characters. There were times when I could have even cried after seeing what Michael was doing to his victims. Especially Annie when crying for Lauriie. Zombie definately knows his shit. Sheri Moon's character, Debra Strode was a very emotional character, and often had me shaking my head in disbelief after all the shit that she had to go through.

The music in the film was very creppy and I enjoyed hearing the old themes from the original Halloween.

Acting was very well done. Malcom Mcdowell gave a spot-on perfprmance as Dr. Loomis. After seeing the film so many goddamn times over the past nine years, you get so familliar with actors playing certian parts- especially Laurie. Scout Taylor Compton nailed the performance of Laurie Strode. The character has alot more attitude and is somewhat bitchy to the the kids. But just like Zombie promised, this was a whole new movie with whole new characters, just same names.

There were some tense moments that personally for me, had my heart going faster and was anticipating what was going to happen next. The climax had me wondering what the hell was gonna happen.

Zombie definately brought Halloween "back to the basics". Too bad he chose not to do another Halloween flick, becuase he did a damn fine job with this one.

I give Rob Zombie's Halloween a 5/5.

I will elaborate a little more on this post later on.

08-31-2007, 04:21 PM
Thought it was terrible.

08-31-2007, 04:22 PM
I thought the film was an absolute mess. The original is a classic and this new film loses everything what made the original so great. There is a huge loss of suspense and atmosphere and we're left with just a standard slash and hack horror flick. Malcolm McDowell's performance is laughable and the supporting cast is no better. I am a fan of House of 1000 corpses and The Devils Rejects but Zombie's Halloween is a cheap rushed attempt for a remake.

08-31-2007, 04:37 PM
I wanted to like it. I really did.

But it was fucking abysmal. The first half (young Michael) was decent enough and fairly unsettling. The use of the original score was good, too. Unfortunately the main theme wasn't used at all in the second half until the credits and that really hurt the film. I now know why there is no Tyler Bates score being released... because there would only be about 15 minutes of material for the disc.

There was almost no suspense, no build-up to anything, which is what MADE the original. Rob rushed through things and ALL of the characters, except Michael, were an afterthought. I honestly didn't give a shit about anyone. Michael being that tall didn't work, just as anyone with a fucking clue knew all along. Honestly, the dialogue was bad but it didn't kill the film. Everything else did that.

I have a feeling that Dimension (once again) fucked with the movie beyond belief and I would like to see Rob's original cut. I'm sure it still wasn't "good," but it couldn't be worse. The film was brutal and nihilistic to a point where it wasn't any fun. It wasn't working on dual levels like most great horror films do. Everything was in plain sight. Sorry Rob (and cast and crew), but you failed miserably. This is seriously one of the worst in the franchise and that is no small fucking feat.

Time to restart the series... AGAIN.


08-31-2007, 04:43 PM
I hated this film. I hated it with a passion. Rob Zombie took everything about the original and pissed all over it. Gone is the enigmatic Michael Myers that we never could quite understand. Gone is the cute kid who was a bad egg. Now, he's another victim that went bad due to bad circumstances and a trash family. I liked Devil's Rejects, but Zombie missed the whole point of the original movie, about a boy who went bad on a holiday for no apparent reason. I would have rather had a sequel to Resurrection (and I didn't really like that movie, either) because at least I didn't have to sit through another of Zombie's blood, gore, sex, and tits fest.

08-31-2007, 05:08 PM
I'll start off by saying I very much enjoyed this film.

I never wanted to see a remake/revision of the series but when they first announced Rob was writing and directing it, I opened up my eyes and thought ok, he could make it work. If we want more Halloween films, the best thing to do (imo) would be to reinvent the series, especially after Resurrection. Alot of us were probably closed minded about a remake but I think Rob made a wise decision for doing so. If not him, someone else would have come along and made a pointless sequel.

Rob's actually a fan and his other films were great imo. He made things different but still added a few things from the original (in his own way) for us die hard fans. Some people complain this film lacked stuff from the 1978 film and I ask why make a carbon copy of the original? You have to make it somewhat different. You should never go see a remake ready to compare it to the original. How are you expected to enjoy the new film pointing out the differences? In the end if you don't like it, that's fine. Atleast you went into it with an opened mind.

I still love the original. It's a classic and can't be out done.

I love the remake as well. It added lots of elements that weren't there in the original which makes it a completely new experience.

If Rob truly won't come back and make a sequel, that's his decision. You know the company will be planning one whether we like it or not, so lets hope someone with love for the franchise comes along and makes a worth follow up.

08-31-2007, 05:53 PM
just saw the movie.


I had no opinion of the remake itself going in. though, I must admit, I was actually looking forward to seeing it.

"how bad could it be?" I thought.

"all Zombie has to do is follow the same formula as the original, he couldn't possibly mess this up" I said.


the back story was lame. Michael Myers comes from a white trash background, with a slutty (but hot) sister, a hillbilly step-dad, and a Mom who is a stripper? the beauty of the original is that we didn't really know ANYTHING about his upbringing or any of that shit.

and, Rob, enough of casting the same people in every one of your movies.

and what is up with the kid who played the young Michael Myers? looked just like a little girl. and the part of the film where he is following his sister down the hall, wearing the "mask"? reminded me of those scenes in "The George Lopez Show" where they would flashback to where George was a kid, but he would have his ADULT head transposed over the little kid's body.

unintentionally hilarious.

and the ADULT Michael? he reminded me more of Leatherface, with the long-hair and the decayed mask.

other than Danielle Harris, the other teenage chicks were annoying. and a script writer Rob is NOT.

the Loomis character was pretty effective, Donald Pleasance R.I.P.

I can't say enough bad things about this movie, some parts were just painful to watch. sure, lots of gore, but the movie itself was so bad it didn't matter.



I KNEW I should have bailed after the Danielle Harris nude scene...

08-31-2007, 06:48 PM
Just got back from the 7pm showing and thought I would post my review.

All I have to say is that if you try to compare this to the original, you're going to hate it. This is not JC's Halloween, this is RZ's Halloween...and he delivered.

Now are there issues?? Of course there are. There always is. Character development other than Michael felt rushed. Like someone else said, it's as if Rob was counting on your knowledge of that character from the original so he didn't have to spend time reintroducing them. Killing off the Strodes was not necessary. Foul language was over the top, but hey, I expect that from Rob.

Daeg and Tyler both did a great job portraying Michael. People were worried that Tyler's height would be a problem, but I felt it worked well with what Rob had in mind, and most scenes you really couldn't tell.

I could be like other people and try to nitpick the movie to death, breaking down every little scene...but I won't, cause that's not why I went to see it. I went in expecting a new take on the Michael Myers legend and that's what I got, with a few homages to the original. I went in wanting to see Rob's explanation why he became the way he was...to see more of what went on at Smith's Grove. I went in to see a Halloween movie, and that's exactly what I got, and I will be seeing it again.

B+,7 out of 10

08-31-2007, 06:49 PM
I absolutely love the original Halloween. It's in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I really, really wanted to like this re-make-reinvention-prequel thing. For about a half an hour, I did, even though it's just your average big dumb slasher movie really. Cliches are everywhere, it has nothing new to offer, and it will evoke unintentional laughs around every corner, but still it's not a bad film, just nowhere near a classic like the film it tries to be.

Then Zombie makes the mistake of trying to reproduce the entire original film beat for beat, line for line, but in fast forward, condensing an hour's worth of scenes of character and plot developement into about 25 minutes for what amounts to the cliff notes version of Carpentar's original classic, with no suspense anywhere in sight. After that, the movie lost me completely.

The final 15 minutes finally try to do their own thing again, and the film gets better, but after all that came before it, the damage is done, the original is crapped on and disgraced, and I wanted my money back.

Rob Zombie isn't a bad director, but he sure is a horrible writer. It would've been so much better had he not tried to recreate the original movie in the middle of this movie, had he just kept going with his own thing, it would've been decent. Instead, it just serves to remind us how much better the original is, and how shitty this turned out.

If you don't like the original, you may enjoy it however, but for those who love the original, it's hard to imagine any of them approving of this, although I'm sure it will split audiences right down the middle.

I don't hate the film as a whole, it has a few good moments, but for every one thing it does right, it does about four things wrong. As a slasher movie, it's just an average and forgettable bloodbath with moronic characters and horrible dialogue, but as a remake, it doesn't earn the right to be called Halloween.

08-31-2007, 06:56 PM
Good lord, I almost forgot one of my biggest disappointments in that Danielle Harris had that long sex/nude scene. Now I'm sure this is a big bonus for most viewers, but I'd prefer to keep Danielle's association with the series as the innocent and likable Jamie Lloyd. It was somewhat like finding out your sweet little sister gre up to become a stripper or something (well not exactly, but it was a similar gut punch reaction).
I do have to add another compliment for the set decoration and overall production design in making it look like Halloween time and the fact that -cinematography speaking- they did try to make the look of the 70's portion of the film different from the modern portion. The PD was actually the film's biggest plus and one of the few plusses in it.

08-31-2007, 06:58 PM
Okay, the deed is done. I've seen Rob Zombie's Halloween. And this is my fucking massive review.

First off, though, a few words for some of the people who "enhanced" my theater-going experience. To the dumbfuck cocksucking teenage boys behind me who wouldn't shut the fuck up even for thirty seconds during the entire film...I hope you died in an atrocious car accident on the way home from the theater. You have absolutely no idea how to live in a society that includes people other than yourselves. And we're staying...so hopefully, you're not. I gotta say, though, it was a nice touch how you talked through the announcement asking you not to talk. At least you were up-front about the fact that you were gonna ruin my night.

Next, to the complete fucking dipshits who brought their tiny little children to this movie...you're lucky you made it out of the theater. You really, really are. I carry a Stanley knife in my back pocket as a matter of habit, and I would hate to have to gut you in front of your children. The fact that even one person thought it wise to bring their "Under-5" to this R-rated horror film is pretty astonishing. The fact that someone else had the same genius idea is beyond incredible.

And of course, to the guys who were gonna see this movie with me and didn't show up...or call to let me know they weren't gonna show up...next time I see you fuckers, you damn well know it's on.

And finally, to the people who don't know how theater lighting is supposed to work...thank you for the massive fucking headache I received thanks to the lights not being down all the way, and the picture looking far too dark as a result. No, really...I love squinting at the screen with a fucking light shining down on my head. It's one of the things that makes life worth living. But, honestly, in all sincerity, and for the love of God...please learn how to do your fucking job.

Okay...so with that out of the way, on to our feature presentation. Rob Zombie's Halloween is, as others have stated, a mixed bag. And just to get it out of the way, I'm gonna go ahead and lay my biggest Negative out on the table right now. The editing. I don't mean the editing within actual scenes...for the most part, that was fine, and the film did not (as some speculated it would) look anything like a music video. My problem was with the editing between scenes. And this complaint is almost entirely exclusive to the second half of the film. There's very little transitional material, and very often, you just get the sense of "Okay...here's another scene, happening somewhere else with different characters." There's not much flow from one scene to the next...it just seems to jump from one to another. So that was a minus in my book.

Apart from that, I had very few problems with the film. The language didn't bother me in the slightest. I don't know...maybe it's the people I grew up with, maybe it's the fact that I worked as a line cook for so many years, maybe it's just that I don't understand the big deal about words. But that didn't bother me. The dialogue wasn't 14K gold for the most part, but it wasn't downright atrocious, either. And I think people who think it's "the pits" need to revisit the "Golden Age of Slasher Films" and check out the dialogue there. And I'm not just talking about pretty much every Friday the 13th ever made (though they certainly fit the bill, for the most part)...and yes, even some of the Halloween sequels...I'm also talking about the independent slasher flicks that flooded cinemas in the '80s...most of which had dialogue that truly made my skin crawl, if not laugh out loud. There are a few good lines in Zombie's Halloween...the rest is mostly mediocre, with a few stinkers thrown in. But nothing as bad as, say, 90% of the slasher movies I've seen in my life. If profanity bothers you, that's different. But it doesn't bother me, and I think the dialogue was not a really big problem in this film.

I think the first act is pretty strong...Daeg Faerch is fantastic as young Michael Myers. I honestly wasn't expecting this much from the kid, but he really sold the performance. I think he hit all the right notes, and I don't have a single bad thing to say about him. Sheri Moon Zombie also delivers a very capable (and surprising) performance. There's a lot of emotion here, and I think that's important in horror. Certainly, it's got more emotion than the bulk of the sequels. But it also didn't have me thinking "Good for you, Michael" when he started killing people. And I also think it's good that Michael (later in the film) killed a few people that I didn't want him to kill. People I actually thought were portrayed as good people...people that Michael wouldn't kill if it were just a revenge thing that we were supposed to cheer for. Yes, people that I actually liked. I didn't want Michael to kill them, and he did...and that's a good thing for a film like this.

The second act is also pretty strong, with Michael in Smith's Grove. There are a few things from the script that were excised that I would've liked to see (Michael telling Loomis he has "nothing more to say," and thereby beginning his fifteen years of silence being one of the unfortunate omissions)...but I think the dynamic between McDowell and Faerch is good, and it's good to see Loomis at a point where he thinks he can help Michael. I always imagined this being the case with H1 (but obviously, without Myers talking), so it was good to see Loomis sticking it out with Michael before finally giving up...realizing there's nothing he can do to help this man who's gone so completely wrong that he's beyond the point of being salvaged as a human being. Sheri Moon Zombie is also very good here, as well.

Once we really get to the third act, the editing problem begins to kick in...it all gets pretty scattershot, and things seem to be happening very quickly. Mainly this is because we've all got H1 hot-wired into our brains, and because Zombie tried to include too much from Carpenter's film. Trying to condense 90 minutes' worth of material into a 50-minute slot, while simultaneously adding bits of his own material didn't work out for Zombie here. I don't think it's feasible to do that successfully, and I think Zombie would have benefitted from letting some of those memorable moments from H1 go. They weren't necessarily needed in his version, and the time they take up could have been better used in fleshing out his own vision of the post-escape Halloween night...as well as straightening out the flow of the scenes.

That said, there is still good material in this final act...it just isn't really assembled as well as it should be. Michael does get a chance to linger a bit, and lurk in the back of the frame. He also does a good amount of the heavy breathing that got lost in the sequels. And Tyler Mane's performance, summed up, is extremely effective. He's a hell of a Myers, and I give the guy credit for doing what seems like an easy job (wear this mask, walk around, stab people, don't talk), and doing it in a way that stands out. His Myers does not come across as a Jason or Leatherface brute...and in many ways, his performance mirrors Nick Castle's in the original. He lurks, but he also lunges, as Castle did when closing in for a kill. But Mane also gives the character his own flavor, and I think that what he's done here is very good. Between Daeg, Tyler, and that mask...this movie at least has a lot going for it in the Myers department.

The reshot ending, as opposed to the scripted ending...well, I haven't decided how I feel about it yet. There are certain things that don't feel quite right about it...which I won't elaborate on, because I don't want to spoiler-tag my review. But it definitely draws out more suspense than the scripted ending...and it gives us more time with Laurie, which I think really helps. We get more of a chance to worry for her immediate safety...which is constantly threatened. And one of the good differences between Scout's Laurie and JLC's is that Scout's isn't the "drop the knife" type. She knows when she's in danger, doesn't want to be caught off-guard, and pretty much does what she has to do. I think I may need to see it again before I can decide how the ending strikes me, overall. But I don't think it dragged out for too long, as I've heard stated...if you want a bit of building suspense, this is where it comes into play...at least within the final act.

Now, onto specifics...for the most part, the performances are capable here. The characters, in several cases, are changed significantly from their 1978 counterparts...but if one can get past the differences and see the characters within this context, the actors do a pretty good job with the material. Some are better than others, and I think I've addressed the main standouts above. I also thought Scout was pretty natural and played fear realistically...she has her better moments, and her so-so moments...but overall, her performance is pretty well handled. And I think Danny Trejo did a fine job as Ismael, and made the most of the small role. Likewise the Strodes, who give us a perhaps too brief, but realistic glimpse at a healthy family life...in contrast to Michael's less-than-ideal circumstances.

The violence was certainly not gory. Brutal, yes...but I think that's fitting, and I support brutal, realistic violence in films of this type. Violence is ugly, and I think it should be filmed accordingly. I think stylized gore detracts principally because it downplays the real weight of violence. The more stylized and over-the-top cinematic violence is, the further we can remove it from the real world, and the less we feel affected by it. And the violence in this film's murder sequences is, I think, very fitting, in that it is portrayed as something ugly, brutal, and ultimately final. OTT gore makes me laugh...brutality makes me feel. And while there is plenty of blood to be seen here, there's not as much contact as one would think. There are a few instances where we actually see knife penetration (mostly through clothing), or blood issuing from a wound, or people being seriously manhandled...but often, the violence is hidden, and we only see the blood as an aftermath of the violent contact. I think this is appropriate. It's not particularly graphic, for the most part (with a few exceptions), but it's very realistic. It isn't pretty...but it isn't meant to be.

Now, a brief list of things that I would actually rate as "The Best Since 1978":

The Score - Tyler Bates did a wonderful job here...the score sounds amazing, and it is utilized very effectively. Not a single complaint, as far as his work as composer is concerned. Halloween hasn't sounded this good in a long, long time.

The Cinematography - Editing aside, this film looks great. The so-called "shaky-cam" is kept to a minimum and used only where the action warrants it. And overall, the visual fabric of the film outshines that of any sequel...even the ones I admire. It's nice to see Halloween look this good again.

The Mask - Great job here...looks better on film than it does in the stills (and I thought it looked pretty nice in the stills). It's closer to the H1 mask than any of the other non-Post sculpts, and looks a lot more like the original mask than the H4 mask (which was a Post, but poorly converted), as well. As soon as the official masks go on sale, I'm definitely snatching one up.

Michael Myers - As a performance, I consider Tyler Mane's Myers to be the best since Castle's. He's a different Michael Myers, due to Zombie's treatment of the material, but the performance itself is very good...and certainly better than any of the "Sequel Shapes." The fact that he's more human than the Myers that we saw in the sequels, yet still manages to create a greater air of menace than any of them (and not because of his size, which after a while, I didn't even really think about), says a lot for his physical performance.

To sum up, here's the way I look at it. On the one hand, you've got Halloween...John Carpenter's classic modern horror film that stands on its own and required no sequels. And on the other hand, you've got the Halloween Franchise...the whole slew of unnecessary sequels - some good, some bad, some mediocre - which, even at their best couldn't hold a candle to the original, and changed Myers into a completely inhuman force...which did nothing for me. Now, this film is nowhere near the level of Carpenter's Halloween...but I didn't expect it to be, and I don't think anyone does. None of the sequels really did, either...personal sentimental attachments aside. But when seen in the overall spectrum of the Halloween Franchise...particularly the seven previous Myers installments (H3 is the apple to the Myers saga's oranges)...this new film gets a higher rating from me than most of the post-H1 films. And considering the horrible state that H:R left us in, I consider that to be good enough. Watching H:R was embarrassing to me...and I never wanted to feel that way about this franchise again. Zombie's Halloween at least doesn't embarrass me...and I think it's the best Halloween film to be released in a very long time. Certainly the best I've gotten to see in the theater. I think it could have been a much better film than it was - even if it was just edited differently - but even as it is, warts and all, I have to put it in the Top 3...or Top 4, at the least, if I'm feeling generous toward the sequels.

Zombie's Halloween had more potential than the final product shows...and I can't wait to (hopefully) see the deleted scenes, so that I might ponder how it could have been better, just with the available material. But all in all, it's the best Halloween in quite a while...and that's all I was really hoping for. Let the critics rip it to pieces...I didn't feel embarrassed to be a "fan" while I was watching it. And that's what matters to me. I wish it were better, but I'll take it as it is.

08-31-2007, 07:02 PM
First let's establish some thing. It is not John Carpenter's Halloween. It's is not a scene by scene remake which is a good thing. I thought it had the right mix of new with a dash of the original to connect it.

The only thing I didn't like was how "Haddonfield , October 31" seemed rushed. We didn't really get to spend any time with the girls so we could have grown more attached to them. They should have cut down the some parts in the beginning especially the parts in Smith's Grove. In all honesty they could have cut out everything between Michael being taken away by the police and when he's being transfered, and escapes. It wouldn't have hurt the story. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the Smith's Grove scenes, but there needed to be more time with the girls, and those scenes could have been added to the Director's Cut DVD.

Other then that one bit, I thought it was a good movie. I loved Michael's first kill. Daeg did a very good job as a little shape stalking, ambushing, and standing over that kid with no emotion. That scene when he was standing behind Judith with the mask on, while she was dragging herself across the floor proves my point that kids are creepy. Tyler Mane did a damn fine job of being the Shape, and definitely the most brutal.

I'll add more later.

08-31-2007, 07:11 PM
Just joined to say how much i enjoyed the movie and that Rob did an excellent job with his version imo.....I dont go into movies with the intent to try and find all the things wrong with them like i've noticed some people on here do...Trying to nit pick all the little details on why they hated it...dialogue, storyline, ect..
I went to see it because im a big Halloween/Michael Myers fan and to be entertained and entertained I was....So to RZ, you did a great job in my eyes and its a shame your not on board for a potential sequel ( which hopefully there will be one ).....

A-, 4.5/5...

08-31-2007, 07:13 PM
After putting a little thought into my review, I've come to the decision that Rob Zombie's Halloween is a good film, and infinitely better than the last abysmal installment. Many say that's not saying much, but it's actually saying a lot. To go from bad to good is a huge step-up, and one I'm proud has taken with the series. It had a lot of bad qualities, ie; horrendous dialogue and passable acting, but the good ones make up for it completely. I liked the movie, and can say that it's one of the most entertaining theatre experiences I've ever had (everyone around me seemed to be having a great time, and I don't blame them). It's not the best in the franchise, but it's far better than parts 3, 5, 6, and Resurrection, and worse than 1, 2, 4, and H20, though not by a landslide.

Halloween started off very poorly for me; everything seemed out-of-place. The only two enjoyable parts out of that section were, one: the bully's murder, because I was cheering it on after he was such an asshole to little Myers. The second: the Ms. Myers character, played pretty well by Sherri Moon Zombie (I say she's improved as an actor). I felt sorry for her, because she had a hard life. It needn't be explained, but a murdering son, a bitchy daughter, a piece of shit boyfriend? Not the ideal life, and I could feel pity, which was the goal, so I say, "accomplished." Speaking of the boyfriend though, I hated Ronnie yet didn't cheer on his death, because for being the biggest asshole in the film, he sure got the tamest death. Bad decision? Overall, the first portion was atrocious with the worst dialogue in any Halloween film (after hearing, "bitch, I will crawl over there and I will skullfuck the shit out of you!"; "waaah! waaah! That's all that fucker does is cry! Waaah!"; "maybe I'll choke the chicken and purge my snork* all over them flappy ass tits," Halloween Resurrection's "twick o' tweet" pales in comparison). The pole dance was rather lame, and the murders were nothing special either.

Thankfully, Halloween redeemed itself once Michael was in Smith's Grove, especially the scenes with Michael as a child. I enjoyed those immensely, and loved the relationship between Loomis and him. I loved the transformation between the child's character (one minute he's nice, one minute he's not). It was neat to watch, and the dialogue was at its best during this share. The nurse's death was decent, but I find it hard to believe that a multiple murderer would eat with metal cutlery, and that a character would physically turn their back on a killer. Can we say stretched believability? Anyway, the rape scene was cut, thank God, and before I knew it, Michael escaped.

Most don't seem to like the last half very much, but I loved it. Best portion of the film, if you ask me. It had a great atmosphere, some good acting (most of it coming from Danielle Harris, shockingly), tension/suspense, and an excellent Myers portrayal and appearance. My only complaint, albeit a very big one, is Laurie Strode's new character. She did shit for me. Gone was the virginal, lovable character from the original and in its place a poorly acted "girl" who didn't differ much from her slutty friends. Scout didn't portray her well, at least not when compared to Jamie Lee Curtis (and no -- I didn't go in trying to hate her to cling on to JLC's portrayal). Otherwise, the movie had a very suspenseful climax (several of them, really), and while I wasn't rooting for the new Laurie, I was scared of the adult Michael Myers. And after riveting final moments, Halloween ended.

A standout for me is the cinematography... wonderful. There were some beautifully shot scenes in this movie, and that surprised me. My favorites are: the spinning camera in the last seconds of the bully's murder, the shot of Myers standing in the shadows when Laurie, Annie and Lynda are walking down the street (very effective for daytime), and a few when Laurie is in the rink near the end of the movie. That's all I really have to say about that; it was nicely shot, and the camera captured the (evident) Halloween/Autumn atmosphere quite well.

The acting is passable, but I was a fan of Daeg as Michael Myers (expanded on the emotionlessness of the boy who played little Michael in the original), and Sherri Moon Zombie (as I said, she's improved insurmountably). Then of course there's Danielle Harris, who easily outshined the rest of the girls, but she's had experience with the series, so I almost expected that. The last truly great performance is Tyler Mane as Michael, who is the best Michael Myers since Nick Castle, if you ask me. The breathing was spot-on, the movements were, for the most part, a replicate of the original Myers' (and that's certainly not a bad thing). Other that that, though, I was "take it or leave it." Scout was putrid, Kristina was pretty bad, Dourif seemed out-of-place, as did all the cameos.

I have two major complaints with Zombie's Halloween. One of them has already been covered and that's Compton's Laurie Strode. The other is Malcolm McDowell's Loomis. Arguably my biggest predicament with the movie; he did not do a good job playing him at all. His lines came off as forced and unmoving, and I was not impressed. I thought that if the film was going to have one excellent thing, it would be Dr. Loomis. And here I sat, disappointed. Rest assured, the Loomis you see in the trailer is not the Loomis you get in the film. Such a shame, too, because McDowell is a fantastic actor and could have done a better job. However, on the bright side, he wasn't in the movie much so I didn't have to listen to his dreadful acting too excessively.

In the long run, Halloween is an entertaining and good addition to the franchise, because for me, the good qualities outshine the bad ones (yes, there are about the same amount of both, but the better qualities are better than the bad ones are bad). All-in-all, nothing superb, at least not on an objective level, but recommended.

B+ - 7/10

Somebody fucking showed up in a Jason outfit (no word of a lie), and I could have gutted his fucking throat out had I had the proper utensils. To be so ignorant to one of the greatest horror films in history, and a remake of? Some were snickering at him, I was pissed. That is like showing up to a Batman movie in a Superman costume for me, and I wasn't amused (doubt he did it purposely, though -- as he came in during the second preview, which isn't the best time to draw attention to yourself). But I noticed him. And he was shit.

* Snork?

08-31-2007, 07:30 PM
A line from Loomis...albeit a terrible and awkward one...says it all.

"I don't know.....but its not good."

The movie simply doesn't work. It doesn't work as a movie, and it certainly doesn't deserve the name of Halloween.

The whole argument over Michael's backstory has been done to death. But after seeing the film, its worse than I thought. We've seen this backstory before, but it was with a thousand other serial killers. Didn't Freddy kill rats in Freddy's Dead? Seeing the backstory destroyed the character in the second half. Seeing Michael whine to Loomis during therapy was unbearable. Zombie said he loves the original, but I find that hard to believe. He took what made Halloween unique and flushed it down the toilet. He did keep the mask and music though.

I keep hearing this was Zombie's vision. But is it really? The first half could be lifted from many different stories/movies. And the second half is a fan film version of the original squeezed into 45 minutes. There were moments where I felt like I was watching TCM The Beginning.

The girls were hardly on screen 5 minutes before Lynda was dead. Seriously...I can't even remember what she looked like. Zombie says he hates slasher movies, but he took the worst aspects of slashers and put them on steriods. Laurie was no more developed than the girl who dies first out of any Friday the 13th.

The word "boogeyman" felt so out of place in this film. This Michael wasn't the boogeyman. He was no different than any generic killer...a very large generic killer. And the scenes that were copied from the original only pointed out how lame this remake was. When the girls saw Michael staring at them, there was ZERO suspense. It was a joke. Michael loudly busting through walls isn't suspense. Its a cheap trick by directors who can't produce tension or scares on their own.

Unlike the original and most of the sequels, this remake didn't even take advantage of the holiday. It didnt' feel like it took place during Halloween.

As a horror movie, I'd give it 4/10. As a remake of a classic, I'd give it a 1/10. I guess there are some people who will like it. And more people who will lie to themselves and say they like it. Hopefully, a new director will come in and use what's great about Halloween and take the series in yet another direction.

08-31-2007, 07:56 PM
This ain't your daddy's Halloween!

. . this one sucks.

This is a "Halloween" for blind-followers of Rob Zombie who think The Devil's Rejects is the greatest single thing ever. Everyone else . . STAY AWAY.

This movie turns one of the most feared characters in all of cinema into a little crybaby we're asked to feel bad for. He was BULLIED. His family is stereotypically white-trash. bla bla bla . .

Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst movie or even worst horror remake I've seen . . but it stinks. There isn't really any tension. There is "shock" put places just to be "shocking" and to hell with the story. Characters that are introduced for no reason whatsoever. Michael acts like a big goof in his adult years. I could go on, but the single biggest problem with this movie, as lots of other reviewers have said, is FOCUS.

It feels like he abandoned his Devil's Reject-ish beginning in favor of a clear-cut remake. It doesn't blend well. But unlike other reviews who seem to have WANTED Rob to stick with his Devil's Reject-ish beginning, I did not. Maybe I should be grateful he abandoned that terrible idea . . but the "remake" part of it is boring, badly acted, badly written, and badly directed unless Rob decided to try something knew and shoot this thing on a tilt-a-whirl.

So, we almost end up with 2 separate films in one . . but they both sucked.

Well, scratch that. The asylum scenes were pretty cool. Other than that . . nothing unless you count a handful of scenes that made me feel nostalgic for the original. Bravo! I can replicate that feeling by turning off the lights and playing the theme song.

Stick to exploitation movie homages, Rob. Halloween is not for you.

Obviously, thumbs way down. Hopefully the real Myers will be back someday, but thanks to this drivel it won't be for a WHILE, and that's IF this movie isn't a hit. Otherwise, R.I.P. Halloween franchise. Thanks, Rob.

I'm gonna go pour bleach into my eyes and re-watch the original now.

08-31-2007, 08:09 PM
Sitting in the movie theater, I was very excited to see this film...I always get hyped up when there is a new Halloween film released....I love eerie films, and this has been by far one of the best horror series...that said...

When this film started, I had no clue what kind of film I was watching. It was like a bad episode of Jerry Springer. I thought that the vulgarity was just way over the top. Granted, I am sure there are white trash people out there who talk like that, but after a while, the "F-bombs" just got a little old and tiresome.

I do like that fact that we got an idea of what Michael's home life was like. And boy, what a family he had. I just have to say, I was not crazy at all with this LONG DRAWN OUT opening sequence. This film just had none of the style and class of the other Halloween films...and not that it had to. I was just not into the rock music opening the show...and just the opening drug on way too long.

Then we go into the Sanitarium....after what seemed like years, he finally breaks free....I almost felt like I had been sitting in Smith's Grove all of those years with him.

I do think it is important to tell the back stories...and this movie spent plenty of time doing that with Michael Myers...but that was the only character that was really developed. None of the other characters were introduced long enough for the audience to get attached to them...as soon as they were introduced, they were killed off....I couldn't seem to sympathize with any of them, because they weren't on screen long enough for me to develope a liking to them.

Dee Wallace Stone...how many lines did she have?? Maybe 3? Then BAM!! That was pretty much a waste of screen time...would almost have been better to say they were killed in a car crash, or at a party, then to just do nothing with those characters.

I did like the movie once Michael left the sanitarium...it got more exciting...and I did like the fact that this film was different enough from the original, that I never really knew what was going to happen....I liked the fact that Laurie pretty much saved herself..and didn't have to rely on Dr. Loomis to save her...and I also liked the fact that Annie lived....

I wouldn't say this was a GREAT film...but it wasn't bad...I thought alot of the acting sucked, but the acting wasn't nearly as bad as some of the dialogue....

The Zombie version of HALLOWEEN did MISS the mark a little for me...I am more a fan of a stylish horror film, than an in-your-face bloodbath....it was a valiant effort....and not horrible....but definitely not as good as I was hoping it would be.

08-31-2007, 08:24 PM
I liked this film.I enjoyed it when I saw it at the premiere and when I saw it tonight.I went in worried because of all the nasty shit said about this film but when I finally saw it I was rather delighted with what Rob has done.He simply took a charactor that John Carpenter and Debra Hill created(let's not forget she co-created Halloween also) and expanded on his background with a greater exposition into his childhood and his time at the sanitarium.The rest of the film is essentially a shortened version of john carpenter's halloween with little exposition on Laurie Strode,her family and friends which is to be expected if anyone has seen both of of Rob's two films.In Ho1kc and TDR He has focused more on the villains as the main staple of his film with little to no background on the victims.It is the same here in that respect and that is fine with me when you consider that this film is really about Michael Myers.It should be titled "Michael Myers Portrait of a Horror Movie Icon" because that is what this film is.I give Rob kudos in trying something different and for me he has succeeded in portraying MM as a human being,with a tragic story where he looses everyone he cared for at his own murderous hands.for me,Rob's film worked and while I can't say it'll work for everybody the way it has for me I would still recommend it.

08-31-2007, 08:30 PM
I'm more or less a lurker here on the boards but I have been a fan of the Halloween franchise since I saw the first movie in middle school almost 15 years ago. I went into the movie with some hopes and expectations while still trying to stay open minded. I thought Zombie's first movie House of a 1000 Corpses was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip off but a decent one and I really enjoyed the Devil's Rejects. My opinion of Halloween is mixed. I enjoyed the movie and definitely feel better about it then I did about Resurrection or even H20. At the same time there's A LOT of things I would have done differently. Here's some random thoughts...under spoiler tags so I don't ruin anything for anyone. Enter at own risk!

-From the beginning I was bothered by the vulgarity during the opening scenes. Now I'm far from a prude and have no problem with swearing but it just felt pointless. I guess he was trying to portray Michael having a bad life both at home and at school...but what was the purpose? It certainly was not a strong enough reason to turn a young boy into a killer, and if he was shooting for Michael just being evil and not needing a reason they wouldn't it have been creepier to have Michael have a well adjusted home life and still be the way he is (ala the original)?

-With that said, Daeg Faerch did a fantastic job as young Michael. My only gripe is that if anything all the things this young boy had to go through made him an almost sympathetic character. I shouldn't be sympathizing with someone that's supposedly pure evil.

-The movie in general felt almost too fast passed to the point of being rushed. We go from Loomis trying to help Michael to telling him he can't be his doctor in a blink of an eye. Malcolm McDowell did a good job as Loomis but I definitely didn't get that sense of inner turmoil or guilt as the film went on over what Michael had done the way I did with Donald Pleasence.

-I liked the scene when Michael's mom kills herself...it was quite emotional and moving. It would have been interesting to have seen young Michael's reaction to finding out or better yet have that be when he stops talking. I also loved the explanation being given for how Laurie ended up with the Strodes...and that she seemed to have no clue that she was adopted.

-Did anyone else get the vibe that Michael may have had multiple personality disorder or something? He snaps, kills his family, doesn't talk when his mom finds him. Then when he's admitted to Smith's Grove he's back to talking and seems oblivious to what he had done. Even later in the film when he has Laurie and takes off his mask and drops the knife...is this the same ruthless killer that we had just watched throughout the movie? Then she stabs him and he's back to being crazy.

-I loved the portrayals of Laurie, Annie, and Linda. Ditto for Tommy and Lindsey. It would have been nice to have a little more character development or plot though. It was very much "meet so and so, now watch so and so have sex and die". Thank you Rob for letting Annie live. I want more Danielle Harris in the sequel!

-I loved the scenes that payed homage to the original while still being new.

-Tyler Mane is the most bad ass Michael ever...not exactly sure how stocked I was on him going all Super Shredder on the ceiling while trying to get Laurie though. He's a psychopath, not the Incredible Hulk. Also, we see way too much of Michael in this film. I missed the shots from his point of view, that whole stalker vibe, the suspense that built up to finally seeing Michael.

With all the complaining I just did I imagine it'd be hard for anyone to believe that I liked the movie but I did. For all the things that were done wrong or could have been done better there were some things that were great. I just feel like the movie takes too many directions...like Zombie was making a prequel, a remake, his own thing, and it just clashed a lot. It feels like some things are missing. We got our prequel and our action filled remake...but it was missing a story or character development. We all so many people making cameos and having nothing to do in the movie that it was almost distracting. I'm hoping for a longer, more fleshed out, director's cut DVD...but I won't hold my breathe.

wyatt s
08-31-2007, 08:30 PM
Just got back from the film, and I'm happy to say that I'm pleased. I didn't think that it was the greatest film in the franchise but it's certainly much better than the last installment and I can safely say that it's in strong contention with Halloween 2 as my third favorite in the series.

We start in the sort of prequel with in the remake, sitting smack dab in the middle of Michael's "white trash" upbringing, where we see Michael having to deal with an overly sexualized sister and a jack ass of a step-father who constantly spews insults and curses at pretty much everyone around him. I have to say it's the Step-father character that is one of the worst things in the movie as far as I'm concerned. William Forsythe just doesn't seem to be too interested in playing the role, and as such the mediocre quality of his lines shine more brightly than most of the rest of the cast. It's this first few minutes of Suburban hickdome where I have one of my biggest problems of the film. The camera angles, they seem rather jarring in these early scenes and never seem to find correct focus, there were many moments where I honestly just wanted the camera to pull back, set itself strait, and show me the whole scene. Eventually it does just that.

We learn rather soon that Michael, whose mother is in fact a stripper at a local club, is not only being verbally abused at home but physically and verbally abused at school by what seems to be the local bully. But even though Michael doesn't have the best of lives we seem to get the impression, atleast I did, that Michael clearly already has issues that are simply being exaserbated by his current situation. This is solidified by a fairly brutal sequence early on in the film, which for my money contains some of the most interesting story telling in the series since the first movie.

As we move on, we finally see the deed done that had been done and over with in probably 6 or so minutes in the first movie. It's done well and the changes, and there are changes, are quite nice and fit better in this movie than just playing it the original way would have. It's after this that Michael is committed to the sanitarium under the care of Dr. Loomis, played masterfully by Malcolm McDowell. We get to see those moments that we only heard about in the original, and for me it's some of the best stuff in the film. Malcolm's Loomis really seems to be trying to reach Michael, trying to help him, only to slowly come to the realization that he can't. It's actually a rather sad descent into insanity for poor Michael, and I think that's all due to Daeg Faerch who turns in one of the greatest performances I've ever seen out of a child actor. In fact he even seems to outshine McDowell on occasion.

All this eventually leads up to Michael's eventual break out, which unfortunately is a little lacking. It's almost as if Michael suddenly decides to leave and could have done so at any given time. despite that though, the performances of the guards and the direction of this stuff is very good and makes the scene better than it deserves to be.

From this point it's on to the final act of the film, which I don't really feel like getting too much into. I'll just cover the basics though, I think the girls all did very well with what they were given, particularly Scout in the role of Laurie Strode. She really is one of the stand outs of the film. And I suppose I should also talk about Tyler Mane as Michael. His portrayal is quite frankly my favorite since Nick Castle, very evil and very menacing. There are issues with the pacing during this last part of the film, but eventually once the bulk of the Carpenter material is out of the way Rob takes over again and it slows itself down and becomes in my pinion very tense and actually has a nice dose of suspense.

Now just for a few quick things.
The score: Very good, nice and simplistic. Tyler Bates really did out do himself with it.
The atmosphere: You can certainly sense the dread, and it's most definately Halloween.
The Cinematography: Best since the original, completely blows the cinematography of pretty much any of the sequels out of the water.

Over all, I give the film a 6.5/7 out of 10. It certainly not a remake in the same league as Cape Fear or The Thing but it definately deserves to exist.

Shamrock Silver
08-31-2007, 08:42 PM
Saw the film today....loved it.
Everything I've been expecting and way more.
I knew about the soundtrack beforehand, but it all really popped in each scene.

The titties were all that I expected and way, way more. Mmm. Lick 'em up.

Just like Zombie set out to accomplish - a serial murderer is not supposed to be likeable or heroic. For the weirdos who liked Michael beforehand because the previous films made him out to be "mysterious", or "cool", or "mystical"....this Michael was a bonafide evil asshole. Especially for killing that chicano guard. At the same time, it was all sorta tragic.

Anyway, had a great day, took off from work, saw the film, now getting whacked offa some Stoudt's American Pale Ale....if you didn't like the film, go back to the gay bar!!!!!!!!!

08-31-2007, 08:52 PM
Wow. I sat here for about twenty minutes and typed up my entire review, only to accidentally hit shift and "no topic" or something and mess it all up.

So, I'll break it down with a rating. I'd give it 2.5/5 stars.

Beats out H5, H8, and maybe H6. The classic is still leaps and bounds above this.

Score was great. Loved Mane as Myers. He's Nick Castle with the volume turned way up.

08-31-2007, 08:54 PM
This was an amazing film. The opening parts were great. Provides alot of insight into Michael's childhood. Great casting of Rob Zombie's wife. At first I thought it was just nepotism at its worst, but she did a really good job. Judith was pretty good too. And it was all 'cause she didn't take him trick-or-teating! :)
Loomis was different, but good. They could have done more with his whole "book/money/exploiting" subplot, but a great job by a great actor. I really liked the Smith's Grove scenes, as Michael got less and less responsive, his masks kept getting more and more developed...
Great to see how the escape actually went down! I though he would spare the kind guard's life, especially since he had stuck up for and defended him... oh well, he is Michael Myers...

New Laurie was great. New Lynda was alright. New Annie was AWESOME!! It was so great to see Danielle Harris back in a Halloween movie, what- almost 20 years later. She's looking great, but her nude scenes were a little bit disturbing. I mean, she has a great body, but she's Jamie Lloyd!!!

Some of the sex scences were pretty graphic, but it didnt seem to bother anyone in the theater.

Good to see that the climax was VERY different, and a good shocking ending...

All over, A+. This movie was great, and I can't wait for Halloween II!

wendy lea
08-31-2007, 09:00 PM
Ok hears my review WOW just WOW all those kills and I was like what
the hell was this? it is a great movie and all and I will see it 1 more time
too get all the facts and all but why was all the girls nude god please man
he kill nude girls that great. and to see the anne thing was great and the
songs in the movie is cool the 1st song in the 1st part of the movie was
cool all an all the movie is great but I wish it was like the orginal only 5 of
them die not 20 guys die that all.

08-31-2007, 09:07 PM
So I'd like to first state that upon having watched the movie, I left the theater with mixed feelings. Overall I felt like it was a decent remake that played tribute to one of the greatest horror-slasher films of all time. Zombie's remake had a lot of heart and I think his vision (for the most part) was in the right area however the execution was a bit off. I will however admit the film had some major setbacks.

One being Michael's back story. I thought it was great that we got to learn about Myers' background and what ultimately turned him into the raging psycho that we all came to love and fear, HOWEVER its drastically different departure from the original was a bit disappointing in some regard. Although Daeg did a great job of portraying a young, angry and at times completely demented Myers, I did not necessarily like the picture Zombie painted for Michael's family. I felt like the family he portrayed was just another typical, dysfunctional, radically unbelievable "family" that we've seen in nearly every Rob Zombie movie. The first scene we see involving Deborah and Ronnie was just so absurd with it's explicit and excessive use of name-calling and cussing that, at times, was it not only a bit shocking but also in part, inadvertently humorous and I think that really detracted from the overall feel. I just felt like Zombie was doing what he always tries to do and give the audience something over-the-top but in a way that's extremely offensive and entirely unnecessary. I personally like the picture-perfect family we saw in the original as it seemed a lot more appalling to see a complete maniacal, homicidal killer spawn from something so pure. In Zombie's version, it almost made you understand and relate to why Michael turned into the person he ultimately did. I think the remake gave Michael too much of a motive to kill and therefore taking away from the "scariness" of it all. I like the way he was portrayed in the original a lot more; he was a relentless psychopath that really didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to his insanity, in Zombie's version, it makes just a bit too much sense as to why he's crazy (with his apparent, horrible childhood and all).

Which brings me to my next point. Again, Zombie, with this film and his previous, almost seemed to want us to empathize with Michael. Instead of fearing him like we were intended to, at times I felt as if his killing was almost justified in some sick way. And taking into consideration the overarching idea of entire franchise, I think it's not only inappropriate to try and make us "feel" for Michael but it also detracts from the experience as a whole.

Another negative aspect of the movie was the fact that it felt entirely rushed. Once Michael had escaped from Smiths Grove, everything felt anti-climatic and kind of a mess. I felt like the last half of the movie were just a bunch of killing scenes back to back, spliced together with flimsy dialogue and pairs of boobs to make us catch our breaths so to speak.

On a more positive note, I felt like the acting, ESPECIALLY from McDowell was extremely convincing. Although I felt as if the script was fairly terrible, the actors (all included for the most part) did exceptionally well with what they were given. I also liked the connection they represented between Loomis and Michael as I felt like it was never really touched on in the original. We always knew Loomis had this very strange and fragile relationship with Michael but I never quite felt it. With Zombie's remake I truly felt as if Loomis cared for Michael and therefore it made a lot more sense to Loomis' consuming obsession with catching him and ultimately his guilt regarding Michael's psychotic nature.

The atmosphere was also incredible. If Zombie can do one thing right, it's setting the right mood. The setting was very alive and I think it played a perfect part in the dramatic affect of the whole thing.

Overall I'd give it a 5.5/10. It had it's moments, but in the end I left more feeling offended by the insane amount of vulgarities, disappointed by the awful pacing, and terribly underwhelmed by the climax (if there was one?) and lack of an attachment to nearly all of the characters (with the exception of Loomis and young Michael).

Sorry that was long-winded.

08-31-2007, 09:17 PM
Well first let me say that while I am not a Zombie fan at all, but I went in with an open mind but left very dissapointed.

TERRIBLE movie. Too much white trash crap, too much swearing, no suspense, Michael being another Jason again. I saw nothing original at all in this film.

The producers simply got the wrong director for this remake. His style does not fit a Halloween film. I hope Zombie has nothing ever to do with the Halloween franchise.

08-31-2007, 09:18 PM
!st off let me say that I am a huge fan of Micheal Myers/Halloween,I literally grew up watching him.the cries of his victims fueled my nightmares,and I thouroughly enjoyed it.without Micheal Myers I wouldn't have have fell in love with horror movies in general,I never would have morphed into the writer that I am today.that said..
When the movie started I was eagerly awaiting this :New vison" of Micheal Myers,but boy was I in for a suprise!about 3 full hours of non-stop utter crap.I mean he might as well have threw the original script on the ground an pissed on it!.Rob Zombie should have his ass removed and fed to him through a straw,If I could I'd beat him with that branch that the kid beat the hell out of in the first part of the movie.I mean he could've picked any movie,why Halloween???He has ruined this once great franchise,he took what was once a masterpiece and turned it into this generic conglomoration of everything that is being washed through and labeled horror today.in this screwed-up world that we live in they label scream as horror,I mean give me a friggin break!The fog was horror,The thing was horror,hell even the original friday the 13th was horror;but that crap that I am sad to admit that I just got through watching was not horror.I tried to keep an open mind about the flick,because I hoped from his song lyrics he'd be ale to do a good movies someday;but once again,BOY was I wrong!I will never buy anything this POSER sells ever again,I boycott you rob zombie!I hope you rot in hell you lousy bastard!
So with that said...
If you are a TRUE FAN of MICHEAL MYERS,you should not see this movie.but as a movie in general,it wasn't the worst that I've ever seen;but definetly not the best.NOT EVEN CLOSE.

08-31-2007, 09:26 PM
I honestly didn't think the movie could be this bad but it was...


-The one standout in this film was Daeg Faerch. He had an innocence about him but at the same time an undeniable creepiness. For what he was given he wasn't bad at all. His performance alone was the glue that held the floundering first act together and the sanitarium scenes were the most enjoyable of the entire film.

-Bob's death. The only really decent kill in the 2nd half of the film.

And ummm...that's it for the pros.

Now the many Cons...

-The dialogue and characters are beyond atrocious. The first 10 minutes (and many minutes after) of this film made me feel dumb and embarrassed for paying money to watch this shit. I don't mind cursing at all but it's overkill in this film...so much that it became cringe-worthy because it sounded so corny and forced. Zombie took "white trash" to a whole new level. I couldn't wait for these people to die (a feeling that would pervade through this film). Laurie, Lynda, and Annie? After 5 minutes with these dumbass dry-humping nitwits I couldn't wait for them to bite it as well. They're all just portrayed as spoiled idiots...not one distingushable from the other. And therein lies the problem. Zombie said that he wanted to make Michael Myers scary again. Well, you failed...miserably. How in the hell am I supposed to be a little bit frightened of Michael when these lame, trash talking characters are annoying the hell out of me? Michael is basically the anti-hero in this film getting rid of these under-developed, garbage characters that would usually grace the typical Friday the 13th sequel.

-Malcolm Mcdowell was hit and miss (mostly miss) as Loomis. He did alright during the sanitarium scenes. It wasn't until the 2nd half where he tried to spout some of the familiar Loomis dialogue where he became laughable.

-I'm not sure what Zombie considers scary but blaring the music really loud and shaking the camera around isn't the least bit frightening.

- And one of my biggest gripes is the brother/sister angle. The unmasking gave me a horrible H5 flashback. Since Michael only wants to be reunited with Laurie it severely undercuts any tension repeat viewings could have had (if this were actually a good movie). We all know now that Michael doesn't really want to kill Laurie and is "sensitive" so there's no danger factor anymore during the chase scenes. He's just a huge, misunderstood guy with a butcher knife that needs a hug.

In summary, RZH falls in the H5, H:R camp with me. Next time I see it will be on free cable TV...and even then I'll turn the channel.

08-31-2007, 09:44 PM
I just got back about 2 hours ago.
I was very excited to see the movie. I still feel confused. Overall I liked the movie and I found myself comparing this movie and the original all through the movie.
I am actually going to see it again tomorrow, and I have a feeling I will enjoy it even more. I consider myself a Halloween fanatic, so I really want this to work. I didn't like the ending only because they made it look like Laurie shot Michael in the head point blank.

There are things I missed from the original, and there were things they added that was perfect.

I missed Michael getting hurt and the way he would rise up in the backround or just appear again. I liked the way he lurked in the original and also the way he played hide and seek if you know what I mean.
I missed Donald Pleasance.

I liked the back story. I was really getting sick of the "F" bombs. I liked the kills (minus the shaky camera). I like the time in the Asylum.
I liked the story behind the mask.

I will write a new review tomorrow after I see it again.

Please someone confirm that there will be a Halloween 2 (new)

08-31-2007, 09:45 PM
I just got back from viewing "Halloween." I cannot tell you really how I'm feeling right now. I read spoilers and I read most reviews and that took away from the experience. In the end, this is byfar the best Halloween since Halloween 4. I believe the negativity towards this film comes due to the tone and overall feel being almost a 360 degree change. This is barely anything like John's film in my eyes and never did I once sit there comparing them. They are two completely different beasts. I must say going in I was kind of dreading it with all the bad reviews and views on the script and tone. I didn't think the film had that much cussing. The Busta scene where he meets Michael is just as bad as the certain scenes that do have vulgar dialouge. I thought it fit this film well. The three girls seemed like REAL girls. They talked just like the girls I know, infact my girl friends may talk worse than they do. I also didn't see the white trash as big as people made it out to be. Really I felt the stepfather and Judith were the only real prime examples of white trash. The mother seemed like my mom in many ways. She's trying to keep her family together. Those are the two I felt other reviews put too much emphasize on. Oh also Malcolm's performance was way better than I expected. I didn't feel the awkwardness I felt in the leaked clips. That's was good.

The cons I had for the film were actually due from reading early reviews and spoilers. I knew of all the continuity errors - so I watched for them. I knew how the plot played out - so no surprises there. One I had was in the remake section how it really just goes from afternoon to and unknown night time. It jumped way too fast for me. I would've loved to see more of the girls, but overall it was good. That pretty much has to be the only cons I had for the film. Pros I had are easy and simple. Great cinematography and acting. A pretty well built script to top it off. I also do like that it didn't have opening credits. I LOVE opening credits, but I just think that would've made people compare it even more to the original.

Well that's all for now. I'm not too go at writing reviews maybe a fuller version later.

08-31-2007, 10:05 PM
It was alright. I will always enjoy a Halloween movie to some extent, but am pretty disappointed with some stuff in the flick. Most of my gripes have been listed already so I'll try to keep it some what short.

1) Myers grunts
-wtf are you kidding me

2) When Myers retrieves his mask.
-so child Myers cuts the floorboard out, hides one of the murder weapons, and patches everything up to the point the police wouldn't notice in a matter of minutes? How in the hell was this not noticed before shooting even started?

3) Myers grows five feet and turns into one of the X-Men.

4) Ridiculously horrible cutting. You don't see Mike go into his house to get his mask, you don't see Mike go into Laurie's second friends house, you don't see Mike when he is watching the girls walk home from school. Wow are you fucking serious Rob?

5) Laurie calls the police and gives them the address of the house her friend is sitting at and they drive to her house? Hmm

6) Reusing the Blue Oyster Cult song repeatedly, hearing Rush in a Halloween movie.

7) Was the security Guard that was talking about donuts the same actor as the graveyard caretaker(the clown from House)?

8) The fact Rob's wife was in the movie. Most annoying voice ever and can't act for shit. His need to keep showing her naked - she ain't that good looking btw - leads me to believe they must have a really fucked up personal life.

9) Loomis being killed, ending, dialog, killing the friendly hospital worker, Myers apparently taking the time to clean the face of Loomis after pushing is eyes into his head, excessive cursing, white trash crap, having it feel more like House of Halloween than a remake of the original.

-also what the hell is with the school bully. Not sure about you guys but where I live that kid would be the one getting bullied not doing it.

-Its Halloween
-Mike Myers
-Theme Music
-"Iam Joe Grizzly Bitch" lol worthy quote

Fuck you Rob keep to your shitty music and your tired ripoff movies plz

08-31-2007, 10:05 PM
Well, ok...

First the good, the first half of the movie is fantastic. Although I still don't quite buy how living with a white trash family and being bullied is enough to drag a 10-year-old into killing, every death scene in the beginning is really well done. I think it's because it's a 10-year-old doing it, child killers always seem to have a large impact on horror audiences, and plus those sound effects...cringe-worthy. I loved the live-in boyfriend's death, I loved Steve's death and I especially loved Judith's death. Revisiting the scene, it was as if Michael had this perverse attraction to his sister, but when she yelled at him again it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I also enjoyed how Rob changed it up so Michael didn't want to kill his whole family, because he had a certain bond with Deborah and Laurie that he obviously didn't have with anyone else. This does remove the idea that Michael's pure evil, that he has a soft spot now, but I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this doesn't really explain the goings-on later in the film.
The asylum scenes are great, and the time when Malcolm really shines as Dr. Loomis. My only complaint is the sequence here was not long enough.

Now, the second half of the film is not very good. Here, Dr. Loomis loses his effectiveness, almost to the point where the film could survive without him even being in it. I never got that feeling with Donald Pleasance, he was just such a magnetic screen presence that one got the feeling Halloween couldn't survive without him. Now, the character development, sans perhaps Michael, stops completely. I have to say, I did not like Laurie Strode in this film. I'm not comparing Scout's performance to Jamie Lee's, but in Zombie's remake Laurie Strode no longer has that sympathetic edge to her. I honestly could care less whether she died or not in this film, and that's never a good thing for a horror heroine. On the other hand, I thought Danielle Harris was great given the limited role she had with Annie. She was basically there to be exploited, but she was able to even give a role like this a touch of class. I also enjoyed Tommy and Lindsey even though everyone else in the film seems to hate them (Tommy does ask too many questions about the Bogeyman).

Due to the lack of character development, I'm sorry to say that Halloween remake is no better in the second half than Halloween 5. I seriously got similar vibes. In H5, the film picks up only after all those meaningless characters meet their end and the showdown at the Myers house (er, mansion) takes place. In Rob's Halloween, the same idea, only this time Michael thankfully kills off all these characters in a very short time span (and teleports from place to place to do it!). The other unfortunate difference is Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis do not come across as sympathetic the way Jamie and Dr. Loomis came across in H5. The result is an intense but unfulfilling showdown near the end. This shocked me honestly, because Rob's main complaint about the Halloween sequels is that the characters were as faceless as the killer. And this is my main complaint about the second half of Rob's own Halloween film. Unbelievable.

The second half of this movie never should have been made. Instead of sort of copying the first film to please the fans or whatever, why not completely overhaul the goings-on while only keeping a few references here and there? I did like that a lot of things were different, but not enough things were different. For instance, the scene in which the girls see Michael during the daytime never should have been in the movie. The gravestone was also pointless.

Lastly, there hasn't been a Halloween film with decent suspense since part 4 and the trend continues. Could it have hurt to have at least a couple of kill scenes where Michael was waiting and plotting the deaths of his victims, or did the 2nd half just have to be so fast-paced and rushed? Michael Myers just isn't scary anymore and that's a shame.

So, in summary:

Pros - great prologue, cool kill scenes, great asylum scenes, Danielle Harris, decent climax, Tyler Mane's Shape is one of the better ones, original music score

Cons - faceless characters in the 2nd half, bad dialogue, annoying Laurie Strode, complete lack of suspense or scares, wooden 2nd half performance by Malcolm McDowell

If I had to give it a grade, C+/B-

08-31-2007, 10:18 PM
I absolutely loved this film.
I was a little worried after viewing the workprint, but I figured the theatre cut would probably be better.
I was absolutely right. Everything that could have been improved upon, was. I enjoyed both the first and second halves of the film. Tyler did a fantastic job as Michael (my favourite yet). Malcolm did a good job for the most part. For most of this movie, I had my jaw dropped. The scenes that were redone from the original were fantastic. Rob definately picked them well. I give this movie a 9/10.

08-31-2007, 10:18 PM
Ok, well here goes my review for the movie. To start off, I have to say that I didn't go in comparing this movie to the original; it's a very different movie, and so I watched it as that.

Once it started, I immediately felt the absence of the original pumpkin opening. However, that was something that only bothered me for the first few seconds. The opening bit itself seemed very different from anything I've seen in a HalloweeN movie (with H6 Strode family breakfast being the closest), and so that's when I completely stopped comparing the two movies.

While I liked most of the first act, the only thing I had a problem with was the excessive swearing. I usually never get bothered by this stuff, but when it's the every other word used, it gets unnecessary pretty quickly. Hell, even Dr. Loomis dropped the F-bomb :roflmao:. I really liked how they delved into Michael's background; I was at first apprehensive of this, but after having seen it, I can say it actually worked. We have 7 HalloweeN movies about "The Shape", so it's nice to see one about "Michael Myers". Finally, the kills were brutal, and frickin' awesome! I was very pleased with Judith's death scene.

Now, onto act 2. This was also all new material, and I have to say I really enjoyed watching the stuff that was only implied in the original. Watching Michael slowly turn evil was aweome. Here, you can see how much Dr. Loomis cares for Michael, and this helps the 3rd act, where he spends so much time trying to stop him. However, as much as Malcolm McDowell shined, he's no Donald Pleasence :nodsmile: Sheri Moon Zombie pulled off the emotional scenes extremely well, and I felt bad for her when she decided to kill herself. This act was amazing, except for the escape at the end. It was anti-climatic, and drawn out.

This brings us to the 3rd, and final act of the movie. Here's where I felt the movie was trying to do too much at once. I mean, we all know these characters, but most people don't; plus, they were so different that, they almost seemed like new characters altogether. Personally, I couldn't care less about Lynda, as she was only in what, 3 scenes?!? It seems like Zombie was just adding these characters to please us, but that really just made them typical slasher characters. I'm glad that we got a different Annie, as the one in the original annoyed the hell out of me. Danielle, I believe was perfect for the role.

As our characters die from the original, and we're left with the original trio, the movie really kicks into high gear (like it wasn't in high gear throughout the whole movie :D). The new chase is very well done, and actually scared me for a bit. The bathroom scene, as well as the scene where Michael is breaking the wall to grab a hold of Laurie was also awesome. The pool was scene, however, was the worst scene in the franchise :P I kid!! I can sum up that scene in one word......"intense!!" It's definately better than anything in the last 4 sequels.

This brings me to the end of the movie. I was kind of surprised that Dr. Loomis "died", but it wasn't that shocking, as the tv spots kind of spolied that for me. Who knows what happens in the sequels. After watching this movie, I read the original ending, and I'm glad they went with this new ending. Although it was drawn out, it was crazy seeing Laurie fight for life as we've never seen before.

Here are the major pros and cons I had in a nutshell:

- The dialogue was horrible at times, just plain horrible. There were some very good moments, followed by horrible dialogue.
- We didn't get enough time with the 3 girls, especially Lynda.
- The camera was way too shaky throughout the movie. This wasn't just a problem in the intense scenes; it was present throughout most of the movie.
- The long escape scene, which could have been so much better.
- Lynda and Annie were like typical Fthe13 characters (with a few exceptional scenes).
- This movie was trying to be accomplish too much within a 109 minute timeframe.
- This was another very big problem with the movie -> it just wasn't scary. Entertaining? yes. Intense? yes. Scary? Nope. I was really hoping I would get a scary movie.........


- This is a very dark movie, and definately a 180 degree turn from the last 2 movies; while we're on the subject, it's the best HalloweeN movie since '88 IMO anyway.
- The acting was one of the best in the series.
- Michael looked his best since his '78 massacre. The mask is definately the best since the original (and HII for that matter ).
- Tyler Bates' version of the HalloweeN theme is so frickin' incredible. The first time I heard the theme (before Michael's first kill), I actually got chills all over.
- Danielle Harris :D and her chase scene.

I could go on about both the pros and cons, but that would take too long. So, I'll end it with my honest rating for the movie.

I give it a 7/10 at the least, as it could be more like a 7.5. It's been 5 years since Resurrection, and frankly, it was worth the wait.

08-31-2007, 10:43 PM
2 years ago, my friend told me he saw a rumor on the internet that Halloween would be remade. I yelled at him. You had to hold me back with 3 400 pound men to stop me from strangling him to death. I was pissed. I was furious. It was a rumor.

On January 5, 2006, www.halloweenmovies.com announced that Rob Zombie would write & direct the next Halloween movie. I was excited. I'm not a big fan of Rob Zombie's music but I appreciate the love for horror he has. I didn't like House of 1000 corpses but I absolutely loved the sequel, Devil's Reject which in its way, can be considered a stand alone movie.

Shortly after, news broke out that the next Halloween film is going to be a different take on the original Halloween. A re-work. A different spin on the tale, if you will. I began to worry. John Carpenter's Halloween is an important film for me. I myself am trying to break into the film industry and the reason for that would be because of the 1978 original Halloween. It's my favourite movie of all-time.

Without further ado, after a week of sleepless nights, I took the day off for this special occasion and bought tickets early afternoon for the 9:40pm screening of Rob Zombie's Halloween. I came out of the theatre with a smile on my face.

Before I begin, i'd like to mention that nothing will ever touch John Carpenters masterpiece. Not Black Christmas, Not Friday the 13th, not Texas Chainsaw Massacre, nothing! Any idiot or critic or fan of the Halloween franchise who saw this film with the hopes that it will outdo the original should be held against a wall and shot point blank range. We live in a different world now. Things that were terrifying in 1978 aren't as scary in 2007.

The film starts off with 10 year old Michael Myers (which by the way is played excellently by new comer Daeg Faerch) living in a trashy environment with a verbally abusive step father, slutty older sister that is after her own interests, loving mother who happens to be a stripper to put food on the table and his baby sister who we've all come to love, Laurie. People fearing that too much would be explained in this semi prequel need not worry. We're presented to Michael working his way up the food chain with small animals out of curiosity? We're shown his elementary school life being bullied around by a couple of punks. We're shown that Michael has an obsession with masks. All of this might or might not play a part in Mikey become what we've come to love as Michael Myers, the unstoppable killing machine. Dr. Loomis says it best when he explains that Michael had the right amount of outer and inner demons to cause the perfect storm.

One Halloween night, Michael takes out his anger, his evil on his family members and is sent away to Smiths Grove for almost 20 years. The rest is a simple tribute and reshaping of JC's original. Rob Zombie did a perfect job of taking the original and adding on to the story just enough to have our attention. Without giving away too much, the movie is based on Michael Myers as the main character. We see everything through his eyes. It's sad and tragic the way a 10 year old boys commits murder and for what reason, we are not sure.

I don't like to think of this as a remake but as a "what if" story. H20 has the same principle. What if 20 years later, Laurie Strode was still haunted by the memory of her brother? Same thing applies here. What if Michael had a bad family life? What if he had dark impulses to hurt those who hurt him? What if?

As a fan, I had a smile on my face throughout the movie. However, this movie does have some flaws. For starters, the second half of the movie did seem a bit rushed. And secondly, the dialogue between Laurie, Annie & Lynda was just plain annoying. I turned over to my cousin and said "I can't wait 'till they're all dead" after 2 minutes of them babbling on about sex like the whores they are.

I went into the theatre with an open mind. I went in there wanting to see a Rob Zombie movie.

Once again, nothing will ever touch the original Halloween. Rob Zombie's Halloween is my 4th favourite Halloween film.

Can't wait for the DVD.

3.5 out of 5.

08-31-2007, 10:58 PM
Where to begin when reviewing Rob Zombie's Halloween? Well, I guess I'll start by telling you some of it's better attributes. Malcom McDowell was a PERFECT cast for a modern Dr. Loomis. He nailed the part. It's just a pitty that he didn't have a better film to grace with his performance. Almost as equally good was Scout Taylor-Compton as the new Laurie Stroude and Danielle Harris (Jamie Lloyd from Halloween 4 and 5) as Annie Brackett. Myers himself (as an adult) looked amazing, the best since 1978 and the musical score was spot on with plenty of vintage moments. There were a few throwback scenes that brought a smile to my face, but let me stress only a FEW. Unfortunately that's about all I can say good about this mixed bag remake of a horror classic.

So now lets get to the ugly parts, which gives us much more to pull from. The film's opening is sat on Halloween but there is very little, if any atmosphere. I can't help but to think of Halloween 4. Halloween 4 may have had the best atmosphere of any of the franchise, maybe even better than the classic original. Matter of fact, all of the Halloween films prior to this installment embraced the fact that it was set in and around the holiday. The fact that Zombie's film takes place on Halloween is only an afterthought never really playing into the overall tone and setting in the story. Sure there are pumpkins and ghosts hanging in a few scenes but the fact that it's Halloween really never matters much to anyone in the movie. The movie very well could have taken place on some midsummer's eve and it wouldn't have effected the movie in the least.

In addition to the setting and atmosphere there is no real pacing to the movie. It jerks the viewer from one messed up scene to the next never allowing them to really plug into Zombie's vision. The fact that so much of the film takes place in Myer's childhood really rushes what most people wanted to see which was Michael Myers returning to Haddonfield as an adult. When it finally does happen your more than likely going to be so upset with the first 45 mins. that you'll really care less as to what happens to Laurie or her friends.

And last but not least, this film is one of the bloodiest and disturbingly violent mainstream movies in a long time. It's a shame too because it really took away from some of the more tense moments of the film and there weren't enough of them to go screwing up. Added the fact the film has about as much bad language as the comedy Superbad and it makes for a very unpleasent two hours.

As I said earlier there are several of the Halloween sequels that are far better than this (Halloween II, 4, H20) very poor attempt of modernizing a legend.

In the end Rob Zombie's Halloween is more like getting your new car egged on Halloween night than it is listening to a spooky story about the boogeyman; which is exactly what John Carpenter's original was.

08-31-2007, 11:06 PM
It took two viewings, but I think I like it. I'm not in love with it .. yet. That's it.

08-31-2007, 11:08 PM
Rob Zombie left nothing for the imagination. No suspense, no buildup, no horror, too much swearing, extremely terrible dialogue, bad casting job. Rob Zombie made a very Country Southern Oversexed Version of Halloween.

I also noticed I was laughing throughout most of this movie. Most of the other people in the theater were also laughing at the kill scenes/the ridiculuous dialogue/sex scenes and cussing. No horror in sight.

09-01-2007, 01:54 AM
I'm going to try to be as short and to the point as I can here and I may as well warn you that my post will contain spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie DON'T READ THIS POST.

The prequel part of the movie was completely awesome!

The remake part of the movie was complete crap!

The Shit That Pissed Me Off

- Loomis shoots Michael a shit load of times, but it is Laurie's one magical bullet that kills him.

- That scene I described above happens in a swimming pool.

- Dr. Loomis sucked ass in this movie. Loomis writes a book!? Gimmie a friggen break!

- Bracket completely disappears from the story after he finds Annie.

- Michael Myers runs at Laurie!

- Michael Myers kneels down to give Laurie a photograph and willingly takes his mask off to her.

- Rob went for a lame attempt to give the movie a Texas Chain Saw Massacre ending, and it failed miserably.

- The remake half of the movie had more of a Texas Chain Saw feel then it did Halloween.

- Michael Myers is never even shown driving, so does he pull a Jason Voorhees and walk hundreds of miles in one hour?

- Gee, for a guy (Rob Zombie) who hates remakes and "gore/slasher" movies, he sure as hell made a movie that is both.

09-01-2007, 02:29 AM
I absolutely loved this film.

Much better then the original.

09-01-2007, 02:37 AM
Well I might be in the minority here but I thought that this movie was actually pretty good... I can say in all honesty that IMO this movie is 100% better than Robs other 2 films.. I think He did a pretty good job in making this... There are a few things I would change but nothing really major. This Halloween seemed more like an action horror than a suspense horror for sure..

There are a few things that dont add up or leave you wondering how the hell did that happen and I would have liked to have seen more of Malcom Mcdowell and Brad Douriff interacting/exchanging throughout but all in all I have to be honest and say that I wasnt disapointed like I built myself up to be...

09-01-2007, 04:34 AM
It was a good movie...I was looking for a more artsy/nondirect way of explaining michael.
-I left not exactly knowing WHY MM was the way he was (the whole point of the movie).
-I thought that the first 5 minutes of the original was better than the whole first half of this movie.
-This movie didn't have FEELING
-I felt bad for MM (which isn't good)
-Seems like a great idea poorly edited/casted for the most part
-NO HALLOWEEN AMBIANCE...3 trick or treaters in the whole film (couldve been any day)
-the diologue was ridiculous...way too much swearing and raunch...
-Wouldve liked to see michael be possessed or obsessed by something real (like horror movies for example) instead of a love for killing
-Brackett...it bothered me that he barely batted an eye that his daughter was near death in a pool of blood
-I just didn't feel this movie
-the fact that there is a drawn-out back story makes it NOT scary

-Tyler Mane was GREAT...he saved the second half from being bad
-"the girl"...well casted and natural...laurie was very believable and real for a 21st century teen (jamie lee with an edge)
-kill scenes were the best ive ever seen in a halloween
-There was closure at the very end..
-the gore wasn't grose

If original Halloween is 10 and Saw is 1 i give this movie:


09-01-2007, 04:34 AM
I've seen it twice now. I try to only look at how its re-made rather then his other two movies. Cant have so many of the same actors in the same movies,especially when it comes to Halloween. That was the first thing I didnt like was recognizing everyone;besides DH. Second thing I couldn't stand was the humor even though I love it. You CAN NOT have funny things in a Halloween. In my opinion you dont want the audience laughing like when I was there both times. Third thing was Myers body. WAY too big. Its almost like he made him huge on purpose so he seemed scary as oppose to the original being scary for just being him. Fourth thing that bothered me was that Laurie wasen't set apart from the other two girls. Like she wasent special at all;and having Danielle or whatever as one of the 3 girls was a huge mistake in my opinion because any Halloween fan knows she from back then? Sixth and last thing was the ending. I thought the ending should of been just like the original if anything else wasen't gonna be. Gun shot then screaming. the worst.

But, I did like LOOMIS's perfomance. How he looked. How he acted. and the music was great. definitely introduced the song at the wrong time though. Also didn't show Myers lurking around enough, OR Loomis trying to find Michael.

But I guess like John said himself, No sequel was ever intended. Only the true Halloween fans know the beauty of the Original. and like 2 and 4.

09-01-2007, 05:18 AM
I've dreaded last night for a very long time. I was pissed off about the remake and I just never wanted to see it happen. The last few weeks, I guess I've "given in" a little - I got to the point where I *wanted* to like it. It was a Halloween film, right? Sitting there before it started I thought, if it can really scare me, like the original did the first time I saw it when I was 12, I'll be kinda happy.

Halloween's big problem (just like each sequel since H5) is that well - it's not scary.

It's gory. It's a little interesting. It's got a lot of T&A. But, it fails in the most necessary requirement of a horror film: it's not scary at all. I didn't flinch. I didn't jump. I genuinely found "Snakes on a Plane" to be scarier.

We were promised "prequel" material. I don't call stretching out the Judith murder day into 30 minutes "prequel" material. Wow, Michael's in trouble at school. Wow, he lives with some foul-mouthed people. Nothing new here. It was scarier to see Mr. and Mrs. Myers being "normal, well-to-do" citizens in the original. Because that was the whole point of Halloween: evil creeps into even the safest area on the scariest of all nights, Halloween.

Smith's Grove? Nothing interesting. Wow, a few minutes of Loomis and Michael talking. About nothing, really. I felt absolutely no enlightenment to Michael or to Loomis' relationship with him. However, how cool was it that the exterior of Smith's Grove was Haddonfield Memorial?

Greatly enjoyed Mrs. Myers' death, very well executed and emotional. Surprised me, but I actually was pretty happy with Sheri's acting in this.

The remake section - at first I was just in the twilight zone. I was listening and seeing these characters that I've known so, so, so well for so, so, so long - but it's all - different. I couldn't keep up with the dialogue, actually, because it threw me for such a loop. Everything was way too rushed. The great thing about the original Halloween is the character development. We get to know Annie, Lynda, and Laurie closely before they're killed. The girl talk was way over the top in the remake and though I felt these girls were friends, I felt like I didn't know anything about them, especially Laurie.

Loomis was an entirely wasted character. He did nothing. He didn't save the day. The pool thing was just - silly. He didn't spout off about evil. He genuinely had *no point* of being in this film. The ending seemed to confuse everyone in the theater I was in. The quick pace of the story and the photography and editing further confused everything and made it all play out too quick. This should have been a prequel, not a remake. Too much material to fit into a single film.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack - it was the best since H6. It combined all the classic themes I loved and added some generic modern-day stuff. However, most of the Carpenter cues seem very out of place and don't fit the scenes they're tracked into.

I loved the several nods to the original: The Thing, Forbidden Planet, Ben Tramer. The most exciting moment for me was seeing the 1978 Strode house in this film.

I was terribly bothered to see Danielle exposed. No matter how I look at her, I see Jamie Lloyd. Her scream sounds just like Jamie Lloyd. Her eyes look like Jamie Lloyd. And she's not sarcastic enough to be the real Annie Brackett.

I didn't care about Michael at all, really. I despise the idea of humanizing him, and I really wish they had left the whole "Laurie sister" out of this movie.

The only thing that really can come out of this is really fascination with the fact that this is one way someone could retell the story. And it SHOULD do nothing but make people realize how great the original really is. Zombie fans have been very excited about this, and I think most Halloween fans really were to - I don't know what this film will do to the franchise in the long run, but it's *not* part of the franchise I grew up on, came to love, and spent so many years working for.

But, thank god Busta Rhymes isn't in this movie :)

atomic dog
09-01-2007, 06:02 AM
well i will start off by saying i am pleased. this was a great new fresh take on the legend that is michael myers. i know i will already be buying the dvd when it comes out. while i was watching there was some laughs from the crowd when stupid things happened when back in the day would have scared us all. but then tyler took the role so well that when michael did come to life and scared the characters the crowd all jumped and screamed. all i could do was smile and laugh to myself.

well done rob, well done.

09-01-2007, 06:21 AM
i am very pleased with this movie imo it was the best halloween since H3, the only little problem i have is that in the beginning with all the white trash talk, i know that there are families like that out there but the whole audience laughed at this scene, and i just didnt feel like it really belonged in a halloween movie, michaels first death scene with that kid in the woods is awesome one of my favs. the smiths grove part was good also. the remake part was excellent this part really got to the audience most of them i was sitting next to jumped out of their seats. over all i really liked this movie and rob did an excellent job with this.

i'll give it a 9/10

09-01-2007, 06:56 AM
I saw this movie last night, and I was overall happy with the film. There were a many things I liked and few I didn't. I liked that we got some back story on the Myers family but didn't like the exaggeration of the "white trash" family. I also did not like how fast the second half went, all though it was pretty well-done. I felt that the Loomis-Myers relationship was weak, and I did not like how Michael actually hurt Loomis. Although we knew this before the film, I did not like how huge Michael looked without his jumpsuit and mask. With them on, he looked fine, but without he looked like a giant. I liked the realistic violence portrayed in the film, Michael's scenes in the sanitarium, and the intense ending.
Through out the opening scene, everyone in the theatre was laughing at the white trash talk by Deborah and her boyfriend. I felt some of it was not needed, and most of the audience did not take it seriously. Overall, I was shocked to find I enjoyed this film.

09-01-2007, 07:43 AM
Being a huge and true fan of the original Halloween and the whole Halloween series, I was very disappointed and disturbed with this version.

I hated the fact that it made Michael come from a poor and skanky family when we know from the original that Michael's family was fairly wealthy b/c they were at a doctor's party the night Michael murdered Judith. I just don't like it that they made Michael like some typical person you hear about who came from a bad family life and home. And the conversations between this family was rediculous. The audience laughed through it all.

I didn't like the way Michael looked in his asylum uniform. He did look like a giant. And it got on my nerves how his hair was so long and constantly in his face. But he became a great Michael once he got the mechanical suit on and the mask.

How did Michael find out where Laurie was and what she looked like? It didn't show that. It was like he automatically knew. I don't understand what the point was in killing Laurie's parents. They were quite likable characters and I just didn't see the whole point.

I diddn't like that Michael was shown so much. He was everywhere!! And he would stand like in the middle of the room and I found it hard to believe no one would seem him b/c the guy is so huge! The essence of Michael is he is supposed to be lurking, but you never know where he is and then all of a sudden his face would appear. I missed that in this movie!

I didn't like that Lynda's favorite word went from being "Totally" to "F**k". In fact, I hated it that you heard that word constantly through the film. I didn't like the casting of Sheriff Brackett. He seemed weird and pervy.

I loved seeing Danielle Harris in this movie. I've been a fan of hers since her "Jamie Lloyd" days in the Halloween series. I thought it would have been much cooler if she played the part of Laurie, but she pulled the part of Annie off very well. And I'm glad he didn't kill her. Perhaps they will use her character again. I also glad we got to see Paul, even if it was the side of his face.

THe characters of Tommy and Lindsey were great! I found myself laughing when they got hysterical because I would've done the exact same thing. They were adorable!

Most importantly, I'm very disappointed in the portrayal of Laurie Strode. Laurie Strode is supposed to be a strong character and own the scene. In this movie, Laurie was a whiney, stupid girl. All you heard that girl do was scream, cry, and do the stupidest things!! I found myself wanting Michael to ram that knife up her throat and shut her up! You shouldn't want Michael to kill her. She's supposed to be the one you want to stand up against Michael and fight him, not run away! I actually shouted, "Yes!" when he charged after her and pushed her through the window. When it faded to black, I was like, "Thank you! She died and now I can go home!" But of course it wasn't the end.

I would've much rather seen that be the end and Laurie die than her wake up and blow Michael's face off. You don't kill off Michael Myers!!! Never!! And you don't kill of Dr. Loomis. So, in this movie, I wanted Laurie to die and Dr. Loomis and Michael to live. Which I always want Michael to live. It was a horrible ending.

However, there were a few parts I liked. I liked the love it showed Michael have for Laurie. I always thought there was a deep connection there somewhere and this movie showed that. I almost cried when Michael knelt down in front of her and showed her that picture. Of course tho she had to be stupid and stab him. But it was a good moment.

I loved Tyler Mane as Michael Myers!! And I loved that friggin' mask! Tyler did good as Michael with his size and all. ANd the mask seemed ot form to his face so it kind of made him a into his own person. In fact, I thought he looked pretty sexy. lol

Overall, this movie was bad. I didn't like the language, gore, and plot to this movie. A lot of people are like well you're just too comparative to the original. Honestly, if I have never seen the Halloween series or if this was just a new movie and new idea...I would've hated it!!! It wasn't even scary! I mean even the younger kids 10 and under didn't even flinch. I'm just very disappointed.

I give it a 2 out of 10.

halo thirty one
09-01-2007, 08:32 AM
Let me just start off by saying that John Carpenter's Halloween is my favorite movie because I felt it captured the feel of that day and it captured it better than any of the movies that came along after it. Plus it was scary! I have had conversations with friends about Halloween and can remember saying "Halloween is a movie that I wish I had made." At the same time I have also said "if ever given the opportunity to re-make Halloween, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot poll." People would ask why and I'd say "because I would just end up making the same exact thing. I wouldn't know what to change and end up copying it. Just like Gus Van Sant, hopefully just not as bad." Still, I'm a fan of Halloween the day and enjoy the movies because of it, even if I prefer some more than others.

This brings me to the subject of remakes. In general I don't like them. Most seem cheap, thoughtless and less creative than the originals. Of course there are exceptions and even Rob Zombie mentioned a few (The Thing, The Fly, Cape Fear) that he thought were worthy successors to the originals. I'd even add True Lies and The Departed to the list of solid remakes.

So I tend to have a positive bias towards movies set on Halloween the day and a negative bias towards movies that are remakes. I swore going in that I would try to have as open mind as possible, but I think the Halloween bias won out.

I liked this movie. It's not as good as Halloween but it's at least as good as any of the better sequels that have been made. I think what I found interesting in reading articles with Rob Zombie is that he wanted to make the movie as realistic as possible and I think he did a pretty good job at that. I also feel that he did a good job at making Michael Myers, especially at a young age, somewhat of a sympathetic character. Especially considering what he had to put up with in his home life. I'll admit to thinking "you got what you deserved" when he took care of Ronnie White.

One of my favorite scenes is when Michael takes care of the school bully. Not because it was another case "got what you deserve" but because when Michael pulls down his mask it was creepy and gave me chills. Another scene with young Michael that worked was when we last see him, after killing the nurse. The still frames with the wild eyes and evil looks were also convincing.

After that the movie picks up steam with umm, big Michael (or adult Michael) and, for me, managed to entertain and thrill. Yet, and I don't think I'm alone in my feelings, it feels a bit rushed. Probably because the majority of a 90 minute movie is being squeezed into 50 minute space of time. Looking back on it, Zombie could have almost made his version with two full movies, with one dealing with the young Michael years and the sequel with the adult Michael years. Either that or added another 15-20 minutes to his current movie. I'm sure a 2 hour and 5 minute horror movie is a big risk financially.

One character that I found curious was Malcom McDowell's Loomis. He seemed a bit kooky, especially when he was introduced and later when he was buying his gun. I'm still not sure if I liked McDowell in the role or not, but he at least made it interesting. The only other character I struggled with was Lynda because she wasn't very likable.

When Zombie finally lets adult Michael stalk his victims he does manage to cause a few jolts and jumps out of the seat. Mr. Strode's death comes quickly to mind. As does Danielle Harris as Annie in her scene, which is pretty difficult to watch. When Michael slams into the door at Tommy's house, Lindsay's reaction is convincing and made me jump.

At the movie's conclusion Michael's stalking of Laurie starts out effective, but ends up lasting a little too long. This creates a lull in the suspense. However, when Laurie and Michael finally fall from the second floor porch and Laurie finds the right chamber in Loomis' gun, the conclusion is statisfying.

So, while Halloween '07 doesn't match up to the original, I don't have a problem comparing it favorably to any of the recent horror movie remakes. Yeah, I'm sure part of that comes from my pre-existing, pro-Halloween bias. But this movie is thrilling an entertaining.


09-01-2007, 08:56 AM
My Overall Opinion – No Spoilers

When you go to see Rob Zombie's Halloween, you need to go into this theater with a fresh mind because I can tell you, this is the most unique Halloween film in the entire series. To fully understand that, you probably need to be familiar with the franchise (this makes the 9th film). When Zombie said he was making a completely different film than John Carpenter's, he was right for the most part. This film feels completely different than any other Halloween film, and on that level, it really works well. As far as the story goes, the first half of the film was very strong, and the second half was very rushed, and this is Halloween's ultimate downfall.

In regards to the story, Zombie should've realized that it would be implausible to use all of the original film's characters and storylines, as well as throwing in your own new characters and storylines and have them fit neatly into a 50 minute span (the second half). With that being said, the film gets high marks for the new take on the Myers lore and with the gritty, ultra-realistic approach that he used – which is completely different from Carpenter and all the other films of the franchise. Don't get me wrong, Carpenter's film will always be the best of the series and the original film's use of style and the supernatural was used by all 7 sequels before this one. But to me, it was time to go somewhere new and I actually enjoyed this new approach. If the second half of the film was better developed – not so rushed – it could've been a lot better of a movie.

It's still worth a look though. Overall: 6/10

Where all the Halloweens rank to me:
Halloween 10/10
Halloween: H20 8/10
Halloween 2 7/10
Halloween 4 7/10
Rob Zombie's Halloween 6/10
Halloween 6 3.5/10
Halloween 5 2/10
Halloween: Resurrection 0/10

The Long Review – Spoilers Included

As a big fan of the series, I couldn't resist reading some of the advanced reviews. After waiting for the film for over a year, it becomes impossible to resist. But I never read the spoilers and I always kept an open mind. Some of the more hardcore horror fans on various message boards were proclaiming this film to be completely awful, and their reviews were mostly based on a rough draft workprint of the film which leaked onto the internet a few days before the official release. Its reasonable to say that after reading so much hatred and venom toward the film before I saw it, my expectations were lowered. I went into the film fully expecting to hate the dialogue (I didn't care for Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses at all), and I was fully prepared to dislike the film.

I was actually surprised.


What sticks out to me the most after watching this film, is that for the first time in all the Halloween movies is that Michael Myers actually seems like a real human being to me. I credit this mostly to the portrayal of young Michael by Daeg Faerch, which was excellent. He seemed like a real kid with real problems – and his reaction was textbook psychopathic, which was exactly the angle Zombie was going for. Later on in the film, when Tyler Mane is handling the carnage as adult Michael, I really see him as the adult version of Daeg, as he has the same mannerisms. This was the best thing about this movie. And as strange as it sounds, at the end of the film, I actually felt sorry for him. That's never happened before in a film like this for me.

The Look – This was definitely a great part about this movie. It looks great. Its gritty and atmospheric. It really feels like October, the cinematography is great, and the Myers mask is the best one since the original.

The Sound – Tyler Bates' score is great. You might remember his score from the film "300". He hits all the right cues during the film, and Zombie's choices for contemporary music was good too. Gotta love "Don't Fear the Reaper" again.

The Realism – This is the best part of this film, and the main overall theme. The look of the film is realistic. The feel of the film is realistic. The story – as far as Michael being a textbook psychopath – is very realistic. The death scenes were realistic – bloody but not gory (Bob's death scene was the best). Hell, even the sex scenes were realistic (yes, usually horror films don't show it in a realistic way, but this film did).

The way the teenagers throughout the film talk was pretty realistic too – And this is where a lot of people were complaining. Although there is the occasional overuse of "fuck" & "motherfucker" – for the most part, the kids talk like…. kids. During a scene with young Michael in a bathroom, a bully starts making fun of Myers' stripper mom and there's some dialogue here that made some people next to me in the theater uncomfortable – (these people are called "old") – but this how teenagers really talk, at least from my experience.

The end sequence – One drawback to the film was its lack of suspense, but the end sequence was probably the best in that department. The ending was somewhat ambiguous though, but I expected that.

Malcom McDowell & Brad Dourif – I absolutely loved McDowell as a younger Dr. Loomis, and his portrayal of older Loomis was pretty good too. Dourif was great as Sheriff Bracket, but I think both McDowell & Dourif were underused in the film. Instead of the Annie/Lynda mess, we should've had more scenes with them (more on that later).


The biggest flaw with this film is how rushed the second half of it is. Zombie attempted to use TOO MUCH of the storylines from the original. While the saga with Annie, Lynda, and Laurie is interesting in the first film, it had 90 minutes to do it in. Therefore we could get to know them and eventually CARE about them when they're in danger. That doesn't happen in this film. We get to know them all at once – then in the next scene, Lynda is getting hacked up. I'm not sure why Zombie felt the need to throw all those storylines from the original in the film – he had already made it his own film completely until that point – he should have reworked the story and just focused on Laurie. That way her character would've been better developed and the story would feel more natural.

I can't underestimate how much the rushing of the storyline in the second half hurts the film. There are no transition scenes here, and we can never get a footing for the story. Scenes come and go so fast – we never get a chance to know any of the characters and then we don't give a shit that they're getting hacked up. Ultimately, Annie & Lynda are a major distraction for the story. I think they should've reworked the storyline and either given them cameo-like appearances, or cut them out of the film completely.

Its hard for me to really list a whole lot more flaws with the film in a list-like sense because its flaws ALL stem from the rushing of the story in the second half like I described above. This is the problem with the movie, and it honestly nearly sinks the film. I think overall though, it doesn't.

Also, given that this is a film about Michael Myers, there's really not a great deal of suspense with a lot of the kills because we know they're coming, but there are a few scares to be had. To me, I didn't feel any suspense until the end sequence with Laurie – and I blame this on the rushing of the story of Annie & Lynda because we really don't give a shit about them as characters.

Also, the entire "bogeyman" angle should've been scrapped. Yes, in a Halloween remake that would've taken balls, but it would've made more thematic sense. With Zombie going for the realistic approach – which works for the most part – the whole supernatural "bogeyman" angle is out of place and doesn't make sense. Laurie's line at the end – "That was the bogeyman" – is out place, because in this film Michael is not the bogeyman. He is a psychopath. In the original film, it worked because he was kept mysterious and Carpenter hinted at the supernatural. In this film, it just doesn't gel.

I think the majority of the reaction people will have to this film is on Zombie's completely realistic take on Myers, who has never been presented like this before. I'm not saying that people will dislike this film just because they can't let go of Carpenter's original film – although there are some people out there like that – but I think a lot of people will hate the film because it has such a unique and new style with the Myers story. Some people will really hate it because of that – which as you can tell, I don't.

Overall, I appreciate Zombie's take on the material. Could've been much better had the second half of the story been more developed.

09-01-2007, 09:30 AM
disappointing to me..not scary ata ll...i will have to watch it again to post a full review...but i do remember the one part when Michael was squeezing Loomis' head and the blood comin out..next secne u see no blood on Lommis when he was draggin him.

09-01-2007, 09:41 AM
Rob Zombie's HalloweeN

I requested today off months in advance,knowing that my Michael would be back on the big screen on August 31st.Usually I go to the theatres that are right next door to my house,Century Berryessa,or down the street to the Great Mall.Unfortunately though,showtimes at those locations didnt begin until sometime this afternoon,and I didnt really wanna spend the day waiting to go see the film.So,I chose to drive all the way over to the AMC Eastridge to get the first showing at 10:20.

Its been nearly a decade since there has been a decent HalloweeN film released,that being HalloweeN:H2O in 1998.And,even though I did go to see 2002's HalloweeN:Resurrection an unprecidented 4 times at the movies,it had nothing to do with the quality of the film-because that film was a huge letdown.The thrill of seeing Michael Myers on the big screen and watching the audience reaction was my reason behind going.And I have to admit,at the time I thought that HR was a decent entry into the series.

Now,onto HalloweeN (2007).It's been almost a year since I have gone to the movies.In fact,the last movie that I went to was the re-release of the original,1978 John Carpenter's HalloweeN at the IMAX theatre in Dublin,last year.Nothing over the last year has really made me want to run out and buy a ticket.But,with Michael Myers and HalloweeN films,its almost like a tradition for me.Dating back to 1988,when I saw my first HalloweeN on the big screen at age 8.HalloweeN 4:The Return of Michael Myers.

After the last installment to the series in 2002,things didnt look so good.It performed terribly at the box office and dvd sales.The writers of that film had more less sold out to the mainstream audience and turned Michael Myers into a joke who could get his ass whipped by Busta Rhymes.

The new HalloweeN,though,has brought Michael back to his old evil self.I went into the film with low expectations.Maybe expectations for HalloweeN films at an all time low.Not just because of Resurrection,but because the new film is a remake of a classic,and more often than not,remakes are not good and unnecessary.I didnt really have much hope for Rob Zombie as a filmmaker.I thought House of 1000 Corpses sucked.But I must admit there was some improvement and I did enjoy the Devils Rejects overall.And today I definitely enjoyed the new HalloweeN.The new Dr.Loomis actor was a fine choice and played the part well.The storyline,especially the first half of the film with young Michael was effective storytelling.If there was one thing I didnt enjoy,and probably my only complaint about the film in general,would be the ending.That and the guy who plays the Shape in this one was way too stiff and almost robot like in his movements.Other than that,I was pleasantly surprised with what Rob Zombie had to offer as his re-imagining of a classic.Definately will be going to see this again a time or two before its out of theatres.

09-01-2007, 09:43 AM
I absolutely hated every aspect of this movie; I was actually shaking with anger while watching because it was so awful. I realize that RZ thinks that promoting a reality where every other word is "fuck" and white trash guys with long hair like Rob Zombie can actually get beautiful girls.
*the acting was awful; I thought the movie's best actor was Tommy Doyle
*there was absolutely NO suspense, or even an attempt at it
*the camera angles were poorly executed with half the shots being unclear and unable to distinguish
*having Michael's childhood explained ruined all the mystery

I honestly can't even conceive how anyone could like this piece of SHIT. I hope this pathetic excuse for a movie finally puts a dagger in the heart of Rob Zombie's' "directing career."

My rating: 1.5/10

09-01-2007, 10:35 AM
Well, I have to say Rob Zombie is a hypocrite. He stated in a 2005 article that he thought remakes for the Hollywood no-talents to take a perfect film and do a cheap remake of it to make a quick buck. He then said he hated gory and over the top violent slasher films. Well, that's exactly what his Halloween was. A remake of the perfect horror film that ends up being a violent slasher flick at the end of the day. Does that mean I hated it? No.

Okay, this was a body count film. I don't care what anyone says. I believe this was a film aimed to create brutal violence to stir the emotions of the audience. Films have flaws. But this film had flaws that could easily be cut out. Don't kill me here, but I saw the workprint online. I loaded it up over the night and watched it this morning. The theater cut is much better than the work print. But, while Rob Zombie took out some stuff that made the work print look like a trashy horror flick, he added some stuff in that was just pure garbage.

Within the time frame from his the beginning to his escape from Smith's Grove, Michael violently killed three times as many people than he did throughout the original. And I've been hearing reviews that the violence was not over the top. Ripping people's throats out with his fingers, flooding and painting a hallway in the hospital with a security guards blood, and bashing in people's heads with television sets after you get done pounding their face to a pulp and dunking their head under water.

The death of Dee Wallace Stone was esxtremely burtal and sadistic that I was getting angry. It was never shown in the workprint; you just saw the bloody aftermath which was better IMO. In the theater version, you see her face being bashed into a glass coffee table and her neck snapped in a poorly edited scene.

On the other hand, Rob Zombie created a well-acted, moody, and creepy horror film. The Halloween atmosphere is more present than it ever was. Malcolm McDowell, despite what most say, was good in the pompous portrayl of this version's Dr. Loomis. Scout-Taylor Compton was very good as Laurie. Her chase scenes and her scream did send chills down spine. People complained that the three girls were characters that we didn't care about because we didn't get enough screen time. While I didn't care about the 5 minute screen time role that Lynda played, the acting and prescense of Scout and Danielle Harris made me care about them in their much more trimmed down roles compared to their original counterparts. Scout was convincing as I said. Since Danielle is a fan favorite and we already know she is a great actress, I am glad her character didn't die. While she was nude in her chase scene, it was in no way exploitave. She took a tit shot and made it into well-crafted and suspensful sequence. I don't think it would've been as intense if she wasn't nude.


- The music from the original film was recreated so well that it sounded almost as if it was lifted from Carpenter's film.

- Sheri Moon Zombie caught me by surprise with the role of the mother. Some of the best acting jobs in the franchise.

- Scout Taylor Compton and Danielle Harris.

- Danielle Harris' chase scene.

- The Michael Myers has become a playful and sadistic monster again. The Joe Grizzly scene and the "playing" with Paul's body scene generated chuckles but were also very creepy.


- Too much over the top violence.

- Felt rushed.

- Vulgar and trashy in many scenes. Almost all of the prequel stuff Rob Zombie added dealt with a white trash character calling Michael a "fucking pussy faggot." We way too many "fucks" and "cunts" in this film.

- Lynda had like 5 minutes of screen time.

- The "Was That The Boogeyman" line had terrible delivery. Everyone in the theater laughed at that scene.

- Michael was just a typical run of the mill serial killer with a bad childhood. The scenes with discussion of the boogeyman in some scenes should've been taken out because Michael did not have that prescense. He was just a big guy who killed people. No mystery. Just a violent pissed off killer.

7.5/10 or B - A heavily flawed, vulgar and offensive yet a suprisingly atmospheric well acted and entertaining roller coaster ride of a film. It is the Cape Fear remake of Halloween. The first one is a suspense classic. The remake is an violent yet entertaining horror film.

09-01-2007, 10:36 AM
"The darkest of souls are not those which choose to exist with the hell of the abyss, but those which choose to break free from the abyss and move silently among us"

With that, I end a long journey of a wait between Halloweens. During this time, we've all seen the fall of one message board and the rise of this one. Hell, I wasn't even around here during the development of Resurrection. I found the old board the night after my initial viewing. Everyone should know my story since then: I've gotten married, I have a son, and I bought my first house and started a job that I've worked at for 5 years now. Wow is all I can say about how things change. I'm sure everyone has a story like mine. Time keeps moving and it seems like the next installment of a fabled horror series would have never come through. Then something magic happened: August 31, 2007 came and we have a quasi-remake of the original done by shock rocker Rob Zombie.

I walked into the theater last night with little to no expectations. I wiped John Carpenter's classic from my memory banks and sat down with no idea of what I was about to see. I'll be honest though saying that I was damn excited and was hoping for the best. What I got was something that I never expected. I actually enjoyed myself and thought it was something that I could see over and over again and just find something new each time. The movie was exciting and in your face the whole time and I think that's where Rob Zombie pays off. He's a good director when it comes to the horror genre and you know it's not your old stand-by of Halloween (which I love all the same as well). Kicked in the teeth when I left, I have to say that I enjoyed myself more than any other Halloween I've seen in theater and I've seen them all opening night since The Return of Michael Myers.

With some time for the imagery to soak in, my review could be long winded or it could be a good read for you. I'll let you decide that since I don't really care. I just figured that someone may want to read my opinion.

From the opening quote through the meeting of Deborah with Michael and Laurie on the porch, it was paced beautifully and we're introduced to all the integral players in the story. Ronnie White was worthless and you knew it'd be fun watching him pay. Same goes for the kids who teased and pushed Michael around in the bathroom. The acting of Sheri Moon Zombie and Daeg Faerch are what made the first half of the movie for me. Believable performances were put in by people who I thought were going to be huge question marks. It was a good surprise. I do remember nice laughter from the theater for the dialogue, but I do remember that being about it. When the payoff comes at the house, I was hoping it would be extended so I could just sit back and enjoy myself through the kills, which were very inventive.

The sanitarium was a great portion of the movie for me. The interaction between Loomis and Michael at the foundation of the movie was excellent, in my opinion. You could tell that Loomis shared emotions with Michael and that later in the movie it would be hard for Loomis to do things that you knew he would have to do. Michael's spiral towards insanity isn't something that just happens all at once and that was a welcome sight. Some say not knowing why he's the way he is adds a lot to the overall story, but I don't mind a good origin tale if it's done properly.

Thank God that Rob Zombie got rid of the rape scene in the asylum since it was just a plot loophole to get the behemoth out. The scripted scene is weak and overall I thought the theatrical cut's escape was just better played. I could have done without the cameos of the famous people since it was a bit distracting, but I don't care either way. I think it's nice that Rob keeps them employed. ;)

Now, I'm torn on Big Joe Grizzly. I liked that whole part, but anyone that knows me knows that Ken Foree threatened me at a con. lol I'm kidding. I thought that scene was hilarious if only to give Michael a pair of boots and some coveralls. I think humor puts people into a relaxed state and then when we get hit with the horror, it's that much more impactful. With that said, the scene was sweet.

Then the movie goes askew for me. We're hurried rushed through the third act. I think if Zombie extends the movie by about 10 or 15 minutes, he's got a better film, but the average horror movie isn't that damn long so he's just SOL. I love Laurie's character and the interaction with her parents. It's the exact opposite of the opening and provides a great contrast. I didn't care for the friends that Laurie had, but who really minds that? They were eye candy and later on something to play on an earlier character from 2 Halloween movies. The whole act was rushed and I don't feel like I need to talk about it since it's pretty much just the original condensed and put into a bikini that a fat woman wears. UGLY is the word.

I'm going to give a ton of props to Zombie for his Michael toying with Danielle Harris. The people beside me were talking about that the whole time she was on the screen. They were glad she was alive, but they also didn't like the fact that she was made to suffer. If it'd been another actress, she'd have been slaughtered and it would have been done, but Zombie realized what he had. It was beautiful. Thank you for making people squirm if only a little bit.

Overall pros for the movie include a great soundtrack (why do you have to hear Don't Fear the Reaper twice though), an awesome score, and probably the best cast for a movie I've seen in a long time. Daeg and Tyler Mane play great Michael's and will go down as some of the most exceptional acting in a Halloween. Scout was pretty good, but I could have done without the screaming that she did the whole chase scene. Ugh. The ending was good and I thought it may have been a bit overplayed, but it fit well. Malcolm McDowell played a great Loomis who went above and beyond the call of duty considering some of the crap dialogue he had.

The negatives were distracting, but didn't really deter from my overall enjoyment. I could have done without all the cameos. I could have had a better paced third act to go along with the first half of the movie. I could have also done without Lynda being in the movie at all. What a shame.

I'll see this again next weekend and elaborate some more, but for now, I'll give the movie a generous 8.5 out of 10. Great going, Senor Zombie.

09-01-2007, 10:38 AM
the pace is race car fast, the interaction between the actors is kinda wacky, how did a 10 year old pull up floor boards, hide a murder weapon and mask, forget about it for years then suddenly remember them when he goes home years later?
i kinda would like a sequal but from which movie ending?
i am literally at a loss of words, conflicted if this film was worth the hype or not, bottom line is $50 mill. equals a sequal, pretty simple to me.
i really am just undecided if i like it or not

09-01-2007, 11:04 AM
I saw it last night and I am not dissapointed in the least bit. In the very opening, I was a bit thrown off because it just didn't seem like a Halloween movie at all, just a family bickering. But once little Mikey killed that bully in the woods, it all went up hill from there. The atmosphere was great, it looked very much like the first few Halloween films, and the visual style was excellent. Some old school Halloween-esque shots, mixed with a new style which kept it from just being a re-tread. Once Myers escaped from the asylum, we got a true, balls to the wall Halloween film. The music was spot on, there was many shots straight out of an old school Halloween movie (Myers outside the library window, Myers in the trees, Myers behind Annie on the phone etc..) It had an atmosphere much like H4 and H5, very dark and very Halloween-ish. I thought there was a lot of suspense, not the long, brooding suspense of H1, but edge of you seat type suspense. Seeing Michael as a child at the beginning and hearing him talk didn't hurt the character at all later on. He seemed like the Michael Myers we all know and love. He seemed much more "shape-ish" than he did in a lot of the sequels, always in the background, or lurking in the dark. But there were also times when he was very in your face, which I liked. The Loomis character was basically the same as he was in H1, which I found odd becuase Rob said he wanted him to do more, but I was fine with that.

I can see why people might dislike the backstory part, but to me, once he escapes the asylum, it really feels like an early Halloween sequel, in the vain of H2 or H4. Yes it was more violent and in your face than H1, but, there was many things straight out of H1, like Michael lurking in the background, and the music and camerawork. I just can't see how you wouldn't enjoy the majority of this film if you are a fan of the original and it's first couple of sequels (H2 and H4). If you are a die-hard H1 elitist, I can easily see why you wouldn't enjoy this film, seeing as how you wouldn't enjoy ANY of the sequels anyway.

Overall I liked it much better than H8, H20, H6, and probably H5, so it fits in with my faves of the series, which is great, since that last film has become my least favorite Halloween to date.

I am not going to rate the movie yet, as I have only seen it once, and it hasn't really sunk in yet.

09-01-2007, 12:21 PM
Rob Zombie's HalloweeN Review - The Silverpsycho Experience :D

First off, I am dedicated to the original and I always will be because it's perfect in every way and no other horror film could ever outdo the formula that Carpenter used for his HalloweeN. Its simplistic nature is what makes it memorable. It never had to resort to gore and vulgar language to make it an instant hit. Also it seems so much more violent and creepy than it actually is. It's the music score that makes it so effective and fun to be scared of.

Today (8/31) I woke up so giddy that I barely needed any caffeine, which is amazing because I stayed up late and got up a little too early. I already had a printed Fandango ticket ready to use that I had purchased the night before. Now if I was going to a midnight premier, I probably would have gone all out and dressed up as Michael because I have so much fun doing that and no one has any clue that I'm a girl under there, lol. Instead, I put on my OHMB shirt and was ready to go.

I left my house way too early and got to the place an hour before the theatre even opened (12:15pm). I was pretty surprised I had to wait outside, but a few others were wandering around in front, getting annoyed in the nasty heat. I just stood there, antsy and nervous...giddy to get into the damn theatre!

Finally the doors open and the guy took my Fandango ticket but I didn't get a small ticket to keep in return. The guy was a new employee so I just sort of dismissed it and went in the theatre. I was all alone in there and got to thinking...I really really wanted a souvenier ticket. I save all movie theatre tickets and to me this was a big one. I got up and set out to get a snack and inquire about my ticket.

I set over and asked the girl I bought my Raisinets from and she told me I was supposed to get a ticket and said "it was so not cool I didn't get one." I went back to the guy and then he put me in touch with another guy who sent me to a girl, who ended up printing me up a ticket...yay! Right after that, I walked over and took a picture of the theatrical poster in its lightbox. Yes, I am a huge HalloweeN dork. :p :D

I went back into the theatre and only one other person had shown up at this point. To be quite honest, I wasn't expecting for many people to be in the theatre at all for any of the current films because it was the first showing of the day and every school in my area is back in session. By the time the film started up, there were only about 10-15 customers in there and a couple employees who came in to watch.

The movie itself:
(watch out, this portion contains spoilers here and there)
Okay as for the film, I wasn't too crazy about the opening between Deborah Myers (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Ronnie White (William Forsythe) was a bit overdone and overacted. To be quite honest, I wasn't very pleased with Zombie's acting throughout the film because it never felt natural but rather forced, which is a shame because she is awesome in The Devil's Rejects as Baby.

I was the most nervous about Daeg Faerch portraying a young Myers because it took me awhile to appreciate his look and I was merely hoping his acting could be better than just tolerable. When I first saw his character, I was skeptical, but the more he was on screen...I began to truly love this kid. Faerch is really quite creepy and does not disappoint. Rob Zombie made a good decision when casting this kid and I was proven wrong in thinking he would have been a terrible choice.

Overall, the prequel portion is my most favorite in the film and I wish I could have seen more of it. I liked it because this part was not a remake and contribute something fresh and new to the HalloweeN series. Little Michael's killing spree was definitely one of the highlights and I was happy to see that it was not mega over-the-top like I was expecting. I will admit that I can be squeemish with extremes (for example, Saw 3), but I never had to look away once.

As the movie progresses, I grow more and more fond of the Dr. Loomis we are introduced to. Malcolm McDowell is easily one of the best characters in the film...if not the best. McDowell adds this charm with a large dose of an ego that makes Loomis a great match for Michael's doctor.

However, as the film really emerges into the remake portion, it begins to feel rushed and the characters we know and love from the original are rather rushed in this one. Sadly, I never felt a real connection between myself and Laurie, Annie and Lynda. I'm not saying Taylor-Compton, Harris and Klebe did a bad job, I'm just saying they sadly weren't given enough time so the audience could get to know them and like them...being able to care whether they live or die in the end.

It was pretty out of character, through my eyes at least, when Michael kills the Strodes, Ismael Cruz (the nicer employee in the institution) and definitely Dr. Loomis! There is such a cool bond between these two that I was more angry than surprised when this happened. It just really saddened me when these characters died because I really feel they were not supposed to. These are the characters who knew Michael Myers and The Shape.

Another big one with me would have to be the vulgar language. It was definitely not necessary for the F-word to be used sooo many times throughout the film.

A half ass head tilt after Myers kills Bob the same way as in the original. That was a head tilt right?!

The ending because it was stretched out far too long and Michael bashing up the ceiling was just bizarre to me. I would have preferred something a little more simple that didn't keep going and going, though I admit the very end was pretty good.

As I said, the prequel portion is quite good and I love Daeg Faerch.

The Strodes (Dee Wallace & Pat Skipper) make for wonderful parents and I loved them a lot, making their demise upsetting. They, along with Loomis are the characters I truly cared most about.

The overall look of Michael Myers with his torn up mask and bloody coveralls. Tyler mane adds something very cool to this character. Just like "big neck Myers" is important to HalloweeN 5, hulking massive Myers is important to this new HalloweeN. I can always appreciate a new variation to Myers to see what look suits him best.

The music was simply awesome and it felt like the 70's. I was very happy that hard stuff wasn't used to make Michael all hardcore and distract the audience from what was important. It was a nice homage to the original in using a bunch of the old music in there, as well as incorporating a new spin on it. Well done with this Zombie...well done.

Back to the movie experience...
As soon as the film ended, the guy who was sitting in the row in front of me was very upset with the entire film. I heard him muttering throughout the film. I knew he hated the swearing and wasn't fond of the violent scenes. I am pretty sure I heard him say he was disappointed as he got up and ran out of there. He appeared to be an old-school fan of the original since he appeared to be in his late 40's or early 50's. I felt bad for the guy but he obviously went in expecting something very close to the original.

I sat in the theatre for a long time and enjoyed the credits until the scrolling cast appeared and got up and left feeling satisfied. I tried going in without any expectations but how could you not when you are an avid HalloweeN fan, knowing the series by heart and picking apart the pros and cons year after year? Every film that is released as new is always tough to adjust to and accept, but I feel this one definitely outdid Resurrection. This does not mean I would like to see a batch of sequals to this rendition, but I did find it to be a well done film.

I highly recommend this film to those who love horror and those who are fans of the old HalloweeN series. It might be disappointing but why not give it a try? The original will always be waiting for you and will always remain the classic.

I look forward to seeing this film a couple more times and of course I will welcome the dvd into my collection as soon as it becomes available.

In the end, I rate this film with a B/B- because it may not be perfect but it's a memorable installment to the HalloweeN franchise.

(I may come back in here to update my post after another viewing)

09-01-2007, 12:25 PM
8/10. B+. Surprise, surprise. I loved it.

Young Michael in lockdown at Smith's Grove was extremely well done, in my opinion. Daeg did a tremendous job with his role, as well as Sheri. You really had to feel for her character, despite some bad judgments and choices she makes. The woman is trying left and right to keep her family together, and when *the* night arrives, it's crushing to see the aftermath.

Now when we get to Haddonfield, it starts off well. But it becomes EXTREMELY rushed. I loved that Rob put nods to the original throughout, but some ideas (such as the mentioning of Ben Tramer) probably should have been left on the cutting room floor.

As for what else I didn't care for in the movie, there were some unintentional laughs throughout the latter half. *SPOILER ALERT* Such as when Laurie finds Annie and Paul. The acting was a bit melodramatic, even under the circumstances of the scene. *END SPOILER*. Some of the dialogue was a bit hammy too, but nothing to the extreme where it just becomes groan-worthy.

As for the other actors, every one of them stepped up to the plate. And as far as I'm concerned, and I'm gonna get lynched for this, Kristina outdid PJ. In her limited amount of time we get to spend with her, she lights up the screen and has a very unique style to her.

The cinematography was just beautiful to look at. The movie had a dark and foreboding look to it, and was given that much more a brutal feel to it.

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the movie. Zombie didn't exactly knock this one out of the park, but it still is a damn entertaining movie, and is his best effort to date. Kudos for pulling this off Rob.

09-01-2007, 12:33 PM
Here is my very short review as i don't care either way how people look at mine. I loved this movie. I went into it wiythout all the expectations and came out very hapy. I have been told that enjoying this movie makes me less of a "true" fan of Halloween and if so then oh well. I know I was the first and maybe only one to say Zombie would be great for this and still stand by it. Yes the ending was rushed or third act however you want to say it but overall an incredible vision IMO. Loved Sid's part ever so small and even McDowell was incredible and most anyone who knows me knows how much of a fan of DP's I am. Daeg was great and I must say I actually liked the size of Michael more then I figured I really would. OH well keeping it short I gave it a 8.5 of 10.

The Frightmaster
09-01-2007, 01:02 PM
I give the film a 6 or 7/10

I thought it was alright, I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either. It just didn't feel like a halloween movie. I thought the first act with young Michael was alright. But I really didn't like all the swearing and vulgar language. I thought it was very unneeded. I thought the second act with Michael in Smith's Grove was why to long. I felt it dragged on and on. The best part of the movie was the part I was anticipating through out the first who acts and it was the third act when Michael finally breaks out of Smith's Grove and goes after Laurie. But when the third act began I felt kinda sad and disappointed because it felt so rushed. I think the third act should of been longer and they should of made the first two acts WAY, WAY shorter. I wasn't to crazy about the shakey camera it kinda ruined the murders for me. And what the hell was goin on with the purple circles during Sheriff Brackett's and Loomis scene I think at the gas station. And I didn't like all the nudity in the movie, again something I felt very unneeded. I didn't like that Danielle's whole death scene was toppless. And I'd be pissed if I was the guy that played Paul because I never even saw his face. It just kinda pissed me off that the movie seemed to take it's time on the first two acts, but then rushed through the last and most important act in the movie. I mean Rob was on H25 whining about faceless victims, but that's pretty much what Annie and Lynda was in this movie because the third act was so rushed we really didn't get to know Annie and Lynda or even Laurie for that matter. And the ending was pretty bad. If that's the better ending of the two they shot then I would of hated to see the other one. And my last negetive comment is about Michael being a big softy at one pont (SPOLER) when he was in the basement with Laurie and dropped his knife and didn't want to kill her. I mean come on!!!! I thought that was stupid. I mean Michael kills, he doesn't drop to his knees and act like a dope. But that's enough negetive comments.
Some positive ones were the acting was good, I thought the murders where good spite the fact that the camera was shaking like hell and sometimes it got kinda blurry when they happened. I thought the casting of the characters was good. I thought Daeg, Danielle, Malcom, Scout, Tyler....etc. did a great jobs in their roles. I thought Michael Myers had a scary presence to him in this movie. I really liked the scenes with laurie and Michael except for the basement scene that I mentioned earlier. So all in all it wasn't a terrible movie but let's me honest it was the best movie ever, it certainly isn't my favorite sequel but it's in the good sequel column.

09-01-2007, 01:34 PM
Ok after originally deciding not to post a review, I have decided with a little nudge from my favorite person to harrass, yes EOTL that is you, that I would submit my review.
Ok I went into the movie trying to expect nothing from this movie as it has seemed that whenever I get excited over a movie it was a let down. This movie was no letdown at all. I truly loved the movie and put it above any of the sequels other then H5 of course (joking). I thought the acting was much better then I expected, the story was very good also. I did have a few problems with Zombie excessively making nods to JC's Halloween but you know everyone here was crying for it so maybe Zombie did that to give the fans what they wanted and he deserves kudos there also.
Act 1:
I know many have complained about the language but I had no problem with it. I loved how Daeg Faerch portrayed the young Michael character. How he could go from emotion to emotion almost seamlessly. I felt bad for him and loved how Faerch was able to do the things he was doing and also seem fairly likeable. My biggest surprise of the first act was the acting of Sherri Moon, she blew me away. Her portrayal of Deborah Myers was impeccable. Here is a mother trying to raise a family with an abusive boyfriend, working at a strip club and a daughter who does not seem to respect her either, a son who has many problems and a baby. She showed every stress in her face and actions and delivered one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. I know this happened in act 2 but when she was visiting Michael, showing she still cared for him even after what he had done and then when he slipped into his catatonic state and killed the nurse she was finally at wits end and killed herself. That was one of the saddest portions of a horror movie that I have ever seen. Like I said she truly blew me away with her performance. I liked pretty much everything about act 1, the music, the pacing, the editing, the action although I do have one complaing about acting that I will get into later, brace yourself EOTL. Zombie did a great job in this part.
Act 2:
Another good job by Zombie, the interaction between Loomis and Myers is good stuff how at first Michael is open to their discussions but slowly cuts him off is another feather in the cap for Faerch. It seemed to me that Michael began cutting the world off when he asked his mother when he could come home and she said he could not because he had done some terrible things. Now maybe I am reading WAY too far into this but I felt that Michael drew back because he felt betrayed by her and even Loomis for some of his remarks and then when Ismael tried to put the handcuffs back on him that set him off also. Which is why I think that Michael was so violent in his killing of Ismael, Ismael was the last person he trusted then he tried to chain Michael up again so in his distorted mind said screw and went berzerk. The Big Joe Grizzly character added some good comic relief when it was needed and I had a hard time watching that scene without the words "I aint even in that picture." coming to mind. Again act 2 delivered well for Zombie.
Act 3:
Ok I have a complaint here. Like before there were way too many nods to the original. The ghost costume, killing of Bob, the extreme overuse of Dont Fear the Reaper, it seemed like whenever someone turned on a radio it was playing. I also think that Linda character was kind of blah but really liked the Annie and yes surprising enough I loved the Laurie character. I loved how Scout portrayed Laurie, in the original Halloween I was almost hoping Laurie would be killed by some of the dumb things she did which were already pointed out well by EOTL, like dropping the knife twice and always turning her back on Myers. Scout's portrayal of Laurie on the other hand was tough, updated and I found myself truly caring for her character and wanting to see her defeat Myers. And speaking of Myers, I loved Tyler Mane's portrayal of Myers in this movie. He was relentless, tireless and one of the best incarnations of Myers ever. I loved the ending where Laurie was screaming and seeming as if she had gone mad screaming while the police cars were coming. It was very chilling.

Things I liked:
1.Scout- She did a wonderful job of Laurie like I said for once I actually liked the Laurie Strode character.
2. Sherri Moon- She has grown into an amazing actress and this movie wil be known as her coming out party.
3. Daueg Faerch- Like I said he did a great job as young Myers he is a good little actor.
4. Tyler Mane-Relentless, awesome job, he could be Myers forever if he wanted to and I would have no qualm about it.
5. The music-Other then overplaying of DFTR the rest of the music was great.

Things I did not Like
1. The Mask-i know I am going to get shit for this but it seemed to have too precise of features and I guess because he wore it when he was young it lost somethng on me.
2. Malcolm McDowell-This may be just because I am a DP loyalist but I felt nothing at all for Loomis. He was just another character in the movie. I expected much more out of McDowell then this.
3. Too many homages to the original-Just got old after a while.
I give this movie 8/10. I am glad the Halloween franchise is back now I hope they do not return it to where it was before RZ came and rescued it. Good job Rob I thank you for bringing Halloween back to us!

09-01-2007, 03:03 PM
Back when I first heard that Rbo Zombie was making this movie I wasnt sure what to think. Well I sure do now. This movie was a total disaster. Where should I start? Lets just break it down.

Act 1 : This constant cussing in this act was not only unneccesary it took away from the film. It just went on and on and on. One of the few compliments I will give this film is Sherri Moon. She played her part well. Making Michael Myers a whiny little kid didnt do anything for me at all. The whole bully scene was a sign of things to come: nit needed and too graphich, nothing scary here just typcial Zombie gore. Dragged on too long and really took away the mystery of MM. The killings were just all gore no suspense which again would continue throughout this borefest. Hated the way they set up the killings too hes just chilling and out of the blue decides to murder his family.

Act 2: Second verse same as the first. Sherri Moon was good but Malcolm Mcdowell seemed out of place and almost bored with this role. He never connected with the Loomis character and was hard to take serious. This scene again dragged on forever turning MM into Andre The Giant. One of the things that made the original MM scary was how human he looked. This MM looked like a wanna be WWE wrestler. More suspeseless killings very predictable.

Act 3: Where to begin. This went from bad to horrid. The Scout Taylor Compton was terrible and maybe its not her fault. We have little time to get a feel for the character and when we do she isnt very innocent or sympathetic shes rude and annoying. Same with Linda and Annie. They are introduced and killed off before you know it and the chemistry was aweful. The original 3 had excellent chemistry. Again too much focus on vulgarity and nudity and not near enough on mood and fear. The killing of Loomis was shocking but stupid and the whole MM taking out the picture to give to Lauri was almost comical. The final showdown was just terrible including the "chase" scene. Having her blow his head off was so predictable it was sad.

Overall Zombie missed on everything except maybe the music. The cast and acting were teerrible except Sherri Moon. And yes the 10 ft tall MM was terrible. Loomis was almost comical like a bumbling idiot and I was shocked that Mcdowell was so bad. The atmosphere felt like it could be any day of the year as zombie was so preoccupied with blood cussing and guts that he forgot the set the eerie atmosphere that Carpenter did. He alos forgot this key ingridient: the buildup. No suspense and no character connection ruined this film. I dont see how any of you could think this cast was even decent they were trerrible. The camera work was shoddy at best and the whole movie was rushed except maybe his ode to white trash America in the begginning. Total let down maybe a 2 out of 10.

Act 2: This too drug on forever. S

Masked Murderer
09-01-2007, 04:00 PM
Get set for polar opposite:

Act 1:
Yes the Myers family is trashy, but it's not so much that it takes away from the film. If anything, it makes them more mundane than the original, making Michael's actions all the more out of left field. Yeah they're trashy, but his upbringing wasn't that abusive at all. The way I see it, the ability to care about characters can go either way. You can care about them in a negative way, or you can care about them in a positive way. That being said, I cared about the Myers family, and was passionate about them dying. Daeg does an amazing job as young Michael, as does Malcolm McDowell, who's more optimistic and coy, since he's yet to be hit by the monumental failure of his career through Michael. The gore wasn't nearly as bloody to me as people have claimed either...

Act 2:
The early development of Loomis and Michael's relationship is the true heart of the film to me. It's something that I personally sorely missed in the original that I would've loved to see. And for that, I'm grateful Zombie decided to share his take on that story. Seeing the descent of Michael into a lyrical comatose who doesn't speak was tragic and to me the most chilling element of the film. You do feel sympathy for Michael and even more so for his mother Deborah. His escape works very well also.

Act 3:
The icing on the cake. Seeing the homages and touches from the first and second films are a real treat here (Mr. Sandman, Blue Oyster Cult (also in Act 1), and some of the dialogue). Michael Myers is absolutely vicious, which is what he exactly needed to be. Great performances by all, most notably Tommy Doyle. Scout Taylor Compton and Danielle Harris shine as well. I mean, do you REALLY care about Nancy Loomis and PJ Soles in the original? As long as you care about Laurie and Loomis that's what's important. And you care about Scout Taylor Compton. Mason Strode's death is the only scene that made me jump, and the shots of Michael standing behind Lindsey watching TV? - shivers -

While Carpenter's film is more stylized, Zombie's is realistic. Zombie's take on the story would be more like how it would happen if it took place in reality and our society.

And yes they gave Michael more backstory than the original, but the film STILL doesn't give a set explination why Michael is the way he is. This incarnation of Michael is still "Pure Evil" and that's still the essence and spirit of the character, which Zombie DID catch.

BTW I don't remember seeing total confirmation that Loomis died...same with Laurie shooting Michael.

There's no solid proof that either of them died...


Great job, Zombie.


Michael Myers**
09-01-2007, 04:21 PM
Greetings all,

I havent posted here in ages but felt it was nessassary to post my review of Rob Zombie's Halloween. I was very disappointed with the movie. the beginning was pretty good with some minor changes but the middle to the end was butchered in my opinion. Zombie changed a little too much of the orignal content. Although, since there is no solid evidence that Myers and Loomis died, the movie may still have a chance if they are alive. If you do not agree please do not be angry, everyone has there own opinions. My opinion is, the movie was OK..about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10


09-01-2007, 05:03 PM
Hi kids.....I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for the review based on the Chaos perception ( yeah right ), but I'm waiting a little longer to say because the film assaulted me on many different levels and I've changed my mind several times about it. I may have to view it again because I dont know if I'm diggin for something that may not be there, but I feel that this film is deeper than it appears......with that said I CAN rated the popcorn........survey says.... DELICIOUS!!

09-01-2007, 05:05 PM
Greetings. I have just returned from seeing Halloween. It was a 45 minute drive home and I really let it sink in what I have seen. I saw the first Halloween when I was 12 years old, and it was on HBO. I remember how scary it was and how real it seemed. The mood of the movie made me think of my own neighborhood, and houses of those I knew. In the shadows the boogyman could be standing, and I wouldn't be able to see him. That movie has always had a lasting impact on me, and deep down I always wished I could play the shape in a movie... I'm 6 foot 6, so I have that part down, anyway.

Now I am a week from turning forty years old, and there are things that no longer scare me, and things that do, that would have never scared me 30 years ago. The same is true with all of society. Slasher movies do not have the same impact it did at one time, and quite frankly I can't think of any movie that has scared me in a long, long time... until today. But like I said, what is scary now is not what it was. Rob Zombie knows this all too well, and I may be considered a lunatic by some of our younger viewers of this movie, but I think the man is a genius. He tapped into something that I think people are completely missing.

We live in a world where people everyday are on the news for killing their own children and schools are shot up. So what is it... what is the thing that scares me? Let me start from the beginning of the movie. Immediately, we see that Micheal Meyers upbringing is horrible. His step date is a drunken pervert, his mom is a stripper and his older sister is basically an uncaring slut. But you know what? We see people like this every day. We see them on the news, in the stores we shop in and in houses we live next to. Also, we have either been Micheal getting in trouble at school, or if not that, we at least knew people who were just like him. Terrible family, getting bullied at school, and a loner. A lot of people that I have known that lived that life have overcome it and become good citizens. We have all been bullied and we have all grown past that. But here comes the scary part.

In the movie... you can see that the evil inside Micheal is not necessarily the product of his upbringing. It is almost a seperate entity. We have all felt that hate in us, that boils up like when the kids taunted Micheal about his mother. But we overcome it, it fades away. In this movie it doesn't go away. It lives in him, until later in the movie, it consumes Micheal.

Despite what is being said, early in the movie, you do sympathize witth the poor kid the way you would any kid in that environment. What Micheal does to the Janitor, at the sanitarium, changes it all. You realize that the evil has overtaken Micheal. The old innocent side of him is gone, and forgotten. Just like the innocent Micheal said he couldn't remember the events that put him in jail, the evil side that takes over can't remember the innnocence, and the difference between right and wrong. Later, the last person that he cared for rejects him like all the others, and there is nothing left, but the monster.

I have read reviews stating they had a problem with the pacing, or thought the last act was rushed. I don't feel that way. When the adult Micheal shows up, I honestly believed it was the same person that was on screen as the little boy. Mr. Mane should be commended for that.

Which brings me to my point. We all know the story. Halloween is part our our movie history, and the original will go down as probably the best horror movie of all time. Zombie knew this as much as he knew what is scary now... if you watch the movie with this perspective....

What scares you? Seeing someone with a knife chasing teenagers? I guess it could, but like I said, those type of movies as well as the Saw's of this world no nothing that scares... they shock at best. Most of the time, they don't even do that.

What scares, and Zombie's Halloween hit a bullseye with it... is what is we all know a young Micheal Meyers... we have all met him. Some of us have friends or relatives that are him, and in the very least we see one every day. What is scary, is every once in a while, evil does overtake. Look at Viginia Tech. Look at 9-11. Look at the school shootings. Make no mistake. These were evil incarnate, and Halloween isn't ghosts and goblins and witches... it is the unconscience mind (to borrow from one of the earlier sequels). It is what we are all capable of if the situations were different... it is the fact that there are those that live among us carrying that evil inside them. That my friends is scary to me.

This movie isn't Citizen Cane, but I can tell you this... if you didn't like it... don't watch it hoping to get cheap scares and gore, because this isn't going to do it for you. Watch it as an adult, living is the real world, living in a world where evil is real.

I give the movie an 8.5 out of 10. Next time I see it, it may take it higher. If you haven't seen it yet... do so. Just don't expect to see a typical slasher flick, because if that is what you expect, then you will be disappointed.


09-01-2007, 05:08 PM
Ok all, here goes a nice long winded review! I've stayed out of the fray most of the past year, choosing to wait until I saw the movie to comment. And here goes:

Over the past year or so I’ve gone to all extremes - wanting to see it, not sure about it, then not wanting to see it, over and over. I had not read the leaked script, watched or seen the screener or any other version. I did know some of the basics from visiting this place just about daily over the past year.

Perhaps most frustrating has been the amount of contradictory rumors and statements that have come out since Rob Zombie was announced the director. Rob doesn’t like / see the point of remakes, but this is a re-imagining and totally fresh idea. Rob’s previous efforts focused mainly on shock, gore, and disturbing concepts and images – not suspense. But he assures us this is a different film, understands what made the original work, and is tired of the character development issues that plague sequels and modern day horror films. Then came the script leak, which caused an uproar. But we’re assured this was a very early script, many things have since changed. Then the film gets screened, and reshoots are done. Multiple stories surface about the nature of the reshoots. It just went on and on, and my head couldn’t figure out what to make of it or who to believe.

So needless to say by the time I went to see the film, I just had set low expectations and hoped it would be better than I expected. It was not.

I should start my review by stating what I had hoped for, regardless of Rob’s involvement. While I would have preferred a prequel, I didn’t mind the idea of a re-imagining / prequel. I wasn’t crazy about the back-story, but looked forward to seeing any part of the film taking place in the sanitarium and detailing the relationship between Myers and Loomis. I also didn’t mind touching base with the original as long as it dove into some original territory and became its own movie.

The film started nearly 10 minutes late, which meant nearly a half hour of commercials, ads, previews, including a horrendously long ad for a local acapella thing which was more disturbing than the movie itself! Anyhow,

The 1st Act. Completely turned me off. Yes “White Trash” is alive and well in this movie, complete with over-the-top dialog, guys w/ longer hair than the women, and stereotypical characters. Completely unnecessary. The murders Michael commits take entirely too long and contain no real suspense, but are appropriately disturbing. This portion of the movie really could have been condensed quite a bit, chopped into a title sequence, or omitted completely.

The 2nd Act. I found myself getting more involved with this portion of the film. This is also the part I was looking forward to, so I could be biased a bit here. I enjoyed watching a relationship develop between Michael and Loomis, and felt even stronger that this could have made up a larger portion of the movie. By the time this starts to take any effect we are cut immediately to

The 3rd Act. Here we jump straight into sped-up remake mode. Ginormous Myers busts out slasher movie style. Rob then basically does a scene-by-scene remake here (dialog and all) which I found completely surprising considering his stance on the film. Entirely new characters are introduced (halfway through the film mind you) and are given no development whatsoever. They are here for body count only. The only character we are familiar with is Michael. Granted, all of us who have seen the original know these characters, but I tried to approach this as a standalone film that’s unrelated to the original (as well as considering there are people that have not seen the original). Michael goes on his rampage, which is definitely brutal at times, scenes fly all over the place, the movie is in fast forward, and it isn’t until the final sequence that we get some new material thrown in there. I found the ending to be OK, but not great.

Overall the film just felt like a mess. Poor continuity, odd cuts and transitions, poor writing / dialog, poor acting, unnecessary and brutal violence, poor character development. There is no intentional humor in the movie, but I found myself chuckling quite a bit at lines and misplaced sequences (bobblehead included).

The Acting was below average overall, but I can’t help but place the blame more w/ Zombie’s direction and script than the actors themselves. They really didn’t have that much to work with here. I thought Tommy and Lindsay were great, and Sheri Moon Zombie was quite effective as Michael’s mother. It was great to see Danielle Harris back, but she wasn’t given much to do. I found McDowell perfectly cast as Dr. Loomis, but it just seemed like a forced performance here, almost hollow and unconnected. In fact, I felt that many of the performances were forced. I found Scout’s Laurie to be extremely annoying, and was rooting for her to die before any of her friends. Not all Scout’s fault, it’s more the character. There really isn’t any character to root for in this film, Loomis included, as most are either unlikable or have such small roles that they don’t matter anyway.

I thought there was little to no atmosphere in this film, and I see others have noticed this as well. We’re being sped through so much crap, we don’t have time to even notice anything. I easily could have mistaken this film to take place on Easter, or some other random day if it weren’t for a few pumpkins thrown in here or there.

On the music front I found Tyler Bates’ score to be one of the better Halloween scores. I really dig the scores nearly as much as the movies, so I was happy it was done this well. (and when the hell is his score being released?) Unfortunately his cues seemed bizarrely misplaced at times. Awkward song placements didn’t help any. “Love Hurts” was just cringe worthy.

So I was very disappointed in the movie, and thought it missed the mark on nearly every level. Even though I know the sequels usually aren’t good I still love the buildup and look forward to each new release, hoping that it will be the “one”. I couldn’t help but think afterwards, how are they going to take the franchise forward after this? I was hoping for a Casino Royale kind of reboot, and this ain’t it. I can now only wish for a reboot of this re-imagining.

Holy crap that was long :)

09-01-2007, 05:37 PM
I just saw a matinee and I made sure I didn't read any spoilers or have any idea what Rob Zombie was going to do with it. I haven't seen any of his other films so I had nothing to go on. This was a great film, Zombie managed to keep the original intact and still add his own spin to it. I think the Carpenter version was scarier, but there were a few good scares in Zombie's version. Some of the death scenes were intense and gory and the actors I thought did a great job. Malcolm McDowell was excellent, no one could ever duplicate what donald pleansance did in the JC's Halloween, but McDowell did the role justice. I'm not going to go to much into the detail in case some others reading on here haven't seen it. Overall though it was great and the ending just left me shocked. Brilliant job RZ and the whole cast.


09-01-2007, 06:16 PM
Just got out of seeing the movie. Wow.

Rob, how could you screw up so badly?

1) The camera angles

Blurry, distorted, waay too close ups so close you could see ingrown hairs and make up cake. It looked like it was filmed with a cheap film at times that kept pulsing and having streaks.

2) The cuts

Dude, was it asking too much that you match the dialogue to the mouths speaking it when filming? And I lost count of how many songs were butchered because you did an amateur thing of filming dialogue with actual music in the background and not fixing the cuts (the gaps in songs)

3) The pull you right out of the scene totally amateur cuts that annoying enough were so badly done that you could HEAR how off and spliced it was. Footsteps didn't match bodies, dialogue didn't match mouths uttering it.

Your overkill with Don't fear the Reaper sucked. It was cool the first time and totally ruined the kill the next.

Your love of filming interior shots with no exterior reference to know that we changed locations.

4) THE LANGUAGE. Dude, you might not have come from the best household and I can imagine that Thanksgiving at the Zombies comes with porn on the tv, cigarettes and cheap beer cans piled everywhere and rude bathroom humor but still, even with the dumbing down of society it is not seen or appreciated elsewhere. You made the Myers white trash, fine, it was stupid but I accept it. But then no, in your sick writing you have to make every character use the F word repeatedly. I lost count at like 30 times. Every character was saying it just for the sake of saying it. It was stupid.

5) The poor, lazy screenwriting.

Apart from an excellent young Myers and some effective scenes with his mother you took the lazy way with fleshing out Laurie and her friends. In fact, fleshing out to you means having them take their clothes off, doesn't it.
What I mean Rob is that you created the worst stereotype movie characters that came after Carpenter's classic. The many clones of Halloween? You topped them by recreating originals that had no other placement in the film except to die. They had no depth. No reason and of course you have to make everyone foul mouthed and sexually lewd.

You took the biggest free lunch in horror cinema history, Laurie Strode and her friends, and you turn them into crude, arrogant, bitchy, spoiled, vulgar mouth characters and not only that but you take their legendary, powerful kills and replaced them with rushed, cut and paste emotionless, unscary scenes.

This was clearly the most unscary Michael Myers ever. In fact everytime I saw him I couldn't help but think this was some parody of Halloween. Some made for TV Halloween special. Michael was unscary. His rotting mask completely lost the magic and power of the expressionless, " great white" hollow eyes of the original.

What is funny is that ONLY TIME the audience responded is when we heard CARPENTER'S theme song. That was it. It was giggles and scorn from the crowd I saw it with. The briefest magic or symmetry to this entire film was what was taken from Carpenter's work, not yours.

Its funny how everyone is saying, DON'T JUDGE THIS HALLOWEEN BY THE ORIGINAL. Fine then, without even referencing the original, Rob, you created a very strong Michael Myers in the first act (kudos) and the worst cookie cutter characters after that (Laurie and her friends) characters that screenwriters everywhere know that you are supposed to created likable main characters that we should care about their journey. Dude, I couldn't wait for Laurie and her friends to die. Laurie was bitchy, annoying, and one of the worst baby sitters. Her friends, (judging from YOUR WRITING) were pointless, rude, vulgar mouthed, one dimensional characters that I would have to think hard to find a film to match such poorly written characters. I saw the movie. There was not one single scare in the entire flick. I saw the movie. There was not one single scare in the entire flick. It's like YOU cut and pasted Carpenter's Halloween into this one and you want to be respected for your own vision and yet you LAZILY expect us to know and accept Laurie and her friends because, hell, we all know Halloween. Sorry dude, everyone is telling us not to judge your movie based on Carpenter's. Fine. Name ONE THING you did to cause us to feel any empathy for Laurie or her friends, BASED ON YOUR WRITING. You already had established characters there. Instead the greasy hands had to further tarnish whatever it touched. It's like you feel uncomfortable in a world without grime, abuse, violence towards women, vulgarity, crudeness and scorn. You have to foul things up for you to feel at home. Its why you brought the cast from your other films because thats just what the hillbilly types do isnt it? Bring the whole clan. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. You are like the trailer trash that moved down the street and immediately took a pristine neighborhood and littered it with filth, noise and rude, crude neighbors and made everyone else feel unwelcome. Please leave Haddonfield. You don't belong here. I paid my money (and got it back by the way) and therefore I have the right to express my opinion. Its clearly an opinion most reviewers hold. The film is trash. But then again, it was exactly what I expected considering who was behind the camera.

09-01-2007, 06:18 PM
My review:

Okay, so Halloween '07 isn't exactly going to win the award for "BEST REMAKE EVAR!!!!1", but it certainly deserves credit where credit is due.

First off, let me say that I haven't liked any of the Halloween films that followed H4. To me that was the last good Halloween flick until this movie came along. The rest of the films got too complicated. H20 tried to straighten things out, but due to the times in which it was made, it didn't succeed all the way.

So here comes Halloween '07. I think damn near everyone was against this film at the start, including myself. Then it occured to me that a remake could be done right. Get the right director (not saying Zombie was THE director for this, but he did his job well), hire the right people in all the right departments, and this could turn out to be the best film in a while.

And it was. This film is the best Halloween film since H4 and totally smokes the four films that came before it. That's all I could really ask for. I didn't want this film to replace my beloved Halloween '78. All I wanted was a good Halloween film that ditched the garbage that the last four films delivered and presented me with something that I could say "Good job. Well done." to. I honestly didn't care if it was a remake or a sequel. I just needed a clean slate in order to enjoy this series again.

So yeah, I'm very glad to say that this film is good. Not great, mind you, but good.

Anyway, I'm guessing you want to hear what I liked and didn't like. Okay, here goes:


*The score. It felt so good to hear a score that had the feel of the original. Tyler Bates should be proud.

*The acting. Most everyone was solid. The big surprise (and I've seen others say this as well) was Daeg Faerch. As a rule, I tend not to get too involved with kids in horror movies. They tend to be annoying, but seeing as how the first part of the film was all about Michael, it was important to have someone who could pull it off and make you actually care and get involved. Daeg was that someone. You feel for him, and yet you fear him. He has that ability to turn on some of the charm (such as his early scenes with Loomis) and then in an instant he's able to go completely psychotic. I hope this kid gets more work in the future.

*The cinematography. The film actually LOOKS good. It would have been easy for Zombie to have his director of photography just pull a "Dean Cundey working on H2" and not give a shit about how the film looks, but I'm glad that didn't happen. The use of blue in the original film was great, and I'm glad to say it makes a return here. It felt like Halloween should feel.

*The story. While I think the film moved a bit too fast, I was still pretty intrigued by the story. Watching Michael become the legend that he is was pretty interesting, even if the whole killing animals thing was a bit OTT.

*The nods to the original. It was the little things that were the same in this film and the original that made it all the more interesting.

*Michael's mask and general look. FINALLY someone gets it right. This is how Michael SHOULD look. Take notes any future Halloween directors.


*Loomis. Malcolm McDowell is a great actor, but he only played a decent Loomis. Maybe I'm just comparing him to Pleasence, but he just didn't seem to have it. Maybe it was that look in the eyes that was missing. I don't know for sure, but something was just off about his performance. Maybe if they bring him back for the sequel he can do a better job.

*Some of the acting in the prequel portions. It was off. I can't really place my finger on exactly what's wrong with it, but I just know it wasn't up to par.

*The scares. Not everything worked right. Again, can't really elaborate on that.


*The ending. It was...interesting. Certainly should put the nail in the coffin for any sequels, but as always they can bring him back. I felt a bit sorry for Michael at the end. All he wanted was his baby sister to love and care for him because no one else did. That last grip on the gun as Laurie was about to kill him was pretty effective, but all in all, I don't know if the ending worked for me. Might have to see the film again to better understand it.

There's my review. I know a lot of you don't like it, and that's fine by me. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it again and add it to my collection.

09-01-2007, 07:42 PM
Halloween: A Film by Rob Zombie review.

Since this movie was announced I have put my trust in Rob Zombie to help bring Michael Myers back to form. I also stated repeatedly that if I saw the movie & thought that it sucked I'd be the 1st person to admit to it. Well...here are my thoughts on the film that we've all been excited/worried about for a year now.

Likes Daeg Faerch as young Michael was very impressive. As Mark Warner said he has the ability to make you feel for him one second & be terrified by him a minute later. His scenes with Loomis in Smith's Grove are both saddening & scary.

The Loomis/Michael relationship was very well done & McDowell, Daeg & Mane all deserve credit here. Seeing Loomis caring for Michael as a child espically holding him while he's crying was very touching & really draws you in at the climax of the movie. It was also good to see Loomis trying as hard as possible but failing to reach Michael as time goes on.

The acting as a whole was verygood & helped bring some of the less than stellar dialouge up to par. Sherri Moon Zombie really surprised me in this movie. She played her part well & you could believe in her being a troubled Mother trying her best to make her family work in a bad situation. Scout Taylor Compton was also good at showing a different side to such a classic character. She has more of an attitude & smartass side to her but she's still the brainy, unselfish, good hearted babysitter that Jaimie Lee Curtis made famous & in the end I think JLC would have liked Scout's take on her.

The Stode family - From what little I saw of them (and I would have really liked to have seen more) I instantly felt for them because you see a great, loving family & know that the impending doom is right around the corner.

The Violence: Definitely not as over the top as most feared & it felt very realistic & needed. Michael also isn't a simple brute i.e. Jason or Leatherface, that kills in a frantic manner. Everything he did had a purpose & reason. The blood fit the violence &, while there was a lot of it, it never felt over the top.

Tyler Mane: Simply the best version of The Shape since Nick Castle & way more frightening. The look of the mask & overalls combined with the sheer size of Mane made him an intimidating physical presence. His movements were also spot on & it was great to see him not only use his size but also stalk & watch Laurie.

The atmosphere was excellent as was the overall look of the film. It felt like Halloween & Zombie did a great job in using the camera to draw you into a scene when needed. Tyler Bates score was also amazing & used perfectly throughout the movie

Dislikes The Dialouge: While it's not nearly asbad as most predicted it would be it does get abit redundant in the beginning which lessens the effect it could have if used less frequently. And I really don't know of any female that uses the word Cunt when referring to another female even if only spelling it out. Zombie could do better than this & it sometimes felt as if he got stumped & decided to just throw a cuss word in there.

The pacing of the movie felt off in the 2nd half & it seemed like there just wasn't enough time for Zombie to fit everything he wanted into a 50 minute period. If he could have got another 15 to 20 minutes added onto the movie it really could have added to the pacing & given us more time with Annie, Lynda & the Strode family.

The dissapperance of characters was a bummer.I really wanted to see what happened with Annie & Sheriff Brackett but we never get that chance. And if Michael felt the need to kill Ismael then why couldn't we have seen a true ass like Noel Kluggs get his?

Overall I think this is a tremendous movie experience & it's the best Halloween I've ever watched on the big screen & overall only Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece can top it. I have spent a year putting my trust in Rob Zombie & defending this movie & he rewarded me tonight by bring Michael Myers back to form. Kudos Zombie on a job well done (A-)

09-01-2007, 10:26 PM
After having a couple days to reflect on this movie all I can say is I feel this is the worst Halloween movie. What I think is the biggest flaw is that it doesn't feel like a cohesive movie. It feels like two halves of two different movies thrown together. It seems like they made a prequel than cut it in half and then made a remake and cut that in half. The second biggest compliant I have is that nothing seems to be taken to its fullest. There is pretty much no development to Laurie and her friends, Loomis doesn't have much to do same with Bracket. The back story was well executed with really good performances from Sheri Moon Zombie and Daeg Farech, but again its not taken to its fullest. We see that Mikey comes from a broken home and gets bullied, than he kills everyone. Thats it basically. And the idea that hes turns evil because of his abuse step-father and bullies at school is just so stock and uninspired. Once he is at Smiths grove it is a little interesting but moves to fast and doesn't really amount to anything. Once Michael becomes an adult the film really goes down hill. The first part is flawed but an o.k. back story. But once he is an adult it just becomes lame. Another problem I have is that at first it tries to be its own movie, than it gives up and tries to be like the original. Loomis goes from saying Michael is like his best friend in a sick way, than he goes all out evil devils eyes Loomis. With no real explanation for the change. Laurie and her friends are really annoying and badly written. There is no suspense in the whole movie and really nothing scary. The shaky cam is beyond annoying. All the characters except for Debora and the Janitor are either unlikeable or undeveloped. All the kills drag on too long and are uninteresting and brutal for the sake of being brutal. Dialog sounds like it was written by a 13 year old trying to act tough.

I said before that this is the worst Halloween movie and I stand by that. I would say Resurrection while stupid at least has some well done camera shots, a few good kills and is at least somewhat entertaining and had a sense of fun. I'm actually quite surprised so many people liked this. What pisses me off most though is that this was supposed to bring the series back and make it scary again. It did pretty much everything wrong and made it anything but scary. I'm really disappointed in Rob. I really liked both of his movies but this is a huge step back.
Overall 3/10

09-02-2007, 12:03 AM
I'm way too tired to give this any kind of professional critique so I'll sum up my thoughts in pros and cons.


The cinematography was beautiful, there were some great shots throughout the film.

The Shape looked and acted phenomenal, from the mask and the jumpsuit right down to his movements. I give Tyler Mane a pat on the back.

I felt Danielle Harris was superb as Annie delivered the best performance out of the three teens.

I really liked the Strode's death scene. It came out of nowhere with the slashing of Mason Strode and then when Myers entered the room with the lights on to kill Cynthia Strode it was so bold. No sticking to the shadows and prowling around he really took some charge and I felt the scene was scary.

Scout is way more attractive as Laurie Strode than JLC was but...Jamie Lee was the better actress.

Tlyer Bates score was very effective and set the mood.


Music was hit and miss. It was either cheesy (Love Hurts), good (Tom Sawyer just kind of flowed with that truck stop scene) or subtle and perfect (Halloween II, Mr. Sandman, Don’t Fear the Reaper)

There was so little time to get to know Laurie, Lynda and Annie.

The rushed last act of the film which was basically the remake portion. Like many others have said it felt like Zombie was trying to squeeze all of Carpenter's 90-minute original into a 40-minute spot.

The Love Hurts scene...god was that embarassing to watch in the theater.

Grade: C+ maybe B- after a repeat viewing.

09-02-2007, 05:26 AM
I'm 37 and have been a huge fan since seeing H1 on television in 1981. Never have seen any of Rob's movie and do not have a lot of motivation to do so. Not into gore all that much. After reading reviews and message boards I had zero expectations about enjoying this film. I was convinced I would come here and have a lot of negatives to state.
The movie was very good IMO. It had a lot of Halloween atmosphere and the score was great. Acting was fine but I could have done without all of the nudity and bad language. As a fan you had to except that this H was very different. And it was different but still very entertaining. Better than all sequals other than 2 and 4. On the same level as 4.

Bring on the sequal!

09-02-2007, 11:50 AM
The Good:
-great to see Danielle Harris back, but it would have been nice if she had a bigger part
-Michael was good, the mask was good and the movements were pretty creepy
-the theme was used very well
-at times at least, the atmosphere was good. There were a couple of times when it definitely felt like a Halloween night, much, much better than in Ressurrection
-I did like how Michael didn't even seem to know what he had done. Like he asks his mother "how is everyone at home?" as though he doesn't even remember he killed them. That made him very creepy
-the boy who played young Michael was very good

The Bad:
-too rushed...I know he had to put in the backstory, but the last 40 minutes or so (the re-make portion) was confusing and much too quick
-too much gore. The deaths were a bit too violent
-overall the acting wasn't great. Laurie became annoying much of the time, Lynda was very annoying (where in the original you liked her) and Sherriff Brackett seemed like a weirdo (he also looked like Mike Love of the Beach Boys for some reason)
-it dragged on too long at the ending. Honestly, I hoped when Michael was in the pool and Laurie was being placed in the police car, Loomis would look and Michael would be gone, instead it just kept dragging on (and how many cellars, attics and crawlspaces can one house have?)
-while the idea of showing the Myers family as being messed up wasn't so bad, it was pushed a little too far, especially with the Ronnie character (who can be good at playing creepy, intimidating parts-see his role as the janitor in Career Opportunities-I knew I recognized him from somewhere)
-the psychology of Michael was a bit muddled. It seemed like for a while it was showing that Michael was sort of a classic Mama's boy, and that there was going to be some Freudian view on his relationship with his mother, then he just turns nuts, but does he dislike his mother? or does he finally go over the edge because of her suicide? Also, it seemed like when he grabbed baby Laurie after his first killings, he might be thinking that life would be fine with just him, his mom and baby sister, so he could be the protector or something. They hinted at lots of psychological things, but then just let them go

I'd say right now it's about a 6/10, but I will have to see it on DVD, where I can pick up more things to get a really good idea.

P.S. It seemed a little disturbing that in one movie we saw little Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris's) breasts, as well as little Jenny Gump's (Hanna Hall). Not that they weren't nice, but it seems odd to be seeing them when you remember them as being adorable little girls.

09-02-2007, 01:16 PM
Campy music? Check.
White trash aesthetic? Check.
Sherri Moon Zombie's Ass? Check.

Rob Zombie is an adequate director. House of 1000 Corpses was fun. The Devils Rejects was too much of his shtick though. With Halloween it was possible for him to really stretch his legs as a director and do something different. He didn't.

What we get here is Rob trying to do two things. Stretch 10 of the greratest moments of cinema into a 45 minute white trash extravaganza. Then once we are sped up to a grown up Michael it seems Zombie forgot what movie he was remaking and he rushes out 5 or so homages and barely takes any time to introduce anyone before they are killed off. He relies far too much on the assumption you have seen the original film and know who these people are already. He spent so much time explaining a character that we didn't need to know (Myers) that he left us no time to meet the people we are supposed to care about. I know Rob is fascinated by killers and monsters but the audience isn't supposed to cheer for them and that is the cardinal rule of a slasher film. If we don't care about the victims than the movie fails. It fails even harder when you try and make the killer the victim.

Oh and Malcolm McDowell should never work in film again. What an astonishingly awful performance.

I didn't think the mask or Mane's performance were all that great either. Mediocre to the extreeme!

09-02-2007, 01:33 PM
Lucky enough to attend Comic Con in San Diego, I feel like I had an advantage. Halloween fans everywhere were skeptical of a Halloween “re-imagining” but seeing a 5-minute clip from the movie weeks before the film’s release was just what I needed before seeing the full-length version. The Comic Con clip was that of new Laurie desperately trying to remain safe up in the rafters of the Myers house whilst Michael smashed into the ceiling with a 2 by 4. I witnessed a more violent, human, grunting Michael Myers. I witnessed part of a violent, brutal, in-your-face horror movie. I loved the scene and it allowed me to accept that Zombie’s upcoming movie was not the beloved original, but something extremely different…

Zombie’s version still abounds with flaws. The first and worst is that it’s Halloween and it’s not scary. It doesn’t even try to be scary. It should have and could have been terrifying. Also, we are introduced to too many characters that we know nothing about except that they can bleed really well (I’m so glad we finally get to see Paul’s face; oh wait, we don’t see Paul’s face). The new trio of girls leaves a lot to be desired: the acting is often cringe-worthy (“Was that the boogeyman?”), their chemistry is frequently unrealistic and forced, and they definitely needed more screen time to allow the audience to connect (and by that, Zombie, I do not mean longer sex scenes). Also, I too agree that it seemed like the original film was compacted and stuffed into the second half of the new film. It’s a shame that the carefully constructed pacing of the beginning didn’t carry over during grown-up Michael’s rampage, especially because it almost wastes wonderful details like Cynthia Strode’s desperate attempt to keep Michael away from her baby, Laurie’s horrifying predicament when she finds herself in a very deep, empty pool, and Danielle Harris’ outstanding performance as she cries out warnings to Laurie.

If one compares the new film to the original, I think we can all pretty much agree that it’s unworthy of the phenomenal classic. On the other hand, if one watches the film objectively, there are several quality moments that create a quality picture. Young Michael Myers has a story that is completely captivating, partially because of the wonderful performances of Sheri Moon Zombie and Daeg Farech. The touching connection between Mother and Son is played out wonderfully and Michael’s progression from bad to worse is incredible to behold. From his first murder and home massacre on Halloween to his confused time in Smith’s Grove and Loomis giving up after 15 years, the movie offers an interesting, engaging spectacle and a cinematic first for a Michael Myers movie. One of the movies finest moments features a hopeless Deborah Myers in her final scene. As for the film elements, the look of the movie is fantastic. The score and soundtrack sound great and work great within the movie, and the cinematography is nicely done (I love it when the camera shakes slightly during the most violent moments). In the end I was somewhat disappointed because I wanted the movie to be great but great it wasn’t. However, Zombie’s version is a simple and entertaining journey into very violent territory. And while it may not be even close to being as good as Carpenter’s Halloween, in an age of Saws, Hostels and Japanese Ghosts it should be welcomed into the series with an open mind.

3 out of 5

Best Halloween Films: H1, H2, H20, H4, Zombie's, H5, H6, Resurrection

09-02-2007, 04:36 PM
I went to the first showing on friday the day it came out, and when i walked out of the movie i walked passed the movie staff guy and he asked me if it was good and i diddent have an answer for him it wasent till about 3 hours later that the movie hit me. i really enjoyed robs new film the child myers scenes were awsome the the movie was a good reinvention of the Halloween series BUT and i say BUT there was a few things i really diddent like about it. first the main thing was the ending when loomis shot myers 3 times in the back after myers gets up the holes are gone as if he wasent even shot. and when myers grabs loomis to push in his eyes after he does it loomis falls to the ground and it looks like nothing even happened to him. and at the end of the movie i found as if i just watched a texas chainsaw massacre moment. the ending of the movie just seemed really rushed to me as if the weinstien brothers told rob that we have to rush the movie and he just threw that ending together. and i loved dr loomis in the original in this one he just seemed like a bitch. mcdowell played the part well i just think rob should of wrote him alittle better than that. and lastly other than myers there is hardly any scenes with the other characters either they were killed of quick or they were rarely in it. other than that it was a good movie i really enjoyed learning more about micheals past. and his hatred growing with his sickness and a fear of everyone he loves either beating on him or leaving him. like his mom killing herself then dr loomis saying he cant work with him anymore then danny trejo saying hes retiring. i think thats why he killed danny trejo because he was retireing and leaving him alone. thats why he goes for laurie the only one left in his life his baby sister. really good character development. the kills were good the movie honestly was good but i just had a problem with a couple things is all. it doesent touch the original but i already knew that before seeing the movie. its hard to top its predeccesser. and for the record ive been on here for a long time i just stopped for a month and when i tried to log back on it diddent know my account so i got a new one so im not new.

09-02-2007, 05:51 PM
A let down.

That about sums it up.

The actors had nothing to work with, and I didn't even like Scout as Laurie.

Danielle Harris let me down to a degree.

The writing was sub par at times, and the pacing sucked in the remake section.

Malcolm is a great actor, but not a good Loomis.

It failed as a slasher, and it failed as a Halloween movie,

The Good Doctor
09-02-2007, 07:04 PM
Well folks, over the course of the past few days the Halloween mythos has been reduced to an episode of Jerry Springer. I will say that after all of this hoopla, I only love the original that much more. Increased levels of Gore, nudity and profanity and 'action' are not proper substitutes for character development, suspense and ingenious pacing. I think that in time this debate will come to an end, as more and more people re-watch the original. And yes, I compare the two and always shall, given that RZ stole liberally from JC all the while claiming we "shouldn't" compare them because this is a "reimagining". That just doesn't fly, and neither does the total demystification of the Shape. The sequels are guilty of all these things, to an extent; however they didn't have the pretentiousness to call themselves simply "Halloween" and make grandiose and impossible claims of authenticity. I suppose now we can sit back and wait for the “reimagining’s” of F13 and NOES, followed by a convoluted version of the entire original slasher era.*shudders*

09-02-2007, 08:26 PM
RZ should have stuck to the orginal with a modern day look. He shouldn't have made Michaels family white trash, use too much nudity, or gave Michael this deformed crazy look. I rating is a big movie classic going to crap.

09-02-2007, 08:49 PM
Well, let's start by saying the classic Halloween always worked for me because Myers was an enigma. That gave him this supernatural appeal that allowed the viewer to imagine him in a larger than life environment. He represented everything I liked about Halloween. He was the mystery; that unexplained noise in the darkness; that feeling in the air on Halloween night that something "other worldly" was amongst us. In essence, he WAS the Boogey man, but there clearly was a seperation between him and real world themes. He was basically a modern day Frankenstein monster.

What Zombie did is reduce Myers down to a social byproduct of stereotypes in the worst way - parents and school peers. Given the recent years of violence in high schools (Columbine) and colleges (Virginia Tech), I found this treatment to be somewhat socially irresponsible (especially given the pressures currently on kids who primarily watch these movies). All film makers have a responsibility for any product they show for public consumption and I think Zombie demonstrated poor judgement by abandoning substance for gore and unforgiving shock value. I also deplored some of the dialogue, especially with the step-father's "incest-style" comments for the oldest daughter. I thought that was very inappropriate for a film of this kind.
I left the theater really with an upset stomach because the movie just essentially turned my stomach with it's unending need to gross you out.

I couldn't wait to get home and watch the original and get this one out of my system. I have no need to see it again because it carries a mean-spirited message and I think films of this kind are best forgotten. It also made me pause to wonder if the film's director does not need his own personal "Dr. Loomis" to help him sort out his own wicked thoughts. He's a very disturbed character, and that's not meant in a charming way either. Rating: BOMB

09-02-2007, 09:03 PM
My wife and I went to see the movie tonight. My overall feeling on this movie is jaded- I think I simply love the original too much to give it a fair review- so I'll just share my impressions and opinions to get it out.

I felt the acting was good all around- Although I feel like the Myers fucked up home life in the beginning was a bit too over the top- or too 'Zombie', I suppose. Also, I wasn't totally convinced with the way Laurie and her friends interacted. Either I'm getting old, or girls simply don't behave like those girls do. Either way, suspension of disbelief shouldn't always mean accepting how Zombie feels characters should interact. I can see he's a good director of actors, but his vision of people who should disturb me makes me feel like he's trying too hard. There was some killer moments, where acting really worked well for me away aside from all that.

Character development! Well, I would have liked some! Honestly, I felt more for Danny Trejo's character dying than anyone else in the film- Michael's mother had a decent emotional journey after Michael killed everyone else. There was plenty of characters, mind you- and I felt like it was almost a distraction that hurt the film for me. I know directors like to work with the same actors over and over, but sometimes that kills the aforementioned suspension of disbelief. (Although I admit the talent is high for these folks, and it's almost unfair for me to be a bitch about it.)

Plenty of nakedness and raw brutality. None if it particularly bothered me, but then, I don't think a great deal of it was needed it either. I've felt that way with a lot of Zombie's work- he's got talent, but this cult following for his style is lost on me. I respect it and his fans- after all, I love the entire Halloween franchise, so I don't have much room to criticize- but for me and Halloween, there was some moments where it worked and others where it didn't.

Young Michael was played excellent as written, but personally I didn't need any of that. When he was talking to Loomis, I felt it betrayed the character. I guess I'm one of those people who do feel there's a difference between 'the shape' and 'myers, the psychopath'. This is not to say it was a bad idea- the beating of the other school kid with a tree branch and some of the moments in the institution were great- everything else I would have left out of the film.

Loomis. McDowell is great, but I can't not compare him to the 'real Dr. Loomis'. There's just too much emotional investment. Having said that, it's easier for me to share that I didn't care for new feel of the character. Not necessarily bad, but not how I would have treated the character, even in a re-imagined version of the film.

Cinematography was 50/50 for me. Half of it was stunning, and the rest- I can see what Zombie was doing, but it didn't work for me. It's art, so I won't say it's bad- overuse of the pale to dark palette; extreme close-ups and shaking cameras; they didn't visually enhance the experience for me.

Music- Zombie always puts together a great soundtrack. The original score (and variations of) is just icing on any cake for a fan.

The re-work of the plot, or the second and third acts- felt messy. Maybe that was the way to do it so it wasn't the same thing all over again, but... meh. Character development and casting might have fixed this.

The mask looked great- nearly perfect. Tyler Mane as Myers was wonderful. His movement was great, and I enjoyed the wrestling move at the end. Speaking of which, the trailer said the end was shocking- I don't know why. The screaming Laurie was cool and crazy, but I would have been just as happy and perhaps more shocked with them flying off the balcony and the credits rolling right there went it went black.

Halloween was the holiday, but nothing here really felt like Halloween to me. Yeah, there was pumpkins and costumes, but I was so detracted throughout that those elements weren't really there. Maybe too many masks, or maybe it really wasn't the point and I wasn't meant to remember what the name of the movie was. Either way, I would have just called this Michael Myers. (Perhaps with a scary prefix or subtitle).

All and all and for me personally, Rob Zombie's Halloween felt like a movie based on a book I've read several times and loved- of course instead of a book it was John Carpentar's Halloween- but the fact remains, the book is always better. So this wasn't bad, but for me it was by no means great. I think Zombie could have made one hell of a Halloween 9, but I don't think this new version was necessary. I won't see this again in the theater, and it's possible repeated viewings might make me grow to like the film more- but as for tonight and the initial experience, I was expecting more. If nothing, I was reminded why the original is so amazing, and why I love it so much.

09-02-2007, 10:06 PM
I would like to start off my review with a little rant I summed up while reading the 6 pages of reviews, and the majority that felt the need to bash the movie while at the same time comparing it to the original. Yes, this may share the same name, yes this may have Michael Myers in it, but when RZ said he's re-imagining the original, that doesn't mean he sold the rights to use material borrowed from the original. And as well as when you compare the two, it's like comparing The Godfather to Casino. Both are awesome movies on their own merits, but the original Psycho to the remake. Both are great movies, but the original will always stay a classic and true horror gem.

Now onto my review..

Act I - Started off a little clunky, but then it picked up once you saw there was more to the atmosphere than the free usage of vulgar language. When you see Michael as a normal kid, being nice and gentle kid, to just all of a sudden snapping it brought a sense of sheer creepiness to my mind. Daeg did a wonderful job as young Michael. He always had the look of being a momma's boy to all of a sudden being that person in school you just didn't fuck with period. He pretty much (in my mind) portrayed a proper young Michael that could've been a possibility in which we didn't know in the original (just in a different family backdrop). The kill scenes albeit violent were realistic and brought a sense of wanting to cringe as they happened. As well as the ensemble cast put forth did a great job in portraying the environment Zombie gave to us from his imagination.

Act II - Again, started off a little slow, but picked up as well. McDowell did a decent job as Dr. Sam Loomis, but he'll never be able to mimic the character Donald Pleasence gave to us. The chemistry between Michael and Loomis just worked. You could actually see the caring Loomis showed towards Michael, as well as his determination to help him. To see him go from an ordinary kid, to just snapping randomly and killing people, like the nurse who gets the fork death and the guards who just get brutally massacred and Ismael w/o hesitation in the most screwed up kill in the movie just goes to show you that he went from being a normal kid to just being this entity that didn't care anymore about anyone especially considering Ismael cared for this kid. As well as seeing Loomis just give up after 15 years of trying his best, gives you a sense that might've been what Pleasence's character might've gone through.

Act III - Started off slowly, but in my opinion some of the scenes were rushed. The killing was rushed, but at the same time.. Zombie made sure to give people the presence of MM in that kind of environment. From him stalking Laurie w/ that classic standing outside of the school watching her from a distance, as well as him standing behind Lindsay brought a sense of dread and creepiness I hadn't seen in a horror movie since H4. Even rushed, the scenes were natural in trying to provide a creepy environment. The kills were violent yes, but who said death was pretty? The blood was used wise and intelligently. As well as Zombie made sure to off the people you liked and hoped didn't die, and it made me wonder why he didn't kill Annie and left her as bait. This act pretty much left no stones unturned, and showed what would happen in a realistic way. The ending was brilliant, left me wondering what happened exactly. As well as Mane did a great job portraying Michael, I felt that Scout left a little more to be desired from her role, Danielle Harris did a great job at portraying Annie (in her own way), and Lynda (Kristina Klebe) was shown to be a more conscious minded individual who was more in control of herself than a ditsy blonde. The supporting cast left me a little iffy, but none-the-less did their jobs effectively around the main cast. Just wish there was more of a fight between Big Joe Grizzly and Myers than just a struggle, a punch, and a stab.

All in all, I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Albeit not as creepy and scary as the first one, on it's own merit stands out as a great sequel/prequel in the series that's had nothing but bad sequels to tarnish the image John Carpenter gave to us in 1978, to get a movie that would not only do the original justice, but make people realize the actual being that is Michael Myers , a bad-ass who doesn't hesitate to kill someone. Definitely worth seeing again in the theater.


09-03-2007, 01:01 AM
Well this is my first post to the message board...so please don't hate on me too much for my comments...

First and foremost I love the series and the characters just as much as any of you do.

Well I was like the rest of you...and was super excited when I found out that rob zombie was at the healm of the newest installment of Halloween.

Well here is my initial thoughts.....For a Halloween Film....it was a good movie...better than 3,5,6,7,8 without a doubt...maybe even better than 2....for that matter.

For a Rob Zombie film....it was horrible.....

RZ makes his mark with 1000 corpses...then he becomes an official icon in horror movies with the devil's rejects (Which ranks high on everybody's list)....

Then the remake of Halloween gets thrown his way....

And we all expect evil incarnate to scare the shit out of us....

But its weak...for a RZ film I expected so much more...

true it does make you jump from time to time...but I watched the devils rejects with my mouth open in awww the hole way through the first time i watched it....

So when Halloween fell into his hands I couldn't wait.

It was far beneath mediocre....how does Michael now Laurie is his sister off an infant picture?

there is no EVIL dialogue to grab you from Loomis....not like the original anyway...not mcdowell's fault...writers fault.

I was just disappointed...Annie Lives?!?!?! What victim of Meyers ever lives outside of Laurie and the Dr?

I mean WTF?

I may get bashed for this review but cmon Rob...are you happy with what you made....was this for you the way you wanted to see it...or was this for the fans....did you get lost in YOUR movie...or did you make this for the FANS...I mean after the 9th installment...who is going to see this movie...the FANS!

WE WERE CHEATED....Was it rushed...were you pressured?!

To the AKKAD staff please stop the franchise and let Michales Legacy live on....no more additions to the series...

I don't know...it could have been so much more..how many of you agree with me?!

09-03-2007, 03:44 AM
1-'act one' seems like an extended episode of the JERRY SPRINGER show, you know when they do an in house filming of the family situation. Rob zombie injected too much of his own upbringing into the film I think. Also evidenced by how every other of the male actors has to have long hair or be wearing a kiss shirt or whatever. Come on zombie, learn some objective film making man, everything you do can't be an extended portrayal of your own life, if you want that make a documentary on yourself. It just comes across as narcissistic inspite of the fact that you 'write from experience'. You should have watched the original a few more times and written from that experience. And it's just plain silly to deduce that a child who mutilates animals is going to end up a psychotic mute killer. When I was younger, around 13 or so I knew a few kids who tortured their pets. You know what they grew up to be? Business men, frat boys and assholes! Hey, guess what george Bush use to do when he was younger? That's right, he use to torture animals! But he is arguably more psychotic than michael myers anyway, unfortunately he's not mute though. My point is, BAD psychological premise for assuming the disposition of a mute monkey psycho killer.

2-'act two' seems a little more psychologically subdued in a way because it deals with actually having to explain something instead of just portraying idiotic red neck lifestyle gone low budget B-film. This portion of the film deals with the transition between a cute little hick brat into a quiet, apparently more sophisticated mask making demon child. We find throughout this sequence that michaels larynx inches closer to complete astrophy with each and every moment of each and every day. One might venture to say that this is when the film gets tolerable and the microscope is no longer focused on the freudian details of how many times the word 'fuck' or 'fuckin' can be condensed into a particular portion of what one might refer to as anything resembling 'dialogue'. Sorry, the security guards are completely implausible with their hick mentality. I have been to places like that as part of research study and the guards may be stupid in some cases, but they do not hire people who seem more mentally unstable than the people staying in there. Or if they are, at least they know how to hide it. I guess that makes them better actors than the ones zombie hired for this sequence.

3-'act three' is when the word 'fuck' or 'fuckin' reaches its dramatic conclusion. Here we see the complete lack of concern by the film maker of anything that begins to even hint at an objective consideration of how people behave in real life. Yes, teenagers use the word 'fuck'. Yes, they sometimes use it without thinking, but when did the word 'fuck' become a fucking affix to anything someone says? Quite pathetic mister zombie. Try using it more discriminatively when you release the DVD ultra mega stupid version. Maybe you can get that out by halloween. Anyway, this portion of the film contains some suspenseful moments, like we never know when they are not going to say 'fuck' and it just shocks you into your neighbors popped corn. Michael seems to have an affection for laurie that one might liken to the affection KONG has for ann darrow. Accept when we recap to the rat sequence we realize the relationship is more complex than simply wanting to growl and kiss the object of affection (hints at incest?). In the film goers mind we know that michael merely wants laurie as another pet which he will, at some unspecified time, begin to torture and mutilate. See there is an intimate connection between affection and murder here that only michael himself is aware of the meaning of. The rest of us must content ourselves on the notion that to love someone is to want to kill them, which is not a difficult concept to grasp if you have been in a relationship that seemed to go nowhere, or if the relationship you have with your kin seems to border on meaningless or conditioned. So whether or not michael is a hero or a villain remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure. He definitely knows his way around kitchen utensils. And by the way 'fuckin fuckin fuck fuck fuckity fuck!'

And administrors, calm down, it's just a film for goodness sake. It's not like it's portraying any in depth philosophy or something the human race should adopt to and live by in our every day lives. It's a FILM nothing more. And I don't care if I am banned for this statement. The forum isn't worth trying to stay at anyway.

Death By Myers
09-03-2007, 12:13 PM
Like so many other fans, I really had high hopes for this movie. I went in unspoiled, the only thing I saw was the trailer which actually gave me chills when I saw it for the first time. I felt confident in backing RZ's vision and thought it would be a breath of fresh air for the franchise....

But after about the first 15 minutes into the movie, I seriously wanted to walk out of the theatre. All that trailer-trash swearing....it felt so out of place. Unneccessary.

The movie was not scary. In fact, I noticed the audience laughing a lot more than actually being scared. For instance, when Michael (as a child) put on the Shatner mask, the audience and myself included started to laugh. It looked ridiculous!

Too much time was spent on Michael's back story and not enough time was spent on the girls. I felt nothing...NOTHING, for Laurie. She and the other girls had about as much character development as some random teenagers from a Friday the 13th film who get killed in the first 20 minutes of the movie. We simply didn't know them...and therefore, couldn't care what happens to them.

As someone said in here earlier, Michael has been reduced to nothing more than a hulking redneck. Gone is the "evil" and "mystery" that once surrounded this iconic killer. Now it's been replaced with this redneck, inbred backstory that is so common in RZ films.

Oh and where was the Halloween-like atmosphere? In comparison with the other movies, this had very little and that disappointed me greatly. We don't see very much of Haddonfield. Or any kids trick-or-treating. The trees had green leaves on them, were full and alive, and yet the ground was littered with orange autumn leaves. wtf?

What else can be said that hasn't been? I will stop here.

In summary, this movie was a huge dissapointment. I doubt I will buy the dvd, but if I do, it will only be for the extra's and maybe some Dannielle Harris interview or something...

This movie is better off forgotten, much like a couple of other sequels in the franchise.


09-03-2007, 02:34 PM
let me start off by saying Laurie's last line from Halloween Resurrection "I'll see you in Hell." would be the only thing I could say to Rob Zombie about this movie. That being said here are my thoughts,

in the first act the Myers mask looked like the 1978 version
Laurie, Annie, and the kids surrvived

lack of a decent storyline
zero flow of the scenes
Dr. Loomis being killed
major and noticable flaws in editing
it also made me laugh

in all I'd give this movie a 6/10

09-03-2007, 06:11 PM
Rob Zombie may be a horror prodigy to some. I think otherwise. All of his movies have the same trashy dialogue and similar characters. Halloween is a CLASSIC because it's CLASSY. Having his Mom be a gutter mouth stripper didn't do any justice to this remake. I think Sherri Zombie could be a great actress if she got away from such sleazy roles. Furthermore, the accessive use of the F word displays lack of screen writing ability in my humble opinion. However, he nailed the murder suspense and power of Micheal Myers. In conclusion I would say this remake takes the class out of a classic. From a true fan of the original: IT SUCKED.

09-03-2007, 06:25 PM
When I heard that there was going to be a remake, I was quite upset actually; I didn't want to have an open mind about it since this of course is my favorite movie of all time and I think it's rather hard to step in to Jamie Lee's shoes.
I pretty much anticipated it's release once I saw photos of the movie and trailers, I did think it would have been better than it was though.
When it started, which I have to say that I really did like the first half of it with Michael as a young boy; it explained more on why he turned out the way he was. It was extremely violent and I was surprised actually, that boy had no feelings for anyone but his mom and little sister, haha.
The effects were well done I think, very lifelike and the stabbing of Judith was longer than the original; at least Judith had more lines in this movie. Haha.
What I thought could have been with out was the swearing and nudity, I wasn't fond on all the swearing ~ not like I don't swear myself but Lord, haha. And I don't dig naked chicks but I know a lot of men and teen boys like naked women so of course it would be catered to their likings more than the women or teen girls.
I didn't like the personalities of Laurie, Lynda, or Annie; Annie was okay but I wasn't fond of the other two. Laurie was mean towards Tommy and Lynda at least didn't seem as much of an airhead in this one but still wasn't fond, her death came too fast, too.
Having McDowell play Loomis was a good choice, he was perfect for that role and even sounded like the original Loomis! I'm still surprised that he supposedly "dies" in the end.
One thing that I wish could have happened was Laurie finding out who Michael was, it didn't seem like she understood any of what was going on and I just wish she could have found out what the whole meaning of what he was doing could have been the end.
My dad thinks there's going to be a 2nd one and I wouldn't doubt it but I give this remake 3 and a half stars.

09-03-2007, 08:08 PM
Ok I Am Going To Be Real With This.i Felt That Rob Did A Very Good Job With The Remake Of The Classic Movie. The Fact We Got To See What May Have Caused Micheal To Be The Demented Person He Became Was Interesting Yet Intense.

Heck,i Probably Would Have Turned Out Crazed Dealing With A Lame Ass Crippled Boyfriend With A Knack For Cursing And Having Such A Bad Attitude. The Sister Was To On Herself And Was Not A Supportive Sibling-showed No Real Love Towards Mike.

Then It Did Not Help To Have The School Bully Pick On You.sou Really Had To Sympathize With Him As A Child.the Only Love He Really Got Was From His Own Mom.

The Scenes Where He Is In The Institution Was A Nice Build Up To What Would Be The Loss Of His Human Side. This Movie I Enjoyed Because Though Micheal Was Still A Cold Blooded Murder-u Defintely Felt Sorry For Him Ina Small Way.

I Feel That Rob Zombie Did A Remarkable Job Of Bringing Back To Life The Halloween Movie. Despite The Lil Critiques About The Movie It Was Well Worth My $10.00-look Forward To The Dvd In December Or January.

I Rate It Rite Below The Original Halloween-but Please No Sequel!!!

09-03-2007, 09:06 PM
Okay, just got back from seeing RZH and here is my take on it:

First, let me just get this out of the way right off the bat: Danielle Harris . . . topless . . . hehehheheheheheh . . . thank you! Was hoping for full frontal but . . . thank you, Rob, thank you!

Okay, on to the real stuff. In a nutshell, this was a good, intense, slasher film. Which we basically knew is would be after The Devil's Rejects. I am still a little pissed that Akkad Jr decided to jump on the restart bandwagon. But, like the new Battlestar Galactica, the remake is good enough that it doesn't really annoy me that much.

I have mixed feelings about the origin segment. It did a good job of tracing the causes behind Micheal's psychosis and depicting what was a completely broken down family structure. But on the other hand, I'd always liked the fact that John Carpenter had brazenly never explained the reasons behind Micheal's murder spree. In creating a detailed back story, the new Micheal becomes more like Jason Voorhees, then Carpenter's creation. But I'm also well aware that today's audiences need to be spoon fed an explination for everthing rather then draw their own conclusions.

Malcom McDowel's Loomis was good. Obviously, were a long way away from Donald Pleasance here, but that's a good thing, since some actor just imitating him wouldn't have been very welcome. And it is good to know how he came to see Micheal as evil. I like most of the actors, in fact. I liked the way both Hanna Hall's Judith and Kristina Klebe portrayed their characters as insufferably obnoxious, diluting the death-for-sex theme that I generally find annoying in most modern horror films. Of course, I obviously liked Danielle Harris as Annie. She played the part well, and I've been wanting to see her get back in the franchise (And it was nice to see her survive. Maybe if there's a sequel, she can come back). Brad Dourif made an interesting Sherrif Bracket (I didn't realize it was him until the end credits). And all the horror friendly cameos were lots of fun.

The week link was, unfortunately, Scout Tayler-Compton's Laurie, who came off as just an incredible airhead. I basically found myself thinking Tommy and Lindsay we both way smarter then her, and consequently, didn't really care wheather Micheal killed her or not. I found that I was more concerned with Dr Loomis Probably why they left it somewhat open on wether he died or not.

But overall, this was great movie. Very intense, and very involving. I love some of the creative kills like where Micheal stabs the cop behind the slightly transparent door and the new corroded mask was a nice touch. Also interesting was the way the film played on expections, following a streamlined version of the first film's story until the third act where it turned off into a whole new climax at the Myers house. Rob's way of directing the film with an emphasis on hand held cameras was also pretty cool, if a little disorientatng (much less so, then The Bourne Unltimatum which actually gave me motion sickness). Not to mention all that lovely naked female flesh. I'll go see this again, probably tommorow.

I still have mixed feeling about them going the remake route, especially since I really thought the series should have ended on a high note with H20. But if they keep it up like this, I wouldn't mind settling in for second Halloween franchise for a half dozen entries or so.

Now when's the Blue Ray Disc coming out?

09-04-2007, 01:08 AM
0 out of 10
No Stars (Out of 5)

"George Bush is to The American Presidency, as Rob Zombie is to Making a Halloween Movie"!!!

Swear to God, I "walked out" in the 3rd act.... This Movie is an Embarassment.

ROB ZOMBIE should be "Sued" this movie is so bad!

Terrible Story
Aweful Acting
Poor Casting
Excessive Violence (Graphic Gorefest)
Shaking Camera
No Atmoshere
No Suspense
No Tension
MYERS looked stupid (Way to Big, Bad Hair)

Quite simply, I Hated it!!!

I'm so disappointed in Rob Zombie, I thought he was the perfect choice for this project.... turns out he was the absolute WORST! I wanted this movie to be good (so badly).... I seriously walked out early, what a DISGRACE!!!

09-04-2007, 04:04 AM
I think it made alot more sense that a deranged killer would come from a dysfunctional family than a normal one so I think RZ made a wonderful choice by depicting the family like he did. I think it was very smart for him not to do a scene for scene remake of the original but to actually show you why everything is what it is. I may be in the minority but I honestly think this is better than the original. There are too many slow parts of the original that just prevents the movie from flowing and I don't recall the new movie doing so. I still love the original don't get me wrong but I love the whole back story that this one provides. I hope they don't make a sequel,I think this one sums it up perfectly.

zombie commando
09-04-2007, 04:56 AM
This movie ruled. It had one hell of a mean streak. It was certainly better than the shit sequels we've been handed for the last decade or so.

09-04-2007, 09:47 AM
Please remember people. No discussion in this thread. Post your review once and move on.

09-04-2007, 12:13 PM
So I saw the movie on Saturday night, and while the row of annoying ghetto-ass folk behind us were screaming commentary the entire time, I think I got a good enough look at the movie to review it coherently.

I liked the simplicity of the opening credits, liked the music, liked the initial intro to the family. But I was kind of dissapointed when the bully got killed, and when Michael continued to butcher the step-dad, the boyfriend, and THEN Judith. Half of the shock of the original was that, initially, we didn't know who was doing the killing and we were shocked to discover that it was her little brother. Now all the shock element is gone and all we have are some wince-worthy slashes and beatings. I thought the whole sequence with the newscaster reporting while the rest of the scene was frozen was fantastic...almost reminiscent of the original when the camera pans away from the static Myers family looking at Michael on the street after he kills Judith.

I really disliked how young Michael was portrayed. I much preferred the Michael who suddenly snaps and is fucked up from that moment on to Rob's Michael, who just seemed to fade in and out of craziness, depending on whether or not he was wearing a mask. The asylum scenes were pretty boring for me, and it kind of bothered me that Sheri Moon Zombie got more screentime than Laurie/Annie/Lynda.

I was pretty much content until the modern-day Haddonfield portion of the movie popped up. The moment Laurie started talking, I knew I hated her. She was a brat and I didn't give a damn about her, and I don't know a lot of families who talk about molestation at the breakfast table in a joking manner. There was absolutely no suspense during the street/school scenes, and like I said, I wanted to kill all of the girls. I've been through 4 years of high school and 2 years of college, and as a gay boy, most of my friends are girls, and I can strongly say that NO girl talks like Laurie, Lynda and Annie do in this movie...

I was waiting for some more slow, suspenseful daytime scenes, but before I knew it, Bob was pulling his van up to...the Myers house? That made absolutely no sense to me. One of the best things about the original movie was the timing and planning that Michael put into killing Annie, Bob and Lynda in the same house across the street. He literally set up a house of horrors for her to walk into, and this time around Laurie just stumbles upon naked, writhing Annie and shit goes down. I also didn't like the fact that Danielle was given absolutely no screen time as Annie. They should have ditched killing Paul and given Annie an actual stalk/chase sequence. However, I WILL say that seeing Danielle pulled topless across the kitchen floor screaming and crying was one of the most disturbing scenes in the entire movie. I really felt her pain and horror and actually believed she was hysterical. I just wish she would have actually died. It seems like they threw Paul in there just so they didn't have to kill Danielle.

The movie was just a mash-up of shakey cam from there on out for me. It was all over the place. I don't think it was necessary to go from the Wallace house, back to the Doyle house, to the cops coming in, then Laurie getting taken to the Myers house, then the whole pool thing, getting rescued by Loomis, getting taken from the car and back into the house and what-not. It seemed like it never ended. And Loomis dying? Whatever, I didn't even like him to begin with. I did, however, like that the end was a fairly closed book. I'd like to see Michael recover from a blown-apart skull...

Overall, I think I was just expecting much more than I got. I would have liked to have seen more of a remake than a remake/prequel. Michael was a brute, which I loved, Malcolm was disposable as Loomis in my opinion, Sheri was fairly good, but the characterization of the girls bugged me. Thankfully, Danielle made up for it with her attack scene. I'm glad to see she's still a great actress after all these years. Honestly, I would have preferred her in the role of Laurie...

09-04-2007, 02:24 PM
I'll keep it short. 8/10, it was a great movie, but the dialouge and acting could have been better.

09-04-2007, 10:52 PM
My general review without spoilers


I don't compare this movie to the original only. I compare it to all of the "Halloween" movies (Except H20 and Resurrection "It's common knowledge that they were shit").

Rob Zombie's Halloween - Good horror movie..Bad Halloween movie! It moved way too fast..No suspense at all..It just wasn't scary.
I became a Halloween fan because of the heart pounding suspense..This movie lacked pretty much everything that Halloween in it's prime(the original,H2,H4,and even 5 & 6) was all about. There hasn't been a great "Halloween" movie since "Halloween 4"way back in '88.
This movie had potential, but like I said "IT MOVED WAY TOO FAST". There was no suspense, no build up to any of the kills. Some of "Carpenter's" original score was in the movie, but misplaced. John Carpenter once said in an interview, that screeners told him "that the Original wasn't half as scary without the score as it was with it".Rob Zombie either didn't understand this concept or didn't care.
Zombie said that he wanted to have a backstory on Michael and explain why he became a psychopath.. Well the foul mouthed white trash "Ronnie White" had no business being in a "Halloween" movie. "What is it with Rob Zombie and white trash red necks?" It felt like I was watching the "Devil Rejects 3 - Tiny finds a mask". Rejects was good, but it wasn't scary..That's how this movie was and "HALLOWEEN" MOVIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY. Tyler Mane was good as Michael "when he was stalking". Michael's motive in this movie was lousy(Tiny finds a mask), but that's not Tyler Mane's fault.
Bottomline : I'm a longtime "Halloween" fan and I'm disappointed! We didn't need a backstory, "Especially a lousy one" Carpenter's vision of Michael being Evil and posessed for no reason "The Boogeyman" is all we've ever needed. Zombie could've started the movie like Carpenter and still used fresh ideas.
I've heard a lot of people saying that "Rob Zombie" should direct, but leave the writing to someone else...I couldn't agree with them more! It's time for Alan Howarth, Alan B. McKelroy, and Dwight H. little to come back and save the franchise again.

Myers Fan
09-05-2007, 02:01 AM
1st I'm a Huge (Michael Myers/Halloween I) fan, so it made it tougher to judge this movie.

Not good at all, Bad remake/remade version. The movie should of been called something else. Maybe "Myer's Life" Narrated by Dr. Loomis.

**"ROB ZOMBIE IF YOUR READING THIS, PLEASE EMAIL ME ( vicious_2007@hotmail.com ), I WOULD LOVE TO HELP OUT IN THE SEQUEL, I HAVE LITTLE EXPERIENCE BEHIND THE CAMERA, BUT HAVE SOME GREAT IDEAS** Just to help make it scaryer, your movie didn't suck, it just seemed not Michael Myers/Halloween-ish. You see you missed a couple of key things."**

-It could of been better if he cut the movie down to 1 1/2 hrs instead of 2hrs.
-It had the worst main actress ever. She reminded me of the "Mad TV girl", she made the movie a comedy instead of a thriller. She kept acting so bubbly, she never appeared really scared.
-The movie didn't have many Halloween(as the holiday) references at all.
-Michael Myers is a stalker, not a retard standing around the corner where people can see him in the street.
-He never walked so fast in all his sequels.
-You never hear him take his deep breaths he usually takes behind his masks. If he did breath, I didn't hear it and I was in loud surround sound movie theatre, come on now.
-He took way too long to kill most of his victims.
-It lacked the original John Carpenter music, needed way more of it.

-- Spoilers --
-Michael as a boy killing his father. (Kind of funny and cyco-ish)
-Michael as a boy cuting out his own masks in the Cyciatric Center
BEST EVER: The scene of the two grown ups getting killed. (TIMING WAS PERFECT AND KILLING IS A 10 out of 10):bow:
-Not that gory, overall good story, so I aplaud Rob Zombie for that.

-Acting was bad - but I could get passed that.
WORST EVER: Remaking the killing scene of Halloween I, of killing the guy with glasses on the wall. He took way too long to die, He looked like he was fake-die-ing. Damn it, if I would of redone that scene, I would of made Myer's switch hands in the air and stab him in the throat, BETTER RIGHT. :nodsmile:

-- --------- --

NO > as Movie Theatre: Hell NO!!, don't waist your money
YES > as DVD/Home Video: When it's on sale, to laugh at drunk and skip through the really bad acting and worthless time waisting parts.


Myers Fan
"Don't be scared it's only a m o v i..............eeeeeeeeeee - right?"

09-05-2007, 02:06 AM
Saw this Saturday and made it a point afterwards to post a review on here. I used to post a lot awhile back, had to reregister anyways. But okay, here goes...and there may be a few spoilers....

I've been a fan of Halloween for about 11 years now, I first saw it when I was seven and have loved it since, it's terrified me since day one. So I, like many, have grown up with it. At the same time I have never been a fan of Zombie's work- I thought House tried way too hard and wasn't scary at all. I knew he was smart enough for something like this though, and figured that with the material he had to work with, the result would be amazing. I kept an open mind and was honestly excited to see what he would bring to the table. I was so ready for this film, I walked into it extremely excited....and then walked out completely offended. He seriously just slapped Halloween, John Carpenter, the movie's characters, and anyone involved with the original film in the face, oh and then he had them stabbed 14,283 times, broke their neck, shot it in shaky-cam and threw a bad 70s song behind it. Because yeah, that's just what Rob Zombie does. His version of Halloween was honestly the most offensive thing I have ever seen, and not in regards to myself, but to John and everything he originally created. I'll say here that I will be comparing Rob's film to the original, because all of the BS about this being his "reimagining" and all that is thrown out when Loomis says lines verbatim from the original, certain scenes are shot exactly the same, and even some of the music cues are exactly the same as the original. This isn't Rob Zombie's Halloween, it's John Carpenter's with a Rob Zombie beginning and ending. This is a remake, no matter how much you twist it so you can tell yourself it's not. Continuing, he literally took every character and event and stripped any life or heart and replaced it with a boob shot or a trashy low life. Even Laurie became a faceless bimbo that you either hated, didn't notice, or kind of wanted to just die already. It was disgusting. Everything the original was about Rob just spat on and made look filthy, or didn't acknowledge at all. No suspense, no character development, it didn't even feel like it was set on Halloween. BUT there were plenty of boobs, blood, boobs, unnecessary kills, boobs, unnecessary swearing, oh and boobs, naturally. Uhh Halloween is classy thanks, lets keep it that way. And lets not reshoot every scene from the original shot for shot, either, Rob. That would be amazing. Nothing, and I mean, nothing, worked at all.
Young Michael wasn't convincing, and I honestly felt nothing for him. When the teacher came into the bathroom and tried helping him he said, "fuck you", that's not demented- that's a brat. I really didn't care where he ended up or why. His mother obviously gave him love and attention, as shown before she left before work on Halloween, so I don't buy that his home life was just so bad that he had to murder everything in sight. Therefore, all his evil is something that just naturally started happening, and this trashy home life stuff is irrelevant. I wasn't a fan of the Nazareth music video either. Loomis looked ridiculous with his sunglasses, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes when his lines were taken directly from the original. I'm really supposed to believe this is Rob Zombie's Halloween? right. Moving along- present day- the three girls. I think everyone has picked up on the fact that none of the 3 girls are likeable, except maybe for Danielle, who knows what she's doing. Lynda is not hot enough to be the slut shes supposed to be, and she's so dumb I was hoping Laurie would just kill her. Zombie has no idea how to make anything suspenseful, and even when he tried (ie, shots of Michael standing outside the school, Michael watching the three girls walk home) the entire theater laughed hysterically, it was bad. Cut to night and people start getting killed left and right, literally, and usually for no reason. By now Michael has no effect and theres no surprise to anything. It's here you realize that there's no suspense at all to the film, you're not feeling anything and you're ready for it to be over with, or that's how I felt, anyway. I did like the pool effect, that was nice, but it didn't even last long enough to have any sort of effect anyways. The last few seconds were shot well too, but that doesn't make up for the entire movie being terrible. Michael was brutal, and that was at times refreshing, but mostly annoying. I didn't care about him anyways and all the mystery was taken away with seeing his childhood and all. So we're basically left with a big burly caveman looking thing that somehow knows who people are and where they're at instinctively. Wow. The whole movie is just too much and not enough at the same time. It's Rob not knowing what he wants to do but having so many damn unique visions that he does them all anyways. It's trashy and furthermore- a joke. This movie got more laughs then Hairspray, and that's a musical starring John Travolta in drag. Rob Zombie has fucked up, and I mean really fucked up.


Laurie Strode
09-05-2007, 06:27 AM
Ok here's my review. I'll keep it short and sweet.

Rating - 4/10
Acting - 2/10
Story - 2/10

Ok, I was expecting WAY too much when I seen this. This movie was terrible in every way possible. The acting sucked (sorry, and I hate saying this, but imo Danielle did a horrible job). The story line was just blah. I hated the fact that Michael was this huge giant looking thing....that's what made the original so scary....the fact that Michael was a AVERAGE looking guy. Everything seemed to be rushed...like Zombie grabbed a bunch of scenes he liked and just threw it all together. The suspense sucked...heck when I watch the original I still get scared (true story people.) This version....man oh man....to me, will be like Ressurection....watch it only when i'm desperate. This movie could have had alot of potential if the film makers knew what they were doing. Got some good actors and a decent script writer. With those things, I truly believe this movie would have been worth watching.

09-05-2007, 10:18 AM
OK, I hardly post here.... but here's my review:

I understand that RZ's version is his own. That it's a revisioning of Halloween. This film had so many layers. 3 distinct acts which portrayed Michael Myers as a kid, in smith's grove and a re-imaging of the original halloween.

In saying this, here is my opinion.

ACT 1: was well delivered. Every time I saw the Myers family, I felt a little dirty, but at the same time sad for each of them. Daeg Farch played young Michael brilliantly.

ACT 2: Malcolm McDowell's speech about black being the absence of color was very good. I liked Danny Trejo's character, but thought that when he was being killed that RZ focused waaaay too much on the fact that Danny Trejo's character was "good to mikey". The audience isn't dumb RZ, we got it.... there was no need to show him being dunked under water 5 or 6 times saying "I was good to you". Kinda pointless.

The acting was stiff from the orderlies (but i overlooked this b/c the acting from every orderly from every other halloween was atrocious ie. "Jesus aint got nothin' to do with this place"-halloween 4)

The scene where Loomis buys a gun was also a whole lot of bad acting from a great actor.... but that all falls on the director's shoulders. The scene felt like it shouldn't have even been in the movie.

...another gripe was that the film had WAY too many established/recognizable actors playing bit parts. There were too many times throughout the movie where I said "Hey look, there's Udo Kier" or "clint howard" or "the cast of DR", and then they were gone. Kinda threw me off a little.

ACT 3: It was only OK... I liked how RZ gave the Strode family a comfortable feel. I also liked how the girls were all rebellious, which happens in small towns. I agree with some others that the ending act felt a little rushed and lacked in the suspense which made carpenters film a classic.... but again, this wasn't a remake.

Overall, I liked the film. But a lot of scenes dissapointed me (and not from a Halloween purist standpoint either)


on the Halloween Heirarchy list:

JC's Halloween
Halloween 2
Halloween 4
Halloween 6
RZ Halloween
Halloween 5
Halloween 3 (b/c of the risk it took)

** The more in-depth I think about this movie, the more I like it.

09-05-2007, 02:42 PM
Halloween is one of my favorite movies of all time. Every time there is a sequel, I get nervous that it will tarnish the series, so that should explain how nervous I was going to see a re-imagining of the original. Rob Zombie is a die hard horror movie fan, so that eased my anxiety and actually had me anticipating a rebirth of the tired franchise.

The opening scene was great. Myers was a little metalhead!!! Daeg was amazing throughout his scenes as a young MM. He was scary, psychotic, and played the role beautifully.

Mane also did a great job as the adult MM. Rob Zombie was right about one thing, he was able to make MM scary again.

I was really into the movie until Lynda used her cell phone to call Laurie! WTF!!! That totally threw me off, and that one scene kind of ruined the movie for me. I just couldn’t understand why “The Night He Came Home” had to be in modern times. I don’t know if it’s me or what, but the 70’s just seemed scarier and more innocent. Nowadays the world is so wide open, but back then things appeared more remote and desolate. The timeline also didn’t make sense to me. When Myers was a kid, it had to be somewhere between 1976 and 1978 (because of the Destroyer shirt), then I believe he returned to Haddonfield 17 years after (15 in the original) when he was an adult, so that makes it 1993 to 1995? The cell phone that Lynda used was pretty small…..there weren’t cell phones like that in 1993!

I also didn’t really care for the dialogue. There was too much cussing. It felt more like The Devils Rejects than a Halloween film.

Laurie was pretty unlikable, and had a dirty mouth. Laurie in the original was innocent and virginal, which made us feel empathy for her when she was being stalked. She was very likeable, but in Zombie’s movie, I kind of wanted Michael Myers to kill her!

I was happy to see Danielle Harris in the movie! I think it was great that Zombie paid tribute to her by including her in the cast. She spent half her screen time topless, which made most the guys in the audience very happy, but I don’t know how necessary it was. What the hell am I saying, I enjoyed it too! Danielle Harris did a great job as Annie, but I think that she would been better cast as Laurie. Damn, that would have been cool.

No one can hold a torch to Donald Pleasance, but McDowell did a good job as Loomis. His character was likeable, and it was interesting to see how he was not only in Myers life to try to snuff the evil, but because it was making him a star. I liked the old Loomis though. Where was the person that was hell bent on stopping MM, even to the point where he was a little bit out of control.

I wish that there would have been more time to slowly build on “The Night He Came Home.” It felt too rushed and scattered. I would have been happy if the movie would have had an extra half hour of buildup. I guess in these modern times of ADHD, video games, and instant gratification, that movie studios aren’t willing to do that.

This is definitely Zombie’s best movie. As a stand alone movie without comparing it to the original, it was good. I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

09-05-2007, 05:13 PM
Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN

When I sat down to watch Halloween 2007 last Friday I feared that Rob's vision would be based on psychological cliches. I was certain that for the first time I would be introduced into the mind and workings of Michael Myers in a weird way. To my extreme relief I was happy that Zombie did not go for the cliche, "the devil made me do it" routine--an angle over used in a lot of horror genres. (Takes a breath of relief)

So what did I like about Zombie's vision of Halloween? Well just about everything. The film was moody and had the theme of intense anger. From the top...everyone in the beginning of this movie is really messed up, dysfunction and of course angry. I was a little put off that Zombie made young Michael psychologically 'crack' because he is the offspring victim of an abusive family of degenerates. This reminded me of the Freddy lore where Freddy is the bastard child of a mental hospital nurse/nun and one hundred murderous psychopaths. Personally I find it freakier--much like the original Halloween--to learn that Michael was born into a pretty average family. Consequently, the corruption of young Myers based off the nature VS nurture
debated scenario seemed weak. Instead of an evil killing machine, we are introduced to a new Myers who scares you, but who also makes you feel a little sorry for the psychopath who wants to put his family back together as best as he--freakishly--can.

The best aspect of Zombie's Halloween was how Michael's character was cracked or split. Even though the monster seemed to be in control ninety-eight percent of the time, we do get a small glimpse of young Michael locked away behind the mask even if it was only for a moment. This kind of took me back to the dismal Halloween 5 when Jamie Lloyd managed to reach Michael resulting in a creepy tender moment between uncle and niece. He even cried I think. Nevertheless the scene in Halloween 2007--in the basement-- freaked me out when Michael give Jamie/Boo the photograph. It was kinda like Jaws acting like Flipper. This moment in the movie made me more tense than I had felt during the climax of H20. In H20, Mike tries to reach out to Karie/Laurie before he gets his head lopped off. Wait, oh yeah! Resurrection revealed the laughable truth to the audience that it was a paramedic--with crushed larynx--who was behind the mask and not Michal after all! Wow, are you all like me in thinking that Zombie's movie is the best Halloween after Carpenter's departure? If you are thinking yes then there is probably still some hope for you! Either way, having a Michael who is angry and molevolant one moment then weirdly compassionate the next was enough to scare the bejesus out of me. Who cares that there was no 'stalking' this time round. The audience was given a Myers who is an unpredictable character in a movie that is for the most part is a remake! That's a job well done.

So a lot of people hated this movie. A lot of people love it; but what makes it original and fun is that Zombie made a fan movie for the Halloweener's instead of a run-of-the-mill Hollywood remake. For that alone I give Rob a 9/10, and hope he completes his new trilogy.

And for the love of... Who cares about Thorn, John Tate, and the baby any more... We got ourselves a genuine psychopath now with no strings attached. Lets just hope Rob stays true to his vision with Michael being an unpredictable psychopath. Hell, throw in a little of the supernatural 'shape' next time round too. Never hurt Carpenter's Halloween films!

09-05-2007, 11:39 PM
I recently saw Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' with my two sisters who, like me, are fans of the original movie. Before the movie started my one sister leaned over and said, "This movie better not suck." After she said that, I became worried. I asked myself, "What if this movie does suck?" Well I can honestly tell you that me and my sisters all walked away from the movie completely satisfied. They actually thought is was better than what they thought.

And so did I. I really enjoyed this movie. It has it scares and jump-out-at-you-moments. Tyler Mane did a good job as Michael Myers. Malcolm McDowell did a splendid job as Dr. Loomis and Daeg Faerch was brilliant as young Michael. I actually felt bad for the kid and his home life. Sheri Moon does an impressive job here as Deborah Myers.

But as the movie progresses, we see Michael in Smith's Grove growing more evil. Not speaking. Not moving. Just waiting.

After he escapes, we see how Michael got his coveralls. And how he got the mask.

Now we meet Laurie, Annie and Lynda.

Scout Taylor-Compton did a good job as Laurie and we get to meet Laurie's adoptive parents.

Danielle Harris was good as Annie. It was nice to see a familiar face in the new movie. Plus, she's hot.

Kristina Klebe was ok as Lynda. But she has the shortest amount of screen time of all the girls in my opinion.

A lot of people were turned off by the language, gore, nudity(which honestly, wasn't that much). Yes the language is there and the gore factor is raised a bit, but it works well with this new "re-imagining."

In John Carpenter's movie he relied on building up to the scares and tension and suspense. And it worked well, and still does today.

Rob Zombie built on the tension and scares but also on the violence and tragic homelife of Michael Myers and it works well with today's audience.

I'm not going to sit and compare the two movie's because you just can't. I'm a huge fan of the original and no remakes ever outshine the original. Just doesn't happen. But Zombie's film does a great job on it's own.

I would hate to see Dimension cash in on the success of this movie(and it is successful) and make a sequel to the original series. This movie breathes new life into the franchise. And I would like to see it go in different directions should they decide to make a sequel or two.

All in all, this movie was entertaining. I think Rob Zombie did a great job here.

And I'm going to see it again.

Star Rating:
0 stars = Rent the original
1 stars = Don't waste your money
2 stars = Was ok
3 stars = Definitely recommend this movie
4 stars = Excellent

09-06-2007, 03:59 PM

I was expecting it to suck, because I am such a huge fan of the original 2. And guess what, it didn't. It was everything I ever wanted in a Halloween movie.

I just wanted to Halloween about Michael, for him to be more brutal, and a fresh story, and that is exactly what Rob gave me.

Would you people really have wanted another sequal instead of this?

I don't think I can ever watch a previous Halloween again. That Myers seems like a pussy compared to this one.

The only complaints that I have is that the level of profanity was too much. "Don't make me come over there and skull fuck you!" The three girls were really annoying, and the move went by to fast.

But I loved seeing so much of Michael, the level of violence, and most importantly, titties.


P.S. Did Loomis really say "What the hell!" when Michael grabbed Laurie from the car? My friends and I died laughing.

09-06-2007, 07:31 PM
This movie was wonderful, not all the time but it carried out every element it needed to, only pacing them extremely fast, all in all JC's Halloween will always be "IT", but this movie did a good job nailing what I think this remake was headed for.

Cotton Weary
09-06-2007, 08:48 PM
I thought this movie was excellent, not quite as good as Carpenter's, but a hell of alot better than the sequels we've had over the years. I'd probably give Zombie's version 8.5 out of 10.

09-07-2007, 12:51 AM
First off I would like to say I loved this movie. Everyone did a pretty good job acting except sheriff Brackett. I'm getting tired of people comparing RZ's to JC's movie. They both focus on 2 different people. RZ's focused more on Mike Meyers and on his early childhood days and shedded some light on why he is what he is ,and did a good job on it. JC's version focused more on Laurie and her life and did a good job as well. RZ's movie may have seemed a little rushed together at the end but that doesn't make it a bad movie. This movie isn't a remake, it it's own movie and it's worth seeing. RZ finally made Mike scary again and the mood of the movie was a nice touch. How he showed us Mike as a child and the things he did, these things happen every day in the world but go unnoticed until that person or persons does something terrrible. Then people look back and say I should have seen this coming. The killings in this movie are just right and not way over the top. The more I watch this movie the more I'll love it, if u r going to this movie expecting a remake u r going to be disappointed because that's not what it is.Overall I give a 8 out of 10.

09-07-2007, 04:29 PM
First, the good...

The mask in this movie was the best since Halloween 1 & 2.

Michael Myers was superb. The actor was tall, intimidating and had the right walk, moves and look.

The kid who played Tommy Doyle was also very good.

Music was good with the exception of "Only Women Bleed" and "Don't Fear The Reaper". C'mon, that was just too corny to put those into this flick.

Now for the bad...

I had assumed that Rob Zombie was a fan of the Halloween movies and Michael Myers as a character. If so, then why take an entity of evil (which we have all known him to be through many sequels) and instead make him a vunerable human and, worse still, just another Ted Bundy? These are basic things which we all know and love about Michael Myers. He is not human. He can withstand six bullets to the heart and walk away. The whole shocking idea from the original was the fact that Michael came from a normal home and after he killed his sister and the mask was removed from his face, there stood a cute, average normal looking child. THAT was cool. In the new version, Michael comes from a severely dysfunctional family with a foul-mouthed stepdad, abusive sister and classmates who bully him, implying that all these things were the cause of Michael's murderous nature. The original Dr. Loomis spent every movie desperately trying to convince people that Michael was not even "remotely human". That behind those eyes, "the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes," there was pure evil. Rob Zombie even went so far as to add the cliche of showing that Michael had a habit of torturing small animals as a child. In my opinion, making Michael Myers nothing more than a John Wayne Gacy on steroids was sacrilegious.

09-07-2007, 10:51 PM
Are some of you people on crack?

This movie has to be one of the top 10 worst movies I've ever seen in a theater.

An absolute piece of shit of a film.

Acting? Horrible.
Suspense? Not a chance!
The shape? Ogre, wannabe Leatherface.
Score? Bunk. Lame and unoriginal spin - just like the original but not as good and eerie! ha
Script? Horrible, green and undeveloped.
Tasteless? You bet!

Pissed off audience leaving the theater talking about how shitty, stupid and lame the film was afterwords? ----- YUP!!!!


What a way to rape a franchise and cash in on its fans.

09-07-2007, 11:59 PM
Ok, who in their right mind would want to see "Halloween Resurrection" part deux?! Oh my God the series had been reduced to rubble by that point! On the other hand, the movie was so terrible fans probably just wanted the series to end on a high note (which it would have had Resurrection never been made!) so I understand the clamoring for a good Halloween movie featuring A)Pure horror and suspense B)Michael being as ruthless and as evil as he's ever been and C)A movie with some VISION behind it. Rob Zombie accomplished all three of these things and fans are STILL pissed off? I don't get it. We got a unique visual style, Michael being as ruthless and as evil as I've ever seen, and we got a pure horror movie!

People apparently seem to think Halloween movies should follow a formula: Recap what happened in the previous movie, resolve the ending so Michael can live again, introduce a new herd of cattle for Michael to slaughter, "kill" Michael about four times before he REALLY dies at the end, then end on some sort of open-ended cliffhanger and wait a few years for the next movie. That doesn't do it for this fan, I'm sorry. I hated the storyline of 4-6 and I'm glad they retconned it for H20 which was the first Halloween in 17 years to appear to have a definite ending. Then Resurrection threatened to start that entire cycle all over again!

When Rob Zombie stated that the first series of films was over and done with, I was pleased. When he stated that he'd put his own twist on the Michael Myers legacy right from the beginning, I was ecstatic along with most fans. I saw the movie Friday night at 9:40pm central time and I left the theater thinking I'd just seen Michael Myers saved. Remember the "Myers VS. Ash" rumors?!

This movie is not like any Halloween movie before it on purpose. It's rough, it's crass, it's dirty, it's WAY gory and it gives a different backstory to Michael Myers: It humanizes him. The Michael of John Carpenter's film is shown to us committing horrifying acts for no reason at all, like we're being told an old ghost story. Rob Zombie's Michael is presented almost as the true story from which the legend is based.

By the time Michael becomes age 27, Rob Zombie has shown us that any hint of the young boy we've seen up to now has been almost completely taken over by his murderous rage, which he now embodies in a 6'8" frame of a pro-wrestler. By the time Michael escapes Smiths Grove, he is the soulless, methodic, sadistic monster we all know and fear.

I have more thoughts and I will finish my take on this movie later.

09-08-2007, 11:05 PM
As a fan of the original series, I was disgusted with Rob Zombie's version. How can they do a remake before there is any type of closure to the series? It completely ruined the original series, and I actually would have rather seen a H9 than this waste of $10 and 2 hours.

He turned a sneaky, smart, and terrifying stalker into a 8ft tall retard on a killing tantrum trying to find his baby sister.

The family is too white trash and is the easiest and laziest copout way of explaining why/how someone goes mad. Part of what made the original so suspenceful is the fact that nobody knew the motive or reason. And just when they're about to explain things(Halloween 4-6), they go off on a tangent(H20), and now there's a remake with extremely generic additions that are supposed to be regarded as genius. A series that could have been great is now ruined, with very little chance of recovery. It wouldn't have been hard to link up part 6 with resurrection and give it a proper ending, but they just decided to let Rob Zombie kill it instead.

Just a few small observances, but what time period is this movie supposed to take place? Loomis has a rotary phone (which nobody has used since 1980), Linda has a cell phone, all of the movies playing are old and on old TVs and all of the cars have old Illinois license plates. Sounds to me like the makers of this movie didn't even know themselves.....

And why was every single male in this movie, except for annies bf and the old people, long haired and wearing a rockband t-shirt? Is that "modern" or Rob Zombie casting some of his friends?

In short, I think this is the worst thing to happen to the series since Halloween 3.

09-09-2007, 10:34 AM
Finally saw this last night and man oh man, I can't remember the last time I've been this disappointed in a movie.

It was kinda hard for me seeing as I hold the original in such high regard and it's my favorite movie of all time outside of Jaws. I had such high expectations for this movie and that's my fault, I should've looked at it different and tried to seperate it from Carpenter's...problem is, Zombie wouldn't let me do that because while trying to make his own version, there's several parts in this that are exactly like the original so at times you find yourself comparing the two.

As far as the whole backstory goes, I guess it was done about as well as you could do it if you were going to go that route...having said that, I don't like it at all now that I've seen it. I loved it when Michael was just "pure evil"...no one knew what the hell was causing him to do the things he did and was trying to do and you could point your finger at one certain thing. He had an aura about him, something that was above him being just another deranged psycho. Sadly in this version he's been reduced to regular old serial killer status, complete with a totally cliched and boring background...it still works to a degree but NOWHERE near how it did in JC's version. Also this brings me to my biggest gripe of the entire thing, the Dr. Loomis character.

The way RZ wrote the Loomis character for his version angers me...he's not the focused, driven, take no nonsense Loomis that Donald Pleasance was. Now he's a book writing, whiny, I have no idea what's going on, arrogant doctor and it looks terrible to be quite honest.

The reason why the Loomis character was so admirable and terriffic and such a great foil to Michael is because he truly understood what Michael was, knew he had to be stopped, knew exactly what his plan was, and wasn't going to let anyone stop him from getting to Mike and trying to stop him...he was soooo determined, almost to the extent of obsessed. This Loomis just comes off as someone who is trying to capitalize on Michael and takes educated guesses as to what's going to happen and doesn't really care if he's right or wrong...it seems like he's more worried about himself than what's going to happen. The scene towards the end where he finally confronts Mike made me want to cringe, I just can't believe the route RZ took when it came to the Michael/Loomis relationship.

Also Laurie and her friends were not likeable in this movie and you almost wanted them to die...they were annoying and not precocious or vulnerable like in the original. Also, I HATED the ending...really, really hated it. I know Rob didn't want to leave it open but I thought he would come up with something that would really leave you thinking, sadly he took the easy rode out. Carpenter's ending was one of the best ever and I thought RZ could find something to rival it...guess not.

I don't know, I just hate comparing the two movies because they are different to a degree but like I said, RZ made his version close enough to Carpenter's to compare them...and in that aspect he failed miserably.

Really let down by this film and left the theater wondering why I even bothered to be honest.


09-09-2007, 06:38 PM
I very much enjoyed this version of Halloween. I realized halfway through the movie that I was basically plastered to my seat in tension and was sweating in the less than 70 degree theater, something that speaks volumes for a remake of my favorite movie. I think it makes the most sense to review the movie in three sections, so that's what I'm going to do.

The first section of the movie didn't really go over well with me. I think it could have been simplified by eliminating Ronnie and the bully. I didn't like that their only contribution to the movie was calling Michael a faggot. I think even the casual viewer knows that Michael's gonna go crazy and start cutting people up and grow up to smah people's faces. There was no need for the characters and I think they were very poor catalysts for Michael finally going into psycho mode. I loved Judith & Steve's deaths, they worked so well for me.

The second section was great for me and I love that Michael talked to Dr. Loomis up until he killed the nurse, then shut off. Sheri Moon gets mad props in my book for pulling off some nice emotions and never once doubting her love for her child. When Michael asked how the family was, I felt so horrible for Deborah. I'm basically in love with the set used for the sanitarium dining room, so great cinematography. Malcolm McDowell's wig has to go though, lol. All the men rocked some seriously greasy stringy hair. Michael with the masks worked very well with me as well.

The third half was amazing to me, and made me forget any of my gripes about the first half. The plot moved along at a nice pace, squishing the whole original into a short amount of time. I definitely loved the nods to the original, Nichol's Hardware and Laurie looking at Michael at the original Strode house, and the changes. I thought it was hilarious that Paul basically had no lines and we really never saw his whole face. And can I just say it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world to see Danielle Harris fight for her life topless. I couldn't get over her image as Jamie or meeting her at conventions being this sweet and kind young woman, so I felt most uncomfortable and nervous for her throughout her struggle. I loved how Laurie found her and we didn't necessarily see the violence done to her, but the aftermath. And Laurie got fucked up, the image of her holding the gun up before Michael charges her is intense and I love how they handled the end of the movie. I was expecting them to set up for a sequel so I was actually really surprised that Laurie shot him in the freakin face.

One thing that I noticed and was bothered by was the frequency of people being attacked by Michael, not showing them getting away, then just watching them crawl on the floor and dragged back. I wanted to know what happened to Judith, Cynthia, and Annie and how they managed to get away. It just seemed really odd to me to do the same thing for all three.

All in all, this movie worked for me. There a few parts that I wasn't too keen on, but Rob Zombie kept me constantly interested and even with the references to the original, I never found myself comparing the two movies. I think that's a true sign of a good remake, and it worked out very well.

09-10-2007, 10:00 PM
First of all I think Moustapha Akkad would really be dissappointed! What did he want? 22 installments of Halloween, well I guess we can forget that now after this movie, unless Carpenter will feel completely sorry for us fans who are disgusted with this movie and make another one. You know, I liked 2,4,5,6,7 and 8 was ok at best but it beats this one to me. At least in all of the other Halloween's including Halloween 3 I felt like it was a "HALLOWEEN" movie. I at least had the feeling of the presence of Michael Myers,not in the RZ version. I hated all of the swearing, the gore and the non-suspensefullness of it, and it dragged out too much in the end. I actually have seen it 3 times already just to see if I mis-judged it because I was in such shock the first time I seen it and it dosen't change my feelings or make it any better.
Also, I can't believe Zombie would put the song "Love Hurts" in a Halloween movie, come on!!! Does he want us to feel sorry for him?? I really did not like the fact he tried to humanize the Shape, he is suspose to be a blank face with no meaning to him. I like suspense way better than just some big mean serial killer running around killing people because he had a bad childhood, thats not scarry at all.
Well, I will say at least RZ tried to make a Halloween film for us fans and I guess he tried his best and he had his own vision on the franchise and we had something to look forward to seeing this movie but I was bad dissapointed!!! I will buy the dvd when it comes out just to add to my Halloween collection but I can't say I will watch it very much.

Hallow's Eve
09-12-2007, 05:09 AM
I finally had a chance to see the film. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and felt that this is one of the better remakes of recent years. It had a cool, original style to it that had been missing in the many sequels. Is it better than the original? Not a chance! Is it scary? Not really. But I loved how they got more into the back story of Michael's childhood. He was a pretty damn disturbing little kid and his crazy redneck family didn't help matters. His mother was a stripper, his stepfather was a drunken loser. His sister Judith was pretty much a slut. He gets picked on in school for being different. He gets his revenge on them in a most brutal fashion. One thing this film did not skip on was the blood and sheer brutality of the murders. The young kid who played Micheal was excellent. I love the portion of the film when Michael is in the institution. It show's Michael's slow descent into complete madness until finally he finally becomes the horror Icon we know and love. When Micheal breaks free from the institution and goes home, that's when it becomes a pretty straightforward remake of the original with a lot of the same scenes and dialogue. A great twist on the ending! Tyler Mane as Micheal is awesome! He is big and mean and pissed off. The mask is the best since the original. The music score was an interesting mix of the classic and a new more modern sound. Rob Zombie creates a dark and grimey atmosphere that makes this one different than the rest of the hack remakes. On the downside, there is very little of the suspense that made the original so great. Rob makes it more of a very violent serial killer movie. Michael is pretty much out there far all to see. You don't see him hiding and stalking his prey like the original. Also, some of the dialogue is a little over the top to say the least. Like "Bitch, i'm Big Joe Grizzly" or when Laurie asks Dr. Loomis "What's the Boogeyman?", he says "As a matter of fact, I Do believe that was". Malcolm Mcdowell can't compare in any way to the great Donald Pleasance as Dr. Loomis. Also, what's with the shameless cameos of actors that were in Zombies earlier films? At any rate, it was a solid remake with the best version of Michael Myers since at least part 2. It can't compare to the original in any way, shape or form. But it did have a style and originality of it's own. Kudos to Mr. Zombie for keeping the Legend alive!

09-13-2007, 07:38 PM
It was Decent, click the link below to hear my review.

09-13-2007, 08:23 PM
I used to be a frequent participant on this board back in 2002 and/or 2003 (it's hard for me to remember which), but ever since I went off to college I haven't had as much time as I would like to participate. After seeing Rob Zombie's film, however, I felt I absolutely HAD to visit this site and voice my opinion.

Watching Rob Zombie's Halloween was an extremely painful experience.

First of all, the film itself. Concerning the "prequel" elements, I absoluted hated Michael's family. I understand that Zombie did not want Myers to have a goody-two-shoe "cookie-cutter" family, but he went absolutely overboard. What, exactly, was he trying to say by having Michael be raised by a bunch of foul-mouthed white-trash losers? In the original Halloween, it was heavily indicated that the Shape's evil was wrought by nature, not by nurture. Here in Zombie's version, it would appear that Michael's evil was wrought by nurture, not by nature. In other words, Michael Myers is just another human serial killer created by a childhood of consistent neglect and abuse. Like Hannibal Lecter or something.

(Don't get me wrong, Dr. Lecter will always have a special place in my heart...But there is a very big difference between Hannibal "the Cannibal" and the Shape...Or at least there was, until Zombie fucked it up.)

And that's another thing. What about THE SHAPE? Michael is not the Shape here. He isn't even the Boogeyman. He's just a mortal who decides to take out his anger on everybody. The supernatural element has been completely removed. And what, pray tell, is the point to Michael Myers if he isn't possessed by an otherworldly force that refuses to let him die? In this film, Michael Myers seems like just another one of these loser kids who go crazy because their "feelings are hurt," like the kids who shot up Columbine and Virginia Tech. And while I can appreciate the horror of such real-life atrocities, I cannot appreciate the demotion of Michael Myers into such an incredibly pathetic villain.

One of the things that made the original film work was that there was absolutely no indication that Michael wasn't just a perfectly normal kid in his childhood. He just became possessed and butchered his sister for no apparent reason. Here, Zombie has him torturing animals and butchering his family because they won't let him go trick-or-treating. Crap!

The next problem with the film is the character of Dr. Loomis. I grew up on the original film, and what really made it work was Donald Pleasence. The very first time I saw the movie, I was instantly attracted to this looney old man with balls of steel, running around with a gun to bring down the Boogeyman. What made Loomis' character work was that he was the only person in the story to truly recognize that Myers was something other than human. In Zombie's version, however, Loomis is a complete and utter wuss. Donald Pleasence had absolutely no qualms with pumping the Shape full of lead; Malcolm McDowell, however, was not only reluctant to do anything, but remorseful of having to shoot Michael. I don't know if it is McDowell's fault for making Loomis seem like a pussy, or if it's Zombie's, or if it's both. But that was not Doctor Loomis.

If someone were to make a version of Dracula wherein Professor Van Helsing is a whiny good-for-nothing who doesn't want to kill the vampire, or a version of Moby Dick wherein Ahab is reluctant to slay the whale, everybody in the world would dismiss such versions as crap. So it's a little hard for me to understand how anyone could think Zombie's Loomis is an even remotely decent character.

These complaints - the treatment of Myers and Loomis - both constitute my primary beef with the film. But here's some other major complaints that I have:

The dialogue. Zombie is apparently not only a lousy director, but a terrible writer as well. This film has the distinction of being the very first Halloween film ever made to have completely useless and pointless dialogue. First of all, it was completely unnecessary for every character in the film to squeeze as many dirty words into their lines as possible. A "fuck" here and a "fuck" there would be okay by me, but when "fuck" is chanted ten times in every sentence, I have a serious problem. Secondly, the lines are completely juvenile. A particularly good example:

"Doc, it sounds like you're talking about the Antichrist!"
"Well, maybe I am!"

Or how about:

"Michael, you're my best friend!"

I'm sorry, but a ten-year-old could write better dialogue than this crap.

The gore. It seems that here in the 21st century, every horror film is required by some unwritten cinematic law to have enough blood and violence to make brain surgeons puke up their popcorn. Instead of going against the grain, Zombie simply does what everybody else does and fills the movie with as much stomach-churning violence as possible. Many characters in the film seemed to exist only so that they could be added to the body count. While that sort of thing may be excusable in other horror films, the original movie was so much classier. Only a handful of people were killed, and most of the violence was suggested by the careful use of light and shadow. Rob Zombie evidently does not understand the intrinsic value of suggestion.

The soundtrack. Being a big fan of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth, I was sorely disappointed to see that most of Zombie's film was filled with 70's popular music. It was certainly appropriate to use "Don't Fear the Reaper" and perhaps even "Halloween II" by the Misfits, but the rest of the musical choices made absolutely no sense. Nazareth's "Love Hurts"? Peter Frampton? Kiss? None of these songs really contributed to the narrative. They were simply there because Zombie thinks they're cool. And as any drama major will tell you, you never do something in a film or a play "because it's cool."

The camera work. I know they're called "motion pictures," but I didn't think they were supposed to be "motion sickness pictures." For some strange reason, Zombie doesn't like to use steadycams. Apparently, he just let his camera guys hold the cameras with their hands and walk around like they were in The Blair Witch Project or something. There were several times during the film when I just wanted to get up and run to the bathroom to vomit, because the constant movement was making my head spin. Dude, we invented steadycams for a reason.

Last but not least, I will turn away from the film itself and report on the audience that watched the film. Sitting in the audience, I was expecting everybody to be reasonably quiet throughout the film, and perhaps to hear a few gasps or "Ewwwws!" (if not full-fledged screams). Instead, all that was heard from the audience was laughter. The people in the seats laughed at virtually every point in the film. They laughed when Michael's dad called him a "little faggot." They laughed when Michael said "Fuck you" to the teacher. They laughed when Dr. Loomis said "You're my best friend, Michael...Guess that shows you how fucked up my life is." They laughed when Michael killed each of his victims. I kept asking myself throughout the film, "Am I watching a Halloween film, or something by National Lampoon?"

This simply goes to show that Rob Zombie is extremely weak at commanding his audience. Perhaps he would be doing better if he had stayed in White Zombie and minded his own fucking business.

All in all, Rob Zombie's Halloween is the absolute worst Halloween film ever made. Even Halloween: Resurrection is superior to it, and that is REALLY saying something. I give it ZERO out of five stars, and I highly recommend everyone who hasn't seen it yet to just stay home and watch the original instead. Save your money and stay faithful to John Carpenter, because Rob Zombie sure didn't.

09-14-2007, 05:07 PM
I saw this movie the first time opening day and was so so about it. I didn't love it, but it wasn't terrible either. I saw it again, and I realized how much of a piece of art this movie is.

I've been on this board for almost six years and all anyone ever kept saying was how the series has pussed out and how everyone wanted a more graphic realistic film. Wish granted, yet people still find something to complain about.

This was the best one since the original, not hard to do because all the sequels sucked, save 2 and 4, but it was in your face, and holy shit... I cared about the people who were getting killed, I didn't want them to die! I was rooting AGAINST michael?

A previouse poster said... all we got was another Ted Bundy. Yeah... it's real man. There is no cult, no retarted supernatrual powers, it's just some fucked up guy come home to fulfill his urges. I felt this guy was in MY house, or he could easily come into my house. This is a psychopath, not evil in all its glory. He's some weird sicko gone wrong.

This was Halloween as it would really happen, no joke, no corn, just realism. This is a crazy guy with a knife.

Zombie can make horror like no one can anymore. He is a master.

It's no JC halloween, but shit man, once I stopped comparing it, I realized it was art!

09-16-2007, 09:59 AM
Well. I saw it at its first showing in an awesomely empty theater. Right from the get go I got this "edgy feeling" like when you are walking down a vacant street at nite. I found the early years most disturbing culminating as he ferociously slashes out at his mom ( the way they filmed that scene along with what sounded like a savage roar erupting out of the young monster ) In the originals Loomis always talked about MM's rage, but it wasn't until now that this rage has truely been released ( or at least represented in a proper manner ) I found the line that Ismael the janitor said to be significant as this is when MM turns inward and starts to store the hate within him. I found Dr. loomis to be lacking....I think they should have given him a "meatier role"...I dont' think he was used to his potential.
One thing I noticed was that MM didn't come off even close to the cunning intelligent entity as JC's. I thought the atmosphere of the film was truely Halloween which was great. I don't think anyone else could have done a better job. I place this in my top 3 Halloween faves.

09-21-2007, 07:30 AM
In short, Mr.Zombie has saved this dying franchise from heading down the Jason/Freddy paths...he didn't shoot mike into space, and he didn't make a film about somebody making a film about the killer...he has given our generation a proud retelling....and sure there are tons of things i would've like to see....like the old Loomis and Jaime lee Curtis in cameos...but you know what? their isint a movie out there that doesn't leave soothing to be desired. The music is a 10, the old school lens and the creepy street shots...a 10....Grizzly a fucking 11!! And Mcdowell? my god how well cast was that?
I have to say aside from number 3, the GREATEST EVER MADE ... i have a new fav. Halloween. ........silver shamrock fools!!!

09-22-2007, 09:15 AM
I finally saw it I thought it was a good film Malcolm Mcdowell really made it great, his Dr.Loomis is awsome. I would have to say the only thing I didnt like the end of the film was kinda rushed, in the 1978 one you felt more suspense and felt like you knew the characters in this one. So when they died you really didnt feel bad for them, but overall I give it a 8/10 and will probally watch it again many times.

Captain Mal
09-28-2007, 05:50 PM
I didn't know whether to be excited or worried on the way in. 20 minutes into the movie, I was worried. This was a RZ movie. Trailer trash dialogue and subtlety be damned. When McDowell gets involved things pick up, a little. But the fun really begins when RZ starts riffing on Carpenter's brilliance. It shouldn't be fun to see these scenes re-imagined, but it is.

This movie can be summed up in two words: guilty pleasure. It never reaches the dizzy heights of the original but we knew it never would. Humanising Michael and explaining (somewhat) why he is the way he is takes much of the terror away but it keeps you watching. Bottom line I enjoyed it. Danielle Harris was particularly good. Tyler Mane was very intimidating and I enjoyed his performance but and this is huge, the movie wasn't scary at all.

Everyone was trying hard but it just didn't rattle me at all. Hell I could put on JC's Halloween right now and though I've seen it like a million times it'd still freak me out more than RZ's effort. Hats off for the attempt Rob, it's clear you love the source material and your homages (The Thing and Don't Fear The Reaper not to mention the dialogue) were cool but the edge of my seat was untroubled. That said, I'm going again on Sunday. :)

Before I go, I have to ask: Have we lost the magic? Will we never be freaked out by a movie again the way Halloween, Texas CM, Jaws, Alien and The Exorcist freaked us out? Was it great film making back then or was it timing? Food for thought.... Like I said, good effort Rob 3/5.

Gerry f'n D
09-29-2007, 10:55 AM
I finally got to see this movie this afternoon.No doubt some of the things i mention may well have been mentioned before so sorry.

I was pretty disappointed by it
I wasn't that keen on the way the Myers family was portrayed it just didn't sit well with me.
I thought they over did it using the music in certain scenes.1 scene that i felt that it was totally out of place was when Young Michael appeared behind Judith wearing the mask & started stalking her.Also when Michael appeared behind Judith with the mask on i thought it looked slightly ridiculous & it made me chuckle.
I thought the ending was dragged out & i did keep wondering when is this movie going to end.As for the ending, the way it came across in my opinion the story was wrapped up.


09-29-2007, 01:27 PM
I watched the movie on Friday, first showing with 2 of my friends. I truely loved the movie, great effort from Rob Zombie. The music was fantastic and almost identical to the original Halloween themes. Tyler Mane gets a 10 from me on his performance - Michael Myers is back and very scary again. I thought Daeg Faerch was totally awesome.

I did prefer some of the scenes from the work print, but I am still very happy with the theatrical cut.

09-29-2007, 04:31 PM
I saw this Friday night in a oddly busy Odeon Portsmouth (the cinema is on its last leg)playing on the biggest screen it was quite full.

I thought I was going to like the film but I didn't realise how much I was going to love it! The look of the film was pure atmosphere the drab colours the almost documentary look to the first kill. The subtle autumn hues and dark blues of the later night time scenes. I didnt think I would like the Title cards (Halloween 6 font being my least favourite) but here less is def more as the title HALLOWEEN thuds on to screen and the subsequent timeline reminders follow they were used to maximum effect. The score was excellent hearing ALL of JC's themes re-jigged and hearing the Halloween theme play closer to the source then Tyler Bates CD version was much needed. The use of Tom Sawyer for the Truck was scene was great, especially after weeks of listening to the soundtrack. The camoes didnt distract aside from maybe Ken Foree who got a few cheers from audience members in the know. He is the Black Bruce Cambell after all. I enjoyed ecery minute of the non Haddonfield half alot more than I expected too.

Hats off to Tyler Mane the best Michael since Castle, while Mane may not seems as cunning, due to us witnessing alot of what Michael does between kills, he certainly is the first Michael with method behind the killings and the first since along time to have a motive behind his killings, rid Laurie and him of all that he seems is impure. The kills are brutal, effective and upsetting. Ismale's being one of the greater choices to this final version.

Sherrif Bracket is undersued which is a shame, Loomis is a perfect contrast to Pleasnce's version. Here Loomis truely wants to help Michael and very reluctantly shoots Michael.

Laurie is not the bitch everyone made her out to be after seeing TV spots she is warm hearted, playful and a normal 17 year old girl.

The so called white trash upbringing was tamer then I imagined and didnt distract from the story.

Young Michael exactly what he needed to be a messed up child who doesnt even look normal.

I could ramble on forever, if anything the only downside is that knowing it has to end there is only one way a remake could end and as proven in this and the workprint Michael is killed(yes I'm aware how easy a sequel could be, he did have his head lopped off in H20 after all but do we really need another Ressurection?) which is a complete 180 from the he still out there ending of the orginal.

As far as comparing it to the original it brings up new points of discusion. Like if Michael is The Shapeand can survive 6 gun shots why does he dispapear into the night instead of simply going back into the Doyle house, killing Laurie and Loomis?

Lastly Halloween atmoshere nailed! Trick or treaters, fall leaves, Halloween decorations, The Strodes answering machine message, candy corn, Miss Wallice singing Trick or treat smell my feet. Plus lots of Jack o Lantern's!

10/10 best Halloween since I can remember!

EDIT: My soon to be wife who also came friday night wanted to say this; WICKED! BTW I saw it again on monday and it was just as good, the christmas stuff with Loomis is great. Going back to see it thursday night!

09-30-2007, 09:43 AM
I loved Daeg but hated Malcolm. That kinda ruined the best scenes for me.
I thought Malcolm was very boring..his dialogue was rubbish.
Brad Dourrif was great.
There was a lot of things that were better in this cut.
After seeing the workprint first, I was kinda worried about this one. I thought I was just gonna go in and see a shorter version of the workprint. Boy was I wrong.

There are a few sounds in the movie I hate. Eg:

when steve gets killed


Scout is amazing as Laurie.
I wasn't too keen on Annie. The more I see Danielle play her, the less I'm convinced that she's seventeen.

But all in all, it was pretty decent.

10-03-2007, 09:27 AM
rob zombie's halloween was missing somthing......The mask was cool and all but if dont have a real reason to make halloween again. DONT!

10-05-2007, 01:33 PM
The biggest disappointment for me personally this year. It takes everything I found great about the original and flips it around. I like how they portraited Micheal as a normal kid from a normal family. I don't like how Zombie made Micheal come from a drunken white trash family. The Micheal in Zombie's film is just a mindless brute killing people for the sake of killing people. He lacks the finesse and grace Micheal had in the original. It just boggles my mind when people say this film revitalized the series and saved it from becoming a Friday or Nightmare esque series. Sex, gore, and language everything the original sacrificed for atmosphere and overall creepiness.

On the plus side I thought it was very cool how Don't Fear the Reaper was played right before people died. Very clever in my book. Another plus was Danielle Harris. I grew up watching the Halloween series and have had the hots for her for as long as I can remember. So when she degraded herself in that particular scene, (all of you know which I'm talking about) was one of the highlights of my adolescent years.

Putting Halloween 3 aside, which I have yet to see, this is by far the worst in the series. When I heard that Rob Zombie was going to direct the next Halloween movie, I couldn't help and be excited. I figured if anyone could pull it off, it would be Zombie. I loved his last two movies, and I knew he's a massive horror movie fan. Which absolutly boggles my mind, how he managed to fuck this up so royally.

Please excuse my ranting, this movie pissed me off royally.

10-20-2007, 11:58 AM
i loved this move!

11-22-2007, 03:08 PM
The movie FINALLY came out in Australia, so I went to the first screening last night.

Firstly, I'll let you all know that this post will LIKELY CONTAIN SPOIIIILEEEERRRRRRSS



- Didn't know whether to be a psychological movie or a slasher, so tried to be both.

- As a slasher - it didn't know what it was doing. It showed Michael far too much - therefore there were no actual scares.. just Michael killin' the shit out of everyone. And he did a LOT of killin (especially considering the original only has 4 kills).

- Not a fan of the timeline... I was confused (especially considering it's a remake/reimagining) when suddenly everything was modern or something, I couldn't follow it that well until I saw a girl in a Slayer shirt and I went "Hey, this ain't 1978".

- The girls were annoying. I mean, the original girls were annoying but they had actual characters... these 3 were all the same character, which was 'annoying girl'.

- Rob Zombie obviously didn't like the original movie. It had a few lines borrowed from the original, but just rushed through anything that had happened in the original to get to parts that Zombie added in himself that weren't scary or captivating, just confusing (the pool scene - hiding in the house - somehow in the roof?)


- Okay, it seemed like a lot of cons, but there was a lot I liked about this movie. First of all... MICHAEL IS A fluffIN TANK. Okay, I love small Michael as well, but tank Michael is an awesome beast that I fluffin' loved watching. He want tank all over the shop on everyone.

- The psychological first half worked remarkably well. It was cool as a sort of 'alternate universe' in the Halloween world. I prefer the 'no reason at all' that the original series had, but it was very interesting to see a young Michael go ape shit. I REALLY loved when he finally snapped and killed everyone. This also set up one of the best endings I've seen in a horror film.

- The last 10 seconds of this movie is fluffin' chilling. The whole movie is almost set up for those 10 seconds and it hit me hard. Made it all seem more worthwhile that it probably was looking back, but it left me feeling like I should after a horror film - drained.

- Malcolm McDowell and Brad Douriff. They are AMAZING actors and in the parts of Dr Loomis and Sheriff Brackett they were perfect. No one will -ever- replace Pleasence, but McDowell did the best job he could with the script.

- There were lots of tits. I like my horror movies with tits, cos boobs are my favourite thing in the world and this had a lot of them. Wahoooooga! Especially awesome to see Danielle Harris spend most of the time without a shirt on. Hell yeah.

Flash Over
11-22-2007, 04:21 PM
This was the best one since H2....I mean, no Supernatural elements (yes I know H2 had them), more realism added, and apart from the trash Dialogue, it was far better than the last 4 of them...some characters I found alot more likable (Namely Laurie's actually being a typical teenager....like the female version of me xD...I'd date her over JLC Laurie anyday)
but some were pretty poor...anyways I'll be buying both DVD copies....definately

11-22-2007, 05:51 PM
Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' opened in Australia yesterday, so I finally got the chance to see the one film I've been waiting for all year. I was quietly nervous about it considering the opinions here have been so divided. I needn't have been. It was an extremely effective update of an iconic horror film, with the right balance between blatant homages to the original and a radical new vision. Zombie's gritty style worked so well for 'Halloween', giving his film the classy aesthetic of blues, greys, deep black and autumnal orange that it deserved, rather than the cheap telemovie look of a couple of the entries in the franchise. The kills were gory but never crossed the line into torture porn, and in a way it was quite fitting that the first kill of the bully was the most visual as it became emblematic for all the others. 'Look what Mike is capable of... seen it? Grossed you out enough yet? Right, bear that in mind and let's get on with the movie'.

The best moments of the film for the 'Halloween' nerd were probably completely unimpressive for the casual moviegoer (which highlights one of the potential problems with Rob's film - it's clearly made with the assumption that the viewer is au fait with the original). Introducing the William Shatner mask so early on in the piece and making it a part of Michael's childhood kills was unexpected and extremely welcome. It was also awesome to see his cell in the sanitarium covered with handmade masks. It made his emotional connection to the events of that Halloween night more salient, and gave more (subtle) explanation as to why he ended up back in Haddonfield on Halloween again. Loved when Mike went back to his old house and took out the knife and mask. That was almost a shivers-up-the-spine moment.

I found the pacing of the film one of its strong points. It was decidedly long for a slasher flick, but Rob made sure the action was front and centre to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The balance between the prequel and the remake was spot on, but because equal time was afforded to both the middle section when we are first introduced to Laurie, Annie and Linda really fell flat. As so many others have said, there is no time to bond with them, understand who they are, or develop any real empathy. Some would argue that this isn't the point of a horror film, but for me it was what made John Carpenter's original so effective. I understand that Rob didn't have the screentime to build up such a slow and forboding sense of suspense like Carpenter, but the girls' dialogue seemed completely wasted. It was all meaningless dribble and didn't offer any insight into the characters. All three cracked stupid sex jokes endlessly and there was really no distinction between any of them, other than Laurie didn't have a boyfriend and looked like more of a virginal archetype than Annie and Linda. As such, Linda's line on the phone about being worried that Annie called her a slut came off as completely redundant.

The dialogue also affects the success of Loomis' character. McDowell does an awesome job with making the character his own, but some of the lines are just so campy that they don't work. They felt written for the slightly doddering, incompetent Sam Loomis of the original, which was at odds with the character Malcolm McDowell was trying to play. I'd go so far as to say the dialogue was the weakest link in the entire movie, as the aesthetic and all the other visual elements (as well as Bates' killer score) were pretty much flawless.

Major props to Rob for keeping the touchstone moments from the original film but changing elements here and there. I was pleased that Annie lived, and the extended chase scene with Laurie at the end was brilliantly executed. He gave Laurie the right mix of wise decisions and unwise decisions in her attempt to escape from Michael, which stopped the audience from yelling 'NO YOU DUMB BITCH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!' the whole time but made her actions reasonably realistic. The death of Loomis was a great twist, and I liked that the ending was satisfying but ambiguous too. All of the kill scenes were great, and I admired the fact that Rob tried to create - stylistically and practically - a dynamic range of kills on screen. The sheer brutality of the school bully, the meticulously thought out murder of the stepfather by strapping him to the chair and duct-taping his mouth shut, the layered cues for Judith's death (sexual intimation in Michael touching her leg, the choice of a white dress, the blood between her legs), and the subtlety of what Zombie allowed the audience to see when Michael stabbed the nurse with the fork. Two stood out in particular for me: Judith's death for the gripping mis en scene of her staggering and crawling down the long hallway, and Annie's for Danielle Harris' harrowing performance. That final scream as she's dragged into the other room was spinetingling.

I have minor quibbles with the film that I could spend another few paragraphs listing - the unnecessarily vulgar language throughout, the need for more suspense, Michael is too visible during the remake section (but we've spent an hour getting to know him as a kid, so is that even a valid criticism?), requisite plot inconsistencies and unexplained occurrences - but after a cinematic turd like 'Halloween: Resurrection', it seems petty. Rob Zombie has made one of the best entries in the 'Halloween' franchise with an update of the greatest horror film ever made that is stylish, frightening and, most importantly, worthy. There's no higher praise than that.



St. Brett
11-25-2007, 04:24 PM
Can I have my 2 cents worth?

I found an error in this new Halloween Zombie flick.

Bet none of you others picked this up either.

As a kid, if Myers was smart enough to treasure his mask and knife under floor boards then come back some 18 years later and unearth them then the F.B.I. would classify that as being an organized killer!
So much for his not guilty status on grounds of being insane.
He was higly organized and it was all premeditated.
I find the new blue-print cloned Michael Myers guilty on all charges, people. He knew what he was doing.

Insane is Ed Gein wearing ladies skin on his face while shitting his pants and masturbating to ESPN on TV.

I'll write my longer review of the movie after this.

St. Brett
11-25-2007, 05:26 PM
Here's my Rob Zombie Halloween rundown. (I wrote this in the cinema while watching it)

Coming attractions: Alien versus Predator 2 better deliver. It looks good. Looks like something cross between Deliverance and Walkin' Tall.

So Myers was a young grunge rocker from Seattle eh?
Yer, yer, I can see that.

(This kid playing Myers looks an awful lot like that kid from Detroit Rock City. Remember the Quick-e-mart scene where the guy tried to steal his tickets? And his brother was a wrestler?)

(Seeing one of the actors wearing a Kizz T-shirt made me rush out and buy Kizz' album Revenge. I like that God gave rock and roll to you 2 song.)

I'm glad that Zombie gave this a rock feel and none of that rap flavour (H-20 Ressurection)

Myers was never 7 foot tall !!!! The blue-print cloned Myers moved too fast to.

Is it fair that we compare the two versions?

I didn't like how they painted Myers as this kid who came from a dysfunctional red neck family and I especially didn't like how he spoke like a normal kid.

In my TV DVD copy at home I like how the kid just sits at the window staring and breathing deep, comotose and morose looking out into nothing.

A few other actors made appearances I noticed. There was that Indian guy from Sherry Baby. (He's always a baddy in movies)
Was that C.J. the security guard from Dawn of the dead, the new one? Playing the warderly in the hospital?

The guy who played Ottis in Henry was in Halloween. He was in Seinfeld once too remember? The owner of the dog who bit Elaine?

The truck driver who fights Myers in the shit house, where have I seen him before?
He's been in other films. Was that....was he Benny from TX Chainsaw 3?

The end credits rolled and I saw Dee Wallace name appear. For gods sake which one was she in this new version? I didn't pick up on that.
Who else was in the new one that was in the original one and did Zombie make an appearance himself?

The truck driver put up a good fight against Myers I felt. Kind of met his match.
Gave it a draw.

The way Myers escapes was a bit of a cop out.
5 guards armed with 12 guage SG's my ass!

Baseball scene was similar to De Niro in Untouchables. Smashed that kids head into crushed pineapple. Bit graphic.

They missed my fav scenes in the new one.
Mainly 3 scenes.
The part where the shop's broken into "took a couple a knives and rope."
The part where they trip Tommy over in the school with the pumpkin then Myers following him. I love how he bumps into Myers in the original. The music.
And I felt they didn't focus much on the high school either.
More school scenes, please.
Oh, and Annie being stuck in the laundry was one of the creepy bits in the original that was missing.

The way young Myers kills the first kid and just goes on eating candy oblivious to the fact what he's just done was a nice touch. Gave it no second thought and just went on.

The part in the hallway when he's killing Judith was wicked. The big head mask and half body person. It looked wicked. He looked like a mini Myers. It was evil. Well done. I liked it.

The bit where Myers kills them two parents was odd. When the father looks around, outside the house, then Myers comes charging I actually jumped backwards in my seat in the cinema like G-force. It caught me of guard. He sort off charged like that robot lady from part 3 with his arm out.

Guy swinging from the rafters with a pumpkin on his head was a nice touch.

That's sort of what's wrong with most of these movies.......they shouldn't start the movie on October 31st Halloween day.....start a few days beforehand and work up to the day.
I think part 6 did this?
They also didn't...I dunno, focus much on the Halloween art work and kids collecting candy whilst door knocking. It has to be more Halloweeny, you know? Show more Jack-o-lanterns in detail and tell an indepth story about the day itself. Show more of the town and up different streets.

Myers mask at certain angles looks a lot like a Slipknot mask.

Did anyone sense that there was a feel to this new one a combination of parts 1, 4 and 6? Zombie's sort of captured moments from other Halloweens as well.

It's safe to say that there will be NO new part 2 as she pretty much finished him off right?

I thought the graveyard bit where Loomis is with that guy looking for head stones was a bit childish with the religious desecration of that dead animal.
Since when was Myers creative?
That was a flaw.

I still prefer the original.

Again, Myers was never that tall and didn't move with such alacrity.

Wanna know what's strange about this new version too? When Myers finally catches up to Danielle Harris we sort of see him finally getting hold of her after all these years.
It's like Wild E Coyote chasing Road Runner.
I know part 6 had a different actress playing her and having her being diced in some barn chopper.
But this new Halloween pits them against each other again and he finally gets his hands on her after all that running and chasing from parts 4 and 5.
It was strange watching it. They were re-united. Anyway...she's too cute to be killed off anyway.

Oh, and the ending when Laurie shoots him then her loud screaming follows reminded me of Texas chainsaw original ending too.
The new Laurie has got nothing on JLC performance. The new Laurie is small fries in comparison. Too young and bubbly.

One post per person? Sorry.

I found an error in this new Halloween Zombie flick.

Bet none of you others picked this up either.

As a kid, if Myers was smart enough to treasure his mask and knife under floor boards then come back some 18 years later and unearth them then the F.B.I. would classify that as being an organized killer!
So much for his not guilty status on grounds of being insane.
He was higly organized and it was all premeditated.
I find the new blue-print cloned Michael Myers guilty on all charges, people. He knew what he was doing.

Insane is Ed Gein wearing ladies skin on his face while shitting his pants and masturbating to ESPN on TV.

On a final note........so, Myers being pushed over the edge was due to a combination of being called names at home and in school and this giving him cause to go on his rampage?

I think they should have went for a different angle and had Loomis as his doctor from the get go and Loomis was fingering him or holding him closer than usual like a dirty old man.
That would be a better cause than being called names in school and at home.

The original movie doesn't really explain what pushed Myers over the edge to begin with.

This new Halloween one tries to blame it on name calling and hurt feelings?

P.P.P.S. Evilontwolegs on page 3 mentioned how lighting in the cinema gave him a huge headache!
I actually had trouble with the lights in the isle myself as it kept pissing me off out the corner of my eye so I lifted up all the arm chairs to block it out.
There was only 4 of us in the cinema.

And people...lay off Halloween 3, please? It's an under-rated classic, so don't no piss ant be attacking it.

St. Brett
11-25-2007, 05:42 PM
I was only thinking today that one of my favorite Halloween 2 bits was when the doctors are arguing in the lunch room and that lady doctor says something like "Julie's seen him before, you know? Walking in the paddock need those woods."

Then the guy says she's full of shit.

Wouldn't that be good if they had filmed that seen of him casually walking like that on the outskirts?
Late in the afternoon just strolling into the woods coverting the joint 'n shit.
It doesn't all have to be frantic back to the future thrill-a-minute edge-of-your-seat stuff you know?

That's what's the best thing about Halloween 5........when we see the part when they're loading up the boot of the car with beer.

I like how part 5 showed us different streets and outskirts of town.

Another odd scene in part 2 was the dental records scene of the burnt body.

Do you know I haven't got part two DVD at all?

Seriously.....surely they can't make the new part 2, right? She did blow his face off right?

Knowing Ressurection they'll have it that the gun backfired and tore her ear off or she saw Loomis and was dazed and shot him instead as it came to her that it was her brother beneath her.

I'm just curious...what's the chances of part 3 being re-made? And this time for those haters......add Myers to the mix.

11-29-2007, 07:42 PM
Hey did any of you know that its' still playing in the theatres??....14 weeks!!!.....CoooL!

(source box-office mojo)

St. Brett
12-02-2007, 04:32 PM
I guess this concludes the new Rob Zombie Halloween flick?

That's a wrap then, people!

Now what?

You know it only managed to make 330 thousand in its first week here in Australia?

My question is why do they keep trying to reinvent yesterdays movies?

Are the kids of today too good to watch the originals?

Can someone out there come out and admit that the new Halloween was a flop?
Stop being defensive and let's hear it!

I mean....look at all the shit they've tried to re-juvenate for todays generation - Scooby Doo, Herbie Goes Bananas, Bewitched, Starsky & Hutch, Shaft, Miami Vice (nonsense!) Hulk.
Shall I go on?

What's the bet Top Gun will be targeted next?
They'll try 'n pitch Justin Timberlake as Maverick and have Freddy Prince Jr as Goose and Ryan Phillipe as The Iceman.
Is that politically correct to refer to a character as the ice man today?
May be mis-construed as a drug dealer.

Why can't todays producers do their own stuff and stop biting yesterdays classics?

When was the last time you saw a memorable horror movie without comedy relief in it?
I rack my brain to think of something.
What, jeepers Creepers - an X-files cross Duel show?

Do you wanna know what is wrong with the new Halloween? There was no suspense in it. The original Halloween is a thriller movie not horror. And as well this new one tried to cram too many characters into it. No dialogue for the actors and it seemed rushed with the second portion of the film.

12-14-2007, 10:45 AM
just had a thought. isnt it a complete violation of the doctor/patient relationship for dr.loomis to write a book and lecture on a patient he is currently treating? i mean i think it would not only be unethical but probably something that would get him in trouble with the psychiatric board for him to be spilling all these secrets about myers and calling him a psychopath while at the same time treating him as his shrink. just a though.

12-16-2007, 08:59 AM
just had a thought. isnt it a complete violation of the doctor/patient relationship for dr.loomis to write a book and lecture on a patient he is currently treating? i mean i think it would not only be unethical but probably something that would get him in trouble with the psychiatric board for him to be spilling all these secrets about myers and calling him a psychopath while at the same time treating him as his shrink. just a though.

I took it as he cared for Michael, but realized he wasn't getting anywhere...and he had written a book and decided to cash in on Michael somehow, and in order to do that he quit being his doctor. That's why he was obviously conflicted with the decision to stop treating him.

That's just me...lol

01-08-2008, 06:33 PM
Here's my review hope it doesn't give too much away.

When I first heard that Rob Zombie was doing Halloween. I had mixed feelings about this after all Carpenter's version was historical.I've seen some bad remakes and some good ones. Amittyville Horror is in my opinion a great remake. Even though Rob calls this a re-invisionary film.It doesn't matter it's still a remake.

When I saw this movie I went in with an open mind.And wouldn't think of anything about Carpenter's version.Because I want to judge it for what it was: a film. I was a little disapointed that the movie didn't start off.With the theme song. But after hearing the theme on cd. I was happy it wasn't included in the movie. Not to knock down Tyler Bates on the theme.But the themes for the previous films were all better.

I was a little disappointed,that there was no date given.At the start of this movie,was it in the 60's or 70's? I knew right away this movie would be different.From Carpenter's with the opening scene. Ronnie White came off to me as the worst possible father figure. From commenting on Judith's body,to dissing baby laurie,it made me wonder: why the hell did Deborah Myers date this slime ball?

Michael washing off the bloody blade after killing.His pet rat Elvis made me wonder.What made him want to kill his only pet? When Ronnie threatened to beat Michael as soon as his arm healed. I couldn't wait to see him die in the movie.

The bathroom scene made me feel pity for Michael.Two older boys picking on him because his mother was a stripper.And implying that Judith was a slut.To me really helped build in the anger that Michael developes. His life at home is a mess,and kids bully him at school.

With all that pent up rage with nothing positive in h is life (except baby Laurie which can't talk at this time.) That anger just keeps building over time. I liked the add in with the bully that showed Michael the stripper ad. That there's nothing positive in his life. And that he picks on other kids besides Michael.

One scene that had a little bit negative for me.Was the principal's office scene with Loomis & Deborah Myers. One thing I learned in that scene was a sign.That someone could become a serial killer in the future,by killing small animals. But what slightly got on my nerves was.After Loomis said: the thrill of hurting smaller creatures,it's often an early warning sign.

Deborah's response: Early warning sign for what? I mean honestly did Loomis have to spoon feed her the answer? Someone who starts killing small animals early in life.Without any help they will go on to kill bigger things like human beings! Now before I said Bates did a terrible job on the main theme for this film. When I heard a short version of of the halloween theme.Without the sound effects and techno thrown in.

I was absolutely thrilled and filled with excitment.It was one of the best themes I had ever heard.Next to Carpenter's themes for the original,and the end theme to H20. Soon after that was one of my favorite scenes. Michael attacking the bully with a log.

Anyone who said they felt sorry for the bully.When Michael laid the smack down on him is lying. It didn't take long for the bully to go from.Talking tuff to pleading for his life. I'm sure at that moment we saw the bully.For who he really was: a scared kid. No doubt that how his emotions were.When his father would beat him in the past. This scene to me gave us a brief look at Michael's transformation. Going animal killer,to future serial killer.

Michael trick or treating by himself to me.I saw it as the last straw with him on putting up with his 'family'. I first got the impression that he wanted his mother. To take him trick or treating,as a plea to not work at the strip club that night. Because he didn't like the idea of the town. Knowing his mother was a stripper for money.

Then his sister skips on taking him so she can have sex.You could just see how lonely he was sitting outside with his candy.One shot that I'll never understand was.The close up shot of him eating his halloween candy. The far away shot of him at the table.Eating the candy is enough to tell us.What he's doing so what is the purpose.Of the extreme close up of his mouth chomping on some candy?

When Michael tapes Ronnie to his chair,and stand over him with his Butcher's knife. It's at that moment I feel he's finally turned, into icon we know and love. I also enjoy the fact that he reveals his face to Ronnie. Just so he'll know that he's the one that killed him. It's almost as if he's thinking: think i'm a bad ass now?

Next is Judith's boyfriend's turn to die.Here there are two reasons I think Michael kills him. Because he had sex with his sister,or because he's eating their food. Maybe both or maybe because he didn't want any witnesses around?

Now on Judith's death this may sound strange.But the sound Judith makes,and her expression. It's almost as if she enjoyed getting stab in the stomach. The sex didn't satify her but a good stab to the stomach does? Also the camera work is a bit shakey when Michael stabs her in the hallway. I don't undersand why they couldn't keep the camera straight.

I'll admit the aftermath after Deborah Myers arrives is great.I don't mean to diss John Carpenter. But just having the parents stand outside.And not say anything when their child is holding a bloody knife.And just do a zoom out crane shot.Makes you think: What's wrong with these parents?

The Smiths Grove scenes were interesting.But I would've enjoyed timeline for Smiths Grove better.If it were similar to the Halloween comic.Or at least give some interaction between Michael and other patients. I was disapointed that there was only one kill when Michael.Was a child I originally felt sorry for the nurse that died. Then I saw the director's cut and that totally changed. If you've seen the director's cut you'll know why. Can't see why Rob didn't include that in the Theatrical Cut. The line is only maybe ten seconds long.

One thing I was satisfied with were the scenes between Loomis and Michael.At Smith's Grove you can see their strange bond in friendship.One thing you'd never expect a doctor having genuine love for a child murderer. I sincerely believe that Loomis wanted help Michael.To save his soul from eternial evil.

Thats what made his performance different from Donald's. Donald's Loomis from day one just saw him as someone.That was pure evil that gave up on,and was on a mission to stop. This Loomis showed us,that he really tried to get through to Michael. He spends 17 years trying to get through to Michael. That takes alot of patients and love before giving up on Michael.Not because he wants to,but because he knows he can't save him.

Michael's escape in this version was more action packed.And in my view more believeable. Than Michael releasing the other patients,and stealing a car to escape. Though one character at this point I truely wanted to live. Was Ismal Cruz but killing him off. Showed that dispite his 17 yr friendship with Michael.Showed that his escape meant more to him.Than letting Ismal live despite their long history together.

The character of Lynda and Annie to me were not.Given enough screen time to develope their characters.And were just seen as high school girls who have sex with their boyfriends. I was happy that Danielle lived in his version.Because i'm a big fan of Danielle's work.Though it was a bit strange for a 30 yr old to be playing.The role of a high school senior despite the fact.That Danielle still looks young and hot.

Brad Dourif did a convincing role as Sheriff Brackett.Despite the fact that i'm a big fan of his work.As Chucky from the Child's Play franchise.I never once pictured him as the 2 foot killer doll in this movie.One of the big changes I loved about this version.Was switching Michael's role instead of trying to kill Laurie. He is trying to be with her,because he really does love his little sister. Even after she stabs him with his own knife. He doesn't feel any hate toward her.

And when Loomis shoots Michael several times.After he's caught up with Laurie and Michael. I could tell he didn't enjoy shooting him.Every moment he fired his gun,I could see the pain in his eyes. The extended scene in the Myers House I didn't mind. In fact I found it very interesting. Because in the old series,we never had a scene between Laurie & Michael in the Myers House.

The ending didn't surprise me I saw it coming.But one thing I did like about it,was it's call back to Deborah's suicide. Scout's scream echoed the baby's crying just like after Deborah shot herself. Like a painful memory had come back to her. In the end I thought the home movies during the end credits didn't serve a purpose at all.

And I was extremely disappointed that Zombie didn't include a tribute to Debra Hill.She helped start the original franchise,and deserved to be mentioned.Overall I loved his movie any even though it can only be.Considered second best compared to Carpenter's classic.I'll definately think it's number 1 over the sequels.

halo thirty one
08-25-2008, 05:54 AM
I can't figure it out, because I'm not a fan of all these remake and the original Halloween is my all time favorite movie, but I have been re-watching the 2007 version a lot recently and it's been growing on me more and more each time I watch it. I think the reason is because Rob Zombie didn't go the easy route, like Prom Night, The Fog, Black Christmas and House of Wax, and make everything pretty and perfect. Going the exact opposite direction helped with the atmosphere and made it feel creepier. It really had a '70s horror movie feel and look to it.

09-05-2008, 08:38 AM
I have to admit, I already made up my mind before seeing the movie. When I heard there was going to be a remake, I was nauseous. When I found out Rob Zombie was making it, I was even more physically ill. I'd seen House of 1,000 corpses, and The devils rejects. I liked the first a bit and found the second was terrible. He was clearly ripping off the Texas chainsaw massacre genre , which is fine, in fact, I thought House of 1,000 corpses was far superior to the Texas Chainsaw remake. I've known about him since his days in the mid nineties with White Zombie and I knew what he was likely going to bring to the table for a Halloween remake. The fact is, I was precisely right.

I could list a thousand different things I hated about Zombies Halloween. Most of the things have already been mentioned over and over by others. I didn't bother to see it in the theater, and when I came out on video, I took quite a long time to finally muster up the tolerance and willingness to sit through this monstrosity. I could literally write a book on what I hated about the movie, but I will try and sum it up with a very short dialogue.

John Carpenter's Halloween is artistic, stylish, and eloquent.

Rob Zombies remake is trashy, forced, and unoriginal.

I would admit that anyone who could have tried to remake Halloween, would have encountered a formidable task. It simply stands that the original movie did not leave anything to improve upon. Anything else would result in an inferior movie.

09-05-2008, 09:25 AM
Wow...one of the rare people who liked Ho1KC better than TDR.

Personally, I preferred the gritty atmosphere of TDR over the OTT psychedelic tone of Ho1KC, which which more cartoonish.

09-05-2008, 09:43 AM
i went into this movie with an open mind not going to compare it to the original and still dont but i think it was a typical movie for today's audience

09-05-2008, 05:19 PM
i went into this movie with an open mind not going to compare it to the original and still dont but i think it was a typical movie for today's audience

It's perfectly reasonable to measure it against the original. There really is no other logical way to do it. Of course, it fails miserably when being compared, but still.

09-05-2008, 05:26 PM
Honestly, I think it could've been worse if it was done right from the script. I mean, it's not that good. But still, I know it could've been much worse. It would be interesting if they kept the tape recorder, though.

Danny Strode
09-05-2008, 08:09 PM
I went into it comparing it to the original, and that was my mistake.

09-05-2008, 10:47 PM
I went in comparing it to the sequels we'd been handed lately, so I came out okay.

09-05-2008, 10:54 PM
I went in comparing it to nothing, and without any expectations.

Danny Strode
09-05-2008, 11:48 PM
And I knew I shouldn't have compared it to the original, and it's not fair to do that, but I just couldn't help it. Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to the original, but in some ways, it makes the original look like it left some things out.

09-06-2008, 07:14 AM
I didn't bother comparing. That comes afterward.

09-06-2008, 07:49 AM
And I knew I shouldn't have compared it to the original, and it's not fair to do that, but I just couldn't help it. Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to the original, but in some ways, it makes the original look like it left some things out.

Why would you think it's not fair to compare it to the original? Rob Zombie decided to take the risk and make it in the first place. If he wanted to make a movie that wasn't going to be compared to somthing else, he shouldn't have chosen to recreate something that already existed. The original left things out purposely. Carpenter wanted people to use their imaginations, he wanted people to be involved in the story themselves instead of being fed everything. We didn't need explanations for anything left out in the original.The only thing at all that I was ever left unsatisfied about, was the fact that Laurie was never mentioned as Michael's sister in the first film, but made so in the second. Of course, this has nothing to do with the original, and is the total responsibility of the part II story-line.

I don't get people claiming not to compare it. That doesn't make any sense period.

09-06-2008, 07:58 AM
I'll compare it. The original blows it away.

Danny Strode
09-06-2008, 08:00 AM
Why would you think it's not fair to compare it to the original?

It's a new film in a new series, simply. It should stand on its own and not be downgraded because of what movie it's compared to. But, then again... ;)

09-06-2008, 09:24 AM
It's a new film in a new series, simply. It should stand on its own and not be downgraded because of what movie it's compared to. But, then again... ;)

It's not an original film, it's a remake of a film and characters that already existed. If someone remakes a song, would you say that it shouldn't be compared to the original? Would you say it was new and should stand on its own? It just doesn't make any since to think of it that way.

09-06-2008, 09:31 AM
I don't think it should be compared. It's different, not the same film as the 1978 film. For the most part, it is original. It shares very little with the original. Same basic story, but very different.

09-06-2008, 10:00 AM
It's not an original film, it's a remake of a film and characters that already existed. If someone remakes a song, would you say that it shouldn't be compared to the original? Would you say it was new and should stand on its own? It just doesn't make any since to think of it that way.

Depends. Does the song have a ton of sequels? :p

09-06-2008, 04:41 PM
I don't think it should be compared. It's different, not the same film as the 1978 film. For the most part, it is original. It shares very little with the original. Same basic story, but very different.

Ummm... no it's not original. The name, story line, characters, and music already existed. You're right, it's very different, it was a very poorly done reproduction.

Depends. Does the song have a ton of sequels? :p

That doesn't apply as Zombies film was a reproduction of the original only.

09-06-2008, 10:50 PM
That doesn't apply as Zombies film was a reproduction of the original only.

Of course it applies. Because if I choose, I can compare it to the sequels. I don't have to strictly confine my comparisons to H1...unless you want to play Orwellian Thought Police and tell me what's okay for me to think and what's not.

And if it's a reproduction of the original only, why are Michael and Laurie related? Take your time. :p

09-07-2008, 07:16 AM
Of course it applies. Because if I choose, I can compare it to the sequels. I don't have to strictly confine my comparisons to H1...unless you want to play Orwellian Thought Police and tell me what's okay for me to think and what's not.

And if it's a reproduction of the original only, why are Michael and Laurie related? Take your time. :p

I suppose if you choose, you can compare it to Gone with the wind. That doesn't make it a logical comparison, but if you choose to do so, it's your prerogative. In hind site, Zombie could look at the series story line and see that Laurie became Michael's sister in the second film. There was nothing to take my time with. Your simplistic approach at logic has failed miserably.

09-07-2008, 07:39 AM
I suppose if you choose, you can compare it to Gone with the wind. That doesn't make it a logical comparison, but if you choose to do so, it's your prerogative. In hind site, Zombie could look at the series story line and see that Laurie became Michael's sister in the second film. There was nothing to take my time with. Your simplistic approach at logic has failed miserably.

It's your approach that is simplistic. Because your approach says "This is a remake. I must compare it to the original. There is no other option." THAT is simplistic. And it fails miserably, because it's too limiting. There are always options. And don't tell me there isn't a clear and massive difference between comparing it to Gone With the Wind and comparing it to recent films in the same franchise. That's an absolutely ludicrous statement, and you know it.

As I see it, there are multiple options. I can compare it to the original, if I choose to (sorry...it isn't compulsory), or I can compare it to recent sequels. One determines whether I think it's better or worse than a film that was made 30 years ago. The other determines whether I think the franchise took a step up, or a step down, with the remake. Based on where it was before said remake came out. Namely, H:R. Personally, I think the remake is a better movie than H:R, so it's an improvement.

Sure, I can sit around and compare it to the original, and piss and moan that it isn't as good. If I want to be miserable about it. Or I can ask myself whether this has improved the quality of the Halloween franchise films that I've gotten to see in the theater in recent years, and presented better potential for future films than a universally reviled cyberslasher flick did in 2002. In which case, I see the answer as yes. I don't have tp be defeatist about it just because you are...sorry to disappoint.

Do you expect every sequel to live up to the original, or can you enjoy one even if it isn't as good? Because if that's your expectation, then it's safe to say that you only like one Halloween movie...H1. Because NO other film in the franchise is as good. But, if you can enjoy them regardless, I don't see the difference between that and a remake. To me, either one is the continuation of a franchise. And for the record, I don't think Halloween should have BEEN a franchise. I think it should have just been one film. But it isn't. And as far as an extension of the franchise goes, I think what we got in 2007 was better than what we got five years earlier.

You don't have to look at it that way...I don't really care how you look at it. That's your business. But don't decide for me and everyone else how we're allowed to look at it. You don't get to decide that, and why the fuck do you even care? I don't care if you compare it to the original, why do you care that I don't? Just because you don't see it my way, that doesn't mean my position doesn't make sense. There is more than one option here, and you can only see one. Fine. Again, your business. But don't tell me what to think, or that it's as arbitrary as comparing it to Gone With the Wind. Because it's not your place and, frankly, that's just ridiculous.

09-07-2008, 08:55 AM
What you're saying doesn't make any sense. It's a remake of the events of the first movie in the series, not a remake of other films in the series. Comparing it to Halloween 8 is a misnomer because it doesn't recreate the events of Halloween 8, it recreates the events of the first Halloween film.

You certainly have the freedom to size it up to any other film you choose, whether it be Killer clowns from outer space, or Friday the 13th Jason goes to Manhattan. I couldn't care less. That however does not mean they're adequate films to be compared. The only logical comparison is to the original Halloween film because it's a recreation of the events of the original Halloween film.

I'm not simple minded enough to enjoy inferior remakes. If you cannot improve upon something, don't bother. I don't suppose Dell will be coming out with a new line of computers with Pentium II processors in them any time soon. Inferior products are not generally in demand, but that doesn't seem to stop film makers from trying to slip mediocrity by, and with consumers like yourself eagerly accepting such material, they will not cease to continue. Personally, I find it quite disrespectful for someone to take a classic picture, and make a mockery out of it. That's just me though, some people are far easier to please.

09-07-2008, 09:21 AM
Personally, I find it quite disrespectful for someone to take a classic picture, and make a mockery out of it.

Wait, are we talking about a movie here or a human being? :bastard:

Honestly, I don't see the point in comparing the remake to the original. I think people that do so set themselves up for disappointment.

09-07-2008, 09:21 AM
Clearly, you don't know or don't care what I'm actually saying. Let me spell it out:

The ONLY thing I care about, in terms of the remake or any future films, is whether the franchise will get better, or continue to get worse. PERIOD.

No other Halloween film, sequel or remake, has ever lived up to the original, and I never even remotely expect them to. So when a new movie comes out, sequel or remake, all I care about is how it stacks up against the franchise, as a whole...and specifically, the recent franchise installments. Because that's what we're being fed NOW, okay? I can watch H1 on DVD any damn time I want to. What concerns me is the quality of the new films being released to the theater. Ergo, is Zombie's Halloween better than the last piece of shit Halloween movie I got scammed into paying eight bucks for? In my opinion, yes...so in a franchise that ebbs and flows (or runs completely dry, as it did with H:R), this was an improvement.

Only an idiot would reasonably expect the remake to be better than the original Halloween. So here's my point. The franchise was going to continue no matter what. If not for the remake, we would have gotten a post-H:R sequel. Do I think that a post-H:R sequel would've been better than Zombie's movie? No. Therefore, it was the better choice of the two. And those were really the only two alternatives. They're not just gonna stop making these movies. Ideally, they would've stopped in 1978...but they didn't, so there's no use even thinking about that. If they were gonna make a new Halloween (which they were), I'm glad they rebooted, rather than putting out another retarded H:R-style sequel. If nothing else, it opens up new possibilities for future Halloween films...opportunities that no longer existed in the old series because they'd dragged it out too long, and made too many bad choices along the way, over the course of two and a half decades' worth of sequels.

I don't CARE that Zombie's remake isn't as good as the original. And it DOES make logical sense to view it in terms of the overall franchise, because what we're really determining is where these films are headed. We already know where they've been. The only question I'm interested in posing is "Are the movies getting better or worse with each given entry?" Whether or not each stacks up to a classic from thirty years ago (one which never should've had any sequels to begin with, but spawned far too many) simply doesn't matter to me, because I already know it won't. I stopped expecting Halloween movies to be anywhere near as good as H1 a long time ago. So to me, any new installment in the franchise (again, be it sequel or remake) is just that...yet another Halloween film that won't be as good as H1. So why should I concern myself with that? It's a given.

At the end of the day, I'm only interested in what I'm spending my theater money on, and whether it's better or worse than the last installment they trotted out. For me, H:R killed the old series. I didn't give a shit about H9...when it would come out, what it would be about, nothing. I just didn't care. I probably would've skipped seeing it at the theater. The only reason I didn't skip the most current Halloween film is because it didn't follow the old series, which was a total loss after H:R. Zombie's film, while certainly no masterpiece, was better than what I expected the next film to be, when I thought it would be a post-H:R sequel. And that's what matters to me...the fact that I didn't feel as cheated as I did when H:R came out, or as utterly embarrassed to be a Halloween fan.

You have your criteria, I have mine. Both are valid. Whether you admit it or not.

09-07-2008, 02:09 PM
I don't see the Zombie film on the same straight line as the original Halloween series. It isn't a sequel, although I do agree with you that it's better than H8 but that doesn't mean much as I would give H8 about a 1/10. There are still plenty of avenues that could be pursued in the original series. Of course the sequels are pretty cliche by now, but fans in general would like more, as long as some quality is there. I personally like all of the Halloween films to some extent other than H8, which I despise. Nothing compares to the first, although there are great glimpses in II, IV, and H20. HIII is obviously a different entity altogether, but I do enjoy it quite a bit.

Do you hold any movie to be sacred? I don't mean religiously, but you know what I mean. Doesn't it bother you that Hollywood has no imagination and has to recreate that which already exists and doesn't require any improvement? Everything is fair game apparently, and I find it disgusting, especially when generally what is produced is FAR from the quality of the original. It isn't always the case, take Oceans eleven for example. The 2001 version is, I believe, superior to the original. The creators had something to offer, they had something to make the movie better. It isn't always a failed situation. Rob Zombie should have never touched Halloween unless he could have improved on the original, which sure, is almost impossible, but the point remains valid. It doesn't even have to be perfect, I love the 1990 remake of Night of the living dead.I think the atmosphere is amazing in that movie. Sure, a lot of people disagree, but they can't deny some improvements were brought to the table. I realize opinions are subjective, and everybody is entitled to feel differently. What is trash to one person is gold to another. The original Halloween is very dear to me, because it's, to me, the best horror movie ever created. To people who are not so passionate about the original, it may not matter too much, but I personally am profoundly disinterested in Zombies interpretation of the original.

I do apologize if I conveyed a message that your opinion isn't valid, or that you do not have a right to think, what you think.

09-07-2008, 03:04 PM
There are still plenty of avenues that could be pursued in the original series.

Not really. Aside from what is being done with the latest Halloween comics, the well is pretty much dry.

Do you hold any movie to be sacred? I don't mean religiously, but you know what I mean. Doesn't it bother you that Hollywood has no imagination and has to recreate that which already exists and doesn't require any improvement?

I know the question isn't being asked at me, but I figured I would answer it anyway.

I personally don't treat any film as if it's "sacred" or "untouchable". Some people act like their "sacred" film will be destroyed if there's a remake of it, but I don't see it that way. Films are stories, and every story can be told in a different way, through a different light. That's not to say you have to like someone's interpretation, but I think complaining about it because it's "not the original" is silly.

Hollywood producing remake after remake doesn't bother me, either. Just like Hollywood producing romantic comedy after romantic comedy doesn't bother me. Hollywood, for the most part, follows what's trendy at the time, and right now remakes are it. Eventually the trend will die, and they'll move on to something else.

09-10-2008, 01:23 PM
I haven't seen this version but heard it was better than the director's cut

09-10-2008, 01:33 PM
I haven't seen this version but heard it was better than the director's cut
Does anyone know of a comprehensive list somewhere detailing the EXACT differences between the Theatrical version and the Unrated versions?

I am looking for more info than "the rape scene". I know that is a main part of it, but I am looking for specifics. I've seen a few lists detailing the differences between the workprint and the theatrical version. I have seen the Unrated DVD, but think I might like the theatrical better.

Mini Review
I liked Zombie's Halloween. Of course it doesn't match the original, but it had its own thing going on and I was able to separate the two in my mind while watching. It had a great look and feel to it and a great sinister tone. Scout was good as Laurie and I always enjoy Danielle Harris. Myers was physically imposing which gives him a new dynamic. Other than some bad acting and questionable directing, I can't really complain about the movie. I had such low expectations going in which probably explains my favorable review.

09-10-2008, 06:37 PM
Now an acting teacher once told me," Brian whatever you do, never play Stanley Kowalski." What he meant was do not step into the shoes of a giant. Brando's performance in Streetcar is so indelibly etched into our collective consciousness that it is nearly impossible to see any other performance of it and not compare to Brando.

On the subject of a franchise, McDonald's is a franchise. KFC is a franchise. Wendy's, Burger King and Denny's are franchises. What that means is I can go into any McDonald's anywhere in the country and know the big Mac is going to be exactly the same.

Carpenter once said sequel means the same movie. People liked the first movie so much they want to see the same thing again. Which is basically why they made Jaws II.

It's absolutely legitimate to look at the Halloween films as a franchise. Of course the basic idea behind a franchise is that anybody can open one up so long as they follow the formula, re: the big Mac is the same everywhere.

Would you say that Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi are part of a franchise? Or that The Empire Strikes Back is a sequel to Star Wars? I wouldn't. I would say they are parts of a trilogy. Continuations of a story if that is too long to be told in one sitting. Empire is Part two of a three-part epic If you add in the last three films then I would say yes now we have a franchise.

Is Kill Bill 2 to a sequel to Kill Bill

Are the Godfathers part 1, 2 and 3 part of a franchise? I don't believe so, Though 3 does not reach the high quality of the first 2. I would say this is more of a continuation of the same story, the story of Michael Corleone. Different acts from the same play.

Superman and Superman II are not part of a franchise.it is more like Book 1 just and the Book 2. It is only when we get the Superman three that we now have a franchise. The basic purpose behind a franchise is to make a profit.

Star Trek is definitely a franchise. But dammit at least the people from the original series in my personal opinion put some god damn hard effort and work into their movies.

I'm not sure when Aliens became a franchise. But it certainly is now. It wasn't when Cameron did his film. Aliens. Not a sequel or second act or part 2 or continuation but an entirely different film. But you needed to be familiar with the first to understand the second. It was not following a formula. What I am referring to as a franchise tend to follow formulas. What we often refer to as the slasher genre is basically a formula. A recipe for a chocolate cake. Just add all the right ingredients in the right combination...... Follow the recipe and you will get the same results. Just like a big Mac

It's my understanding most directors do not want to repeat themselves. Or should I say real artists don't want to repeat themselves. there are exceptions.

The George Romero zombie films. Sequels? franchise? or just different movements from the same Symphony?

if you start at the point that a sequel is the same story just retold in a different way, basically by following a formula, than Aliens doesn't really qualify as a sequel to Alien. neither is the Godfather Part II a sequel to the Godfather. in both cases they are totally different stories.

eventually it became a franchise, but I don't believe the Bride of Frankenstein qualifies as a sequel to Frankenstein. not really a second act or continuation either. But an entirely different movie. But you needed to be familiar with the first one to understand the second.

sequels, franchises, second acts and continuations. What is the difference between them?

I can't get really get into this too much now I have stuff to do.

Should I have put this in the rzh discussion thread instead?

09-11-2008, 03:22 AM
Does anyone know of a comprehensive list somewhere detailing the EXACT differences between the Theatrical version and the Unrated versions?


09-11-2008, 06:22 AM
Awesome. Thanks, Towelman!

09-28-2008, 01:20 AM
My opinion on the movie...It's one that I don't really like, but I can't help but watch it over and over. Kinda weird. Maybe it's because it's the newest Halloween movie.

Things I liked:
- Michael
- Score
- 2nd half (chase scene)
- cinematography
- Daniel Harris

Things I didn't like:
- Laurie and Linda (really annoying)
- White trash upbringing
- Rape escape (preferred theatrical much better)
- Loomis (man I miss Donald :bow:)

10-24-2008, 05:37 AM
i'm sure it's been said before but giving michael a reason to kill ruins it. fear of the unknown is the greatest fear. we did not need a 45 minute backstory. and the girls were so incredibly annoying i wanted all of them to die, especially Laurie. the reboot needs another reboot already.

11-16-2008, 06:00 AM
Rob Zombie's Halloween is good. I hate the excessive language. Everyone is a bitch or an asshole with the possible exception of Malcom McDowell and Scout Taylor-Compton. However Scout's scream annoys the shit out of me. Daeg sucks. Tyler Mane is very intimitading. He might be my favorite Michael. It's definitely the best version of the mask. Tyler Bates score is really good. Also how can you go wrong by opening up with a KISS song? I love Malcom even though Donald was better. Danielle is really good. She's the only actress I like better than the old one. 3/5 stars.

11-19-2008, 08:58 PM
My opinion on the movie...It's one that I don't really like, but I can't help but watch it over and over. Kinda weird. Maybe it's because it's the newest Halloween movie.

Things I liked:
- Michael
- Score
- 2nd half (chase scene)
- cinematography
- Daniel Harris

Things I didn't like:
- Laurie and Linda (really annoying)
- White trash upbringing
- Rape escape (preferred theatrical much better)
- Loomis (man I miss Donald :bow:)

Things I liked:
Danielle Harris
Michael's mask
Michael's hulking brute-ness
Michael's fast walk

Things I didnt like:
Everything else

This film, although vastly better than HR, was still a waste. RZ shouldnt have been brought in at all. The only reason RZH made all its money was because of "RZ" involvment.

In the beginning I was really hoping they wouldve went with the "HALLOWEEN: ASYLUM" script. But they didnt. Every time I watch this film, I cringe.

11-19-2008, 09:50 PM
Things I liked:
Danielle Harris

Things I didnt like:
Everything else

This film, although vastly better than HR, was still a waste. RZ shouldnt have been brought in at all. The only reason RZH made all its money was because of "RZ" involvment.

In the beginning I was really hoping they wouldve went with the "HALLOWEEN: ASYLUM" script. But they didnt. Every time I watch this film, I cringe.

You seriously don't think that the depiction of Myers (or, at the very least, the mask) and the cinematography were better in RZH than in most of the post-H1 films? Say what you will about the script and some of the characters, but on a purely technical level, the only real problem is the editing. In general, the movie looks and sounds great.

In terms of Myers, the RZH mask is the best since the original, and I personally found that Mane captured more of the spirit of Nick Castle's H1 performance than any of the actors who played the role in the sequels.

11-19-2008, 10:56 PM
You seriously don't think that the depiction of Myers (or, at the very least, the mask) and the cinematography were better in RZH than in most of the post-H1 films? Say what you will about the script and some of the characters, but on a purely technical level, the only real problem is the editing. In general, the movie looks and sounds great.

In terms of Myers, the RZH mask is the best since the original, and I personally found that Mane captured more of the spirit of Nick Castle's H1 performance than any of the actors who played the role in the sequels.

Seriously, I forgot about the mask. Althought I dont like the "rotting" look, its still one of the best since... H6. ;)

I will edit my uper post!

Things I liked:
Danielle Harris
Michael's mask
Michael's hulking brute-ness
Michael's fast walk
Michael's Grunts (WAY cool/ Really worked for this film)

Things I didnt like:
Backstory/Bad childhood storyline
Rob Zombie
Malcom McDowell was a HORRIBLE "Dr. Loomis"
Interpritation of the original
Everything else

11-19-2008, 11:31 PM
Robs let me down greatly! i spent like a year and a half following this movie and the day it opened i was the first one there, and was so excited, and walked out of there just stunned and dissapointed at how bad it was, my brother asked me if it was as good as i thought and all i could say was, oh yea it was good, but i was lying through my teeth because he'd never let me live it down after all the hyping i was doing for this movie, but this sucked! the cast sucked the diolougue sucked rob sucked, the score ,tom sawyer, the mask and coveralls were the only thing i liked, and i know im gonna get heat for this but i dont like danielle harris, and i felt the whole beginning was stupid and unnesarry, the 2nd half seemed like a cheap knockoff of the origanal, and malcolm cannot pull off loomis's diologue like pleasence, Michael was never suppose to be some whiny little brat who kills because some people made fun of him and woulndt take him trick or treating,lol the thing that was so eerie in the origanal was what you didnt know and that he wasent there and was just a souless killing machine. and michael was just suppose to sit there staring at the wall the whole time in the origanal series, and remember loomis had said in H2 that he woulndt move and was the ideal patient? well in this he screams crys and is irritating. and michael was never suppose to be some 6ft8 monster with long hair crashing through walls trying to get his sister to love him, which i thought the crashing through walls was ok to a certain extent. but i know his was suppose to be different but i just dont know why he didnt make a different movie with all these elements beside the MM mask,instead of label this crapfest Halloween. i feel that if he had made a diff movie without calling it halloween it would have gotten better reviews, it seems like all he did was go against the grain on everything,up the white trashesness and cursing and gore. if thats what passes for a remake then that is stupid! Laurie and Annie and Lynda were irrtating,but then again so was curtis as strode until H20. i mean at this point i want more myers but no zombie. OVERALL 2/10

11-20-2008, 09:59 AM
but i know his was suppose to be different but i just dont know why he didnt make a different movie with all these elements beside the MM mask,instead of label this crapfest Halloween.

Because he was hired to do a remake of Halloween. It's not like Zombie had these ideas before being hired and decided to use them once he was selected for the job.

i feel that if he had made a diff movie without calling it halloween it would have gotten better reviews, it seems like all he did was go against the grain on everything,up the white trashesness and cursing and gore. if thats what passes for a remake then that is stupid!Let's put it this way: would you rather have an exact copy of the original, or a film that takes the source material and turns it into something different and somewhat unique?

Personally, I'd take the latter, flaws and all.

And I agree with Yottle. In purely cinematic terms, it beats out most of the sequels. It may not be the most polished piece of work out of all the films, but it certainly is a lot more effective.

11-20-2008, 03:48 PM
Robs let me down greatly! i spent like a year and a half following this movie and the day it opened i was the first one there, and was so excited, and walked out of there just stunned and dissapointed at how bad it was, my brother asked me if it was as good as i thought and all i could say was, oh yea it was good, but i was lying through my teeth because he'd never let me live it down after all the hyping i was doing for this movie, but this sucked! the cast sucked the diolougue sucked rob sucked, the score ,tom sawyer, the mask and coveralls were the only thing i liked, and i know im gonna get heat for this but i dont like danielle harris, and i felt the whole beginning was stupid and unnesarry, the 2nd half seemed like a cheap knockoff of the origanal, and malcolm cannot pull off loomis's diologue like pleasence, Michael was never suppose to be some whiny little brat who kills because some people made fun of him and woulndt take him trick or treating,lol the thing that was so eerie in the origanal was what you didnt know and that he wasent there and was just a souless killing machine. and michael was just suppose to sit there staring at the wall the whole time in the origanal series, and remember loomis had said in H2 that he woulndt move and was the ideal patient? well in this he screams crys and is irritating. and michael was never suppose to be some 6ft8 monster with long hair crashing through walls trying to get his sister to love him, which i thought the crashing through walls was ok to a certain extent. but i know his was suppose to be different but i just dont know why he didnt make a different movie with all these elements beside the MM mask,instead of label this crapfest Halloween. i feel that if he had made a diff movie without calling it halloween it would have gotten better reviews, it seems like all he did was go against the grain on everything,up the white trashesness and cursing and gore. if thats what passes for a remake then that is stupid! Laurie and Annie and Lynda were irrtating,but then again so was curtis as strode until H20. i mean at this point i want more myers but no zombie. OVERALL 2/10

Agreed. RZH wasnt the real Michael. 2/10

11-20-2008, 03:58 PM
Let's put it this way: would you rather have an exact copy of the original, or a film that takes the source material and turns it into something different and somewhat unique?

I would have had someone else than RZ be involved. I would rather they had hired someone who was serious about keeping Michael true to his H1/H2/H4 (Pre Thorn BS) roots. I would rather they went with a backstory that was really chilling rather than: "He had a bad childhood..." :crazy:

Bottom line. Remakeing the series was a good move. Anything away from the H5/H6/H20/HR cluster fuck was a good move. The remake was the right thing to do. Had HR not been made, I wouldve opted for a sequel to H20. But HR just ruined EVERYTHING. So the remake was the best choice to untangle all the H5/H6/H20/HR bull shit.

Zombie just wasnt the right choice for the job. IMO. They should've got someone like Dwight H. Little to make the story. Maybe Lee Wallace. Just someone who wouldnt bring more shame to the series. :mad:

11-20-2008, 04:15 PM
I would have had someone else than RZ be involved. I would rather they had hired someone who was serious about keeping Michael true to his H1/H2/H4 (Pre Thorn BS) roots. I would rather they went with a backstory that was really chilling rather than: "He had a bad childhood..." :crazy:

Bottom line. Remakeing the series was a good move. Anything away from the H5/H6/H20/HR cluster fuck was a good move. The remake was the right thing to do. Had HR not been made, I wouldve opted for a sequel to H20. But HR just ruined EVERYTHING. So the remake was the best choice to untangle all the H5/H6/H20/HR bull shit.

Zombie just wasnt the right choice for the job. IMO. They should've got someone like Dwight H. Little to make the story. Maybe Lee Wallace. Just someone who wouldnt bring more shame to the series.

How exactly could they keep Michael "true to his roots" and still make a remake that could stand on its own two feet? I really don't think that's possible.

And Zombie never set out to make a film that stuck to what H1/H2/H4/WHATEVER FILM YOU CHOOSE did. People think he failed at that, but you can't fail at something you didn't set out to do in the first place. Zombie did his own thing with the source material. You can love it or hate it, but you can't say he failed to make something when he wasn't planning on making it in the first place.

And Yottle was right when he said that the main problem with the remake (aside from the editing) was that he ended up giving in to demands and put a bit too much of the original in to his film rather than going with what he wanted to do all along.

And people seem to have this preconceived notion that if someone from the old series was brought back, they would do a good job. Didn't we already prove with Resurrection that just because someone made a good film before in the series (and that's assuming that H2 is a good film, which I wouldn't say it is) doesn't necessarily mean they can do it again years later?

Erin Brixon
12-10-2008, 05:33 PM
RZ Halloween Was Okay It Needed To Eliminate The Backstory Though I Felt Bad For Michael And Thats Not Supposed To Happen :crazy:

12-10-2008, 05:44 PM
I can't believe you rated 5 higher than the original :crazy:

and now you've gone and changed it...make up your mind!

12-18-2008, 12:52 PM
It was kind of weird to hear Loomis talking about Michael like he was pure evil, when clearly he was just some guy in a mask.

12-19-2008, 06:54 AM
How exactly could they keep Michael "true to his roots" and still make a remake that could stand on its own two feet? I really don't think that's possible.

What do you mean it isn't possible? Of course it's possible to keep Michael the same, but make a different movie around him.

12-19-2008, 12:32 PM
They never kept him the same in the sequels, anyway. The character from the sequels is completely different from the character in H1. He might as well be a Terminator. Personally, I think Mane in RZH has more in common with the original portrayal in H1 than the sequels' unstoppable robotic killing machine portrayals did.

12-19-2008, 05:24 PM
Wow. RZH has more profanity than all eight films before it combine. Now, Im NOT offended by all the fucking cussing. But I do think that had RZ put more effort into developing his story, rather than just filling pages with useless profanity, the film wouldve been more interesting. ...to some degree.


12-19-2008, 05:40 PM
wow. Rzh has more profanity than all eight films before it combine. Now, im not offended by all the fucking cussing. But i do think that had rz put more effort into developing his story, rather than just filling pages with useless profanity, the film wouldve been more interesting. ...to some degree.


Get over it!!!!!!

12-19-2008, 05:51 PM

12-19-2008, 06:36 PM
***peeking in***

Don't mind me...just checking to make sure we were still arguing pointlessly over words. Looks like all is going according to schedule. Carry on...I'll just let myself out.

01-10-2009, 08:43 PM
Holy shit! I just realised something..... You know the part where young Michael and Loomis are sitting in Smith's Grove and there is classical music playing in the background.... Well, that is the SAME classical music which was played in the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Just though it was kind of cool.

Danny Strode
01-10-2009, 10:56 PM
Which part?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around "Deck The Halls" being played in a non-Christmas film.

01-10-2009, 11:19 PM
Its the part where Michael is just sitting in the lunch room. I think he has the white mask on. Its not Xmas music playing. Its some kind of classical musical. The only classical music to be played during the movie.

01-21-2009, 12:16 PM
I just recently picked up the remake from the library just to freshen my memory for H2. I haven't seen it since 2007, in theaters. The song is Deck the Halls by Bing Crosby and I think Loomis was walking around outside the Smith's Grove premises while it was snowing (possibly Christmas time?). It was probably just to show the time lapse and how long Loomis was working with the kid.

I felt different about the movie my 2nd time watching it. I like it a little bit more than I did before. Some things are still just fucking thick, stupid and brainless though-- like the reasoning for little Michael that turned him into such a killing machine. So the kid has it tough....his mom strips for a living and has a "degrading" job, his alcoholic step-dad and slutty sister demean him every probable chance they get. Big deal, suck it up. It's not as scary as the kid just deciding out of the blue to whack out his whole family for no reason. And you could do that within the first 5 minutes, leaving more room for the character development of Laurie, Annie, and Linda. They come in too late and then they're almost on their way out--and it's all so hasty and half-cocked that I never felt any suspense or compassion for anybody.

The directing was something I liked a lot. The movie was clear and vivid with nice shots and some cool shit in the first half, but after that it felt like everything was half-assed and rushed. I expected more and didn't get it.

I think Rob should've had a co-writer on this so he could've had somebody to bounce ideas off of. I won't slam his writing and the way he does things because we have a similar style when it comes to writing screenplays.....but Jesus Christ this is Halloween. The holiest of holies in the horror genre. When I think of classic movies, I think-- "stand the test of time." Infinite. And you don't fuck around with the infinite. What I'm saying is pretty much this.....the remake could've been so much better. It's not bad, it's not necessarily great either. I had some kind of hope for it because I was coming off of The Devil's Rejects which was badass. However, I think if Rob had someone to bounce ideas off of for a remake (re-imagine, re-invent, whatever) of Halloween, things could've been a lot better. You have somebody else sitting there, saying: Listen motherfucker, that just won't work. Let's try something else, ya dig?

01-23-2009, 07:33 PM
I hold the original in such high esteem that I didn't bother watching the remake when it came out. In fact, I completely forgot about it until very recently. I've now had the displeasure of seeing it. The first ten minutes provided an indication that what was to follow would be a complete disaster. An indication that turned out to pretty accurate. Many of the reviews I've read single out the very same problems and vent the very same complaints. I probably can't point out any negative aspects that haven't already been mentioned, mainly because the film bored me so much that any minor or other details escaped my notice. However, I'm going to mention them anyway.

Firstly, it's made clear very early on that this Rob Zombie fellow enjoys shocking his audience. Great, but the wrong type of shock I'm afraid. The shocks are in the dialogue spoken, the gestures made, and unnecessary acts. And this for the duration of the film. I certainly wasn't offended by anything I saw or heard due to being gradually desensitised down the years, but I was left wondering just why so much effort had gone into the vulgarity and profanity but not so much into the actual plot. Were we supposed to be impressed by this?

Michael's childhood. Sorry but I don't want to hear Michael Myers talking. I don't want him to be a product of poor parenting skills and bullying. And I certainly don't want literally half of the film taken up explaining this. John Carpenter's Michael Myers was an emotionless force that killed without reason or motive. Rob Zombie's Michael Myers is the complete contrast of emotionless and this for me, contradicts everything that made him so chilling.

Now, due to this long drawn out back-story, we are left with a shortened, suspenseless and utterly unsatisfying version of the original picture. A version that is acted out by thoroughly contemptable characters. Gone is the wondering where Michael might be lurking, where he might appear, what he's going to do and when he's going to do it. There's simply no time. Instead, he disposes of his victims in a hurried and predictably graphic rampage. Mind numbingly dull. The lack of imagination that blights this film is especially evident here. Why couldn't just a little bit of thought have gone into some new and unique shots of Myers when he begins to stalk Laurie and co? There was plenty of thought gone into the disgusting insult handed out by one of the bullies in the bathroom scene earlier on. But not so much in what matters. And that's the problem.

Finally, the cast and characters. This is where I sympathise. Just how do you replace Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis? However, you can at least come close. They didn't. I didn't think much to the actors and actresses playing the other roles either. The three girls were devoid of any personality and I'm going to upset Danielle Harris fans when I say that she was a completely unconvincing Annie Brackett. In fact, the one saving grace was young Michael. He was well suited to the part. It's just a shame that I am completely against the idea of 'humanising' Michael Myers, because if I wasn't, I certainly feel he would be a good choice.

So, overall, the remake, while not a disappointment (because I hadn't expected it to be anything else) still irritates me in that it carries the name of a masterpiece along with it. If it shared no link at all, it would be easy to ignore. I have not the slightest interest in seeing Mr Zombie's pile of nonsense again because there's simply nothing to be interested about. Letting him loose with a halloween film script is like letting babies loose with scissors.

01-23-2009, 07:49 PM
Why couldn't just a little bit of thought have gone into some new and unique shots of Myers when he begins to stalk Laurie and co?

Just had to point this out.

It's a slasher film. There's obviously going to be shots where the killer is in the foreground watching their target, remake or not. It's just what comes with the genre.

And personally, I thought there were plenty of "unique" shots of Michael in the film (the shot of Michael on the balcony of the Myers house being just one example).

01-23-2009, 09:18 PM
Holy shit! I just realised something..... You know the part where young Michael and Loomis are sitting in Smith's Grove and there is classical music playing in the background.... Well, that is the SAME classical music which was played in the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Just though it was kind of cool.

It's BACH, you uncultured fucking ingrate! :p

Two-Faced DA
01-27-2009, 08:52 PM
Well RZ's Halloween was part of the reason I joined this forum and this movie has made me want to explore the rest of the series and I've just recently picked up the original to watch. But anyway I looked forward to seeing this movie because I was such a big fan of Rob Zombie and this is his best film to date in my opinion. Having not seen the original Halloween I had no idea what the story was about so I was rather impressed with the first part of this film that handles the story of a young maligned Michael Myers who was played brilliantly by Daeg Faerch. Zombie demonstrates effectively that Myers is unable to comprehend why he does the horrible things he does and it makes for some truly disturbing scenes.

Sheri Moon was a highlight of the film and brought a genuine performance as Myers' mother, she was a character I could easily sympathise for as she's stuck in a life that brings her nothing but misery with an abusive asshole of a boyfriend (played with ease by William Forsythe) and a son whose needs she can't tend to. Moon's character is a heartbreaker to watch.

The asylum scenes of the film are my favorite because it is both terrifying and interesting to watch the transitional scenes between Daeg and Malcolm McDowell who plays a psychiatrist named Loomis who is one of the other highlights of the film in my opinion who does a fine job of displaying the desperation to help Myers and his compassion for his patient.

The final part of the film where Myers comes home for his baby sister Laurie however acts for the most part like a typical slash-fest. I got no time to invest myself in these new characters that he begins slaughtering, and while there is nothing incredibly wrong with this part of the movie for its shot brilliantly and the acting by Scout Taylor-Compton is top notch, it just feels flat in comparison to the rest of the movie.

Anyway it is an enjoyable movie and the character of Michael Myers is truly terrifying, it is one I'll definitely watch again but I've recently just watched the original and I was immensely impressed with it, this and the remake for the most part are quite different from one another.

Danny Strode
01-28-2009, 12:45 PM

01-28-2009, 01:22 PM
I know...someone actually came into the review thread with a review, rather than just coming in and saying something stupid like "Um...."

Shocking, isn't it? :bastard:

02-04-2009, 09:02 PM
I've asked this already and have gotten 2 posts that evidently haven't read this one. So, here it is again: Don't post here unless you're posting a review! That's it. Anything else gets a warning.

One post in this thread per person!

So did this rule go out the window, or what?


02-04-2009, 09:40 PM

02-07-2009, 09:22 AM
I had a strange reaction to Rob Zombie's version of Halloween. I didn't exactly like it but I didn't hate it with all my guts either. The film just felt soulless.

For the first half of the film, Zombie details the childhood of Michael Myers, going crazy, killing his sister and spending 15 years in a mental institute. Daeg Faerch who plays the young Michael Myers frankly isn't right for the part. A less obviously evil looking child actor would have been better. But I guess it doesn't matter, since this version of Michael Myers was a sick little monster long before he killed anybody, whereas John Carpenter simply made Michael out to be a normal kid with a normal family who snapped without notice.

The second half of the film is basically the original Halloween compressed into an hour or so, and it is just one kill after another with little to no characterization for Laurie or her friends (who are killed off almost as quickly as they’re introduced.) With the shaky camera, relatively unknown cast, the second half looked like one of those amateur Halloween fan films.

Although Malcolm McDowell does a good job, portraying everyones favourite psychiatrist as more than an obsessive lunatic determined to kill his former patient.

02-14-2009, 08:18 PM
Man, I just watched RZH again, and I must say... could RZ have demystified Michael any more than what he did?!

Thats one thing I dug about the new F13... They didnt demystify Jason at all.

02-14-2009, 08:32 PM
Everyone loves to pick the shit out of this film...

Danny Strode
02-14-2009, 09:54 PM
Everyone loves to pick the shit out of this film...

And with the new Friday film, it's going to get worse. Every thread now is going to compare this to that.

02-14-2009, 09:56 PM
And with the new Friday film, it's going to get worse. Every thread now is going to compare this to that.

And they really shouldn't. They're two very different films.

02-14-2009, 10:06 PM
And they really shouldn't. They're two very different films.

But isnt it weird how Jason can be restored to what made him great in the first place. He's pure Badass again. But Michael still isnt? Imagine that.

02-14-2009, 10:07 PM
But isnt it weird how Jason can be restored to what made him great in the first place. He's pure Badass again. But Michael still isnt? Imagine that.

Dude, how is he not? You haven't given any real ways how he's not. In fact, he's the closest thing to what Michael originally was.

02-14-2009, 10:28 PM
But isnt it weird how Jason can be restored to what made him great in the first place. He's pure Badass again. But Michael still isnt? Imagine that.

Well Jason was never a mystery in the first place, cos we always new he was just a deformed country boy out for revenge. So bringing him back to his roots isn't hard, just don't do goofy shit like making him a zombie and having him body jump, add some good writing and your done. Michael will never be the same as he was in H1, he's been too iconisized for that. Give up the dream of Michael ever being mysterious again, it won't happen. Just pray for a good entertaining movie and get on with it.


02-14-2009, 10:38 PM
Dude, how is he not? You haven't given any real ways how he's not. In fact, he's the closest thing to what Michael originally was.

Not even close. There is nothing evil about Michael Myers in RZH. Michael is supposed to be a presence more than a character. In RZH, he's just a big burly dude hacking people up. Not much more than that. There's nothing foreboding about him.

Give up the dream of Michael ever being mysterious again, it won't happen. Just pray for a good entertaining movie and get on with it.


Fair enough.

02-15-2009, 01:49 PM
This is the most amazing poster I've seen for RZH. Far better than the orange one that was used.


02-15-2009, 01:57 PM
Not even close. There is nothing evil about Michael Myers in RZH. Michael is supposed to be a presence more than a character. In RZH, he's just a big burly dude hacking people up. Not much more than that. There's nothing foreboding about him.

I'll agree on that. I won't say he's not bad because anyone who goes on a killing rampage like Michael has a little bid of wickedness in them. But I wish he was just portrayed as that evil force in the original with no reason for why he went bat shit. I don't like the idea of "masturbating furiously" to dead animals as the reason for Michael's evilness. lol I couldn't believe I read that in the script.

02-15-2009, 03:44 PM
Okay finding out that Rob was doing the next Halloween film, wouldnt say i was thrill about the news or even mad about it.Than found out that it wasnt going to be a sequel, but a reboot, a remake, an re-imagine i think i was a little piss cause how can they remak a classic or make better. Plus the producer were throwing the word around about doing a reboot like Batman Begins which is a great way to go about a remake, so i decide to kinda hold judgement until i seen production still, trailer and the finish product. So some time went bye heard rumors about the leak script. Heard Michael was jacking off to dead pets, he had a stripper for a mom, when he gets older he call's Laurie boo.

That bullshit piss me off and alot of Halloween fans, but the rumor was that it was just a ealy draft and not the final script. So some of us felt relieve, and time press on we finally found out who was playing Big Mike Mr. Mane so people at the time had problem with his height and size which i had no problem with. Soon the mask was reveal and i was stoke because this was the only film after JC's classic to get the fucking Mask right, soon came the teaser trailer which i was stole on. And this pull the Rob took out "Behind These Eyes One Finds Only Darkness, These Are The Of A Psychopath" and those where the only classic lines that didnt in up in film. Moving forward when i first saw this i enjoyed it alot, and it was my first time ever seeing a Halloween movie on the big screen. I was enjoying the crowd too as they react to Big Mike and the infamous Mask.

I wasnt trying to compare to it to JC's Halloween, but on my 2nd and 3rd viewing it starting setting in the comparison i mean. My opinion on the point of a remake is to bring something fresh, unique and do something different and new with the material example(Batman Begins) Rob brought some freshness some differs, he had some unique scenes but he cut 'em. The first half of the film was alright, i even like how Mike got the infamous Mask. The second half some of it was good, some of it was bad. Bad as in to much homage to JC's Halloween, like i said there where certain scene i think Rob should of left in there like Bob's death. But paying homage to JC's film hurts the film a lot to me. I know this is a shitty review i never really wrote one before, was this a good remake No. Its better than the sequel that came after H4. My grade is a C+. From a scale 1-10 I'll give it 6 out of 10.

02-25-2009, 08:39 AM
What I hate is that people will say they don't like what's different, and that they don't like some of the things that were done the same. It's confusing. Sometimes I feel people just bitch about it for the sake of it.

Danny Strode
02-25-2009, 01:54 PM
What I hate is that people will say they don't like what's different, and that they don't like some of the things that were done the same. It's confusing. Sometimes I feel people just bitch about it for the sake of it.

In reading a few posts from today, I have to say that I agree with you. It's insane. A lot of us fans here (I won't say die-hard or not, because then I'll probably get backlash from some) have our set opinions and even more knew what to expect going in when they went to see it.

To think that it should be the exact same as what the original was is damn foolish. If it was supposed to be the same, there would've been no point to the remake and it would've been as confusing as Garth Brooks' Chris Gaines album from a few years ago that was to come with a movie but didn't.

02-27-2009, 05:17 AM
In reading a few posts from today, I have to say that I agree with you. It's insane. A lot of us fans here (I won't say die-hard or not, because then I'll probably get backlash from some) have our set opinions and even more knew what to expect going in when they went to see it.

To think that it should be the exact same as what the original was is damn foolish. If it was supposed to be the same, there would've been no point to the remake and it would've been as confusing as Garth Brooks' Chris Gaines album from a few years ago that was to come with a movie but didn't.

It just has me asking, "What do you want, if not something different or something similar?"

Danny Strode
02-27-2009, 09:25 AM
It just has me asking, "What do you want, if not something different or something similar?"

You know, that's the truth. I've not come to accept a lot of things that have happened with the remake, but I'm dealing with it. There are a lot of things that I crab and bitch about when it comes to the new series, but I keep my mouth shut.

Point is, no one can be happy.