View Full Version : Winter Of The Dead

06-14-2007, 04:15 AM
Has anyone seen this flick? It's a finnish indie movie that's a few years old. You can download it with english subtitles here: http://kapsi.fi/~vesuri/elokuvat/kuolleidentalvi_traileri_eng.htm
Just click the download button under Movie. If you want the direct download link, it's http://www.kapsi.fi/~mheiskan/video/winterofthedead.wmv
The story is rather simple; after a war started, nuclear bombs were launched all over the place. The radiation had some odd side effects, which created a nuclear winter so to speak, and it also turned the people who weren't genetically immune into zombies. The film follows a sole survivor fighting for survival in the woods. I must say that in my opinion this is one of the better zombie indies out there. It's appropiately long and the zombies seem rather intimidating on occasion. The gore is rather low-budget but enjoyable... All and all I like this one.

Any opinions?