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  1. Return to haddonfield comic?... WOW.
  2. Dr. Loomis bust....pics
  3. Halloween: 25 Years of Terror - Artwork for Sale!!!
  4. Some Halloween Dec's i started painting...
  5. Looking for something
  6. Leatherface Mask
  7. Michael Myers Halloween Handcarved Pumpkin
  8. Halloween pumpkins
  9. The Shape's Boots...
  10. Halloween comics for sale NOW on eBay
  11. 3 Michael Myers masks on eBay
  12. Myers & Loomis Box-Set
  13. New score! HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION Backpack screenused prop
  14. Newbury Comics
  15. Zodiac Killer font
  16. Myers mask alteration
  17. Halloween custom DVD covers?
  18. Halloween Poster expert needed (H6 poster question)
  19. Halloween 3 Silver Shamrock Masks
  20. Rare foreign posters and artwork thread
  21. My Mask's Hair
  22. Can anyone tell me anything about this mask?
  23. Can anyone tell me anything about this MM figure?
  24. Don Post 2003 Conversion
  25. Michaels Hair
  26. Wanted: German Or French Halloween Press Books
  27. Nike Michael Myers shoes, no joke
  28. Halloween 20th Anniversary VHS???
  29. Screen used Halloween Resurrection backpack pics!
  30. High price of 'Old Myers Place' book
  31. Robs mask?
  32. For Sell Face Of Death 1-2-3-4
  33. Does anyone have the young Michael prop?
  34. My Horror Collection
  35. I few things I collect.
  36. Ebay Auction
  37. New Score: Young Michael Prop.
  38. Mrs.Voorhees head on Ebay
  39. Need some tips on mask customization...
  40. current day mask
  41. Should I Or Shouldn't I?
  42. Halloween Limited Editon Dvd Question
  43. which should i get (merged with other repeat threads)
  44. A Freddy Krueger figure I've had for years.
  45. Anyone have Halloween for the Atari 2600?
  46. halloween 25year edition
  47. new movie memorabilia
  48. My Halloween vhs collection
  49. Laurie Strode/Michael/Loomis clay figures
  50. Dr. Loomis Baseball Jersey
  51. I'll try to get things signed at the Rock and Shock in Worcester
  52. The Official Mask Thread (Part II)
  53. first website.
  54. Cool Memorabilia I buyed
  55. My Latest Buy H6 CGP
  56. YA HALLOWEEN Novels on EBay. 20 hours left!!
  57. Pumpkin Stained Glass
  58. How much to sell for??
  59. can someone tell me how to make
  60. One Good Scare?
  61. RZ H9 knife and mask stand...new score
  62. Sandman Edition Warlock.....Pics inside
  63. These are the Eyes of a Psychopath....
  64. Halloween Restored inserts
  65. New additions to my collection
  66. Looking for this Shirt, PLEASE help!
  67. Horror Collection For Sale
  68. Where can I find this mask stand at?
  69. What do you guys think of this prop knife?
  70. Looking for custom DVD inserts...
  71. If I look in video or music stores that sell movies, should I find all Halloween movies on DVD?
  72. Halloween T-shirts
  73. Halloween 2 lobby card set...
  74. h20 mask
  75. Where Should a Collector Re-Start?
  76. Rob Zombie's Halloween Film Cell Display (ebay)
  77. 1985 Don Post Myers Mask
  78. Friday the 13th Movie Novels
  79. One of the Best H1 masks I've ever seen...
  80. A cool guitar I came across....
  81. Post Comic pictures
  82. Reel to reel radio spots?
  83. Variety Magazine Halloween trade Ad
  84. Media Home video still for "Halloween"
  85. Canadian TV still
  86. Horror Room collection
  87. bobbleheads of your favorite horror legends
  88. Questionalble Halloween VHS Set
  89. NECA Myers prototype figure
  90. Fright-Rags
  91. New score: Halloween 2 Radio Spots
  92. NBC Television still....better pics
  93. Halloween 2007 Figure Prototype
  94. John Carpenter's Halloween vs. Rob Zombie's Halloween
  95. Where to find the greatest and best Halloween Mask??
  96. Masterprint poster question
  97. H2 Signature Nemesis for Sale, Mayeb trade
  98. Iron Man Steelbook
  99. Question on H4 & 5
  100. New Score: Smith's Grove Security Prop Patch
  101. Halloween Atari Game
  102. Rare Halloween press stills
  103. My first mask
  104. First Score J.C. Lamson knife replica.
  105. Leatherface Sideshow Collectible For Sale
  106. Michael Myers Headknocker For Sale
  107. Halloween by Curtis Richards
  108. Halloween series: VHS and DVD releases
  109. New Newest H6 Mask
  110. H30 YoT Poster
  111. A inside look at my collection
  112. Awesome score from the 30 YoT convention!
  113. Best Physco Mask?
  114. Never before seen shots from H A L L O W E E N
  115. Halloween 30 Years of Terror Poster Signed by Everyone!!!
  116. What does JLC's auto go for ?
  117. where can I buy the Michael Myers psycho mask
  118. Cali trip/30 years of terror
  119. Halloween Nightdance #3D incentive signed by Stef Hutchinson $40
  120. Signed John Carpenter Masters of Horror DVD - $70
  121. Signed John Landis Masters of Horror DVD - $30
  122. Halloween First Death of Laurie Strode #2 Set A,B,C and Incentive $55 Shipped
  123. Looking to swap RZ Director's Cut for regular version
  124. The Goonies/Harry & the Hendersons Soundtrack
  125. H4 author is selling cool stuff
  126. H2 Mask Wanted
  127. 30 Years of Terror Event Posters On Sale NOW!!!
  128. Horror Stuff For Sale - Masks, Posters, figures, DVDs, and more!
  129. DVD's For Sale
  130. Horror (and more) DVD's For Sale.
  131. Even More DVDs for Sale!
  132. Horror Comics For Sale!
  133. Which RZH Myers Mask should i BUY!!!!!??
  134. Halloween Alternative Versions on DVD?
  135. Please Read before posting in this forum - Updated 3/30/09
  136. Looking for Neca Myers,Freddy, and Jason Figures
  137. Looking for Halloween Comics (older Ones)
  138. Rare Horror VHS For Sale
  139. Friday the 13th Remake Mask For.....
  140. Selling or Trading HAlloween One good scare
  141. Cinema of Fear 10 Inch Jason Variant - Comic Con Exclusive - Limited to 666 Units
  142. Rob Zombie Halloween Japanese Poster
  143. Blockbuster Exclusive RZ Halloween DVD
  144. Vintage Spruce Green Big Mac Coveralls For Sale
  145. BETA Tapes
  146. Halloween 25th Anniversary Asian Box Set For Sale
  147. Real or not?
  148. Question about Neca 18 inch MM
  149. Looking for Halloween Comics
  150. Movie posters
  151. Looking for H8 mask
  152. Lot (9) Todd McFarlane Movie Maniacs Michael Meyers Leatherface Jason etc.
  153. For sale: H2,h4,h6 dvds
  154. Looking To Buy or Trade..
  155. My H2 poster
  156. Mezco Lands H2 License!
  157. Halloween Film Series Scripts (downloads)?
  158. For Sale
  159. Vhs
  160. Halloween 2 newspaper clipping with cat
  161. Horror Figures - Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers and more...
  162. any international stores that sell micheal myers masks?
  163. Halloween 25th Anniversery Edition
  164. end-of-summer's DVD Covers
  165. Halloween Original Art For Sale
  166. Crazy price for the Halloween II Novel
  167. mask or other memorabillia wish list
  168. Cool Slideshow of my collection
  169. RZH II Lifesize Animatronic Myers
  170. RZ Halloween I and II Posters for $23.32 Total?
  171. RARE Poster going up for auction end of Aug
  172. 2 links i found
  173. Lost River Drive In Shirts?
  174. Halloween 4 Collage
  175. Universal & Dimension Official Halloween posters?
  176. MEGA Rare 1978 Holloween Poster Auction Starts today
  177. Looking for Myers figures
  178. Question about William Shatner Life Cast I Found
  179. H2 Keychain Trade
  180. Diary of the Dead Poster Signed GAR & 3
  181. Your Halloween Collection Room V
  182. Bid on MEGA Rare poster auction
  183. Doomsday Poster & Hills Have Eyes DVD Signed
  184. Rare negatives found!
  185. Rare item to trade or sell
  186. RZH Michael Myers NECA 7 in. Figure HELP!
  187. Skin Walkers 27X40 Theatrical Signed by Stan Winston +2
  188. Halloween 2 RIR Curtain
  189. Hatchet Knife Sharpener Kane Hodder Signed
  190. Huge Horror Collectible Blowout Thread
  191. Jason Voorhees stylised 9 inch figure (loose)
  192. Spindrift68's Collection.
  193. Not For Sale: The Killer Pillow
  194. Where to get the best replica masks?
  195. Post Pics of Don Post masks..
  196. Is this an original H3 poster?
  197. Rare Window Card Poster
  198. Most awesome Halloween 2 (1981) Auction Ever
  199. Some Collection pics
  200. Michael Myers Doll question.
  201. Amazing prints from Kim Gottlieb-Walker!!
  202. Halloween First Showing TV Guide Info
  203. Looking to trade for other items or sell.
  204. The Good, The Bad And The Feedback Thread
  205. Rob Zombie H2 Mylar
  206. Official RZH Remake Mask
  207. What? Korean H78 DVD?
  208. "Halloween" DVD's!
  209. Friday the 13th novels-how much are they worth?
  210. Halloween Films On Beta
  211. Looking for Demo Halloween VHS's
  212. Erm, has anyone else heard of all the films being re-released on DVD?
  213. Looking for Lobby Cards
  214. My latest "Halloween" score: Target Exclusive Packaging.
  215. Halloween Theatre Mylars
  216. Signed John Carpenter DVD, signed Halloween comics and much more for sale!
  217. Upcoming Convention Discussion/Autograph Assistance Thread
  218. My pride and joy :) Non H-related
  219. Halloween IV Author Selling Personal H4 Collectibles!
  220. Tomb Raider collection *pic heavy*
  221. New Halloween 4 Book?
  222. Full Moon Archive Collection/Puppet Master Poster/Two alt. versions of Puppet Master for sale!
  223. Rob zombie's h2 - theatrical cut - willing to trade for director's cut
  224. RZ Halloween II Standee (For Trade Maybe?)
  225. Halloween Snow Globe
  226. What Fangoria was the HIII Big Three Ad In?
  227. Hobo Myers Figure
  228. Halloween 30th Anniversary Tin
  229. Emmett Kelley Kelly Clown Travelers Halloween Mask
  230. The Most Prized Piece in Your Collection is...
  231. Found this Michael Myers McFarlane figure on Ebay
  232. Ebay finds that you don't need, but someone else might like
  233. Help me buy a mask, please.
  234. Halloween III Swedish Poster For Sale - UNIQUE!
  235. Does Universal Orlando sell Halloween merchandise?
  236. New Michael Myers Figure!!
  237. Halloween Attire
  238. How to tell if a Halloween III poster is real?
  239. My Halloween collection before moving
  240. Halloween goodies 4 Sale...
  241. H4 & H6 Turkish Posters.
  242. Halloween 6 Poster Tattoo
  244. Haddonfield Sheriff's Patches
  245. Merchandise in New York?
  246. Schlepping the DVDs I just don't watch enough. Come on in, and buy my stuff!
  247. Jason Voorhees Deluxe Mask Autograghed X5
  248. Cinezombi's Halloween Collection
  249. need a good scan of Halloween lobby card
  250. German H1 Extended Cut DVD Different Than Anchor Bay DVD?