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  1. Which version of Dawn of The Dead do you like?
  2. Favorite Zombie movie
  3. Slow or fast?
  4. George A Romeros Land of the Dead
  5. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  6. Resident Evil
  7. The Night is near. Pray for daylight
  8. Shaun of the dead
  9. Biology lesson 101, ZOMBIE STYLE!
  10. Favorite Return of the Living Dead Flick?
  11. Favorite Zombie Flesh eater movie?
  12. Favorite Zombie Movie Soundtrack??
  13. Fulci Vs. Romero
  14. whats ur favorite of the three?
  15. DOTD 2004 DVD Review Thread
  16. 28 days later
  17. The return of the Zombie Genre, and the next...
  18. Night Of The Living Dead '68 vs '90
  19. Serpent and the rainbow
  20. Re-Animator
  21. Day of the Dead on TV
  22. Night of the Living Dead '68 in Color
  23. Favorite Dawn of the Dead Character!
  24. New ROTLD II DVD, Changed Music?
  25. Help needed from NOLD DVD Collectors!
  26. Return of the Living Dead? + or -
  27. Resident Evil: Apocolypse - What Do You Think?
  28. Dead Alive
  29. The Dead Next Door
  30. Zombie Flesh eater ....
  31. Undead
  32. Anyone here have the Dawn of The Dead Soundtrack
  33. Night of the Comet
  34. demon knight
  35. Night of the Creeps
  36. Zombie Doom
  37. Deadtropolis
  38. Anybody interested?
  39. Any Shaun Squad members here?
  40. The Walking Dead Comic
  41. If it happened....
  42. Worse Case Scenario
  43. Shuan of the Dead DVD
  44. Be In Land Of The Dead!
  45. TOE TAGS by George Romero
  46. Zombie DVD Library
  47. House of the Dead - At UK Cinemas.
  48. Omg!!!!!
  49. Zombie dreams
  50. Most Memorable Zombie
  51. Reign of the Dead book
  52. Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead 2?
  53. Social Commentary of the Living Dead movies...
  54. Lucio Fulci: Horror Great??
  55. Shaun of the Dead DVD Review Thread
  56. Bub
  57. Dead Hate The Living
  58. Most annoying Dawn character
  59. Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5
  60. Which version(s) of NOTLD do you have?
  61. Tobe Hooper's Mortuary
  62. Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror
  63. Comparison between NOTLD and the Iraqi War
  64. Shaun of the Dead Comic
  65. Zombie Films: Only When We Need Them
  66. The Dead Next Door
  67. 28 Weeks Later...
  68. Song of the Dead
  69. Rhodes and his men
  70. question about night of the living dead
  71. where can I download music from dawn of the dead?
  72. Night Of The Living Dead - Download It Here (legally)
  73. the coolest characters from the whole dead trilogy.
  74. Zombie *goofy* pic
  75. Cool news, Tobe Romero tackles ZOMBIES
  76. dead trilogy dvd marathon, anyone?
  77. the toughest guy from the dead trilogy
  78. were sarah and miguel lovers?
  79. Children Shouldnt Play with Dead Things Remake?!
  80. day of the dead deleted scene????
  81. I guess it was inevitable...Day of the Dead to be remade.
  82. Dawn of The Dead ('78) Ultimate Edition wins Saturn Award
  83. George A. Romero's City of the Dead
  84. Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE Action Figure MOC
  85. Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  86. Zombie Game
  87. one problem in NOTLD
  88. Anyone Ever See The Kids In The Hall Zombie Spoof?
  89. Fulci Lives!
  90. Tonight IFC Has A Zombie Movie Marathon!
  91. Dawn of the Dead or Land of the Dead
  92. Favorite Romero Dead Flick?
  93. Favorite Romero Dead Flick?
  94. Zombie Movie Parodies?
  95. How many Zombies can you kill?
  96. Zombie Commando THE GAME!
  97. Another Zombie Game...
  98. Johnny
  99. Geneology of the Living dead
  100. Land of the Dead DVD Release Date: October 18th
  101. Who would you stick with?
  102. Why it pays to be a shopaholic
  103. Slither
  104. RE: Afterlife
  105. Dawn of the Dead toys.....
  106. Dead Rising.....a zombie hack and slash
  107. Marvel's ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST!
  108. Dead Life(2004)
  109. 3 George A Romero Zombie films being shown this week on BBC Tv in the UK
  110. Zombie films on tv
  111. Day Of The Dead 2 ?
  112. Notld 3d
  113. George Romero: Master of Horror or Talentless Hack?
  114. Romero talks "Land of the Dead 2"
  115. Boy Eats Girl
  116. Romero on G4's Icons
  117. Day of the Dead Special Edition
  118. Favorite ROTLD Film?
  119. Your Dream Zombie Film.
  120. What kind of Zombie are you?
  121. Favorite George Romero main zombie.
  122. This really needs to stop
  123. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
  124. Day of the Dead remake not dead
  125. Romero's Dead Series Question..
  126. Diary of the Dead!
  127. Dawn of the Dead euro version
  128. Automaton Transfusion
  129. City Of Rott
  130. Risen
  131. Worst Human Villain in the "....Dead" Movies?
  132. Corpses
  133. Ha.. check out this NOTLD Postcard..
  134. Bruno Mattei strikes again with Zombies: The Beginning!
  135. Spy TV Zombie Attack Prank!
  136. Best zombies?
  137. Winter Of The Dead
  138. Tombs of the Blind Dead
  139. Bill Hinzman @ Screamfest Zombiewalk 2007
  140. C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the C.H.U.D. Great movie, or greatest movie?
  141. Night Of The Living Dead 1990 Uncut
  142. Night of the Zombies
  143. New Day Of The Dead Site PVTSTEELE.COM
  144. 28 Days Later vs 28 Weeks Later
  145. Zombies Vs Infected
  146. Hell Of The Living Dead AKA Virus
  147. Screamfest ZombieWalk Attempts World Record
  148. Trilogy of the Dead DVD Box Set
  149. Flight of the Living Dead
  150. Army Of The Dead
  151. What Living Dead Series DVD Editions ?
  152. Quarantine
  153. Night of the Living Dead - 2007
  154. 28 Months Later
  155. Original Dawn of the Dead in 3D!!!
  156. Ya Know you're obsessed with Zombies...
  157. Where would you hide?
  158. Survival of the Dead
  159. Duane Jones
  160. Versus
  161. "Dead Set" (UK Zombie TV Series)
  162. Bub.....in plastic
  163. best zombie kill
  164. Upstate NY deadhead event!
  165. Favorite Dead film Opening?
  166. Which Dead Series installment did you think had the most frightening zombies?
  167. One thing I didn't like about Land.....
  168. John Russo's is selling 'Night' memorabilia.
  169. Nightmare City
  170. Dead Snow
  171. Night of the Living Dead to be released in 3D Color
  172. The Zombie Diaries (2006)
  173. Aliens in zombie movies
  174. The best Dead remake?
  175. Resident Evil 4: Afterlife
  176. The Crazies
  177. suggest some good zombie movies...
  178. Zombie Strippers
  179. Deathdream (1973) / Dead of Night / Andy Came Home...
  180. Children of the dead
  181. I Walked With A Zombie
  182. Colin
  183. Help get The Video Dead released onto DVD!
  184. Night of the Living Dead: Origins
  185. Zombieland
  186. The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)
  187. FleshEater (1988)
  188. Lucio Fulci thread
  189. Does Pet Sematary count as a zombie movie/book?
  190. Pontypool
  191. George Romero's NOTLD to be colurized and three-deified
  192. Would this work as a primer for the Living Dead series?
  193. When will it end?
  194. AMC's The Walking Dead (Spoilers Inside)
  195. George A. Romero Plans Back-to-Back 'Dead' Finale
  196. Five Favorite Films with George A. Romero
  197. Juan Of The Dead
  198. NOTLD: Reanimated
  199. In what order did you see George A. Romero's Zombie films?
  200. AMC's The Walking Dead Discussion II: Still Walking
  201. Zombies in real life
  202. Afterlife With Archie
  203. Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead
  204. Empire of the Dead - new Romero comic from Marvel
  205. Day Of The Dead - New Remake
  206. The Battery
  207. World War Z 2 coming in 2017
  208. Maggie (2015), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
  209. Zombieland 2
  210. Day Of The Dead (Re-Remake)
  211. The Girl With All The Gifts
  212. Who was right in NOTLD '68 - Ben or Mr. Cooper?