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  1. Your Feelings About Rob Zombie's Halloween: Good or Bad (Part II)
  2. Countdown to Halloween
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  5. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Rumors and Hearsay
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  7. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Discussion II
  8. What would YOU call this Halloween?
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  10. Your Halloween Remake Cast Choices
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  12. Halloween commercial on WMMR
  13. Where would you have filmed halloween?
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  16. Halloween Trailer Discussion Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
  17. When do you plan on seeing Rob Zombie's Halloween?
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  20. Would Donald Pleasence Have Returned?
  21. John Carpenter vs Rob Zombie
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  23. Halloween remake CD!
  24. interview with Danielle Harris
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  26. Watching JC's Halloween Before You See RZ's
  27. The Unoffical ROB ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN Now Online
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  33. Has anybody seen this? Interesting.....
  34. HallOWEEn IN Australia....
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  36. General Expectation for RZ's Halloween
  37. Halloween 2007 Novel!!!!
  38. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Discussion XIII
  39. Rob Zombie's Halloween on DVD: What special features would you like to see?
  40. Carpenter's Halloween+Zombie's Halloween video comparisons.
  41. Interview with Kristina Klebe
  42. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Discussion XIV
  43. If RZ's Halloween was the Original.....
  44. Irish cinematic release date?
  45. Tyler Mane Q & A On Zombiefriends.com
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  49. Cast Talk Show Appearances
  50. Legion Of Michael Myers Savannah, Ga.
  51. How many times are you gonna see this movie?
  52. Rob Zombie Halloween World Premiere Pictures
  53. NO Discussions allowed on the Workprint of RZ's Halloween - Now with GINORMOUS TEXT
  54. tHE NEW HALLOWeen rocks just watchd it
  55. One Killer Night ( RZ's Halloween Private Screening ) Savannah
  56. Halloween Poster
  57. Photoshop RZ Rot request
  58. Lucky Americans!!
  59. OFFICIAL Review Thread! (Specify Theatrical or Director's Cut)
  60. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Spoiled Discussion
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  62. Spoiler Poll: Only For Those Who Have Seen The Film.
  63. Non-feedback Number Poll
  64. Non-feedback Number Poll
  65. Will the film makers be keeping tabs?
  66. Which half did you like more?
  67. "H9" walk on role winner...
  68. The Theater I saw Halloween in Rant !
  69. General Numeral RATING for RZ's Halloween
  70. Scenes you would have added to the remake
  71. Which Girl Was Your Favourite?
  72. Theatre Atmosphere
  73. The Tyler Mane as the Shape Thread
  74. The "How Was The Music?" Thread
  75. Favorite and/or least favorite scene in the movie?
  76. Which Version Of The Characters Did You Enjoy The Most?
  77. Malcolm as Dr. Loomis Thread
  78. (II) Rob Zombie's Halloween: Spoiled Discussion
  79. Alternative Endings
  80. Michael Myers running?
  81. Chicago Halloween Fans ....
  82. The Workprint Edition
  83. Which ending did you like best?
  84. Halloween 2007 - Razzie List
  85. Something I thought was quite funny
  86. The "I love Daeg" thread
  87. Trailers
  88. Some of you people need to chill...
  89. Who's the best between Sam Loomis and Michael Myers in Rob Zombie Halloween ?
  90. Favorite Myers Kill?
  91. Was Michael "Evil" in Rob Zombie's Halloween?
  92. Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode
  93. Danielle Harris as Annie
  94. Kristina Klebe as Lynda van der Klok
  95. The inevitable sequel
  96. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Discussion 3
  97. Tons of Screen-Used Items...
  98. If Matthew McGrory was still alive...
  99. october 31, JC's or RZ's HALLOWEEN
  100. Any parts of this movie upset you?
  101. 2 Movies Instead of 1?
  102. Safe "Teddy Bear Michael of H1" or Brutal "Charles Manson Michael of RZH"
  103. Normal Childhood Vs Abused Childhood
  104. Discuss Halloween's "Box Office Intake" thread. (Part II)
  105. SO, did anyone dress-up like Michael @ your theatre?
  106. UK cinema release
  107. Haven't Seen the Film?
  108. Does the remake affect your enjoyment of the original?
  109. '78 vs '07 Deaths
  110. What other songs could've fit the movie?
  111. RZ's Halloween Score - Listen to it here!
  112. Which DVD will you buy
  113. What if Adult Michael would've spoke? How would you have felt?
  114. Rated Version DVD Problems?
  115. Brad Dourif as Sheriff Brackett
  116. Michael's Escape Theatrical or Director
  117. Any DVD easter eggs?
  118. something im sure we all would like to know about Michael!!!!!
  119. Im Joe Grizzly Bitch!!!
  120. The Rob Zombie Cast
  121. What is the time frame of this movie?
  122. Rob Zombie's Halloween on TV
  123. Nurse at Smith's Grove Scene
  124. Being Called Mikey
  125. The Cop outside the Wallace's bathroom
  126. Halloween Poster
  127. Which of the characters do you have a hard time seeing someone else playing them?
  128. Annie & Laurie
  129. The 1st Trailer
  130. Seeing Michael wear those paper-maché masks he made
  131. Favourite Version?
  132. 1 Yr ago today
  133. The RZH Mask
  134. Did Anybody Notice Brian Richards?
  135. Is RZH too vulgar???
  136. Michael Lives: The Making Of Halloween
  137. Vote: Spike's Scream 2008
  138. How would YOU have done the remake?
  139. Just got the 3 disc unrated collectors edition early!!
  140. Whats the difference
  141. Would it have been more tragic if....
  142. Skyler Gisondo & Jenny Gregg Stewart as Tommy Doyle & Lindsey Wallace
  143. when does the girl that won
  144. Pat Skipper and Dee Wallace-Stone as Mason & Cynthia Strode
  145. Who's hotter?
  146. Who's death did you have a hard time watching?
  147. How Michael Found Laurie
  148. RZ Halloween screencaps
  149. Laurie unconcious?
  150. The scene at the cemetary
  151. Did the timeline confuse anyone else?
  152. Do you think Rob got the idea for this scene from Halloween 5?
  153. Rzh tombstones!
  154. how do you think michael found Laurie?
  155. Halloween - 2007 Japanese Style
  156. Michael's tough time in this movie?
  157. Film Website
  158. Did Michael really need to?
  159. Favorite Scene
  160. Showtime Vs. Michael Myers
  161. Which is the Canon version
  162. Soundtrack SPECIAL OHMB EDITION
  163. modern things in the 70's !
  164. Rob Zombie's Halloween: Discussion 4
  165. How did he get so strong?
  166. RZH BLU-RAY- $14.99 Right Now on Amazon!
  167. How many people did Michael kill?
  168. Who else tried out for the role of Laurie Strode?
  169. Ronnie Goof
  170. Nature vs. Nurture
  171. Deborah Myers
  172. What would Donald Pleasence think of this?
  173. Did this film very nearly put anyone off the "Halloween" films altogether?
  174. 3Raz0r cut of Halloween - "Scary as Hell" Edition.
  175. Micheal saving the environment
  176. Would this have been a good scene?
  177. $9 at Wal-Mart!
  178. Dr. Loomis's extreme thirst
  179. Whatever happen to the winning fan of Halloween 9?
  180. Did Rob get the idea for this name from Halloween 5?
  181. Halloween 3D?
  182. Michael with Pumpkin
  183. Scout & Sid Haig @Atrox Factory (Leeds, Al.)
  184. The inverted approach to RZH
  185. Deleted Scenes
  186. How has your view changed on this movie?
  187. Could Ronnie have been Laurie's father?
  188. Rob Said WHAT??????
  189. Ignorant Fans, Let This Sink In
  190. the female guard's death????
  191. Why did Rob have a problem with the original Loomis?
  192. "go worship your god" ..?
  193. why did Michael let the rape victim live?
  194. Would this have been better..
  195. Night Shift
  196. Keeping it in the Family
  197. Is the behind the scenes B-roll still online somewhere?
  198. An Observation
  199. Who called the police?
  200. Why did people dislike Sheriff Brackett?
  201. Am I the only one...
  202. The reporter sucked. That's all.
  203. What Would Michael Have Done If....